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PSA: Handful of Android Device Owners Being Met With 403 Error in Google Play

According to many tweets by various frustrated Android owners, upon attempting to download new apps from Google Play, they are being met with a 403 error. This error is stopping users from downloading or updating any applications from Google Play, but don’t worry, Google is probably on a fix. 

Issues like this sometimes pop up for many users, and the best thing to do is usually let it work itself out. Other users have reported that by removing and re-adding their Google account that they have fixed the problem, but for some users, that would just cause more trouble.

Probably best to hang in there for a few hours or so with your outdated apps until Google can resolve the issue.

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Cheers Marc BRICe!
  • Riz

    i had same issue with my nexus 7.The fix worked for me is
    setting—>Application manager—–>All apps—->google play store —-> clear data—–>force stop——>Disable ——Then enable it back problem solved for me

  • Raza khan

    How’s it solve

  • Raza khan

    How will it work I’m very worried about it plz can you do for mefux

  • Prime7

    I was actually trying to change my ROM yesterday and thought there was something wrong with the new ROM. Oh well.

  • JRomeo

    If Google Play Services version 4.2 was released what feels now like 1 or 2 weeks ago, then Why is it still not available for update in the play store on the Nexus 5?

  • gambit07

    This issue has persisted for a couple of days at least, I was experiencing it on Friday. Google has been a little shaky over the past month as far as reliability goes. The big outage in January and smaller issues like this and being unable to sign into hangouts in Gmail for me today. Hopefully they get it under control.

  • Jon Oliver

    That’s why I have a nexus

    • Adrynalyne

      Except that having a Nexus has nil to do with Google Play service issues.

      • Jon Oliver

        I’m sure you’re right…I had to much to drink and was just running my mouth I don’t even remember posting that comment…I do love my Nexus though

  • cjlee89

    I also have an issue with Google Play Services running with ART run time since the 2/10 update. It will force quit on boot. Switched to Dalvik and all is good.

  • Jon Oliver

    That’s why I have a nexus

  • yummy

    Solution very similar to stuck toilet. Wait one hour, try again.

  • PIT

    change your runtime to ART and everything will be ok 😀

  • Princesation

    Fixed mine by turning off sync and data, wiping data/cache for the Play Store, Play Services, Services Framework, and Gmail. Then I removed all my gmail accounts, rebooted, then re-added primary account. Fixed.

  • Richard Giordano

    Seems to be working fine with me. I guess Google fixed the problem already then again I barely get error codes while trying to install and update apps.

  • sski66

    Yeah I noticed a few hours ago when I was updating a couple of Apps that when I tried to update Cloud Print on my HTC ONE it said, Package file was not signed correctly.Uninstall the previous copy of the App & try again. But it just says Update, there’s no Uninstall box.

  • Ethan Bailey

    I had that issue but I restarted my phone and it worked fine

  • jnt

    All I know is that for months now it’s a crapshoot whether I can download an app or not. 50% of the time I get the 927 error and either try again, force stop / clear cache, etc, until it works again. It’s happened on multiple devices… which, I guess, could be a part of the problem (too many devices).

  • Could this be related to why I can still download the original Flappy birds and play it?

    • Patmw123

      If I’m correct, I believe it has been taken down for good. Try downloading the .apk from a google search and you can get it back.

      • Weird. I can still download it and play it from the official one o. O

        • Patmw123

          Yeah the Play Store seems to be a little weird about it. If I just search for “flappy bird” in the store then nothing comes up (except for other similar apps), but if I start to search for the first few letters of it and click the app shortcut in the drop down options, it comes right up and I can download it.

          • Philip J. Fry

            Yep…I noticed the same thing a few hours ago.

  • Philip J. Fry

    I wish the down vote trolls would get a 403 error to droid-life.

    • Tim242

      If only we could see who downvotes…we would see that you are one of the biggest ones. The guilty ones usually speak first, and loudest

      • Philip J. Fry

        Yea, you caught me, I also down voted myself twice while I was at it.

        • The Narrator

          I vote for exposing the cowards

          • Philip J. Fry

            It would be nice.

      • jnt

        I don’t understand why they hide that to be honest. It’s kind of like making Android reviews tied to your G+ public profile instead of anonymous.

    • Chris

      I wouldn’t worry about it. Theres more to life then down voting on droid-life

  • PhacMan

    I was getting these yesterday trying to download the Amazon app

  • Tyler

    Yikes, 403 is usually given when you have forbidden content. 500 error codes usually means server side error but 400 means that its a client side error. Probably some server permission issues if i had to guess with my limited networking expertise.

  • Jeremy James

    I’ve had this issue for several days. It says google play has stopped working. eventually if I try to download the app about 20 time it eventually works.

  • yodatom10

    The face of everyone attempting a restore right now

    • And their faces when they realize that after they restore the error will still persist and they will be forced to re-download every app manually…

      • JoshGroff

        I did that once, but I ended up reflashing the ROM thinking it was because I forgot to wipe… Good times.

  • Ryan

    I cant download flappy bird! o wait…..

    • Mark2134


      • Kevin


        • The Narrator


    • Godzilla

      I downloaded fappy bird and got something totally different.

      • Ryan

        man you must have people mad at you. you are always downvoted lol

        • Chris

          Its what happens with you let tweens and teens get a hold of this site.

          • George Zimmerman

            ban them kids from using android.

    • Emerald

      We got a winner.

    • The Narrator

      Thank god for android and apks 😉

      • Tyler

        I know right? Wouldn’t want to be stuck having to buy a $1,000+ iPhone to get my fix.

        • The Narrator

          Im pretty sure there would be no criminals if everybody had access to flappy bird to let out their anger

          • Guest


          • The Narrator

            The judge didn’t play flappy bird, simple

            Zimmerman didn’t use stand your ground either. I wish he did, he’d be in prison

          • Matthew DiGiacomo

            Go away

    • George Zimmerman

      Flippy bird is no longer for sale!