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Real or Fake, These Purported HTC M8 Images are Hot

This afternoon, Russian site MobilTelefon posted the images included in this post of what are said to be of the follow-up to the HTC One, known internally as the HTC M8. Are they real or fake? I couldn’t tell you off hand, as we have seen some brilliant fake jobs in our time. What I will say instead, is how much I would love to see this become a reality. We’re talking a similar design to the heavily praised HTC One, but with tweaks that take it over-the-top. 

The images – again, who knows how real or fake they are – show a device that has a completely edge-to-edge display, something the original One lacked. In fact, the original One could battle Sony’s Xperia line for “King of the Bezels.” If HTC could find a way to replicate this edge-to-edge experience, I’d imagine that would also keep the size of the device the same but potentially allow for even more screen real estate. Think about what Samsung did from the Galaxy S3 to the S4 – they grew the display size, but shrunk the bezels and body slightly.

You still have BoomSound speakers, the all-metal body that so many love, and a premium design that no other Android OEM has really been able to replicate. Seriously, HTC needs to do this.

So what’s wrong with the images? Well, that whole disappearing navigation button situation is a bit odd. In one image you can see the on-screen navigation button setup (these have been rumored as a new feature), but the other image shows them completely missing. Sure, they could enable some sort of swiping gesture to hide or show navigation buttons, but that would be, well, odd. Or maybe that’s a new HTC BlinkZoeBoomButton feature?

Again, these could be either real or fake, but I’m just hoping HTC actually does something like this with the real thing. I had two gripes over the original One – a middle-of-the-road 4MP camera, and massive bezels. This design would at least fix one of those.


htc m8

Via:  MobileTelefon | PocketNow
  • Ryan5609

    I’d say that 95% I am happy with how most apps function on my Nexus 5. Most of the big name apps function very fluidly and are well optimized. But yes, occasionally you will find those apps that are just poorly constructed and not optimized. But that is mostly the fault of the developer, rather than the device.

  • Noel

    I think and hope the M8 will have a similar back as the Desire 700 without the double sim card slots but with a bigger removable battery and SD card slot in the place of the other sim card. The battery compartment should extend to where the SD card is on the D700, making room for a beefier battery. If HTC can finally give us that plus onscreen software keys and maybe 8MP/ Ultra pixel camera…this thing should take flight. I am hoping this will be my device for 2014. Rumors have it Sammy will release two variants of the GS5..one with a QHD display…how that will affect purchase decisions remains to be seen. I just want a GPe of either the M8, GS5, G3 and Z2 for me to decide.

  • Adamania

    It’s a pretty phone, but I will never own an HTC product again.

  • Willie

    No removable BATTERY, Not interested. I don’t care what theses phones do anymore until they can give me one that lasts all day…period!!!

  • Austin

    This phone looks very hot. If only they were to put a bigger camera sensor and a normal nav bar…I would be in love

  • Shadowstare

    That design + SD card slot + big battery = SOLD!

  • Daniel

    I think it looks TOO HUGE in that really only the Xperia Z Compact, HTC One Mini, and Galaxy S4 Mini are remotely close to the size phones should be….I just really hope HTC releases a smaller version again, with similar specs and puts it on Verizon instead of not.

  • Ryan5609

    Unpopular opinion time! Real or Fake? I don’t know, but I do know one thing. It is going to GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS I SAY! IT’S FRIGGIN METAL FOR GODS SAKE. No sarcasm, whatsoever. Seriously though, give me the best/fastest (realworld) phone on earth (Nexus 5) and I will be happy. Industrial design usually plays very little into my decision to purchase one phone over the other.

    • JonDuke19

      You are serious? You really believe the Nexus 5 is the fastest? Really? Ok.

      • Ryan5609

        In “Real World” everyday use, yes, absolutely. Anyone that has used a N5 running ART runtime would agree. Your choice would be? If you say iPhone I may throw up a little. But you shouldn’t since this is an Android news site, but you never know where you may find an Apple fan boy lurking.

  • BobbyG

    Gun metal color? looks sexy

  • chris_johns

    this is a really like looking device i hope for htc sake they do make the next one like this almost exactly…i liked the one but the fact my moto x can fit inside it and have the same screen size…well yeah…and again 4.7 is the sweet spot no need to go to 5″

  • Michael Harrison

    Where is the battery icon?

    • Charles Walker

      Battery is infinite, never needs to recharge.

      • Adamania

        I was just going to write something to the effects of this. Brilliant!

    • Ian

      Theory: Could be a slim bar across the top of the screen and its just fully charged.

  • StargateNH

    Do the small speaker holes really get that dirty on the HTC One? This one looks like that is the case…no?

  • artsr2002

    If only the side bezels would be that small.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Nothing “hot” about Sense.

    • Charles Walker

      Sense is the best Android overlay I’ve seen. Way better than TouchWiz. It’s sleek, classy, and snappy.

  • MikeSaver

    All the companies that make cool phones go out of business

  • Richard Jackson

    While holding out for the X2, this is on the radar now.

  • Chris

    They really should add a camera button or make a short cut via hardware keys (ie; bottom volume button)

    • Ian

      There was a reason they did away with those, no one used them. The gesture quick control for the camera in the moto X is one of the coolest features I’ve seen in a while, use it all the time

  • Morbid138

    Skeet skeet…

  • Dan

    That status bar doe.

    • Kevin

      Could be worse.

    • Chris

      Its a change from the current one that has been around since 2010.

  • Tyler

    Even if these are fake, this is what the second gen HTC one should look like.

  • tonycat5

    Nice stretch job…

    Plus, the display is crooked.


    • Ian

      And why aren’t the soft nav keys on the screen? I’m with you.

  • Inquizitor

    Completely fake. The second pic’s screen is just a stretched version of the first one. Notice how the icons are more elongated, and that the position of the icons relative to the wallpaper hasn’t changed because the wallpaper itself stretched too. However, in android the software buttons appear OVER the wallpaper, so when hacked to go away it doesn’t need to stretch.

  • cisternachyli

    GSMarena says they think its real cause the original source has already taken the pictures down…now why would that happen if these are fake…

    • TalonDesigns

      Typical really. Get the hype up, get it to a few places that are popular, then take it down and leave everyone wondering.

    • Chris

      Pics may be down but they are still on the net.

  • TalonDesigns

    I don’t want to be the one to say “fake” just because, but I would be interested in knowing if any of you see (what look to be) the same flaws that I do.

    Off the bat – I’ll mention one that was mentioned before. No menu keys in the bottom photo. Could that be a feature? Where the menu keys hide? I suppose it’s possible.

    2nd – The bottom photo. See the lip on the left side of the screen? It looks like it gets thicker from top to bottom. Could it be a demo model and the screen is a little “loose”. Possible.
    3rd – The bottom photo (again). The icons look like they are sitting on top of the glass, instead of under a plate (like it looks in the first photo). Maybe the flash caused that to happen?
    4th – The wallpaper. Bottom photo (again). The building on the right side. Near the top, at the edge of the screen. There is a bright dot. This dot doesn’t appear nearly as bright in the top photo. Again – Flash causing this to happen?
    5th – Finally. Top photo (but wait for it). See the red dot in the middle of the camera? Non existent in the bottom (told ya) photo.

    I don’t really know though. I’m just chillin’, saw the post, and thought I would throw my two cents in. 🙂 At least I’m not on Facebook.

  • rlorenz

    No nav buttons in the bottom picture like you said, so I’m skeptical.

    • Kurt Weber

      It could be a real picture of the phone and they just got the people from verizon to use their awsome photoshop skills on the phone to put something on the display.


    They’re fake, the M8 will look nothin like the M7 as far as the basic shape of the phone goes. The M8 is going to have edges on the sides that taper from both the front and back and are rounded. Basically if you look from the top or bottom of the device it will be a elongated oval shape. Much more comfortable and stylish than the M7 and it’s sharp edges.

    • JMonkeYJ

      I do agree with the sharpness issue with the One. Where did you get your info?

  • It is also strange that both pics seem to have been taken almost at the same time but the clock shows very different times

    • Maxim∑

      the surface that phone is on is suspicious. just seems weird

  • Vermin_Cain

    Looks like the Blackberry Z10

  • joejoe5709

    Ok that’s pretty gorgeous. Thank God they fixed the bezels and added on screen keys. This is what they should have done in the first place. Throw in a giant battery and stop with the UltraPixel crap and we’ve got ourselves a winner.

    • hkklife

      UltraPixel will likely carry over since that’s their “new” gimmick after jettisoning Beats. I just want to see the two best features of the One Max carried over—the microSD slot and the extended battery flip cover.

      Otherwise, this looks solid but I still think it’s a fake. LG raised the bar very high with the G2 last year (narrow bezels, 5.2″ 1080P). If HTC only manages 5″ with virtual buttons, they still are not matching what LG did on the G2. Now, a refreshed One Two Max with a slightly smaller screen and a Snapdragon 805 later this year might be enough to get my interest.

      • Chris

        I fell the max may only see one year of life.

  • Trevor

    Looks nice. Love the onscreen buttons…and the fact that they are the Google approved three buttons. Not to mention they’re in the same order and everything!

  • Rodeojones000

    I hate Sense, but if there’s a Google Play Edition of this phone, I’d buy the crap out of it.

    • Eric T

      just download the google experience launcher

      • TheDrunkenClam

        The Sense Icons remain the same though.
        Not to mention all of Sense’s redundant sluggish framework.

    • Chris

      Sense has come a long way since 2011

      • Steve B

        Sense is terrible. Worse than Touchwiz, and that’s saying a lot.

        • BobbyG

          Not at all. My GF’s One runs real well, Sense is smooth and very unintrusive. I really like it over the skin on my G2 (thank god for nova and xposed framework). Touchwiz is complete garbage and the two S4’s I deal with daily lag like crazy

  • Craig P

    I just want to be to reach the notification bar with my thumb…

  • If they really do switch to on-screen buttons, the GPE version of this could easily go in the running list for my next phone, and further justify the rumors of finally walking away from the Nexus line. Assuming the GPE version has T-Mobile bands this time, that is.

    • Jeff C


  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I’d have to compete with my phone for looks. No thanks.

  • Dave

    If I was confident they’d stand behind it with Motorola- esque update speed for a solid 18-24 months I’d give it a shot. So in other words, no thanks.

    • The GPE version would be killer.

      • Dave

        It would be nice to see a GPE on contract. For $600-700, I’d have to pass. I’d just root.

        • Better still would be official blessing to switch to GPE from a phone bought stock.

          • hkklife

            Agreed. No need for two separate SKUs. Let the power users flash an officially sanctioned and supported GPE ROM on a regular phone. Also, the GPE phones are hideously overpriced. If the rumors are true of the Nexus line going away are true (I predict they are), the GPE phones and tablets will have to become more price competitive. Look at Samsung’s ridiculous new Note Pro and Tab Pro pricing to see what happens without the Nexus line and a Google-owned Moto to keep the OEMs in check pricing-wise.

          • Chris

            No need for “flashing” anything. A simple, easy to use toggle in settings. One quick reboot and you’ve gone from Sense to stock.

    • alzeis

      I have the HTC One for Sprint and already have the 4.4.2 update. So HTC has done a lot better with the updates than they ever did in the past

  • TC Infantino

    If this is real, it is a beautiful phone! HTC removed two of the main reasons I did not consider the One, the horrible buttons with the useless HTC logo between them, and the Huge bezels. This phone, with supposed up to date specs, would be awesome. The front facing boomsound speakers are a sweet bonus as well, because HTC’s built in speakers rival Moto’s when it comes to loudness and sound quality.

  • Droid Ronin

    That’s a really slick look with the small bezel, edge-to-edge display, on-screen nav buttons, and Kitkat. I’m sure the res will be at least 1080p. They just need to bump up the camera quality and we’ve got a flagship for 2014.

  • Michael Schnider

    On the Verizon version, when the on screen buttons disappear like they do in the pic a Verizon Logo will replace them lol

    • TC Infantino

      I LOL’d

      • Avril111

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  • Al-Burrit0

    I don’t mind this sexy hypebeast at all!

  • David Foggia

    I’d say real. They correspond with another front picture I saw of the M8…well it was actually a sketch but still..

    Edit: Sorry, I meant the CONCEPT is real and will probably show up on the actual phone

  • Philip J. Fry

    On screen buttons or bust

  • Tony Byatt
    • Nicholas Ruiz

      Amber Heard!

  • Radgatt

    If that is real than it looks great. If it’s fake then it is the best concept I’ve seen in a while.

  • hldc1

    I was sold on on-screen navigation buttons.

    If they make the screen “edge-to-edge,” Verizon wouldn’t be able to take my money fast enough (at least not faster than they already are).

    • Michael Schnider


  • chris125

    That looks really good. If HTC did make the One follow up look like this I would definitely consider it.

  • Intellectua1

    Looks really good. But I’m VERY cautious of HTC products being I never owned one.. Another thing is HTC doesn’t have expandable memory which makes this and any phone that doesn’t support an SD card a no go..

    • Michael Schnider

      What gets me is that the One Max came with an SD card slot. Why they couldn’t put one in the normal one is beyond me.

      • Chris

        One max was a rushed product. I don’t think they are rushing this one….

        • Kurt Weber

          lol this “one”

          • John Legere

            The One Max had it because it was plastic. The M8 won’t have it if it’s aluminum.

          • Chris

            If they did it would have been out today.

  • Chileball

    Beautiful, sexy, hot!! but, where are the on-screen buttons on 2nd image?

  • Orion

    Wow that looks hot!

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    This is going to be one heck of a year. First we might get an S5 with on screen keys now this plus lg is coming pretty hard with some more good phones. My wallet is gonna be hurting this year.

    • Intellectua1

      If the S5 gets rid of the physical button, man oh man..

      • John Legere

        If they don’t upgrade the screen, or add anything significant, or totally revamp their software, HTC and LG will come out on top. But as always, they’d lose to Samsung’s brainless marketing.

  • morteum

    I’m not so sure. Look at the two images and use the background image to get a good idea of where each icon is. They don’t seem to move from image to image, nor does the widget. The icons on the dock don’t even seem to move at all. How can the navigation buttons swipe up from the bottom if none of the icons move? It would have to resize the entire screen, wallpaper and everything, and that doesn’t really make much sense to me.

    • gishump

      The second one doesn’t have on screen buttons. Maybe the wallpaper scales differently in immersion mode or something. Just a thought.

      • morteum

        The fact that it doesn’t have on screen buttons in one image is what creates the problem. If the wallpaper scaled differently, then the icons would have to as well. Like I said before, that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

        • RoninX

          Clearly, when the navigation buttons disappear, the screen just shrinks and the bottom of the phone retracts upward… 🙂

          You’re right, it’s fake. But I do hope the real phone looks like this.

          • morteum

            It is definitely a sexy looking mockup.

    • j

      This. These pics are absolutely fake. Between the two pictures, the background does not scale properly, and the icons/widgets overlay the background in the exact same spot. The background would have to scale up to fit the taller screen (pic2), but no new portions of the background are visible. How did the background get taller but not wider? Why are the icons still overlaying in the exact same spot in both pics? FAKE. That’s why.

      • morteum

        This guy gets it.

  • NexusMan

    It looks good. But so does the HTC One. Nothing putting this One spectacularly over the edge from the last One, for me. But yes, they both are handsome devices.

  • Colton

    Looks nice. I like the slightly transparent notification bar! Not sure if that is new or just a Sense thing? I’ve never owned an HTC personally so I wouldn’t really know.

    • Eric T

      That is a kit kat feature i think

      • Colton

        well i know kitkat has the transparent bar but this looked different. i could be wrong though.

  • adbFreedom

    The 80dpi looking navbar is hilarious (kinda defeats the slim bezel design). The centered clock in the status bar and es file explorer installed could indicate the device is rooted and possibly running xposed framework with gravity box and expanded desktop enabled in the second photo explaining the lacking navbar? Either way, looks like a really clean device

  • Cael

    [IF THIS IS REAL] The on screen buttons are NOT transparent.
    Almost there HTC… -_-‘ [/IF THIS IS REAL]

  • JohnBergman

    Holy crap that is a good looking phone!

  • Ray

    Wow, this is one leak that I hope turns out to be real. HTC needs to put a bigger battery in it and we have a possible best phone of 2014 already.

    • Tyler Casilio

      I believe it has a 2900 battery

      • Ray

        Was hopping for something bigger, but lets see if they can manage to get good battery life out of it.

      • John Legere

        That’s alright, at best

        • Tyler Casilio

          Better than the 2100 I have in my DNA lol

  • Michael Schnider

    I was going to use my upgrade. But I think I will hold off till this is released.

  • Daniel Walsh

    I think they’re real and the M8 looks awesome. Same HTC design and hardware, but it is improved. Awesome.

  • YOLO

    Immersive mode maybe? But probably fake.

  • Tyler Casilio

    Looks edge to edge but where’s the buttons on that last picture?

  • Scott Kart

    Where are the on-screen buttons on the second pic?

    • Justin W

      First thing I noticed when looking at it. While it does still look really good (the device as a whole, and I love that background), that kind of points to poor photoshopping. All is not what it seems.

      Edit: I really hope it’s truly that bezel-less on the sides though. Gorgeous!

    • Tyler James Edward Hills

      Probably a bad shop job. But the optimist in me says possible some kind of immersive mode that hides the on-screen buttons

      • John Legere
        • PhillipCun

          not on a stock phone. no

          • John Legere

            I’d hide on screen buttons if an OEM did it.

      • Maxim∑

        yeah, I noticed the time is 3hr apart. If you were to make a minor position adjustment for a second photo it wouldnt be 3hr later

        • Blue Sun

          What if you took photos, did some editing, realized you wanted another side shot. I think I’ve learned more about this device from the 2nd shot more than I did the first shot. Side button positioning, selfie camera is more in focus, the bezel is in better focus too in the second shot.

          But I agree that it is probably a photoshop job based on other characteristics. Thin bezel, no battery icon, no HTC logo are my reasons I think it’s fake.

    • PhillipCun

      Fake. Photoshop jobs usually add blurs to make it look real but really it makes it look fake

    • Cockwork_Lemon

      the BRIGHTNESS of the display on both pics clearly indicates that they’re BOTH fake.

      if real the display should have been DARKER.;)

    • Frettfreak

      Also… no battery icon?

      • Aaron

        Nice catch. That really throws up a red flag.

  • Bender Bending Rodriguez

    If it’s real then that M8 has really been used judging by the wear it has.

  • Tyler Casilio

    I really like it except for all the blue that replaced the green parts of the Phone and Message apps. I miss green so much from htc 🙁

  • JBartcaps

    On screen buttons, yes

  • Carlos Lopez

    Now this is a phone I can get behind