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Path Updated to Version 4.3, Brings Video Sharing and Filters

Path, the social network that favors intimate interactions between close friends over the attention-seeking antics that proliferate on, say, Facebook, received a multimedia-centric update on Android today. Version 4.3 of the app brings video capture to mobile, allowing users to take up to 30 seconds of video to share with friends.

The new feature is pretty barebones and only works with Android 4.0 and up, but does include free filters to enhance your masterwork (or mask that darn shakiness). Taking pictures is as simple as opening the app and holding down the camera button.

The update is now available through Google Play, so get it while it’s hot.

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Via: Path
  • Scott

    Can someone confirm if Path cleaned up their act regarding privacy?

    • David Becker

      When path sent a message to all my contacts with out asking me saying it was from me, asking them them to join path.. That is when I had enough of path for ever.

      • Scott

        That’s the thing I was wondering if it was still doing.

  • Ben Murphy

    Doing a HIRL in Seattle this month and we are all using this app to keep in touch. I actually prefer it over Hangouts for groups.