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Press Render of Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2 Leaked, 4G LTE Logo Visible From Space

Thanks to evleaks, we have our first look at what the Galaxy NotePro 12.2 tablet from Samsung will look like on Verizon. As we can see, there doesn’t appear to be anything too different about the device from the WiFi-only model, oh, except the massive 4G LTE logo on the backside. 

Evleaks wasn’t able to provide any dates or exact pricing for the 4G LTE model quite yet, but with renders now in town, we can expect to see that info coming up. WiFi-only models will be available starting February 13 for those interested.

Verizon customers, you picking this beast up?

Galaxy NotePro Verizon 2

Via: @evleaks
  • GJV

    Honestly the logos dont bother me at all. Who even looks at the back of their tablet?

  • Not big enough. Verizon should sell a cover for it with an even bigger logo.

  • AngryBadger

    I’m surprised they didn’t also use the rest of the space to list the verizon apps that will surely be included.

  • Jason

    I wish this could make phone calls.

  • Philip J. Fry

    Not surprised one bit especially after the gn2 button disaster.

  • staticx57

    Not touching this. The pentile is very noticible on this device.

  • Guest

    Oh no a logo!! Enough with it already. do you all bitch and moan that your vehicles have branding normally on the front sides and rear? or that you TV is branded in the front? Or just about any other product for that matter.

    • Actually, I do not like branding of any kind. Clothes, cars, or computers. Unless I am given a FREE T-Shirt, or a FREE water bottle, I don’t see why I need to advertise for anyone else. To me, not buying because of excessive branding is absolutely justified, unless there is a deep discount in the product to compensate me. You can go ahead and be a billboard for some company, I am not going to do it.

      • garrett

        have fun never buying a corporate product again

        • charles rogers

          Whatever, I’ll just sully my item with a peice of tape.

      • Chris

        you better start making your own every day things. clothes, food, cars. make your own medicine…

        • John Legere

          I grow my own medicine.

      • Weber

        I’m typically the same way with most things, too. I prefer less logos. If you make a quality product, I’ll do some advertising for you by talking up your product to people I know.

        • Brian Ward


    • Mykich

      It’s not just that they brand the device, it’s that the branding itself isn’t appealing. Most products have branding – the difference is that when done correctly it can add something to the product. Look at Nike’s simple check or Audi’s elegant four rings or even a Nexus 7… despite the fact that the “NEXUS” on the back is huge, the style of it (imo) adds something. These are just examples of branding I find appealing, you might have your own… the point is Verizon’s is done without taste.

      • schlanz

        the style has almost nothing to do with it. nexus is a brand you are proud to support, and verizon isn’t. we’re all well aware of the general communal hate towards Verizon. they could have the most tasteful logo ever made and this community would still be making fake barfing sounds like little children.

        • Mykich

          Which would be why I started my statement with “it’s not just…”. While I am proud to support the Nexus brand, a poorly designed logo would take away from that experience. A sloppy logo for a brand you already dislike is akin to salt in a wound. Forcing a sloppy logo of a brand you don’t like on a device made by a brand you do like… can you not understand what inspires those barfing sounds? Lets not forget that Verizon is disliked for a reason. I say the children are correct – barf away.

    • schlanz

      its even more ridiculous in this case, as 99% of tablets have some kind of folio case.. therefore negating any visible impact a logo on the BACK would create.

      my god people like to bitch about the silliest, inconsequential things around here.

      logos on home buttons, I’m with you. that’s over the top. a logo on the back? hardly a reason to get your pitchforks out.

      • Brian Ward

        I think the argument is about the BIG logo in the back. See title of post…

        • schlanz

          And my counter-argument is that most people have their tablet in some kind of case, typically a folio type because of the convenience of propping it up on a table, and giving it full front and back protection. So if you’re smart and have your $800+ tablet protected, why would you throw a tantrum about a logo you will never see.

          • S2556

            My folio case is sitting on the floor. I much prefer to be naked. It’s not the Samsung logo people are complaining about obviously. It’s the oversized Verizon tramp stamp. Verizon labels their devices like no other carrier. If you are okay with that great but I know if a dealership slapped a big decal on the hood of your car saying “Bob’s cars best prices in town” it would be way different. I know that would never happen but just putting it in context.

          • schlanz

            and I’m obviously talking about said vzw logo, not the Samsung one. and obviously not 100% of tablet owners choose to have a case on it, to each their own but most people do and my point is if you are like most people and are going to put a case on your expensive device, what difference does a covered up logo make?

            even if you don’t use a case, 99% of the time you are using it, you aren’t staring at the back. and you aren’t holding it up to “advertise” it either.

            its an overblown complaint. I think vzw has been showing restraint lately with their branding with the exception of the G2 with the awkward logo in the top left of the front. Even VZWs own Droid devices have very uncharacteristic branding with nothing on the front.

          • schlanz

            also your car analogy would be better if you were comparing a front logo. or if your hypothetical logo were on the undercarriage of the car.

    • ButThatsJustMe

      This isn’t your M3 saying BMW or M3, this is your M3 saying “United BMW”. Dealers sell cars, they do not manufacture them. If a dealer wants to advertise on my car (sadly not a M3) he has to pay me for the advertising space. Telecoms are the exact same. I don’t mind my gnex saying samsung, but the VZW logos are awful.

  • Bassenza

    Other options included…

    • Chris

      ermmmmm not big enough..

      • Verizon sucks

        Don’t worry, when you touch the Tablet for the first time their is an acid that’ll burn an imprint of the Verizon logo into your hand, like raiders of the lost arc.

    • panicswhenubered

      Needs moar 4G.

  • NorCalGuy

    For that kinda money you would expect atleat lteA

  • Bob

    Take my money already VZW!@#!#!@#!@#

    There’s nothing I love more than whoring your logo on my devices that I paid for while paying for your service.

  • Fredy Nativi

    It kinda looks off center. And enough with the physical home button on a tablet. Seriously that’s stupid.

  • Rebelfag68

    Looks tempting! My Xyboard is getting bit dated now

  • Ben Edwards

    A little off topic, but this is the first time I’ve actually really paid these tabs any attention. Hooray Samsung fixed the button layout! Always catches me out when I use a friends Samsung device after my Nexus.

    • garrett

      did you even look at picture?

      • Ben Edwards

        Hahahahahahah. F*&%. I had a huge brainfart. They’re still around the wrong way. Nevermind…

  • Dan

    For $850? Not a chance.

    • $850 is for the WiFi only model, can’t imagine what this will cost

      • David Hayden

        It should cost less at face value since it should be subsidized.

        • The cost of the device itself will still be higher, not everyone wants a 2 year contract for a tablet.

        • John Legere

          If you’ve ever seen their prices on tablets, it’s only a $100 off. Not worth it for 2 years.

  • Jim890

    Depending on the price. If it’s reasonable than I will pick one up.

    • John Legere


      • Jim890

        Not with a 2-year contact.

        • John Legere

          Okay, $750. I would never advise signing 2 years after spending that much

          • Jim890

            I highly doubt it be that much if you are going to extend you’re contract. If I had to “guess” the price would be between $400 to $450 range.

          • John Legere

            Every tablet is $100, so no.

          • charles rogers

            Don’t worry John I’ve got your back.

  • jbdan

    Lmao! “visible from space”

  • NickA

    I’m one for understanding why a company wants to brand their product, and I don’t have issues with Verizon normally, but this looks huge. Hopefully it’s just a render and not the actual production device.

  • Radgatt

    I am surprised that the logo doesn’t cover the entire back of the device…

    • Jim890

      You’re not the only one.

      • Verizon Sucks

        $800 by itself with Samsung, so it’ll be $1000 with Verizon’s middle man profiteering then?

    • David Narada Brown


  • hyperbeatser

    what is this new-fangled technology…4G? that no one knows about still

  • lgreg64

    Does it have 4G? I’m not sure. 🙂

    • Blue Sun

      Ask Grandpa. I don’t think he’ll need his reading glasses to answer this one.

      • John Legere

        Bad Grandpa 😉

  • Ben Murphy

    That logo tho… lest you forget.

    • John Legere

      They missed the home button 😉