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Microsoft Names Satya Nadella New CEO

Satya Nadella is Microsoft’s new CEO. In other words, they got the man that had been rumored for some time. They got a Microsoft guy. Also as expected, Sundar Pichai is staying with Google. 

Via:  Microsoft
  • Jorge Alfonso

    Did somebody say Nutella?

  • Kevin

    Hopefully he ends the Scroogle campaign.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Very intrigued by this development. Not sure Ballmer had the right ideas/ approach with pushing the company forward, especially in Mobile. So we’ll see where this goes.

    And for all those btchin about this not being “Android” news, this is a MAJOR development in the tech industry, and this is a tech site that doesn’t have simple minded writers/owner.

    • Anil Reddy

      Thing is whether this is android news or not, any major news for one platform is going to be crucial to all the major platforms: android, iOs and Windows, simply because they are all competitors. And the following saying is absolutely true: “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer!”. So keep a close watch on all your competitors!

  • AbbyZFresh

    What does this have to do with Android?

    • Phantom guest

      Hopefully quite a bit. The industry could use a viable 3rd option.

      • Blue Sun

        To add to what you said (& AbbyZFresh’s inquiry), Microsoft will not be hiring the rumored Google exec (Sundar Pichai) for their CEO position.

    • John Legere

      Tech site reporting tech news. Oh gee i wonder.

    • akhnaten

      Theoretically this site should only cover Android on Verizon news, thus the Droid in Droid-life. Perhaps a name change is in order?

  • mcdonsco

    I for one would like to see a new direction at ms…I used to defend ms from haters for years, now I’m on apple for all of my mobile computing except my phone…and I used to hate apple!

    Surface gave me hope, until I used one for a few days…crossing my fingers this guy can pull it off.

    • Weber

      What did you find wrong about the Surface? Which one did you try out?

      • check it out

        both you guys should try out the ASUS Transformer T100 if you didn’t like the surface/thinking about a surface. MS store had them on sale for $299 at one point, regularly $399. comes 64gb, runs full windows (not RT) and comes with a keyboard. It’s like a 10.1 inch netbook that detaches into a tablet. no issues with it so far it’s really nice. comes with office home and student (powerpoint, excel, word, onenote) which i needed

        • Weber

          I was sucked in by the Surface commercials, but I had to take a few steps back due to the reviews. I haven’t had the chance to mess with any one of them yet, so I was hoping to see what @mcdonsco:disqus had to say about it.
          Best Buy has the T100 on sale online for $349 right now. I might have to check that out on my lunch break.

          • check it out

            yea absolutely, I’d like to hear what he has to say about it too. $349 is a pretty good price, I was kicking myself after I didn’t pick one up for $299 and ended up paying full price for it. MS store offers additional 10% off too if you’re a student, not sure if BB does or would match it

        • droidify

          Do you work for Asus?
          You lost me with the “netbook” comparison. They is not a compliment in my opinion.

          • check it out

            yes, my name is Jonney Shih, chairman ASUS. You can now own the device I described above… starting … 399 US dollars!!! Thank you!!!!

            Netbook comparison in terms of it’s size. These devices are full PCs running full windows. did a lot of research looking for a new pc recently

          • droidify

            Nice. I would be interested to see how it is working in a year. After owning a Transformer Prime, a Nexus 7 2012 and a 1215N, I have given up on Asus. None of their products made it a year without serious usability and/or hardware failures. Prime was useless in 12 months, Nexus was a laggy mess due to cheap i/o issues, and the touchpad broke every 3 months on the 1215N. I love what Asus does but their QC is terrible.

          • check it out

            oh no that sucks… I got an extended warranty so hopefully that covers any problems I may have but I hadn’t heard that about asus before now. Good to know but that’s disappointing to hear. I’ll try to report back if I run into any issues

        • dmagicp

          I just bought the miix 2 8in by lenovo to replace my Xoom and I have to say that it is actually a good tablet. It runs full Windows and I love that. It has the full version of office, runs flash and silverlight. I can go to the Web version of sites like HBO Go, Max Go, and stream Spotify from the Web player. It is fast and has a nice sharp screen. I also can’t believe how good the battery life is on a thin tablet running the full version of Windows. 7 to 8 hours easy.

      • mcdonsco

        Tried out an RT and a Pro…There were a number of reasons I ended up not going with it:

        1) The keyboard setup; lapping it was a balancing act
        2) Lack of apps for the RT model
        3) Lack of horsepower. 4gb ram was one of the primary reasons there, but also CPU and last “meh” was native storage capacity…but that wasn’t a sole killer due to the SD Card compatibility. I wish manufacturers would stop thinking 4GB of ram is enough…I personally consider 8gb to be the minimum in today’s laptops.
        4) Last but not least, I REALLY wanted to finally be able to combine my two devices (laptop/tablet) and was super excited about it when it was announced (especially the pro, so In my business I, and clients, could sign on screen). My thinking was I could be more efficient with the one device than two and just in real world work scenarios for me, it ended up limiting me more than freeing me – so back to the macbook air and ipad (for now). I’m hoping one day something will come along that allows me to combine the two without limiting me/functionality in the process.

        Hopefully that makes sense?

    • akhnaten

      Same here. With Google selling Moto, I’m heading to Apple for my next phone (first time ever). It would be nice to have a viable 3rd option. However, with Bill coming back into the picture even more, it seems like more of the same is likely.

  • Sanjaywho

    I’m surprised they didn’t consider Sanjay Jha…

    /ok, that was sarcasm, and no, not even Microsoft deserves such a vile fate.

  • Tony Byatt
  • John Legere

    Good to see Mr. Gates is taking a more active role in the company again. This means Microsoft will hopefully fix a lot of their problems.

    • akhnaten

      I am of the philosophy that, in the case of MS, the old-guard needs to get out of the way.

      • John Legere

        Bill didn’t run it to the ground with Windows 8.

    • Kory

      Bill Gates is being pushed out of being Chairman of the Board. Soon his only title in the company will just be founder. It’s pretty messed up that he can be pushed out of his own company, but I guess he is outnumbered in stock which equals votes. And he won’t even have a seat on the board either. Was in the news a couple weeks ago.

      • Highrule

        His role now was only given to him as a condolence and has no shaping or power of control over anything, like when the dimwitted son of a CEO gets a job at a company. This is effing sad that someone as talented as Gates should of been given a lead role like Creator of their Skunkworks or Co Head of Engineering. Put Gates Talents to use.

    • Kilroy

      If anyone can make an MS smartphone a good product, it should be gates. Who ever oversaw win 8 and gave it the go should of been taken out back and shot by bill gates.

      I’m buying a new computer and actually got them to erase MS 8 and got MS & installed instead.

  • Chris

    You think that Microsoft may move in a better direction now and stop the Metro madness on desktops?

    • EC8CH

      and the lame political style attack ads.

      • Chris

        not any different from the mac VS PC ads from almost a decade ago.

        As long as they stop that annoying ad with the woman singing at the end. Something about I want to see….. something something and something…

    • Chris

      If its a touched based desktop then its fine. If not or a laptop with no touch screen its not.