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Could Samsung’s Galaxy Gear See Major Price Cut Soon?

Since Samsung might have plans to announce the next rendition of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch sometime around the launch of the Galaxy S5, it only makes sense for the company to start cutting the price of last year’s model. When it first hit the market, the device that came up short in the functionality department was priced at $349.99, but with price drops recently taking place in India, insiders point to worldwide price slashes coming up. 

After exchange rates, the Galaxy Gear has seen about a $120 price cut over in Indian markets, so this move leads others to believe that the same cuts could make their way to the US and other global markets. There has been no word from Samsung on whether that is what they plan to do, but it really wouldn’t surprise anybody in this industry.

Since the device is only compatible with Galaxy smartphones, Gear’s potential number of buyers was very limited. Sure, there are millions of Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 phones in the wild, but how many of those people are willing to drop $349.99 on a watch? Probably not too many.

If the Gear sees a major price drop, who here would be interested in picking one up? Is it worth spending money on last year’s model when we are pretty sure a new one (Galaxy Gear 2) is right around the corner?

Via: SamMobile
  • sgsg


  • BlackSpidey

    Please drop the price at least to 149.99 and I’m sold it’ll go great with my note 3 🙂

  • angel

    Got mine at best buy 2 days ago for $250. I love it!! Definitely worth it. I have a pebble as well and the galaxy gear blows it outta the water!! Works great with my verizon Note 2.

  • morpheus282

    Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small, unregarded yellow sun.
    Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-two million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue green planet whose ape-descended life forms are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.

  • debonu

    Depends on how much of a price cut… And only because I already own an S4…

  • jbegs

    I don’t remember this being priced at $349. I always thought it was $299. I am seeing the price at Best Buy and Amazon for $249.99. I have a Note II and still wouldn’t waste my money on this. I would like to see Galaxy Gear “2” or someone else (Google, cough, cough) to design a watch. Hopefully companies also see the importance of making a device that works with Android.

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    Free with Galaxy Note 3 purchase..

  • Sean Bello

    LOL @ people saying “no thanks, the Gear 2 is coming out”. but you didn’t get the GG because it was so expensive, so you’re not gonna get the Gear 2 lol

  • $180, no thanks. Especially with Gear2 right around the corner, and others

  • Isn’t it $250 at Best Buy right now? http://www.bestbuy.com/site/promo/samsung-galaxy-gear-111957

  • jim

    I think it would be a mistake to buy any smart watch right now , give it a year or two to refine them

    • Barry Corpuz

      Wise words there but the second generatio smart watch be badass already with the features it be packing

  • jim

    they are on ebay for 199

  • Manthas

    Until it can be used with more than just Samsung devices, it’s going to be pretty much dead in the water.

  • Alex

    Drop it to $250 or less and add support for any Android phone and we can talk.

    • sirmeili

      It’s the latter part they really need to do. It needs to talk to as many Android phones as technically possible (in case it has a limitation like the support bluetooth version).

  • Rodeojones000

    Not interested in anything that requires you to own a phone running TouchWiz.

  • htowngtr

    It’s not worth using with anything unless you have a Note 3 or S4. Even then it takes significant hackery to get it working on a Nexus 5.

  • Not trying to add to the growing population of devices on my nightstand which require nightly charging. Fix that and I might bite.

  • Maxim∑

    once real competition arrives Im sure the price will be cut in half

  • b00sted

    150$ is the max I will consider picking one up for as long as it is still hackable to a extent.

  • Telfon

    I bought one and got it working with my Nexus. I might buy a pebble for daytime summer activitys and the gear for night time fun

  • Intellectua1

    Still waiting on the Razr

    • Feed Jake

      Hadn’t heard of this one. Thanks for the heads up. It looks promising for a fitness band.

    • Sean Bello

      me too. very cool

  • silver_arrow

    I know in Canada one of our carriers was doing “Buy a Samsung phone and get a gear for $50” i believe which is a huge discount.

  • viewthis66

    Drop the price to $60 and i’ll pick one up.

  • Philip J. Fry

    Hey Samsung, make it work with any phone and it might sell better.

    • PDX89

      That will be up to Samsung not you mr Fry.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Wow that thing is butt ugly. With the Pebble story right underneath .. just wow.

    • Maxim∑

      Pebble isn’t any better, charging 100$ more for a metal body and not even trying to improve the hardware.

      So far Samsung has the best smartwatch on the market

      • Alex

        If you don’t have a Samsung phone it’s the worst smartwatch on the market because it won’t do crap if you buy it. It might be the best for Samsung phone users, I’ll give you that much. Might!

      • Manthas

        Going to disagree with the “best smartwatch on the market” comment – the Sony Smartwatch 1 and 2 are both significantly ahead on features, price, and, most importantly, compatibility.

      • Blue Sun

        I’m still enjoying my Motoactiv.

  • I’d never buy something like this that Samsung is trying to lock into “their ecosystem”. They HAVE NO ecosystem!!

    • KleenDroid

      I would buy one if it kicked butt. I will be buying one at some point. Maybe version 2 will fit the bill.

    • John Legere

      Finally somebody gets it.

    • PDX89

      then explain their galaxy line…

      • John Legere

        Marketing. Nothing else to it.

        • Intellectua1

          When will people realize great marketing alone does not just sell products. It may play a major role but you have to have a very good product to go along with that marketing.. The marketing argument is getting very stale..

          • John Legere

            Except Samsung doesn’t have a very good product. How do you think the Apple sold so much? Oh yeah. Marketing. And maybe build quality.

            If LG spent $500 million + on marketing the G2 would have sold more. Oh well, it didn’t. It still beat the crap out of the S4 power and quality wise.

          • Ariel Enriquez

            Name me another phone that can do what the Note 3 can do. A proprietary fine tipped stylus with enhanced features on top of high end hardware with an enormous screen you can run multiple apps Simultaneously. The G2 is a good phone with a large display virtually comparable to the Galaxy S4 in almost every way with its own enhancements but it does not have a comparable ecosystem. With my Galaxy devices I can connect them with Samsung Link and view/share pics/vids/files from anywhere so long as they’re connected to the web- I can even connect drop box to it. My Gear has proprietary software that gives me unique features no other smart watch has yet i still have the option to use because Galaxies are Android and thus open. I hate that people are comparing Samsung to Apple now. It’s easier to control proprietary software- That’s why Apple does it! But Samsung still supports android and still encourages choice. You don’t like what they have to offer then don’t buy their products!

          • Ryan

            G Flex can. boom

          • Guest29

            You mean that phone with a large 720p display? What exactly can the Flex do that beats the Note?

          • John

            Meh I have used it for a few weeks and you really cant tell.

          • Ryan

            An enormous screen you can run multiple apps simultaneously. I can run 4 apps at once on the Flex without lag or issues and 3 more saved in the background with no lag. I ran google maps, a HD video, texting, chrome, and had robo cop saved in the background. No lag when switching back and forth with robocop.

          • Ariel Enriquez

            I’ve opened and run 8 apps Simultaneously on my Note 3 and even more than that on my Note 10. But multiple apps aside, what else can your flex do? By the way I love the 6 inch screen and hope the Note 4 comes with 1.

          • Ryan

            I love the curve. Its cuts down glare when im outside and when I watch video its pretty cool. Also I like that the IR blaster is on the back of the phone. This way its a bigger beam and has the same power as all of my remotes. no more pointing the phone and guessing what im hitting like my G2 lol. but the main thing is speed. Its really fast.

          • jboogie1289


          • KleenDroid

            I have an S4. But gotta admit the G2 is a darn nice phone.

          • Joshua Polivka

            When you say that the G2 beats the pants off of the S4 you are looking at a phone that was released 5 MONTHS later than the S4(thats a pretty long time in the smart phone game) the Note 3 which came out around the same time had NOWHERE near as much marketing as the s4 did, and wrecked the pants off off the G2, I’ve owned a few LG phones in my day and all were complete trash…as for other software companies putting their own twist on things and being worse than Touchwhiz…I just need 1 word…MotoBlur… the majority of people that have problems with Touchwhiz, MotoBlur and Sense are almost all smart enough to install a custom rom to make the phone the way they want it to be and the main reason they purchased the phone they did was because of hardware, which with the right rom the Galaxy note 3 destroys the G2 IMO. I have 3 questions for you 1. Do you own a Galaxy Phone? 2. Do you own a Galaxy Gear? 3. Do you plan on purchasing either? if the answer to 1 or more of these questions is no then there is no reason for you to even be in this conversation, viewing or commenting on it, other than to try and stir up trouble….You don’t like Samsung products? Thats fine… go to a LG page and S their D some more but don’t come here talking trash for no other reason than…talking trash about products you don’t even own!

        • Feed Jake

          Yeah… A 5.7 inch 1080p screen. Snapdragon 800 processor. 3gb of RAM. With expandable storage and a removable battery. My Note 3 is purely a marketing ploy. I don’t usually pay much attention to people’s complaints on here. But you really are an ignorant tool if you believe that people buy Samsung devices purely from their marketing. I’ve seen your constant remarks about how Samsung devices suck. I’m not a fan boy. I’ve owned An HTC, Motorola, Nexus, and Samsung devices. Each had their strong spots and weaknesses. But I can say without a doubt, that my Note 2 and 3 have been great devices.

          • John Legere

            You must be new here. Or never experienced another phone besides touchlag. Google intervened for a reason.

            We’re also entitled to our opinions. You obviously think otherwise and that’s good for you.

          • Feed Jake

            I’ve been around for awhile thanks. And I’m no huge fan of touchwiz. But I don’t bash crap the way you do. You completely cut down an entire OEM because you don’t like their skin? Take the hardware, put a new rom or launcher on it, and move on. The only other phone out there that can compete with the Note 3 is the LG G2. But their button configuration was a mistake. But I don’t get on here and crack on LG every comment I make. And if you’re looking to knock on horrible Android skins, LG is a perfect target.

          • John Legere

            Because they steal anything google related and make it trash. Not even 3gb. Can make it run properly. The faux leather? Terrible.

          • Feed Jake

            Name one OEM that hasn’t forked Android into what they want. Sony, LG, HTC, even Motorola wasn’t pure Android after being bought by GOOGLE. The faux leather is 10x better than shiny plastic.

          • John Legere

            They haven’t bombed it as bad as Touchwiz.

          • Feed Jake

            HTC Sense? The number of features that Samsung has added has been far more helpful than hurtful. Some of the additions have been less than useful. But innovation is worth it. Hands free gestures, picture in picture, a stylus that actually works, built in picture mods, and continued escalation of specs. Since you knocked my last question out of the park, name one OEM that has innovated so much with Android. Motorola is the only other one, and that is simply due to their “Always Listening” feature. But that is something Google had already attempted.

          • jim

            love my Note 3 too, clearly the best phone on the market right now , first phone that I have been 100% happy with, its a beast

          • Ryan

            It is a good phone BUT with mass marketing behind it. The G2 is a better device. The camera quality is better, the battery is better and more advanced and the G2 has an IPS display not AMOLED. So yes marketing has something to with it because the G2 is a more superior device even compared to the S4.

          • Feed Jake

            You’re not honestly telling me that marketing is the big difference in the two devices? The camera is great on the G2, no question. But it’s not like we’re comparing a DSLR to the HTC One. The difference isn’t staggering. I don’t think the battery is better. Two full days without going near a charger is common for me. Haven’t heard of anyone doing better than that on a G2. I think what screwed the G2 over on sales was the wonky button layout. Yes the marketing wasn’t there, but I don’t see a ton of Note 3 ads either. I will give you that the G2 is better than the S4. But not by that big a margin. I have thought about getting the G2. I’d get it over the S4. But that button layout keeps me from taking the plunge. I know people say you get use to it. But no thanks.

          • Ryan

            The battery is better it has silicone connectors and high density so you get more charges out of it around the 800 range. And marketing for the Note 3 wasnt huge but the S3 marketing was huge and that awareness is what has created all the sales.

          • d-rock

            Galaxy line is what it is today for one reason…Marketing. The original Galaxy S was a total piece of trashy ball sweating shite and it was the top selling android phone in it’s day because of marketing. GPS didn’t work, the screen was sub par Amoled with wonky colors. It was a cheap plastic feel common to all GS phones, but it outsold b/c of marketing. Then the marketing for the Galaxy S series just got better and better.

            I can’t say the G2 is better than the Note 3 b/c I don’t want a tablet on my ear, but the G2 is the best non phablet phone on the market today. I hopped around from the One, GS4, Moto X, and settled finally on the G2. It’s fast. Their Android Skin isn’t nearly as horrible as the rest of them (except moto x wins here). Their only problem is classic LG’s inability to update devices in a timely manner.

            HTC and LG may suffer the same fate because their marketing sucks even though they make superior devices to Apple and Samsung (yes I think the ONE is better than the GS4 and iPhone).

          • Meh

            If the Note 3 had GPE and kept their camera software the way Moto X did and was on every carrier it would of been a bigger hit. I hope the Google/ Samsung partnership will bring this in on the Next GPE s5

  • John Legere

    With the Toq, and Pebble, nope.

    • rals

      Pebble for sure, Toq is bad from initial reviews. Pretty laggy and unintuitive

      • John Legere

        It can’t be worse than the Gear, and it’s not locked down.

  • KleenDroid