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Verizon Introduces “Smart Rewards” Program, Like a Credit Card Point System

While AT&T and T-Mobile are creating ways to get you out of contracts and into somewhat cheaper data plans, Verizon is adding on new services that I can’t imagine anyone would ever use. Over the weekend, Verizon kicked off a new program called Smart Rewards that works sort of like a reward system that you would find from a credit card. By performing tasks or signing up for services or spending more money through your Verizon account, you can tack on points that can then be used for sweepstakes, auctions, travel deals, daily deals, gift cards, and merchandise. 

Most of the ways to spend your points are pretty straight forward, however, the auctions run like those super scammy auctions you see advertised on TV that ask you to constantly bid on items like an iPad, though the bidding process never seems to end and you run through cash or points in seconds without ever winning anything. The sweepstakes, daily deals, and travel are pretty typical rewards programs, but with things like the gift cards, you are really only using points to get discounts off of the full price of a gift card.

Earning points to use arrive through recurring areas that involve how many GB of data you have on your family plan, if you are signed up for Auto pay, how many dollars you spend on your monthly bill. You can also get upfront bonuses for things like adding a new line or signing up for the program.

So you are aware, the program requires that you sign-up for Verizon Selects, which after reading the fine print, sounds like one of the most invasive data gathering schemes on Earth. By acknowledging that you want Smart Rewards and Verizon Selects, you are giving Verizon access to the way you use apps, equipment, the websites you visit, your shopping interests, demographics, and more.

To provide you ads and content from Verizon and others that may be more relevant to you, we would like to use information about your use of Verizon products and services (like your devices and equipment, the features and apps you use, the websites you visit, and your location), interests (like shopping preferences), demographics (like age range), and information about the quantity, type, destination, location, and amount of use of your Verizon voice services (known as CPNI).

Verizon Selects then uses all of that information to send you advertisements via text, email, regular mail, etc. Sound like something you want to be a part of?

The program is currently only running in the following states, but Verizon plans to expand it throughout the rest of 2014.

  • Arkansas
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Northern Idaho
  • Northern Mississippi
  • Western Tennessee

Here are some screenshots of the Smart Rewards area.

verizon smart rewards verizon smart rewards verizon smart rewards verizon smart rewards

Here are some of the ways you can earn points.

verizon smart rewards

Links:  Smart Rewards FAQ | Sign-up | Verizon Selects FAQ

Cheers Enigmaco, Brian, and Cody!
  • Wacky

    I love the new rewards but in the last week or so the auctions are out of control why are people bidding over 5,000 points for a $25 restaurant.com gift card. lets get real here do any of these people know what restaurant.com is? I’ll tell you it’s a website that gives you another gift cert.??!! I earned these points being a long term happy customer and I’m not spending them all of one thing. I hope people come to their senses and relax about this 17,000 + points for a $25 home depot gift card???!!!! that is crazy. I hope you enjoy your gallon of paint courtesy of Verizon. I really hope people slow down with this so your reward matches the value of the item. I had to be a customer for years, to get the points I have and I am not giving back to Verizon even for a $100 gift card like some people have done by bidding 29,000+ points. This is crazy, these stupid people don’t realize that Verizon has really given you nothing they are just making you think you are getting something and these people are eating it up. If we had any smarts about us we would keep the auctions low and until the end in any case in a month or so all you crazy people will have spent up your points and I will still have my 30,000 + actually getting stuff for free. Now many auctions I think are going off with appropriate point values except just in the last week or so people are wasting these points on very low value items.

  • socalrailroader

    U.S. Cellular has been doing this for a while now-


  • jgelling

    Verizon isn’t even competitive with the new pricing from AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

  • lots3say

    Just go PagePlus, folks. It’s 3G using Verizon towers, reasonable prices, no overages.

  • DJ

    Buying accessories at verizon is the biggest rip off. Who cares about getting points for it when your overpaying for everything to get them

    • mcdonsco

      Accessories sure, but have you ever seen best buys off contract phone prices? Holy freaking bend over! But, they price match and have a longer return window than Verizon with no restocking fees, so I go there…but I bet some people are dumb enough to pay those prices.

  • DJ

    buying accessories at verizon is the biggest rip off. Who cares about the points that you get doing it. Save yourself the money and buy the same thing online. I bought screen protectors for my G2 $13 for 3 at verizon, ($10 after my employee discount). I found the same covers for $5 for 6 online, half the price and double the quantity, no tax free shipping.

  • Andy Stetson

    So, this is how it figures for me.
    Monthly Bill = $160 (1600 pts)
    Data Purchases = 4gb (4000 pts)
    Auto Pay = (500 pts)
    Selects = (200 pts)
    Monthly I would stand to make 6300 pts, which looking at the gift card redemption, is $63. per month.

    Bad part is i’m gonna guess you can’t use points for an entire purchase, which is how they get you.

  • yankeesusa

    I gotta switch to verizon now that they have this amazing program!

  • Gunther

    It’s fitting Verizon copied a rewards program from credit card companies, as no one else knows how to screw you and nickel and dime you more than they do.

  • panicswhenubered

    I don’t understand what this program is, however, I do know it’s from Verizon. It cannot be good. It will likely cost users more money.

  • wmsco1

    The Verizon Affordable Care Act! Lol

  • Noah Davila

    Will these points reward me with a Nexus 5 on Verizon?! No? Irrelevant then….

  • Artune

    Lol I would never get that foolishness

  • jmich

    I am starting to wonder if Verizon only has idiots on their network or if everyone on their network has more money than they know what to do with. Let me disclaimer that first sentence w/ me being a Big Red customer who is still on the 450 w/ unlimited data. This reminds me of Time/Warners commercials where they say “for only 29.99 MORE you’ll get …” They run their business models by asking for more money rather than showing why they are a good bargain. I just don’t get it…and people actually pay for it…SMH

  • elyssa doom

    It doesn’t require you to sign up for Verizon selects, it just awards you more points if you do.

  • fritzo2162

    The auction section is absolutely ridiculous. You can’t put in a maximum point bid—you have to sit there and keep adding 1 point at a time. At the end of the auction, each new point will add 10 seconds to the ending. You could stay up all night trying to outclick someone >:(

    • AuctionHound

      It does have its flaws… However, if you want something bad enough and have enough points to ‘outclick someone’, then it actually works. I won $100 gasoline card after a prolonged session of 5 hours. I have also won $25 gift cards from RUBY TUESDAY and CVS and RESTAURANT.COM. Also a $10 TGI FRIDAYS gift card. So it does work, but it is certainly not for everyone!

    • Scott Campanella

      They absolutely need to revamp the auction process. Increasing the incremental bids to 10 would speed up the auctions tremendously.
      Also, if you check the winners of the closed auctions, many, if not most, are from the state of Ohio. It’s not worth it for people from other states to try to win when they don’t have much chance.
      I’ll save my points until they come up with a better solution. I’m not waiting for 5 hours to try to win a gift card.

  • Brock Johnson

    If this was Tmobile everyone would be singing their praises….but it’s not and y’all hate on Verizon

  • Disqus_n00b

    Another rewards program to keep track of with meaningless thousands of points for offerings from “select partners” that aren’t really deals…every CC offers this, every credit union offers this…10% off travel for 1 million points woohoo…no thanks.

  • jimt

    Thanks Verizon, I’ll stick with T-Mobile. This sounds very tempting, however. Nice try.

  • enigmaco

    I called them today and asked them about Verizon select, the operator told me you can still participate and opt out of that Verizon select. But that makes me wonder how I am able to participate.

    • KingB

      No. You cannot. Whoever told you that must have worked at Verizon where no two operator/customer service reps will tell you the same thing. F Verizon.

      • enigmaco

        Yeah reminds of used car salesmen tell you whatever needs to be said to get the sale closed.

      • 4 year vzw customer

        You can opt out. It says right there on the screen where it makes you sign up. You just have to go to your profile on your My Verizon page and opt out of the Select program.

  • Greywarrior

    If Verizon wants to do something for me, they could de-couple their service charges from their equipment substidies.

  • ScottyByrd

    As soon as my contract is up I am so going to ATT. Id rather have slightly less coverage with a whole lot better rates. VZW have gotten ridiculous.

    • XxROCKxX

      Or you could have tmobile pay you to break contract now and then have ATT pay you to break contract with tmobile

  • Jeremy Martin

    Verizon contradicts itself. One part of the company is looking for innovation such as pushing LTE (when it came out), VoLTE, ISIS (I know we hate it but its concept is sound), etc. Then you have the other half of Verizon who does not understand the customer does not like getting squeezed. Can’t really blame that part of the company though because the masses vote with their wallet…Verizon is #1…the #2 on down are the ones feeling the pressure to drop rates to become #1. Verizon is just going to have to be the “King” who gets toppled by the peasants instead of the “King” who listens to his peasants and makes changes to prevent a toppling.

  • Radgatt

    And here I am thinking that Verizon was going to announce a new data plan to save customer’s money like AT&T did. I guess I’ll go back to sleep and have that dream…

    • Larizard

      Good night.

  • droidify

    In Verizons defense, they obviously know what customers want. They basically take that research and do the complete opposite.

  • flosserelli

    Hmmm. No monthly “Get bent over” perk?
    No surprise there.

  • NorCalGuy

    Is she wearing a momo?

  • Mike

    Gotta love how they’re trying to get people to use their crappy/tacky add-ons vs streamlining and using the additional profits to add bandwidth.

  • dizel123

    I don’t like how its only for share everything data plans. I have unlimited data and I want unlimited rewards points!

    • Franklin Ramsey

      I have unlimited data and I get points.

      • Benjamin Harpine

        Unlimited data??

        • Franklin Ramsey

          That was an old package they used to have I am still grandfathered into.

    • Benjamin Harpine

      Howd u get unlimited data?

  • Anthony

    Who honestly signs up for these verizon programs?

    • Jake from State Farm

      These people

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        whenever I walk by the counter and hear the reps bs’ing the clients, i want to tell them to run as far away as they can

    • flosserelli


  • 213ninja

    just when i thought they couldn’t get much worse……they got worse. like many, i’ll probably jump ship the day i lose unlimited data……i’m just not feeling the way they do business. and TMO is swinging their johnson in the polar opposite direction, which looks like the right direction to me. i hope their network gets stacked in my area by the time i leave VZ.

  • Hey, it’s Oregon! Kellen or Tim should try this out, I’m sure the NSA/Verizon would love to see their browsing habits 😛

    • Chris

      I’m sure the NSA would LOVE to see anyone in Portland and their Browsing habits.

      • Chris

        Non portlander’s just don’t understand.

        • Jake from State Farm


      • Jake from State Farm

        I know right?

  • jkadjfl

    too late…already left the big red

  • DroidzFX

    You can win some KY!

  • Nathan Borup

    lol… love the intro. Verizon needs to get with the program and get rid of their stupid programs

    • Chris

      We need to get rid of Verizon’s CEO and get someone like John Legere in. Sadly Lowell McAdam is still living by “yesterday’s” rules.

      • Nathan Borup

        John Legere would be awesome for Verizon…

        • Chris

          or someone like him….

          Any company would do wonders with someone like him.

          But it looks like someone wants Verizon to stay the same and not change…

      • Jake from State Farm

        Who on earth would downvote this?

  • Christopher Moore

    If it wasn’t for Verizon’s excellent coverage at my job I would have left a long time ago. Tried t-mobile on 3 different phones but all 3 had the same results; dropped calls , spotty internet or no calls at all.

    • Dave

      Ditto here, plus after my parents pay me $75 for their two lines (non data) with unlimited texting, I end up paying $106 after taxes & fees for two unlimited data lines with incredible coverage anywhere I go. Too good of a deal to bail on for now.

      • Pedro

        Heh. Dude steals money from his parents. Way to spend that inheritance up front.


        • Dave

          If they had those 2 lines on their own, it’d be $99 plus taxes and fees. So their favorite child is doing them a favor….LoL.

          • Chris

            I bet they make more money then you. Working a carrer job rather flipping burgers or turning tacos…

          • Dave

            Eh not quite dude. I’ve had the same job for ½ my life and make a hair under 100k. That’s a lotta tacos…..

        • John Legere

          Pretty pathetic.

          • Effie Kisgeropoulos

            not pathetic at all. My mom charged me to be on her plan for years, from when I first started working at 16. She charges her parents (my grandparents) to be on her plan. These aren’t full charges, they are reduced from what you can get on your own, and the more lines you have on a family plan such as this, the lower the price per person. But the account owner takes on the responsibility, it’s their credit being used. I can understand if you want to pay your parents phone bill, that’s great, but its a personal decision. I’m surprised at so much negative bashing just because his parents are paying for their phone lines, at a reduced rate.

          • slainte

            The Narrator calling someone pathetic. Irony?

        • Chris

          Kids will be kids…

      • flosserelli

        You charge your parents for phone service…after all they have done for you?

        • Chris

          Should be the other way around…..

        • Dave

          I’ve offered to pay and they insist on paying their own lines.

        • Robert

          Some people like to pay their own way. My Mother and teenage Daughter are on mine and my wifes plan. They both pay their own part of the bill. Responsibility got some?

    • Fran Shammo

      I left T-Mo for Verizon in 2009. All these years later, my friend and I went to back rounds of Missouri for trout fishing and T-Mo is still dead everywhere, where verizon stills has coverage. If it wasn’t for the $30 unlimited data I would of left VZW for sprint. Sprint has excellent coverage for some reason in MO and IL.

    • Stev J

      This kills me. I have had Verizon since the Altell merger and Altell before that. My Coverage got WORSE with the roll out of 4g. I drop calls constantly in certain areas of Charlotte, NC, a very Large Market. T-Mobile and ATT get service in those areas, hell, even sprint does. I lose 4g constantly at my job just outside on downtown.
      Verizon has better service when travelling, but really, how often do most people do that and need lte vs edge in the first place.
      Don’t get me wrong, I’ve paid Verizon a LOT of money, and I wouldn’t have done that without reason, but things seem to be getting worse, not better. They need to get on the ball.

  • Jeff Creemer

    My wife and I both got these offers in the mail last Friday. I dug into it and found how about the Verizon Selects, and how much data they want to gather and use for directed advertising. Nope, no thank you!

    • John Legere

      Google does it. So that wouldn’t bother me.

      • Dominick White

        Well google gives us something in return for that data, Verizon on the other hand just gives us more crap apps on our phones

  • EricMayBell

    I think Verizon is trying to get their costumers to hate them… Well, the educated ones

    • John Legere

      They already do, lol. Most only stay for the coverage. Not the phones, perks, prices, etc.

      • Nathan Borup

        Coverage and data speed. I regularly get at least 20mb/s down

      • moew

        And even that gap is closing with ATT.

        Now with Tmob, having only a small area of real coverage is very disappointing!

      • TC Infantino

        True for my situation. If I lost my Unlimited, I would jump ship that same day and probably give AT&T a try. I think that AT&T does actually have coverage where I live and most (if not all) of the places I frequent.

      • John Hillers

        That’s how I’m stuck. Verizon has the best service for where I spend my time. It’s the only reason I’m with them right now. That and my work pays for my service.
        However I did just buy my wife and I the off contract Moto X. On top of getting the best phone I have ever held I also didn’t have to renew my contract so I can jump ship as soon as T Mobile gets their service worked out.

  • Ryan

    The Average customer might like this. But I have the old legacy plan with unlimited data so I get nothing. Seems like a bigger middle finger to me.

    • Tirionfive

      Verizon shows it loudly and proudly. I hate them so very very much. I guess I’ll continue biting the pillow though.

      • TheOgler

        You got a pillow? Must have been grandfathered in.

        • Tirionfive

          You guys get spit for lube at least.

  • John Legere

    So pay more for monthly rewards? I’ll keep using my Discover.

    Oh and use the recycling program lolol give away phones for points. That’s funny.

    • Jake from State Farm

      It PAYS to discover..

      • John Legere

        It also pays to not have horrible neighbors. Aka Statecrap.

    • Erik Alejandro Hernandez

      Hello John just wanted to say do doing a great job at t mobile.

      • Chris

        You do know that he isn’t really John right?