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Android Foundry Releases Printable Valentine’s Day Cards, Plus an Adorable Wallpaper

Want to give a card this Valentine’s Day to a special loved one that also shows off your love for Android? Then the Android Foundry has you covered. They have released four different cards featuring the little green man, ready for printing and giving to your valentine. And don’t worry, the cards are completely free to print.

To go along with the cards, they also released a special Valentine’s Day themed wallpaper, which is incredibly adorable. If you just can’t get enough Android in your life, its perfect.


To check out the cards and then print them out or to grab the full sized wallpaper, head on over to Android Foundry.

Via: Android Foundry
  • sindhu honey
  • DJ

    Im totally using this. Thanks Tim!!

  • Sporttster

    Did a guy just use the word ‘adorable’ in a sentence???

    • David Henry

      I’d say it is an accurate word to use, it is incredibly adorable

  • Chris

    Do android users have girlfriends?

    • tavito05

      No we are forever alone 🙁

    • John Legere

      Just in case anyone asks, Chris said it.

      • Chris

        Nope. It clearly says guest.

    • Hothfox

      Some of us even have boyfriends.

  • John Legere

    That’s awesome they are doing it for free.
    Thanks Tim!