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AT&T Launches New “Best Ever Prices” Family Plans – Family of Four With 10GB Data for $160

AT&T announced a new set of 10GB family plans with unlimited talk and text on this pre-Super Bowl Saturday afternoon that they are calling their “best-ever prices.” The family plans show solid discounts over previous rates and those that you would find from Verizon with similar amounts of data. There is a catch, of course, and that’s the requirement to sign-up for AT&T’s Next program or bring your own phone. Let’s talk about it all.ย 

The pricing for the new plans can be found in the chart below. You are essentially looking at the number of lines with monthly service costs for 10GB of data and unlimited talk and text. AT&T is pushing the 4-line plan, which would get a family of four into 10GB of data for $160 per month. That’s actually not a bad price. If you were to do the same 10GB plan with four lines at Verizon, you would be looking at $260 per month. Even the $130 plan with two lines isn’t a bad deal.

To calculate the price, all you really need to do is take $100 for the 10GB of data, then add on $15 per line. If you sign a new contract with AT&T and pick-up a discounted phone, they typically charge $40 per line. If you are an individual and go without a contract, they are now charging you $25 per line. Again, you can see the discount there as long as you jump into 10GB of data.

att family plans

So how is AT&T doing this? Well, like T-Mobile, they are starting to pull the subsidy phone cost out of their plans to make them look lower. Verizon has yet to make this move, so their prices look substantially higher. In other words, when you sign-up for Verizon, you are also likely getting a phone at a discounted rate, for say $199. Since that phone actually costs $600, Verizon makes up for the difference by tacking on an extra charge into your service bill each month for two years, the length of your contract. AT&T and T-Mobile are now doing plans that don’t have that extra charge built in, because they are also mostly stopping with 2-year contracts and discounted phone pricing. Instead, they want you to sign-up for AT&T Next, which is their $0 down monthly payment plan for phones.

And that’s what we’re looking at here. These new family plans ask you to either bring your own phone, sign-up for AT&T Next and buy a new phone, or purchase one at full retail up front. If you have a phone that you love already, then by all means think about these plans, they look decent. If you need a new phone, then you’ll probably sign-up for AT&T Next and pay a monthly fee on a phone that will essentially bring your monthly bill back up to where it would have been. Make sense?

Keep in mind that if you are not an AT&T customer, they are paying people $100 per new line activated. If your family is on another carrier, you could come on over and get a decent sized credit depending on how many lines you sign up.

Current AT&T customers can apparently take advantage of these new plans as well, as long as they choose a 10GB or bigger bucket of data.

These new plans go live tomorrow.

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  • gphillimo

    T Mobile is unlimited. I’ll never consider AT&T unless they offer unlimited LTE, for a similar price as TMO.

  • john d

    It is good to hear about this post i would Agree with you I live in North of Cincinnati and all T Mobile has is
    edge. Which like you said in today’s world with smart phones you need a
    reliable data connection. If they would expand their coverage T-mobile still has better prices (although not by as much as other
    plans) for their most similar plan ($140 for 4 lines, 2.5 GB each, and
    2.5 * 4 = 10). To me this now seems like normal capitalism. The price
    difference actually reflects a difference in service, with AT&T
    having better coverage.

  • Joseph Ward

    I just switched my family over to Ting using their savings calculator and realizing we could be saving almost $200 a month. No contract either! I would recommend to everyone!


  • matt

    Because of the aborted take over, t mobile gets an exclusive roaming agreement with AT&T.
    All these posts by people complaining about tmobile’s network should be moot.
    Tmobile is clearly not giving its subscribers access to AT&t’s network at all locations
    Even if roaming costs more or has strings attached they should at least let you connect to AT&T

  • terrorist96

    I’ve decided that the only way to get me to let go of my unlimited data on Verizon would be if the monthly data allowance would roll over if I don’t use all of it. AT&T had rollover minutes; why not rollover data?

  • Ryan Lounsbury

    I logged into my AT&T Wireless account to see if the option is there to change to the new service… Interestingly enough my wife and I are already on the 10gb plan and won’t let me upgrade with the 10gb option. It forces us up to the 15gb option which is $30 more a month. Bush league if AT&T won’t let us move from our current plan to the new non-subsidized without forcing the upgrade to 15gb.

  • Poison

    I’d love to switch to AT&T, too bad they want a $750 deposit ๐Ÿ™

    • Scott

      Unfortunately that seems to be a problem on your end.

      • Poison

        Yeah, it’s called “when I was young I was irresponsible with credit”. I’m just fine on Big Red though.

  • Dakota

    Just shows everything Tmobile is doing can be and will be copied. All carriers want to get rid of subsidies and AT&T I stepping in before VZ.

  • Carlos Lopez

    Dont need it have this: VDayX-NAXH-I43Y-7WNF-67Y7

  • M3D1T8R

    There are two crucial flaws with this plan. First of all the data limitation is ridiculously small. Secondly, it is still on AT&T.

    • nkd

      Yea its like they give you no deal you still bitch and even if they try you still bitch. LOLLLLL

  • needa

    hopefully plans like this coming from at&t will cause straighttalk to offer different plans as well. it is now more beneficial for a family of four to jump to att. and a family of three can get 2.5 more gb of unthrottled data for just ten bucks more.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Over the past 26 days, im at 14gb… so yea, not gonna work for me

    • M3D1T8R

      65GB in the last month, 99 in the month prior. Yup.

      • nkd

        That clearly means this plan is not made for you. I don’t plan on using my phone for my internet at home or download torrent or stream netflix on it all day.

        • hoosiercub88

          Clearly, AT&T doesn’t have a plan ‘made’ for people like that.

          I don’t tether *I can’t because I have a fully stock/locked down Verizon Moto X* and I still manage to use between 10-20Gb a month on my Unlimited data. I also don’t torrent because torrenting on a secured cell data service would be asking to get into trouble. You can’t automatically assume that people like this partake in those kinds of behavior just because you don’t happen to use that much data. Google+ Auto Photo Upload will tear through data if you have it set to full-size photo uploads and you take a lot of pictures. Not to mention streaming on Spotify on High Quality, syncing everything, photo uploads, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.. do I need to go on?

          I feel like this is sort’ve similar to the double standard of slut shaming in the human race.. we’re supposed to feel guilty for using a lot of data *a resource that is not finite* because carriers are pricing it in such a manner that it seems like we’re going to use it all up if we’re not careful. Don’t buy into the lies. If they can’t manage to trickle some of the billions of dollars we give them annually into making their network more robust, then there’s a bigger problem here than data-shaming customers because they use more data than you.

  • I’m giving my Moto X to my boyfriend & buying a Nexus 5 for myself. Then we can take advantage of this. I pay about $120 for just my line (5 GB). For $10 more and no contract, I think we’ll be winning.

  • duke69111

    If its not unlimited, then its a bad price. End of story.

    • Jonathan Williams

      Shockers kicking ass this year! I agree with your post, too.

    • John Legere

      Ohreally? Wifi is easily found everywhere, most people have it in their homes, not sure what you do to need unlimited. I stream music all day every day, go on chrome for hours, load news apps, banking, everything and never go over 2-3gb a month.

      • Benjamin Mackie

        Because there is no real reason to charge more for more data. Simple as that. The system isnt really getting congested by heavy data users. Its all just BS phone companies make up to make more money.

        • nkd

          Tell that to verizon that is having 4G lte bandwidth problems in areas like LA and other big cities because they didn’t have enough bandwidth. So it does matter. It seems like only people that bitch about unlimited are the ones that wanna use it as their home internet. As a family of five we have never gone past 6GB and now I got the 10GB for even cheaper. If you do need unlimited there are choices but I personally would never switch to tmobile or sprint because Tmobile still cant give me LTE at my house when they say I live in excellent lte coverage. May be it just doesn’t penetrate through my walls.

        • Dakota

          Wait till your ISP starts charging per data usage

          • hoosiercub88

            It’s sadly and inevitably the way things are going. ๐Ÿ™

      • Dakota

        If you’re streaming music in a car or outdoor for one or are doing other things when not at wifi areas. Just cuz you’re on wifi all the time doesn’t mean everyone else is too

        • hkklife

          Agreed. I spend a large time of work on job sites, in the car or in the middle of nowhere (industrial sites, warehouses, hick towns etc) where there is no Wi-Fi OR it’s locked down tight and you are not granted access. Not everyone here is a tight-jeans hipster hopping from one trendy spot to the next in a major metro area whilst sipping lattes. For a real road warrior, coverage (VZW) and oodles of LTE data are king, especially if I want to stream some music in the car or tether my laptop.

  • AM

    Gosh, here we go again – not valuing the people who have been with AT&T for years. Can’t there be any such thing as a good deal? Let’s take this deal. Say you get a pretty basic phone. Add in 25$ (not much, I’m at 42) for next….you’re at an extra hundred per month! That’s still wayyyy too much!

  • MetlMann

    We have an old AT&T unlimited plan. How does this fit into this new deal? No more subsidizing for us?

  • A.Miller

    So if I only have two lines (2 smartphones) how much data am I getting for $130/mo?

    • Tojen1981


      • A.Miller

        That seems like a pretty damn good deal, doesn’t it?

        • Tojen1981

          Its a pretty good deal, considering that’s 5gb for each line.

  • xuniltoor

    What will 130 dollars look like after taxes and misc charges every month. Probably around 140. Hope I am wrong.

    • Tojen1981

      For the most part, att has no control over that. That should taken up with you state and local government.

    • ilovetechnology

      Taxes and fees typically add 15%-20% on top when all totaled, so this would probably be closer to $150.

  • Aaron

    All I know is I just called at&t and went from a nation 450 plan with 5GB of data to a 10GB plan with unlimited talk and text for $2 more per month. Sounds like a deal to me.

    • Scott

      I wish they had an individual BYOP plan for 5 gigs of data for 50 bucks a month

      • Dakota

        If you don’t need more than hundred minutes, Tmobile has 5gb for $30 with
        Walmart plan

        • Scott

          Sadly I need well more than 100 minutes and T-Mobile doesn’t have anything more than edge in my area.

  • Mythbuster

    Droid Life,

    I honestly wish the misinformation would stop with you guys. The subsidy is NOT built into the plan. The rest of the money is in the etf. You pay 200 for a phone, the etf is 350. Verizon’s plans are just higher but its not due to subsidy costs.

    That’s a myth that is simply not true and the fact you guys keep claiming its true is the reason why I can’t ever take this blog seriously.

    • StankyChikin

      Say what?? lol

    • reneMAC

      Technically, you are incorrect.

      After the first 14 days, you may terminate your Agreement for any reason. However, you agree to pay AT&T for all fees, charges, and other amounts incurred and owed under your Agreement along with the applicable ETF. The Early Termination Fee is either: (a) $325 minus $10 for each full month of your Service Commitment that you complete; or (b) $150 minus $4 for each full month of your Service Commitment that you complete. To determine whether your Equipment has a $325 Early Termination Fee or a $150 Early Termination Fee, checkatt.com/equipmentETF.

    • John Legere

      You’re a terrible mythbuster.

  • paul

    These plans will hurt Apple, all cell phone makers, and accessory makers. I switched my plan today. I was buying 3 new phones at the end of each 2 year contract. No longer. Now we will keep our Iphone 5 s until they are not serviceable. We switched to the 2 GB plan, and our end of contract savings will be $ 45 per month. We switched immediately, though it will add $ 1 a month for the next 10 months. This gives us unlimited talk time including talk to land lines, and increases our family data. Previously, we had 3 GB on one (daughters), 300 MG on one, and 200 mg on one. Our daughter uses about 350-400 mg month. Switch benefits us immediately, with dollar savings starting in 10 months. Remember, since we usually pay $ 199 for each new Iphone, plus $ 99 per phone for insurance, extra money for cases, the real cost per new phone on the installment plan will be much less than the quoted $ 600 per phone.

    • Tojen1981

      Apple will feel the heat the most, since they only seem to be interested in serving the high-end market. Android phone makers will feel the pinch some, but already have the mid-range and budget market phones out there. They will no longer find it as profitable to make a new flagship phone every year.

      Accessory makers might actually do better since more will opt to go with cases to keep their devices in the best possible shape longer.

      • paul

        Upgraded cases. Yes. I just ordered a BookBook case for my wife’s Iphone, and a Pad&Quill for mine. Full case protects phone and screen. Maybe a 4 year life. But – a lot fewer cases will be sold. The inexpensive cases will be hurt most.

        • hkklife

          I expect Samsung to really roll in the dough if they decide to get even slightly aggressive with mid-tier, mid-priced phones off contract.
          They can really start a full court press on the long-term advantages of their phones—if it gets battered, buy a new battery door. If the battery wears out, pop in a new one. Fill up your internal storage? Pop in a microSD card. If they dial back Touchwiz and keep supporting their other phones as long as they have, say, the Galaxy S3, then they will really be able to make some inroads.

  • LogicMan

    Your’e forgetting that the price the phone companies pay for selling you a new phone is not the “Retail” price. They make money regardless of what they say. If Motorola can sell a MotoX for under $400 and still make a profit you know Verizon is still making money when they sell you a phone on contract for $100-$199. It’s all a marketing scam. These guys don’t go into any contract without making money on the entry and exit.

    I just bought a MotoX with 32G for under $400 off contract and Moto is not giving that away. They still make 40% or more.

    Assuming they make 40% on a $379 sale their profit is still $151.60 or more. That puts their cost at $227.40 but more than likely their actual cost is much lower given they are still building the things in China.

    • glimmerman76

      you realize that the moto x is put together here in the us(in texas)? The moto x internals are still imported but still american are working because of this phone

      • hkklife

        Lenovo will be able to crank out Mogo G and X-style devices if they gear up their production numbers and make everything in China. Not that I am saying I *want* this to happen but it’s no huge secret that these phones have been exhorbitantly overpriced at full retail for years and years because the sales prices were set artificially high due to the carriers being the actual customers (not the end user).

  • Shell Script Man

    if [ `grep -i “UNLIMITED DATA” $ATT_PLANS` != “” ]; then

  • Thuan Nguyen

    I wonder if I would be allowed to sign in a two year contract with at&t, then get the 2 year contract discount and then switch to t-mobile and have them pay for the ETF and also for the phones (which I would get more value from tmobile since the phone was on a 2 year contract discount from attt). Can anybody confirm this?

  • gt3nx5

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I think this is a pretty good deal if you live in an area where ATT and Verizon are the only viable options.

    For simpleness, let’s use 4 phones: iPhone 5s, Nexus 5, Moto X, and LG G2, which have respective prices of 649, 549, 330, and 349.

    On both carriers (T-Mobile and ATT), full price must be paid.

    So if we ignore taxes, the cost of the phones alone comes to 1877. ATT will charge $160/ month, while T-Mobile will charge you 140/ month.

    The monthly charges are respectively 3840 and 3360 over a 24 month period. However, for new customers, they give you a 100/ line. Subtracting four hundred from the monthly charges of ATT, we are left with 3440. At the 1877 to the 3440 and we are left with a total 2 year, non contract price of $5317. On T-Mobile, the price would be 5237.

    Then again, If I were to go to T-Mobile, I would pick out unlimited data, after all it’s only ten dollars more per line. However, for the average consumer that takes a look at what they only need, they are more likely to go for a tiered high-speed data plan.

    It’s not a terrible deal. I’d jump on it if I weren’t stuck in a contract with Verizon. Sadly, up here in the rural northwestern areas of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana, T-Mobile is absolutely awful.

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      We switched to TMo yesterday from VZ. That comment about the data, my wife actually chose the 2.5 vs the unlimited. It fits her style more correctly and as my rep pointed out, they just throttle her back to 2g after that 2.5GB. so she can still connect, but not very useful. No overage at least.

      The ATT deal isn’t terrible. But it still isn’t TMo if you have coverage where you are.

      For me, Tmo is actually slower on LTE at home. Faster on 3G. And at the office, I have service on 3G now where as on VZ I had none. So a win for me. And of course I’m the type that streams all day long.

  • Carlton Crasher

    Here’s My Take on this from my perspective. I generally go through 2-3 phones a year….Now, i’m already on AT&T with a nexus 5, my girlfriend is on Verizon, now typically when i upgrade i buy the latest and greatest already spending 200-300 dollars on a subsidized phone. so if my girlfriend comes to AT&T i either buy a New/Other/Mint Phone, or she buys a brand new nexus 5….With a $100 credit for switching from Verizon, and then paying about she pays about $90 after tax 20% discount 2GB Data/Verizon i pay $110 after tax 20% Discount. on AT&T 4GB Data….So essentially she gets a 32GB Nexus 5, with $100 credit she pays virtually 250-300 depending on where i find the nexus 5 after the $100 credit, and we save $70 a month on the phone bill from there..sounds like a win win in my case + extra data

  • Chris

    If prices come down in a few years or so then this wont be the best “ever”

    • Matt

      good point. I hate it when people over use the term “ever”

  • Cael

    It’s 10 GB between everybody and not 10 GB for each person correct? So pretty much for a family of 5 each person uses 2GB of data. Is it still a deal then?

    • Carlton Crasher

      “AT&T is pushing the 4-line plan, which would get a family of four into 10GB of data for $160 per month. Thatโ€™s actually not a bad price. If you were to do the same 10GB plan with four lines at Verizon, you would be looking at $260 per month. Even the $130 plan with two lines isnโ€™t a bad deal” …I’m on AT&T with 4GB Plan by myself and i pay 100 a month with no extras and a 20% discount…with an extra 3 lines that would come out to 220 or so A month…160 a month is an excellent deal. you can assume everyone uses 2GB they may use more or less but thats not the point….

      • Cael

        They must clearly be hoping for overage charges then….

        • Carlton Crasher

          could be, but then again if you think about it many families probably don’t buy 20GB of data (just for example) and probably buy as little as possible. so for thsoe families that somewhat control their data, they are getting a heck of a deal so any overage charges would perhaps only put them under their old bill? idk seems like there really isn’t a catch on this one

    • Alex

      They also offer to give you 20 GB to share for $50 more if that floats your boat. Would be 4 GB per person then.

    • nkd

      First of all, go in to a store and have them look at what your usage is average. Or look at it online. You cant just split is 2gb each line. I have 5 lines we use about 6 all together but this 10gb plan will drop my bill over 50 bucks. Casual user is like 1gb on average. Most my family members don’t even hit that.

  • krudl3rx

    Are these plans eligible for discounts? That can easily be 15-20% a month…

    • Tojen1981

      They’re still post paid accounts so I would imagine so.

    • Alex


  • Sean Bello

    in addition to this, basic phones also drop down to $15 on this new plan. they were previously $20. better savings there also

    • Adam Nazare

      Can you provide a link?

  • GNMoose

    I have to say, having been stuck with Verizon for over 10 years, if they don’t look at this and make some changes to their current ‘family share’ plans to be equally competitive, I will be seriously looking to dump all 5 lines and make the switch. ATT coverage in Oregon is pretty much on par with Verizon, and even with my 25% corporate discount off the monthly base plan, ATT still kicks Verizon’s plan out the window. Yes, I know I’d be sucking up ETF costs and all, but it’s clear that the price wars have started. And this has my attention.

    • ilovetechnology

      Hey if you’re going to make the switch you may as well give T-Mobile a try and have them pay your ETFs. Their coverage may surprise you, just depends on the area. Then if that just doesn’t work out, AT&T will pay you even more to switch!

      • normmcgarry

        This is a great point. This is the route I would take to avoid ETFs from Verizon. Very temping…

        Although, the price I’d save monthly isn’t really what appeals to me… it is the ability to have Nexus devices.

        • ROB

          If you get/have the N5 make sure you download the Snapdragon Battery Guru…has really helped my battery life

          • Pdiddy187

            Or just load up Franco Kernel and use Greenify.

        • Dakota

          So disappointed with N5. So many changes are bad ;tons of gitcges… Already have to return it as bluetooth doesnt work at all Huge pain &

    • Dakota

      As long as people are willing to pay for Verizon, they have no incentives t lower prices. Theyre considered premium carrier and gained more customers last quarter. Prices are crazy but if you need their coverage, you’re stuck. I’d pay 2_3x more if I were on AT&T or Verizon

    • nwd1911

      I’m in Eugene and just switched to T-mobile from Verizon. Saving a TON of money, but coverage is spotty at best…no service at all at my mom’s house (I got her to switch to T-mobile as well). All things considered, I think I’m going to have to give AT&T a chance as I know their coverage is good around here (work cell is AT&T). Good luck to you GNMoose!

    • A_Gray

      Reminder that these plans do NOT include the price of a phone. You have to buy a phone outright. Buying 3 iPhones would be roughly $2100, which turns into $87/mo with no money down. That would push the $145 for 3 lines (what I have) to $232. If you put $600 down ($200/phone), then your three lines would be $145 + $62, which would be about $207 per month. That is actuall ymore expensive than the $195 the old plan was for the same three phones. So all this funky math actually nets AT&T an additional $12 from me if I go with the same phones. On the old plan, you were stupid if you didn’t get the best most expensive phone available. Now getting the best most expensive phone will cost you a lot more, but going with a cheap phone can save you a bundle. Just something to think about.

  • The Gooch

    Guess Verizon is trying to figure a way to cash in but you can’t really bring your own phone to Verizon so you pretty much have to wait for Verizon to start making the LTE only phones.

    • ROB

      Call verizon and ask about their Loyalty Plan right now. They are losing customers and they are offering a talk/text with 2gb of data at a discount.

  • reneMAC
  • Philly

    I was told that the customer does NOT need to sign up for AT&T or have the whole “Bring your own device” thing goin for them. For instance, a customer can walk into their local best buy and sign up for this plan. (Best Buy does NOT offer AT&T Next, or the BYOD deals that an AT&T store would).

    • Tim242

      Nobody said you had to do either of those.

      • Matt

        Hes scared.

        • John Legere


      • Philly

        “There is a catch, of course, and thatโ€™s the requirement to sign-up for AT&Tโ€™s Next program or bring your own phone. Letโ€™s talk about it all. ” Guess I made that part of up myself….

        • Tim242

          You should read your comment again. It makes no sense as written. “I was told that the customer does NOT need to sign up for AT&T or have the whole “Bring your own device” thing goin for them. For instance, a customer can walk into their local best buy and sign up for this plan. (Best Buy does NOT offer AT&T Next, or the BYOD deals that an AT&T store would).”

          • Philly

            Touche, good sir.

  • agentorange1985

    Looking at all the comments below, I am seeing a lot of incorrect information being thrown around and a lot of people seem confused. Let me start off by saying, I work for AT&T, so I know what I’m talking about. Do I have AT&T service and am I being biased because I work there? Absolutely not, because I have Verizon service (no AT&T within 5 or 6 miles of my home) and it is KILLING me that Verizon has yet to change their plans after we are making all these changes. This is a perfect example of why NEXT combined with the new pricing is the way I would be purchasing my new phones –

    Example 1: Customer has a 10GB mobile share plan, with 2 Samsung Galaxy S4’s on contract. Price monthly = $100 base, $40 per line = $180 per month.
    Price paid upfront = $199 per phone with two $36 activation fees = $472 down plus taxes

    Example 2: Customer has a 10GB mobile share plan with 2 phones, one GS4 on contract and one GS4 with NEXT 18 (this plan spreads the payments on the device over 26 months, and you get a new phone every 18 months, which is still quicker than a 2 year contract) = $100 base, $40 for the on contract phone, $15 line access for the GS4, and $24.23 per month for the NEXT installment = $179.23 per month. Price paid upfront (only the tax on the NEXT phone, and the 2 year price on the other, and one activation fee for the 2 year plan, there is no activation fee on NEXT) = $273.79 plus taxes

    Example 3: Customer has a 10GB mobile share plan with 2 Next GS4’s both on NEXT 18 = $100 base, $15 per phone, $24.23 per phone installment plan = $178.46 per month. Price paid upfront = $75.60 with no tax (because this is the tax you are paying down).

    So no matter which route you go, NEXT is going to make your plan cheaper (even if it is only $2), you get a phone quicker than 2 years (since companies are now making you wait the entirety of your contract instead of upgrading early) and you are going to have to spend WAY less money upfront. This is a no brainer.

    Also, I see a lot of people mentioning that all customers are eligible to switch. Well, you can switch any of your lines, as long as they have been under contract for over 6 months. Any recent contracts have to wait until the 6 month mark, and you do not have to do all of your lines, you can do one or up to 4. But you are going to come out the cheapest by doing all 4. Sell your old phones on ebay, pay approximately $40 per new phone, and profit…

    • reneMAC


      Already an AT&T customer?

      All existing customers, including those on a 2-year agreements before Feb. 2, 2014, are able to move to these plans.

      If you are already on a 10GB or higher Mobile Share Value plan as of Feb. 2, 2014 – you don’t need to do anything. You’re automatically in.

      • glimmerman76

        and if you read the fine print you dont have to do next to get the new price if your under contract

        • reneMAC


          My reply was that he claims to be an AT&T employee, and knows what he is talking about, but he says new contracts dont qualify for the program (until they are 6 mos. old). Clearly AT&T says that all existing customers, even those who just signed a new 2 year deal (Before tomorrow) are eligible.

          In my case, I dont even have to do anything, I will automagically be given savings. Though it remains to be seen if I save anything.

          • Alex

            This is wrong. No one on an existing contract can switch to this new plan UNLESS you wait for your current contract to expireexpire OR you cancel your current plan and pay the ETF first, which will require you to get new phone numbers. AT&T does not let you keep your current number if you cancel and pay the ETF on a line. How do I know all this? I did it today. They would not let me onto this new plan with my current phone numbers. I had to either wait for my contract to be up or pay the ETF and get new phone numbers, which I did, to get on this new plan.

          • reneMAC

            you should argue with AT&T, not me.

            their website says otherwise.


          • Alex

            Oh I did, a lot. There’s always fine print with AT&T though to cover their lies.

          • Chris Van Der Merwe

            I just finished my conversation with ATT. We had a Family plan w/ 6 gb and 4 smart phones, unlimited talk and text. I currently pay $225. After a quick conversation they switched me to Family Plan w/ 10gb and 4 smart phones, unlimited talk and text for $160. They said my contract end date does not change, dont need to buy new phones, or get new numbers.

          • Michael Lavoie

            Same exact scenario as you. Family plan w/ 6GB + 4 smart phones, unlimited talk and text. I pay about the same per month. Went onto AT&T’s web site yesterday, changed my plan. Confirmed the contract dates are not impacted, no new phones/numbers needed. Seems like a win. Contemplating using the savings to purchase a Moto X or LG G pad.

          • Alex

            Did you have to sign up for NEXT though? Are you sure your contract wasn’t already up? Most importantly, have you received the first bill ;)? Haha, good luck with with that. If you didn’t sign up for NEXT, your contract wasn’t over yet, and your bill turns out to actually be $160ish then congrats, you probably got lucky.

          • moew

            People actually still use ATT? Worst data, worst plans, and the most dropped calls.

            Wow, these people probably still have AOL dial up accounts and 1st gen iphones!

          • nkd

            That sounds like a statement purely based on hate. Never had a dropped call in the last year I have had at&t. Now its even cheaper. So next time make a comment that actually helps people and adds to the conversation, instead of some made up stuff.

          • nkd

            Stop tripping the pricing does not go in to play until tomorrow. If your a customer that was on contract before feb 2nd, your price should be 15 dollars per line. I don’t know why you would or the rep would try to put you or promise anything until these plans go live. It clearly says if you are a customer before feb 2nd with a 2 year contract you qualify, otherwise that statement is a waste. If you do a year upgrade again or new customers that don’t qualify for next will have to pay the 40 per line cost.

          • Dakota

            I recently switched from a T-Mobile SIM to AT&T on Straight Talk Wireless. Never had a dropped call. People are stuck in 2007 when iPhone flooded market. Everyone I know has AT&T ;neve heard complaint. I have been surprised of terrible speeds indoor on LTE. In 4 bar areas, can get 20mbos,but others it can be as low as 2

          • Alex

            Yeah, you do qualify for the plan, at $40 per line until your existing contracts expire, at which point the price will drop to $15 per line. You can’t magically get the off contract / NEXT pricing per line while you’re still on a contract, though you can “get on the plan”.

          • nkd

            Not according to the slide I saw. It was labeled “who gets the $15 price”. And it clearly said even people who got the subsidized price before 2/2/15. Unless I was lied to but I highly doubt it meant anything else. No I won’t take a picture of the slide and violate policy Lol. I like my job. :). I suggest walk into the ATT store and ask a manager.

          • Alex

            The guy I was working with did talk to his manager about it to make sure there was no way I could get the $15 per line price before my contracts ended. Anyways, too late now. I just canceled my contracts and opened new lines to get the deal. Ended up fine because I got $200 bill credit for opening the new lines, which paid most of the ETF.

          • paul

            I have 10 months left on 3 phones and just switched. You are correct. It will actually increase my cost $ 1 per month. But – it gives me unlimited talk, including talk to land line, which my current plan didn’t give me. I took the 2GB plan which gives us better flexibility. After my contracts end, I will save $ 45 per month – 3 phones.

      • agentorange1985

        My example is all about buying a new phone, or switching from someone else… if you are already out of contract, then yes, you will save money. If you are not out of contract –

        Old 10GB plan = $120 base, $30 per phone, example with 2 phones on contract = $180 per month
        New 10GB plan = $100 base, $40 per phone, same 2 phones on contract = $180 per month

        So in that example the new plans are the same price. Of course its going to vary depending on the number of phones and if you are or aren’t on contract… when I say you qualify after 6 months, I am talking about the Next plan, not the new mobile share plans. Because its not going to be a big deal if you stay on a 2 year plan and switch to the new plans.

        So let’s take the same example saying you have existing service and want to buy an Galaxy S5 when it comes out in a few months. We will assume it is 629.99 which is the same price the S4 was at launch (and still is at corporate stores). We will also assume your contract is up and you are on the new plans, so you are currently paying $115 a month for 10 gigs.

        The S5 on Next 18 would be approximately $24 dollars a month. You get it for only $37 dollars down. You pay on that for 18 months, and instead of trading the phone in (like they want you to do) you sell the phone on eBay for at least $300 (which would be relatively cheap a year and a half later, as S3’s are still selling for 250-300 and have been out nearly 2 years). If you add all that up, and take off what you made from selling the phone, you end up paying a total of $82 for the phone and you now have no service agreement. If you were to do a 2 year contract, you would likely pay at least $150 plus an upgrade fee and taxes, and you are going to be under contract for 2 years as well, and have to pay an ETF to get out. Which is going to be a lot more than $82. And then again, you worst case scenario is just buying the phone outright. Sure you can sell it later, and the bill will be $115 a month so a little cheaper, but you’re going to have to come up with $600 plus dollars up front. The $82 over the long run option sure sounds a lot better to me.

        • reneMAC

          Your math is way wrong.

          $37 + $24 x 18 months = $469 if you sell the phone at that point, and get $300 your difference is $169, not $82. If you dont trade the phone in at 18 months, they will want the difference in money, they are not just going to give you the phone. You need to make 26 payments if you want to keep the phone, which is the case if you sell it and dont give it back.

          So, now its:

          $37 down payment, $24 x 26 months, less $300 (if you actually get that much) = $361

          • agentorange1985

            The reason my math was incorrect was because I was adding in 350 for selling the used phone… my mistake. You can’t factor in the taxes, because a 2 year plan is going to make you pay more taxes monthly. With NEXT, you pay all the taxes up front (the $37). With 2 year contracts, that extra $35 you are paying a month will be taxed to the tune of around $5 approximately. The bill may be the same when on the NEXT plan, but a portion of that is an untaxed installment, if you see what I mean. So you actually pay less taxes monthly.

            Either way, don’t factor the taxes in at all. Even if you did, you would be paying more on a 2 year since a higher monthly bill is being taxed.

            So, $24 x 18 = $432. That’s what the phone is going to cost you for a year and a half. Sell the phone and make $350, a price that is very achievable if you take care of your phone whatsoever. So you end up paying $82 over the course of a year and a half. You use that amount to pay off what you owe (the remaining months, 8 x 24 = $192) and you have $158 dollars left over. The price of a new phone is only going to cost you the taxes, again, so at most $45. You just made $100 to put in your pocket, and have a brand new phone. OR, you have just finished your agreement, so you leave and go somewhere else if they are offering a better deal.

          • reneMAC

            Im sorry, but you still fail at math. Using your concocted up numbers again:

            18 mo. x $24 = $432 (that you have paid out) less your now $350 sold phone (which isnt gonna be what you get for an 18 month old phone, earlier you were $250-$300) so then you have paid $82 MORE than you got back, so you are in the hole $82. Now you have to pay the remaining 8 months, which is $192, so now add the $82 dollars you are in the hole, plus the $192 you have to pay for the rest of the installment agreement, and you have $274 ‘loss’, not $100 in your pocket, or $158 left over. I never considered taxes at all, I have only used the numbers you suggested. So to recap the customers costs involved with the phone:

            $432 you made in payments, less the $350 you think you get selling it (we wont count out any fees you pay to the service your selling it through). At this point I have paid OUT a net of $82. Now, I still have to fulfill my ATT installment because I am not giving the phone back to them, which will cost me ANOTHER $192. So my total PAID out is now $432 – $300 + $192 = $274 paid out of my pocket for using that phone 18 months, this of course does not include any payments of voice/data.

            Bottom line is, you are going to pay AT&T at the very least what the phone costs them (12 month @ whatever they determine the monthly fee for that phone), there is not any situation where you (the customer) are going to get a phone from AT&T and make money on the deal, its just not possible, AT&T would go out of business.

            This whole changing of plans is simply to get away from a subsidized phone. Your still going to pay for the phone either way, whether it be up front, or whether or not you spread it out over time. The data/voice price drops is merely to keep them competitive.

        • jnt

          Are you saying that if my wife and I both have unlocked devices, we can move our 2 lines back to AT&T (just left to try T-Mobile actually) and only pay $100 base? If we’re both “BYOD”, what does the monthly total look like for 2 lines?

          • agentorange1985

            No, the $100 base is just for the plan. The phones would only be 15 a piece though.

    • Alex

      You know what’s even cheaper than NEXT? Man up and buy a phone off-contract and then sell it on Craigslist, Swappa, or Ebay for 2/3 the price you paid the next year and use resulting money to pay for 2/3 of your next phone. Bonus, if you get something like a Nexus or Moto X that is under $400 off-contract, you will be in for even bigger savings.

  • Ackers

    Better pricing and service that Tmobile. I will be signing up. Thanks!

    • Turb0wned

      Except you don’t get unlimited data which I want.

  • AM

    I just got off the phone with customer service from AT&T. They are offering new “value” packages for 1 line with 6G data, unlimited talk & text for $80 + $40 (smartphone fee) I currently have 6G of data & unlimited calls & texts for $90 + $35 (smartphone fee) so I would save $5. Then the rep mentioned that after my contract is up I would save $15 a month…but that’s 18 months away from now… the rep said I would only benefit from “next” if I was buying a new phone… I like the idea of no contract

    • Tojen1981

      Might look into just paying the etf to go ahead and get the discount.

      • Alex

        He will have to get a new phone number if he does that, just an FYI. AT&T is stupid like that. You pay your ETF, you lose your phone number, unless you are moving to another carrier.

    • nkd

      You gotta move to 10gb value plan bro and you will pay $115. Why do people think it is so complicated. The $15 promotion for smartphone only applies to 10gb or above plan as long as you didn’t sign a new contract on or after feb 2nd. Why not get 10GB??

  • reneMAC

    NEXT pricing is only good if you bring your own phone. If you get the phone through AT&T you dont keep the phone, unless you keep it forever (or for the full 20 or 24 months of a NEXT ‘contract’). If you opt to ever get a new phone early (the point of NEXT really) after 12 or 18 months, you have to trade your old phone in. So, you make 12 payments or 18 payments on the phone, and then give it back to AT&T and start the whole process again.

    • agentorange1985

      Sell the phone. Payoff the balance and keep the rest. And upgrade whenever you want.

  • dizel123

    So AT&T lowers their prices to compete with T-Mo’s prices. Since AT&T has a far superior network, people leave T-Mo for AT&T. T-Mo then goes bankrupt and goes away and then AT&T raises their prices back up. I’m pretty sure that’s how this will play out.

    • John Legere
      • trixnkix637

        ^This. If that’s really what dizel123 thinks, then God bless him.

    • Tojen1981

      T-mo shouldn’t have been pokin the bear. Now its up and its angry.

      • Dakota

        Legere arrogance and snark will come back to bite him in the back.

  • pete

    I feel lucky im on verizon which us the best service in the us and im still unlimited. Now only if nexus devices were compatible

    • Chris Hannan

      Gave up on Android for my phone for a while. Picked up an iPhone 5s during the glitch on Verizon’s website that let me upgrade and keep unlimited. iPhones have the best resale value, so I can sell it later on and pick up an Android phone.

      I’ll wait until Verizon gets VoLTE and the Nexus supports it, then I’ll switch back over.

    • Dakota

      Eventually, they’ll probably cut that too

      • d-rock

        Eventually they’ll do what AT&T is doing and capping bandwidth. It’s still unlimited!! just slow.

  • George264

    Oh man, I just switched to T-Mo, now I want to switch to ATT. They have much, much better coverage, just a step behind Verizon, damn. I do get unlimited with T-Mo though. Cmon T-Mo, just get your service up and I’ll be happy forever!

    • WickedToby741

      If you’re on T-Mobile, you’re not on contract and depending on your phone, it should work fine on AT&T’s network. Plus, AT&T will pay you $200 per line to switch from T-Mobile right now (if you keep your phone, $450 if you trade in) and an additional $100 per new line activated. That’s the beauty of no contract plans and competition! If you want to go back, AT&T will pay you $300 to come back and you can take advantage of these new plans.

      • George264

        We just switched from Verizon(3 lines) and opened a new line for someone. We each have separate data and I have unlimited and I don’t know if I want to switch. Also I’m pretty sure it’s a requirement to trade in your phones when you switch to ATT to get that 200 unless I read wrong. I don’t have any more spare phones to trade in after going to Tmo. Not sure what to do guess I’ll hold out for now since it’s only been 2 weeks. I still haven’t received my ETFs from Tmo.

      • Caveman

        If he financed his phones he will have to pay off the balance. Depending on the phones that could be much more than what AT&T is offering to pay him. In the end it seems the old saying “six of one; half dozen of another” applies. ETF or pay off the balance of a financed phone, works out to be the same. Unless you pay up front for a Nexus 5 or Moto X then the numbers might work in your favor.

      • Guest

        Does that require signing up for a 2 year contract with AT&T? I wouldn’t mind getting $200 for each of my two lines if I switch to AT&T. That’d cover nearly half of the $800 I paid for out of pocket for my two unlocked Moto X phones.

  • jeff manning

    Make more money and offer the amount of data.

  • Philip J. Fry

    Your move, T-mobile.

  • John Legere

    I’ll admit. That’s pretty good compared to Verizon for big families. I hardly ever go over 2gb of data a month but i see a family of 4 doing it.

  • hoosiercub88

    If they doubled the data from 10 to 20 Gb.. that’d sound like a winner.

    • Alex

      That is an option, for $50 more per month.

      • Tony Allen

        All of a sudden sounding like not such a good deal then, or is it just me.

  • disastrousrainbow

    I love competition but when you factor in NEXT pricing for equipment you’re almost back to square one. Instead of the subsidy showing up as part of your monthly bill it shows up in the cost per month for your phone so there’s really nothing revolutionary about it, unless if you have your own phone that is. Still, this stuff can only be a good thing. As the market reacts, I’m sure we’ll see gains.

    • Exactly. So if you have a phone you like, then it’s not a bad deal. But if you need a new phone, the pricing overall doesn’t change much.

      • agentorange1985

        Except for the fact that you are not paying $200 for a phone plus activation fees. I would rather have my bill stay the same, and pay $40 up front for a phone, than to have my bill stay the same and pay $250 dollars up front for a phone (including activation).

      • AndroidUser00110001

        When you factor in amount of extra data it changes much. I have been on prepay for a long time now. Currently AT&T is best option for me because of coverage and I use their $60 plan. My wife has AT&T contract and she and she pays ~$100 for 2GB plan. I got her a Moto X retail and I have a G2. So if we combine our lines we(me) will save at least $30 and have 6GB of more data. Plus I can justify that extra $30 saved to wife to get the G Flex ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Dakota

          I use Straight Talk so only pay forty five

      • agentorange1985

        See my post… I wrote up some examples. It’s a MUCH better deal when you break down the math.

      • Derek Duncan

        but it still is cheaper because on Next plans, you only pay taxes up front. Then the subsidy is added. This is a MUCH more clear way of showing what people are actually paying for. Good Job T-Mobile for paving the way.

    • John Legere

      This is why Google should never stop the Nexus program. There’s always a market for them, and they are great phones.

      • hkklife

        Google doesn’t care what’s good for users (or for America). They only care about what’s good for themselves, their bottom line, and possibly their new best buddy Samsung.

        • John Legere

          I hope that was sarcasm.

    • WickedToby741

      It is an important step forward though. By separating the cost of the phone from the service, customers have a better idea what they’re paying for and can better compare costs for different carriers side by side. And this is great for anyone with a family plan and a couple Nexus 5’s (or 4’s or Moto X’s) that wants better coverage than T-Mobile can provide. And while it’s not quite unlimited data, 10GB isn’t too shabby.

      • Michael Quinlan

        I was thinking the same thing. Even if the bottom line is the same for anyone going to the Next program, the pricing is more transparent, and people who like their current device can save some. Think of it as the Affordable Cell Act – if you like your device you can keep your device.

    • Spencer Walker

      Get a moto g but otherwise your right

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      That 130 for 2 lines includes the JUMP fee on Tmo if 1 of 2 lines takes the 2.5GB and the other unlimited on data. So ATT still is behind on this.

      • matti861

        Being the cheapest doesnt make you the best. People like to pay more for wireless to get better service

  • Jordan

    So if I’m currently under contract with AT&T, would I be able hop over to AT&T Next to get out of contract & choose one of these plans(referring to the previous deal were they were encouraging customers to get out of contract).

    • I believe so, though you’d have to confirm that with an ATT rep.

    • reneMAC

      log into your ATT account and check your eligibility, it will tell you if you are eligible for NEXT.

    • agentorange1985

      AT&T is allowing everyone with a contract more than 6 months old jump into the Next program.

      • Jordan

        Do I have to with every line on the account, or just one? For example say I have three lines, all under contract but passed the 6 month mark. Could I switch over to this cheaper 10GB plan without having to get new phones for all 3 lines? Or would each individual line need to upgrade with AT&T NEXT to get onto the new plan?

        • WickedToby741

          Sounds like all lines need to be out of contract, so my guess is you would have to get new phones on all lines, but you’d have to talk with someone from AT&T to be sure.

          • Jordan

            Posting this here incase anybody has a similar question as mine:

            “The most surprising part of today’s announcement is that current customers with on-contract phones can switch to the new pricing structure. Starting tomorrow, you can simply call up AT&T and ask to switch to a Mobile Share Value plan with 10GB or more of data, and you’ll drop from paying $40 per smartphone down to just $15. It’s a huge savings, and if you’re currently on a plan with multiple on-contract smartphones, you’d likely do very well by switching. AT&T says that current customers can keep the discounted pricing indefinitely, but once you decide to get a new phone you’ll either need to get one off-contract or sign up for Next. If you decide to get another on-contract phone, the price will jump back up.”

          • AM

            I was explained differently… I pay $35 (smartphone fee) now & new value plans are $40 smartphone fee per line & you then save $15 a month after you’re out of contract making smartphone fee $25

          • Jordan

            Interesting. I’m seeing different things. That quoted text came from The Verge, they’re claiming it’s confirmed.

          • AM

            I spoke to an AT&T rep but to be honest with you he didn’t sound too convincing. He also told me I couldn’t get into the “next” program unless I purchased a new phone…so who knows

          • nkd

            If your current customer and you are in to 6th month of your contract you can do next. Trust me that is a fact!!!!!!, go to an AT&T store!!

          • Tim242

            No. The per phone fee is $15 n this plan. You save 25,

          • nkd

            only on the plans lower than 10GB. These plans you have to have 10GB or above!

        • agentorange1985

          See my post above, I just detailed about everything I could think of.

        • paul

          Did mine today. Had 9 months to go on one phone, 10 months on a second, and 11 months on a third. Today’s switch saves nothing. However, in 9 months $ 15 dollars comes off phone one, another $ 15 comes off phone 2 a month later, and another $ 15, a month after that. Did it today for other reasons.

          • nkd

            No! if you switch to the 10GB or even the lines under contract prior to Feb 2nd will be 15 dollars each line! Plus your next payment on the phone

    • Braden Abbott

      All phones, on contract 2/1/14 and earlier are only $15/month as long as your have at least two lines and are on the 10GB/$100 or higher plan. This essentially means that pretty much no matter which plan you had before, if you had at least 2 smartphones you can now get 10GB for the same or less.

      Cheapest old plan would have
      550 minutes for $59.99
      Unlimited text $30
      2x 300MB $20
      Total $130

      Or 1GB for $40 and 2x $45/phone, total of $130 againagain

      But this is a way to hook you into Next for your next upgrade cuz going back to another contract is +$25/line, which, what do you know, works out to be $650 over 26 months ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • T S

    looks like T-Mobile’s tactics worked but now that AT&T has prices like this with service to back it up. . . . .what is TMo’s next step?

    • Sort of wondering the same thing. I guess T-Mobile wants to go into banking. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Jesse S.

        I work at best buy mobile and the deal is only good for saturday and its only good when you pick mobile share value plans..
        1 day deal only..and on top of that you will receive $100 credit every new line, tablet or mifi you add..
        it was a freaking long day today..

        • Jesse S.

          never mind they did do 1 day only but just for contract phones..there still doing them for next , outright !!prepaid

    • Jonathan

      T-mobile still has better prices (although not by as much as other plans) for their most similar plan ($140 for 4 lines, 2.5 GB each, and 2.5 * 4 = 10). To me this now seems like normal capitalism. The price difference actually reflects a difference in service, with AT&T having better coverage.

      T-mobile still has what I think is the best deal. 4 lines, each with unlimited 4G for $180 a month.

      • hoosiercub88

        Provided you have the coverage, that’s the key thing here. In a lot of places with T-Mobile, you get what you pay for.

        A great deal is meaningless if all you can get is 2G/EDGE and spotty/shoddy HSPA. Meanwhile with AT&T I can get HSPA+ and with Verizon I can get solid LTE everywhere I play/work/live.

        • d-rock

          Or don’t get what you pay for. ๐Ÿ™‚ City Slickers get the best deal here. If you even look at the city limits, Tmobile drops coverage. Hell, what’s Tmobile have over Cricket (other than GSM)?

    • Travillion

      They will continue to come up with brash, borderline offensive but always provocative stunts for their competitors. When the plan advantage diminishes, expect the rhetoric to heat up even more.

    • WickedToby741

      T-Mobile’s next step needs to be to step up their network. AT&T has the cash to drop prices if they’re feeling the heat from T-Mobile, but T-Mobile’s network can’t hold a candle to AT&T’s outside of metro areas.

      • I must be the only person on T-Mobile that uses WiFi calling… I have been places where Verizon and AT&T couldn’t get out, activate WiFi calling no issues. To me that feature alone is one of the main reasons why they are a superior network. Everywhere I go has WiFi it truly is an awesome feature. Just my .02 cents

        • Jarred Sutherland

          Riggs, the problem is that if all I wanted was wifi calling I’d use something like republic wireless. In my neck of the woods (East of Cincinnati) we have pitiful service from T-Mobile. I have LTE at my home with AT&T and a completely useless EDGE network with T-Mobile. If I could get speeds above 2KB/sec with EDGE it may not be as bad, but it literally is useless out here. Paying a minimum of $50 a month to them for service that I can’t use makes no sense, wifi calling or not.

          Those of us outside of major metro areas have little incentive to jump ship and swim to T-Mobile. I’d LOVE to have T-Mobile out here, provided they deliver something other than EDGE.

          • pbolton70

            I would Agree with you I live North of Cincinnati and all T Mobile has is edge. Which like you said in today’s world with smart phones you need a reliable data connection. If they would expand their coverage (which they told me over a year ago a tower was going up down the road from me) I would switch.

          • Clark

            Tmo sucks in KS MO & IL unless you are in a city, leave the highway in less populated areas and nothing, which sucks looking for food gas lodging and sights.

          • duke69111

            Thats the only reason I don’t switch.

        • krumble1

          Not to be a troll but technically .02 cents would mean two hundreths of a cent. You probably meant “Just my $0.02” or “Just my 2 cents”.

          • Sox

            Actually, .02 could be refered to as 2 cents smart one. 2 cents are 2 hundreths of a dollar. Sure putting the zero and the dollar sign makes it more comprehensible, but what he/she put is perfectly fine.

          • Bob G


      • Ryan Lounsbury

        Agreed… I considered TMo for unlimited data but their coverage is so poor in my area vs. AT&T I’d be up a creek.

    • Trueblue711

      T-Mobile’s is still superior in terms of price. They give you unlimited data, something AT&T does not.

      • Philip J. Fry

        I just wish they gave coverage along with it ( where I live )

        • Trueblue711

          That’s true, but at least they’re trying and continually improving. They’ve gotta start somewhere.

          • d-rock

            That’s the problem here. They are NOT improving. If you’re simply installing LTE where the current HSPA is, you’re not really improving coverage.

          • Trueblue711

            I definitely consider upgrading the network to 4G an improvement. Not having LTE would be more of a detriment to subscribers than lack of coverage at this point.

          • d-rock

            Totally disagree. I could live without LTE in order to have HSPA+ coverage outside the city limits. If you’re on Verizon or Sprint (CDMA 3G), I have a tendency to agree with you.

      • krudl3rx

        By limiting the data, AT&T is required to allow you to tether. Some people would rather not violate the TOS. So the 10GB limit can be seen as a positive.

        • Dusty

          Or you can look at it realistically by comparing it to their competitor T-mobile. Who offers unlimited data + 2.5GB of SMH(Tethering).

    • Dakota

      Tmobile says they want to change the industry. That won’t necessarily help them when other carriers just come out what they’ve done. Then you’re back to coverage and network. The other carriers said from day one theyd see how T-Mobile changes work and then cop if successful.