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Upcoming Samsung “Life Times” App Reportedly Leaks, Looks to Make Virtual Scrapbooking Easy

It is no secret that Samsung is gearing up for the launch of their Galaxy S5 this year. The Galaxy flagship hardware has headlined Android for years now, but Samsung is still making tweaks on the software front. The latest peek into what we might see from Samsung in the near future is the newly leaked Life Times app that looks to keep your life documented easily. 

The good people over at SamMobile came across this app included in a firmware build for a Samsung device with the model number SM-G900H. While they cannot confirm that model relates to the S5, Samsung does have a tradition of announcing new software apps for their new flagships. Life Times is similar to the Story Album application that Samsung already runs, but with a few more capabilities. Life Times gathers your photos and videos and adds them to this virtual diary, but doesn’t stop there. This new application will take note of text messages, phone calls and taps into your social networks as well to tell the whole story, not just images from one source.

This will more than likely be an opt-in service, so Samsung doesn’t have access to all your photos and videos right off the bat.

Do you use Samsung’s Story Album app now? Does Life Times look like something you would use?

Via: SamMobile
  • DJ

    So many haters… Im excited to see what Samsung does to touchwiz and I don’t even own a samsung device.

  • trwb

    Samsung haz some awsems grammrz

  • ohdoctor

    LG has an app identical to this already called Life Square. It came on my verizon G2. Is Samsung copying LG now??

  • Ruben

    This kind of software is what’s winning the average consumers over. Huge selling point. Walk through the phone selections at any cell phone retail location and you can easily spend a few minutes more going over the many more software additions to the Samsung phones. If Google sold off Motorola to keep Samsung close, and not venture too far from Android, it was a smart choice.

  • John Legere

    More bloat. Do your work Google.

    • Scott

      Hey don’t push it.

      • John Legere

        I’m sorry that i belong to the other 99% of this site that hates Samsung. Glad Google cracked down on them earlier this week.

        • Tim242

          99% of this site does not hate Samsung. You just hear the loud voices of the minority. I guess you missed the 1000+ message thread from the Verizon update and keep unlimited weekend.

          • ReturnOfTheMack

            You’re right, it’s 99.9%.

            Chill buddy

          • John Legere

            That doesn’t prove anything.

          • Tim242

            99% of that 1000+ post thread upgraded to the Note 3. You speak of the same 10 people spouting Samsung hate every day.

          • John Legere

            9 times out 10, they all probably hate it. They also probably got it to resell.

          • Tim242

            Yeah, OK haha such a delusional man you are.

  • hyperbeatser

    finally, something samsung, that isn’t completely useless in this age of digital/smartphone images

    • Maxim∑

      Sony is laughing right now

  • Scott

    Loving this samsung news. I will keep an close eye on this. You have my attention.

  • Shane Redman

    so in 50 to 60 years when my memory starts to deteriorate, I can pick up my samsung device and get the whole story! It’s like my life can flash before my eyes whenever I want it to! hooray!

    • Ej McCarty

      Judging by your intelligence level I’d say you’ve got about 25 years left.

      • Shane Redman

        Why? Because sarcasm is my second language? or because you’re so uptight about life that you don’t know how to enjoy it?

        • Ej McCarty

          Sarcasm as a second language usually refers to people who take nothing seriously and don’t do much with their lives. I’m graduating college in 3 months with a BE in mechanical engineering. I’m sure I’ll enjoy my life much more than you ever will.

          • John Legere

            You mean you have 2 years. Masters >>>

          • Shane Redman

            Oh, that explains it. You’re still in college and don’t know how the real world is. I’m done here. Let me get back to my job so I can pay my mortgage and bills.

    • John Legere

      Hopefully Samsung won’t be relevant in 50 years

      • Shane Redman

        ^^^^^ This guy gets it

      • Ej McCarty

        I know one thing; T-mobile won’t be 🙂

        • John Legere

          Doesn’t bother me since i’m on Verizon.

          • Hans Pedersen

            Funny how a mind can work. You’re not bothered about T-Mobile, but you’re clearly obsessed with hating Samsung……

      • michael arazan

        I hate a lot of things about Samsung, but I don’t want to see them go. It’s not my cup of tea, but they are at least trying hard to be innovative, even with others trying to knock them down.