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“Year of the Horse” Android Mini Collectible Now Available From Dead Zebra

The “Year of the Horse” Android mini collectible is now available from our friends at Dead Zebra. The collectible could sell out in minutes, since it’s a special edition, so if you want one, you better go now. The collectible runs $10 plus shipping.

Dead Zebra Link

  • questions

    What does this thing do ? Is it just a decoration piece

  • Already SOLD OUT. If any one wants one let me know. I ordered my limit and my wife ordered here limit. I also had my sister and brother order. So I will keep one and sell the remaining 7. Hit me up if you want one.

  • Ray

    Forgot about this, glad I came to droid life. Picked one up to add to my already huge collection. They should release the limited edition Schemer one for us that didnt get a chance to get one.

  • Justin Larmay

    Been wanting to start a collection for about a year now. Decided this morning to pull the trigger and get it started.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Guard your wallet ’cause trust me, it will try to run away or hide!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Almost completely forgot about this new “Year of the Horse” Android Mini Collectible! Buying one right now!

  • Dan Lopez

    Got it!

  • Just bought one right when they went on sale. Add to my 125 growing colelction.