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Verizon Launches Limited Time $45 Plan With Unlimited Talk, Text, and 250MB of Data (Updated)

Last night, we received word from sources who said that Verizon would launch two new smartphone plans this morning at prices somewhat lower than they currently offer. The first, would give you access to unlimited talk and text, along with 250MB of data for as little as $45 per month (plan now live). The second, would give you that same unlimited talk and text, along with 1GB of data for $60 per month. At first glance, those may not sound like deals, but if you consider that those prices are for the entire package, they technically are.

Let me explain. 

Verizon normally charges you a per phone set price per month for unlimited talk and text that runs $40 per device. They then tack on a data package as a separate charge, with the lowest being 250MB for $20. If you do the math right there, you are looking at $60 per month, yet Verizon is now running  a new “limited time offer” that will get you that same package for $45.

If you consider the second package I mentioned for $60 with unlimited talk, text and 1GB data, you would normally be looking at $90 per month ($40 per phone plus $50 for 1GB data) on a Share Everything plan. Again, that’s a $30 savings per month.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 7.45.20 AM

Are these new plans Verizon’s reaction to what T-Mobile and AT&T have been doing? Maybe. They still involve contracts, but they are certainly cheaper than the typical Share Everything plans that Verizon has been running with for the last year or so.

At this time, Verizon’s site is requesting that you find a store nearby or call them to sign-up for these plans. There are no other references to them on their site that I can find outside of the home page.

*Note – Verizon’s home page currently only shows the $45 plan, but again, sources of ours say they also have a $60 plan. We’re trying to get official confirmation on that other plan. Will update this post shortly.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 8.09.42 AM

Update:  Here is a second confirmation from yet another source. Also, note the data overage charges on these plans. Talk about steep.

verizon limited $60 plan

Via:  Verizon
Cheers E and M!
  • John

    I am trying to change device to my spare dumb phone from my regular dumb phone. I have a $50 unlimited talk/text/(I don’t use it data) prepaid plan. Instead of taking me to the initialize sequence when I enter the EIN, it takes me to pick a plan and preselects the $45 dollar, same resources plan. Looks like they’re trying to force me to take a $5.00 discount I didn’t know they had. So instead of changing phones, I just went straight to select a plan, picked prepaid and lo … there was the $45 one. Guess I’ll take it.

  • bluzzone

    I will stay with t mobile.The data part sucks.

  • kpierce212

    I am on Wifi service at home and at work. I do not use my phone’s data for GPS or Navigation and I’ve turned off the mobile data on my phone so that I do not go over. For $45 a month – this allows me to use my phone for what I enjoy best when it’s most important. I can sacrifice the data usage on the go for a 50% cut in my bill. I switched from Sprint and took advantage of this plan.

  • Adam Scopino, Jr

    It will be wonderful if Verizon would have an unlimited plan with everything included with the whole deal. Then maybe I would go straight to Verizon. It’s unfortunate that Verizon still wants people to still pay extra for there gigabytes. In my own opinion, it’s still a gimmick to have people go to Verizon when there’s other providers out there.

  • Josh

    This deal is AMAZING only if they had unlimited data. Oh wait, StraightTalk does.

  • PoopJuice408

    Kellex, what are you an idiot?! 250mb goes quickly, especially if you’re not using wifi! This is still not a deal! A deal would be $45 with 1gb! Lmao with your “let me explain” comment!

  • Rick McMillan II

    WOW i have unlimited talk and text and 2 gigs for 62 bucks a month on verizon

  • Jim Williams

    No thanks, I’ll keep my unlimited data, minutes and text for $40 a month.

  • trimtight

    I am paying $80 per month just for unlimited talk, no text or data

  • Carlos

    I called last night. They put me on their loyalty plan. Unlimited talk / text and 2GB of data for $60.


    I’m thinking about downgrading from my unlimited data Verizon plan to their prepaid. Walmart exclusively offers the $50 Verizon cards for unlimited talk, text, and 1 GB data. I’d rather do that than switch to this.

  • Mike

    I called verizion and they gave me unlimited talk text and 2gb of data for $60 a month instead can’t beat that I was paying 90 for only 1gb of data

  • Redsun

    yeah, most people don’t care for the unlimited voice.

  • TC Infantino

    While this is a price step in the correct direction, ie Down, it is a baby step. I am just hopeful that competition from T-Mobile and some of the pre-paid companies will drive the prices down to somewhat acceptable levels, vs the current tiered packages.

  • Jeff226

    If the $60 plan includes a subsidy for a device , then this is a win and comparing it to tmo’s subsidy free pricing is not fair.

  • Sankyou

    Just switched my wife over to the 1gb plan for now. Dropped off of shared early this month and they had her on a $90 plan. This will do what she needs until we use her upgrade and hop up to the same plan with 2gb/data for $60 on a 2-year contract.

  • Nymul Bunleang

    So, you will lose your employee discounts with this plan as well? It says on the bottom no ELEU Discounts.
    Can anyone confirm this?

    • lots3say

      This plan is not eligible for a discount just by reading the table. You can call the store to confirm.

  • Jam Master Jim

    What a joke. For another $10 you can unlimited everything on T-Mobile.

  • Willie D

    The high overage is to encourage people to use the standard plans, or hopes people are stupid and go over.

  • AndrewScottRox

    Someone, in a boardroom somewhere, thought this was an excellent idea.

  • Trevor

    These are good plans for people who use little data. The problem is that using little data is a dying trend. More and more apps & services require higher internet usage, so these plans are really on the brink of obseletion already.

  • Ron_Swanson

    Verizon blows.

  • Nymul Bunleang

    What’s the difference between this plan and their old “Nationwide Talk & Text” as far as coverage/roaming?

  • Cavisty

    What a lot of you are not understanding is that this includes a subsidized phone! Sure straight talk may be 45 a month but can you get an LG G2 for 49.99? I know many of you may not fall into the 1 gig a month category but for a LOT of customers 1 gig a month is very manageable. In my opinion I would much rather get a top tier phone for cheap and pay 60 a month (for better service) than to pay 45 a month for straight talk and then pay full price for the device…

  • Too bad you can’t somehow keep your grandfathered unlimited data while swapping out everything else…

  • Steven Tender

    Over the last 6 months, my wife has averaged less than 500 MB of data. I called Verizon and got the $60 unlimited talk and text, 1GB plan. This is $30 less per month, nice! Not for everyone, but she does not use lots of data and she can stay on Verizon with their excellent 4G/LTE coverage.

    • lots3say

      Or you can try 3G via Pageplus and save more money – unlimited talk, text and 500 MB data for $40.

  • solstice1221

    I did a double take when I saw 250MB of data. I though maybe you forgot a decimal point between the 2 and the 5 and accidentally hit the “M” key instead of the “G” key. Sadly it wasn’t a mistake.

  • Grasshopper239

    Requires you are within 12 months of an upgrade. FU VZW!

  • Visty

    I think what a lot of you are missing is that you can still get phones at the subsidized price… Sure straight talk is 45 a month but can you get a LG G2 for 49.99? Also Verizon’s coverage is pretty damn good and a lot of people can get away with the 1 gig data cap. This is a VERY good deal if you ask me.

  • J Dub

    NET10 offers a $60 ($55 if you auto refill) plan that includes 3.5 GB of data. After switching from VZW to AT&T driven NET10 I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. Even with a 20% corporate discount our bill was $142 a month. Now, on NET10, it is around $87 a month. Yes, we don’t have unlimited data. After analyzing our usage though 2.5 GB should be enough and so far it has been. I have noticed to degradation in service area. My phone works everywhere we go normally that it used to on VZW.

  • Sometimes I think the Droid Life guys have these post so everyone can bash on Verizon.

    When working with Verizon I got a ton of request for either shared data or low/no data on smartphones. I even had a few people threaten to leave for AT&T because they had a low data option which wasn’t much more than Verizon’s recent offerings. Verizon is just doing what makes them a profit and what will satisfy customers wants.

    • jmich

      Here we go…don’t feed the trolls people

  • jmich

    So, what your telling me is buy 2 phones, one for talking with Verizon, and one for data with t mobile.

    • lookatmyfunnyusername

      Almost what I was thinking but rather with my unlimited data sim in a tablet and phone on t-mobiles 30 dollar plan

  • Or pay $5 more and get unlimited everything with T-Mobile

  • warsaw79

    I just called about the 1G plan and they only knew of the 250MB one. After looking into it though, I was told that they had a $60 loyalty plan with unl talk, text and 2G, that didnt include a smartphone fee. They said that they are not advertising this plan and you had to ask about it.

    • Steven Tender

      I called and got the $60 unlimited talk, text and 1GB data. I then read you comment, called back and got the loyalty plan instead. Thanks for the heads-up!

      • warsaw79

        No problem. It’s actually a better deal than the one listed in this article.

  • J2886M

    No thanks VZW. This is why I dropped you after 15years as your “valued customer”. TMobile treats me better.

    • Prox

      Same here, will never go back. I use 6GB per month at a min.

    • inzandity

      13 year customer who switched last week and brought all 4 of my lines to T-Mobile. Loving everything about it so far…especially my N5!

    • J Dub

      Glad T-Mob works for you. It was horrible for me. I was really hoping their $30 prepaid 5GB plan would work as it is nearly the perfect plan. Data speeds in my stomping grounds were atrocious. Less than 1000 kbps. Even their website stated if your data speeds aren’t 1000 kbps or greater to call TS. While traveling, yes they had coverage on the interstates, but it was only enough to basically get a text. Forget mobile streaming.

  • Droid Ronin

    Waiting for John Legere to chime in!

  • Drummer62

    5 smartphones currently at $40 a piece, 6gb shared data at $80 = $280. 5 plans at $60 a piece and getting 5gb data (1gb per line) instead of shared 6gb at $300 does not seem like much of a deal to me, sorry! This actually would cost me $20 more per month!

    • lookatmyfunnyusername

      They weren’t forcing you to switch this is obviously best for a person with a single line who doesn’t use very much data. Does it make you feel important to talk even when it isn’t needed?

      • Drummer62

        Does it make you feel more important by having to make that comment ?

  • fauxshizzl

    So they at least spit on it before insertion now? Sweet.

  • Josh P.

    What most don’t understand is that this isn’t meant to take over the world like T-mobile is trying to do. But this is a GREAT option of those of us in an area where the only 4g lte is verizon. If they added another gig for 70-75 a month I’d be sold. You are getting a premium network on a sprint level price, minus the unlimited part.

    Yes there are better options but when you have to go more than 50 Miles to get anything more than 3 bars of 3g on other networks, it’s worth it. If you’ve got a grandfathered plan, sweet good job for weaseling in and out of not having to sign on a dotted line, I couldn’t do it.

    All in all, verizon is shook up about the changing price structure of US carriers and is throwing a hat in the ring to get some of the people who could give a hell what a “framily” is.

  • Larry Bublitz

    While it’s a not a suitable plan for most people, the fact they even HAVE such an offering is the story. The $60 for unlimited voice, text and 1gb of data on Verizon full network of LTE is really interesting. They’ll probably slap on more data by this time next year and they’ll be around $60/month like everyone else.

    • J Dub

      Except you can get 3.5 GB for $60 on the AT&T network via prepaid. When we first switched I tested data speeds on VZW LTE and AT&T H+ and there really wasn’t any difference.

      • Dewweezy

        60 for 3.5 gb? Net 10 ? Says 2.5 on the web and I’ve tested that …throttle to snailspeed after 2.5

        • J Dub

          Yes, there is a new plan. However, it’s worth a look at Aio now. $60 gets you 5 GB.

          • wokka

            Nice , ill look into that thanks

    • Blue Sun

      Only if you renew your contract for another 2 years sadly.

  • Rafa

    I keep my two lines for 143 unlimited data/text 500 minutes/ 10 numbers free (not Verizon’s phones. Im using up to 21 g data

  • mcdonsco

    Just as long as they never announce the phasing out of grandfathered unlimited data plans; I’m good…

    …If, okay fine, when they do, I’m gone.

  • Eric G Canoy

    so no new phones, crappy “deals” on new plans WTF Verizon? Am I going to be stuck with my GNex for the rest of my life?

    • rafa

      I got two gnex too, and there is a full price only the solution

  • Stephen Cox

    On Verizon, I pay $45/month (after tax) per line for unlimited texting, unlimited 4G data, and a share of 1400 minutes with 10 F&F numbers that I go nowhere near of using. This is a big NOPE for me.

  • Ian

    $5/250MB….and no lube? How rude!

  • i think ill keep my $60 (company discount) a month 450 min unlimited data verizon plan on my cm 11 lg g2

    • Ajmobileguru

      Same plan..same discount…same phone…Not leaving VZW anytime soon unless they ditch unlimited…If yes, T-Mobile here i come!

  • clobberedchina

    On contract? LOL. No thanks.

  • LTEasy

    hahahaha il go through 250m in 10 mins lol

  • trixnkix637

    Nah I’ll keep my $80 limited talk unlimited everything else plan.

  • jimt

    Maybe good for feature phones

  • Dave Reglin

    I’ll stick with my Loyalty plan for $60 a month. Gives me unlimited talk & text and 2GB per month.

    • Fresh360

      Now this is a great plan for many people just told my friends and family who were forced off unlimited about this, thanks for the heads up.

  • duke69111

    Dear Verizon, Most of us are not interested in 250mb’s of data. Thanks.

    • Can I up that to “ALL OF US” are not interested in 250MB.

      • ToddAwesome

        We picked up a Moto X for my mother in law last week, first time smart phone user. She surpassed 250mb in 3 days. If someone with little desire to use data can do it, anyone will.

        • Ian

          Well she probs had to download a lot of apps for the first time.

          • ToddAwesome

            That was over wifi though. The majority of the data was from a few hangouts with the grandkids while out and about.

          • Ian

            ah, makes sense

        • timrcm

          To be fair, that’s a flawed argument. An older, non-tech savvy user will often use wildly varying amounts of data because they either won’t understand or won’t care to understand how to connect to WiFi, and will happily click on any youtube link they see in facebook and not realize how quickly it’ll burn through their data.

          Most of us here COULD live with 1gb or less (not that we’d WANT to, obviously) simply because we understand what can and can’t be done with that little data. Grandma doesn’t understand that and will us as much or as little as fate will have it.

          • ToddAwesome

            I really wasn’t making an argument, more like a sarcastic comment, forgive me. I suppose my point is anyone has the ability to gobble up data, in this case it was a few short video hangouts with the grandkids while on vacation that skyrocketed the data.

          • timrcm

            Fair enough. It’s just frustrating that these tiered data plans are taking advantage of people who don’t understand them. My mother would love to have a video chat now and then, but doesn’t understand that she should wait to find WiFi first or keep it limited. I’d say that’s true of the vast majority of Verizon’s customers – most people AREN’T tech savvy (or at least think in those terms), unfortunately.

          • ToddAwesome

            Exactly, I agree with you. Anyone who says 250mb is perfect for “grandparents” probably doesn’t understand just how connected they actually are these days with their grandchildren. The 250mb plan is good for someone who ONLY needs data in a pinch, on a tablet for example, that’s about it. Mind you, it should cost $5.

          • SorryDude

            most nurning homes have wifi =)

          • LP @ThisisEther

            This…Exactly, as a former vzw unlimited guy and brand new straight talker, I just used 800MB on my first month off umlimited…..it is possible to LIVE easily off 1GB…most just want to wrecklessly stream…this is a legit deal from vzw, id consider it….their service is that much betterthan everyone else’s…

          • J Dub

            I have started streaming my Google Music through bluetooth on my car stereo even while making a few long trips with hours of streaming I still haven’t came close to the 2.5 GB cap on my prepaid plan. It saves us about $60 a month. Literally have not seen any degradation of service on AT&T. Actually areas where data is improved.

          • Blue Sun

            That’s exactly what they are hoping for. They’ll fleece you & tell you that we told you to manage your data $600+ in overage data later.

          • onDroid

            Definitely. When I went home for Christmas my mom was complaining that she kept going over her 2GB limit. I thought it was odd considering she doesn’t do anything on her phone. I looked at her usage and she was using ~2GB a month on exchange services for her hotmail. I restricted background data for it and now she uses maybe 200MB. Point being, it is often the less tech savvy that end up using more data

          • Willie D

            With my mom discovering YouTube and Facebook and how to load photos I told her to move from 500mb on TMobile to 2.5GB if she wanted to keep her fast experience. Verizon would kill her in overages. I use between 25-100GB monthly myself.

          • Bettina

            Tell her to go to Straight Talk! I put a 16gb micro sd card in my phone and for $45 a month could watch as much Youtube or Netflix as I wanted on my phone, and I have been a ST customer for 4 years and have never had a problem. You can even use your same phone, or whatever one you want. Works for me. Or for $30 a month you get a lot, but it is limited.

          • inDroid

            That’s for Iphones not Androids

      • duke69111


  • Steven Tender

    Good plan for my wife. She does not use mich data (never over 500 MB per month). The $60 deal is much better than what we pay now.

    • Vermin_Cain

      Why doesn’t your wife use Michigan data, is there something wrong with It? 🙂

      • ToddAwesome

        I prefer Michelin data myself.

  • Cael

    No thank you, Verizon. I’ll keep my 450 minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited data for around $80.

    • Keith

      You and me, same plan… high five.

      • dominus

        Quit bragging ur plan is a rip off & anyone paying over $50/monthly is getting jobbed!

        • Keith

          Unlimited data envy… 😛

        • Cael

          $50 a month for unlimited THROTTLED data is a rip off. I’ll gladly pay the extra $30-40 to NOT have my data speeds slowed down after 2.5 GB. I LOVE being at 30 GB and I’m still downloading in the MBs.

    • LSH99

      And they’ll happily take your extra cash. Win-win!!!

      • Cael

        If I had Share Everything, I would only be getting 1 GB of data for $90. With my unlimited at under $90, I’m currently at 19.85 GB. It’s not really extra cash in my eyes, especially since Verizon has been constantly sending me emails and text messages in an attempt to get me to change my plan so they can get more money.
        Verizon is currently losing with me as I’m going against their business model.

      • Anonne

        The key is unlimited data. No win for Verizon if they’re heavy users.

    • I got rid of unlimited text and i’m using Voice for text. I probably still pay for 3 texts a month at 60 cents.

      • Chris Hannan

        I never paid for texting on Verizon. I’ve been using Google Voice since I switched 2 and 1/2 years ago. $100/month for 450 minutes, unlimited data, and unlimited tethering. I figured I’d start paying for tethering since I don’t pay for Internet at home. I get my money’s worth.

        • renGek

          I had vz and thought google voice can by pass the text charges but it does not. You don’t pay if you send text via GV. But if your voice # is tied to your vz # then incoming text will be billed. You have to unlink the 2 #s and have people only text to your GV#.

          • Chris Hannan

            I never linked them. When I switched from my parents’ plan on AT&T to my own plan on Verizon on the last day Verizon offered unlimited data, I was already going to be paying $70 for the bare minimum. Texting would have made it $90, so I decided to use GV and I never gave out my Verizon number to anyone. I use the GV app to text. I don’t have them forwarded to my Verizon phone number.

          • DJ

            I do the same thing. I only wish it had mms support, but I don’t know if that will ever happen on verizon.

          • Chris Hannan

            It wouldn’t be so bad if we just got notified when we got an MMS and who it was from, even if we couldn’t view it.

            But I use Hangouts and iMessage mostly, so it’s rarely an issue for me.

    • acashe42

      Got the same exact plan

    • kleenex

      Welcome to http://www.droidlifehatesverizon.com but thanks for VZ and Droid marketing this site has Life.

    • Chris Pickrell

      I currently get unl. Talk and text, 2 GB for $60.

      • Cael

        I can go through 2 GB in 2 days.

        • Chris Pickrell

          Porn is an addiction.

          • Cael

            I watch Hulu, Netflix, and Showtime Anywhere. When I do porn I’m at like 10 GB in 2 days 😛

    • Elie Martinez

      you pay $90. you can drop the unlimited text and save $20

      sauce – i used to work for vzw

      • Cael

        The only way I would do that is if there was an app with actual MMS support and its not sent via email.

    • Bettina

      Me too, keeping my unlimited talk, text and data for $45 a month! No change in price, ever!

  • Scott

    This makes me appreciate prepaid services even more.

  • Or I can pay $30 and have 5gigs of data from T-Mobile.

    • Anon

      Unlimited data w/ 5GB at 4G speed.*

      • If you want to get into details. 2G is almost unusable though. At least it’ll stream music.

        • Anon

          I hope I never have to use 2G. I usually use just about the 5 gigs when I refill my account.

    • Adrynalyne

      And 100 minutes of talk time. I eat up over 1000 minutes alone each month, mobile to mobile.

      I know we are in the generation of texting instead of talking, but I don’t think this plan is for those people.

      For someone who talks on the phone mostly, this plan is better than the tmo plan.

      • Fresh360

        I have seen people get around this limitation with VOIP calling using their Google Voice #…Spare Phone is .01/min so at 1000 mins it is 10 bucks (a min is roughly 1mb)…GrooveIP is good also and its free…So for $40 bucks u get 5GB*, unlimited texting, and 1000mins…

        • Adrynalyne

          Do those work outside of wifi and how much data do they burn?

          My contract has expired on Verizon, so I am looking for a way around this issue.

          • Fresh360

            Yes both apps can use your data connection also if you choose…A min is roughly 1mb so fuzzy math tells me that 1024mins can be gleaned from 1Gb…The beauty of this to me is that its prepaid try it for a month and if it doesnt work you can jump (no pun intended) to another plan that better suits your needs $70 unlimited is also a great deal compared to VZW…

    • T4rd

      With significantly less coverage… (not hating on T-Mobile, but it’s the truth)

      • Stone Cold

        Less coverage depending on your area.

  • Lawrence_Hart

    Its perfect for people with the new Moto G and only access to the dial up speeds of VZW 3G.

  • Ray Gray

    What does it take to use less than 250mb of data per month? Turning your data off while away from WiFi? Ridiculous

  • JoelsWords

    So you can pay Verizon $60/month for 1GB of data and a contract. Or you can head over to T-Mobile, and with that same $60/month, get 2.5 GB’s of data, which is probably gonna be faster than Verizon, and you don’t have to sign a contract. Why even bother, Verizon?

    • Keith

      I still don’t see T-Mobile as a valid alternative because their coverage is so terrible once you’re more than a mile outside any major metropolitan area. I want to, but I can’t. 🙁

      • JoelsWords

        Tmo definitely has work to do in terms of coverage, but they’re busting their asses out in the field right now improving coverage nationwide. So I understand if you live in an area with bad Tmo coverage. But besides that, there’s no reason to stick with VZW. Unless you simply don’t care about your money.

      • Sqube

        Well, you could pay AIO Wireless $70/month and get 7GB of LTE speeds. More importantly, it’s an MVNO on AT&T’s network, so you’ll still get respectable speeds when you’re away from LTE.

        So… there’s that. This is a deal for people who, for whatever reason, absolutely must remain on VZW and don’t really use much in the way of data. I don’t know who these people are, but I hope this works out for them. I’m in favor of things working out for the consumer.

    • JoYu

      If this includes contract pricing for phones then it is a good deal. It doesn’t say above whether it is pre-paid phone pricing or contract.

    • Tim242


    • Lucki

      Because with Verizon you’ll get the discount on the phone when you sign a contract, whereas with T-Mobile you end up paying for the phone in its entirety. I’m not saying one is better than the other, but you’re ignoring the savings on the phone.

  • Thomas

    250 MB’s of data??? I’d use that up in 30 minutes.

    • T4rd

      On LTE, I could probably use it up in 30 secs, lol. *loads up torrent client*

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Smh even At&t offers this plan with 300MB on prepaid. All the time, not for a limited time. Not overlooking the fact that 250 or 300MB is a damn joke

  • Keith

    Whenever you have to say “let me explain”… it’s probably not that great a deal.

    • Well, it’s not great, that’s for sure. It is a decent discount over their current pricing though.

      • wolfedude88

        True but then it you just makes you realize how badly they rip people off in the first place.

        • SorryDude

          and 107 million customers still with them and not with sprint of tmobile =( (violin music please)

          • Travis Walls

            I’d leave if Sprint or T-Mobile offered decent service where I live. I really want to give one of them my money, but until they offer better service, I’m sticking with either blue or red.

      • Ian

        Sure but we need to keep up the fight. If their current plans are an abomination then we should not treat a slight recession on prices as the best thing since sliced bread. Step in the right direction, but I feel like they took a foot and gave us an inch, then expected us to be happy.

    • Travis Walls

      If I look at my current plan (and if 500 MB was an option for data), then it would cost me $70 for unlimited minutes, $30 for unlimited texting, and $30 for 2 GB divided down to about $7 for 500 MB. Based on that, a $107 plan for $60 gets my attention (before all the regulatory fees, taxes, etc.). Not saying the plan is that great, but it is good compared to what I’m currently being offered by the same company.

      • Keith

        I will give you that. If you have been getting raped for a while a punch in the face doesn’t seem nearly as bad as it otherwise would.

  • wolfedude88

    Let me know when this actually includes an amount of data that is worth while.

    1 gb or less isn’t enough for most people

    • Keith

      Agreed… for the $60 plan, AT&T pre-paid will give you all that and twice the data.

      • MK17

        or $45 with Straight Talk/ Net10

        • Scott

          That’s what I just switched to. So far so good.

          • Bettina

            Straight Talk is Great! I get Unlimited talk, text and data (web) for $45 a month. I have had them for 4 years! No problems with service, customer, or otherwise. No matter where you go, you are bound to get a grump once in a while. I had Verizon before that but was sick of the $200+ a month bills for local calls only! So I switched and never looked back. But now it is interesting that the big name’s are hitting that $45 mark, it is about time they’ve been charging way too much!

        • Kendell

          Straight Talk has horrible customer service. Switched back to Virgin Mobile!

      • Lucki

        They won’t give you a phone though.

        Verizon also has a $60 Pre-paid plan which gives you 2GB, but you’re limited to a 3G phone. At least with the new plan you get a discount on a phone, some of which are in excess of $500.

        • Stone Cold

          Not sure if you can do a BYOD for that AT&T plan he has.

  • Ben Murphy

    For Grandparents Only.

  • BK

    Thank you T-Mobile.