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Android 4.4.2 Firmware Leaked for Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 on AT&T

For those among us who just can’t want any longer for an official rollout of Kit Kat to the Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3 on AT&T, firmware has been leaked through XDA that will allow you to run Android 4.4.2 on your device before it is shipped out to the general public. And while flashing unreleased firmware can sometimes be dangerous for your device, the feedback so far on the forum is all good except for one random reboot bug for the GS4 which appears when watching videos. Besides that, both firmware packages seem quite stable. 

On top of the one bug specifically for the GS4, both firmware comes with new bootloaders, so attempting to flash back to Android 4.3 firmware might prove difficult, unless you know exactly (and I mean exactly) what you are doing. In addition, the firmware for both is unrooted, so you may be better off waiting until the developers have more time to work on it and add that in. Again, if you can’t bear to wait for AT&T to push Android 4.4.2 to your device, this is a valid option.

Kit Kat, thanks to TouchWiz, doesn’t bring as many changes as one would hope for Samsung devices. While the UI gets a little tweaked and Samsung added in a bit more of their own software, you won’t see any major differences besides the icon color in the notification bar. We are still waiting for a major UI overhaul like we have seen in leaked pictures recently.

If you are ready to get your flashing on, head on over to XDA by following the link below.

Via: XDA Developers [2] | SamMobile [2]
  • dbeach

    My email doesn’t work with latest update

  • angry

    My sprint gs4 downloaded and installed this update automatically and it turned my phone into a useless piece of crap. Constantly freezes up when existing apps, useless changes to interface and overall terrible processing speed. I used to love this phone and due to this update I am ready to throw it out the window

  • Viki

    The new updade ot Galaxy S4 is DISGUSTING…. my phone started blocking, turning off etc etc and it is brand new……….. I AM COMPLETELY MAD…. DO SOMETHING FOR GOD’S SAKE!

  • Jonathan Miller

    even though Verizon is behind 1 or 2 months behind, its still been over 2 months since 4.3 came out on the S4

  • halkun

    I wish bootloader is unlocked T_T

  • SamBoy

    I’d be happy if they just removed the stupid my magazine thing from the home button that would please me.

  • James Hill

    Now if the 4.4.2 update could leak for the note 10.1 I would be excited.

  • S9779

    Are there any new new and cool must have features in 4.4.2 I’m just not that excited to get it.

  • Tommy

    As with the update from the update from 4.2.2 to 4.3, I wouldn’t expect too much from this update. Not worth the bugs.

    • Geek Man

      Yeah yea yeah..

      But when Samsung doesn’t release update.. people whine and complain.

      Now that Samsung releases update, people still whine and complain.

      It is really amazing how hard to please people, especially those who actually did not buy the product.

      • Spot on comment. To quote a famous comedian, “Technology is amazing, and nobody is happy”

  • DJyoSNOW

    I understand this is a leak but this is why im scared to return to Samsung. (Random jank/reboots)

  • me

    So I’m with Verizon. If I buy a phone off contract what is the going rate walking in to a Verizon store to have it activated and all my stuff transferred from old phone to new one??

    • Intellectua1

      This is Droid-Life not Verizon customer service.. Just call Verizon or go to the store and find out…

    • WCM3

      lol at the downvote. You should be able to just go into a verizon and they do it for free. That’s what happened when I activated a Moto X on my plan. They gave me a SIM and on my way. They didn’t have to transfer anything because all my contacts are in the cloud, and I already transferred all the pics/etc onto my macbook.

    • Droid-Lifer

      Depends on the store I guess. I’ve never been charged to activate a “used” phone on a line I already have. They give SIM cards out for free. I do my on back-ups so I didn’t ask them to do any back-ups, but I would assume they wouldn’t charge for that either.

    • Nathaniel Stout

      15 bucks to transfer ur stuff with Verizon’s lil computer thing that transfers the stuff

  • Logan Jinks

    I’d rather just wait. I used to own a Galaxy Nexus on VZW and just gave up with them. I flashed CM to that thing and I was happy. Once I got my GS4 on ATT, I really wasn’t feeling the need to put CM on it. I think that once phones were on Android 4.1 or up, there isn’t a glaring need to jump to the next version so quickly. Once you have Google Now most of the main features aren’t that different, especially if Google keeps separating their apps and putting them in the play store.

    But we’ll see with all of that if Google ever pushes out Android 5.0

    • AbbyZFresh

      Didn’t you just post the exact same comment word-for-word yesterday.

      • Adrynalyne

        Even the same missing period at the end of the sentence.

      • asdfasdf

        You guys are spending waaaay too much time on this site if you noticed that. Get a life outside of Droid Life.

        • Geek Man

          Just like you an me buddy.. we have waaaaay too much time to reply.


  • Godzilla

    Hurry up, Verizon

    • T4rd

      I think Verizon’s fast 4.3 update was only because of the Galaxy Gear support. This next update will probably fall back inline with their 1-2 month lag-time behind other carriers. =p

      • Godzilla

        Yeah probably

        • I Rambo

          I have a note 2 through at&t paying 60.00$ unlimited cal/text 2gb data month to month gladly switching to T-Mobile 70$ fully unlimited plan I’ve always paid for my phone out right even if i signed up for 2yr agreement i would be paying 150$ a month screw that not to mention your locked into a agreement bite the bullet and shell out the cash to go month to month cell companies are constantly competing for your business why be stuck in a contract when there’s a possibility of a better monthly price a couple months away carriers t-mobile-net10-sprint-virgin mobile – at&t-back to T-Mobile no issues Smooth transitions between all the companies I’ve had

          • rendyj

            I don’t wanna be reigniting the flame here..But regardless of the service costs, Verizon has provided me the best coverage. I have been on T-Mobile and AT&T, I would often be left out searching for a signal while my friends are watching cute cat videos on YouTube.

            Yes, in certain areas, T-Mobile does provide awesome speeds, but, not where I need it most. I’ve been told many times I’m over-paying, but it’s my money I’m spending and it sure as hell my decision to start.

            And if you try to bring sprint into this conversation, don’t even start.

      • Mike Aurin

        A negative remark about Verizon. Original.

        • T4rd

          Pointless remark about a comment. Very original. 😉
          More about being realistic, than negative though.

          • Mike Aurin

            The ‘tongue smiley’ face lost credibility of a serious comment though. That’s like reminding people to remember to exhale. Its such a dead horse beating comment that seeing everyone up vote it to be cool derails any constructive conversation on here. The Droid-Life Disqus boar reads like 4Chan. There are 2 things that DON’T have to be reiterated in EVERY related article: Yes Verizon is known to delay updates and YES Touchwiz isn’t appealing to look at. I don’t need to read it every time.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            You don’t have to read it. Nor did you have to comment on it, but you did, wasting even more of your precious time. Face it, it’s an internet message board .. people are going to be .. you know .. people.

          • T4rd

            It sounds like you need time away from the internet.. or more time on it to figure out how it works. Either way, I’m sorry I forced you to read my comment, which wasn’t exactly beating a dead horse, BTW. I provided a reason as to why I thought Verizon expedited the last update, then theorized that they wouldn’t continue that this time. A “dead horse beating comment” would have been more like “Don’t count it it, Verizon sux, lolz”.

        • Shawn John

          With T-Mobile paying early terminations, there’s really no need to be with Verizon unless the TMO coverage area is not strong by your residence. Everyone should be reminded every day that Verizon is not a stellar provider and should switch at the earliest convenience. Don’t get mad, make the switch, then you too can feel good to know your not getting bent over waiting months for last years updates.

          • Mike Aurin

            Seriously? EVERYONE should be reminded EVERY DAY that Verizon is not a stellar provider? Maybe if you could send me an email every morning so I am ‘reminded’ every day that I’m ‘mad’ that my phone doesn’t have KitKat yet so I can have a white battery bar like the lucky recipients of the update. It’s cool how because I’m overall happy with Verizon I’m an outcast and should be subjected to “make the switch comments” every day. I miss the good old days when everyone on this site was on Verizon with an OG Droid. I don’t mind software fragmentation nearly as much as the “I like prepaid and so should you” sheep.

          • Mike Aurin

            Yes, I’d like for my phone to have KitKat…you know what though? I couldn’t tell you one reason why I’m excited and what ‘exciting’ features it brings other than having a shiny new “4” where the “2” used to be. Once I have it I’ll be like the rest of the updated phones, sitting around saying “Now what?”

          • Shawn John

            I don’t mind software fragmentation nearly as much as the “I like prepaid and so should you” sheep….

            lol. You called people who prefer to save money and have updated devices than shell it out to a lack luster carrier with an old phone, SHEEP….Verizon has you trained well. Keep over-paying for your old un-updated device, I won’t call you a SHEEP, there’s another word for people who love to get fleeced.

          • Mike Aurin

            Saying that Verizon is not a stellar provider is a bit ridiculous since the argument always has (and for the foreseeable future) been it all depends on where you live. I have tried the pre paid game in my area…sorry but I like keeping a signal and being able to use the phone i “over-paid for” inside. Verizon is ‘stellar’ in my area. I paid $150 for my S4 thanks to Verizon…which without admittedly checking is about the same as an on contract Moto X. Your argument for over paying is irrelevant. I liked the feel and features of the S4…god forbid I made a choice like a grown up and bought a phone I like and wasn’t TOLD what to buy.

          • Shawn John

            Spoken like a true, as you would say “Sheep”, it’s obvious by your replies that you have no clue what your talking about. You paid $150 for your S4? Really? So you think, your really paying $150 for that S4? I have a Bridge in Brooklyn to sell you for $1 upfront and 30K a month for 2 years. So you can brag to your friends that you paid $1 for the Brooklyn bridge.

          • Mike Aurin

            Yeah…I paid $150 for a piece of hardware. Now if you want to talk about how much I’m paying for the service for said hardware that is fine…like I said I don’t mind paying for Verizon’s more expensive service BECAUSE IT WORKS FOR ME. How is that an issue with you?

          • Shawn John

            Not only are you paying extra to get your updates late but your also purchasing that phone 2-3 times a year, by the end of your contract for your “more exspensive” service you could have owned around 6 or 7 S4’s. Meanwhile I pay $350 upfront for my N5 and own it outright and pay $45 a month for unlimited LTE. I can send you a screen shot of my speed test getting 18+ Mbps down. This is the reason we laugh at you. Your over paying for phone, over paying for lack luster service and you don’t own your phone (On contract)…Who’s the Sheep? In two months of paying for your service I could buy another phone outright, but verizon has you trained well. You should buy stock.

          • Mike Aurin

            Ok…so you’re saying I should either MOVE to a location where prepaid works for me or just stop owning a phone altogether? I honestly could not care less what YOU get in whatever location YOU are in. I’d still like to know how the best provider in my area qualifies as “lackluster”.

          • Shawn John

            Don’t let me be the first to tell you, I don’t want to ruin your party, Verizon works for you and their the best for you. Continue over paying, your happy and that’s all that matter’s.

          • Mike Aurin

            This. This is what makes you a sheep. Not understanding that some choices aren’t right for other people and pushing your views regardless…you must be a Christian.

          • ScoobySnack

            Moto X is $49 on contract.

          • Mike Aurin

            For sake of argument let’s say at the time of launch. Even the best phone can go down to a penny during fire sales so that’s not the best point to make.

          • Nathaniel Stout

            Dude I’ll gladly wait on Verizon least I know my 4glte is fast besides with my gs4 being with Verizon mine is fully gsm compatible and cdma so I’ll have have to do is switch to prepaid but I won’t cause Verizon is the best hands down

  • Thomas

    C’mon Verizon!!!

    • michael arazan

      After the GNex fiasco, I just gave up with wanting updates on Verizon. Had to break off that little piece and through it away, not worth getting an ulcer over. Besides 4.2 and up is enough to get by and be happy.

      I’m just sort of lucky I got an sg3 replacement from Asurion to replace my eol GNex. Better battery, processor and ram, but I hate the home button and physical buttons and TW sucks.