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T-Mobile Announces Availability for LG G Flex and LG Optimus F3Q, Both Devices Available Starting Feb. 5

T-Mobile customers, if you have been awaiting the announcement of the LG G Flex or Optimus F3Q, then today’s announcement should excite you. This morning, T-Mobile announced that both devices will be available on its network starting February 5, with pre-orders for the G Flex starting today. 

The G Flex will run T-Mo customers $0 out the door, but 24 equal monthly payments of $28 will follow. As for the F3Q, which is a lower spec’d device, the price is also $0 down, but with 24 equal monthly payments of just $13.

To pre-order the G Flex on T-mobile, follow this link.


Via: T-Mobile
  • DJ

    I like the color of the keyboard, it pops

  • JDM

    Sorry to Moto X users. But LG G Flex, 1080P display in 2014? No Thanks.

    • JDM

      *720 :facepalm:

  • Bruce Purvis

    Ok, T-Mobile’s site is saying the LG G Flex memory is expandable up to 64 GB with a
    microSD card. I did not think this phone had a microSD slot. I was on the fence because of this but if this is true I’m getting one.

  • Philip J. Fry

    Why are they making low spec ugly keyboard phones? Even though I will never use one, it seems like there is a market for people that want a top end keyboard phone.

  • J2886M

    Don’t care. How about you get my LGG2 onto 4.4 first. Thanks

  • John Legere

    It also comes with 6 months of Netflix free.

    • olope

      I just ordered mine 🙂

  • ken147

    People still use physical keyboards on Android?

    • Yes, there is still a market for physical keyboards on phones. Why is this still so unbelievable to people?

      • Mike Aurin

        I would still kill for a top tier phone with a slide out keyboard. Even the keyboard that was on the OG Droid, awesome at first but slowly turned to garbage. I’d take that in a heart beat.

        • Droid Ronin

          I wonder if the Droid 5 is still being worked on.

        • michael arazan

          I wore off all the buttons on my OG Droid 1. Luckily that’s when I started using and learned of Voice to text. I always use voice to text now, even though it messes up 30% of the words I say. The only way to get Voice to text to work well is if you talk in a monotone robot voice. But I would use/ need a keyboard for writing stuff online in forums and comments and elsewhere over a virtual keyboard anyday

        • Mike Aurin

          Who the hell down votes this? It’s a personal opinion…I’m not telling you to buy the damn thing.

    • Rodeojones000

      I came here wondering the same thing.

    • 1TallTXn

      Yup. My wife was very sad when her Droid4 died.
      She opted for a Note3 just to make the virtual keyboard as big as possible.

      There are those of us that do a lot of CLI work on servers and/or network gear are much happier with a real keyboard. Does it work on a touchscreen? yeah, but it works better with a real keyboard.