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Moto X Drops to $299 Today for One Hour at 3PM ET, Developer Edition Already at $379 (Updated)

At 3PM ET (12PM Pacific), Motorola is hosting yet another mega Moto X sale. As you are all well aware, the price of the Moto X has already been permanently dropped to $399 on an on-going basis, so if we’re talking new sale, that means an even bigger drop from that price point. For one hour only (3PM-4PM ET), the Moto X will be available starting at $299 for the 16GB model. The 32GB and Developer Edition variants will drop to $349. 

The deal runs very similar to the Cyber Monday deals from last year in that you aren’t purchasing the phone today at 3PM ET, you are signing up to receive a unique promo code that will let you buy the phone at the discounted price within a few hours. Once you have received your code via email, it is usually good for a couple of days, that way Motorola eliminates the rush on their MotoMaker store and also gives you time to decide on your perfect phone setup.

On a related note, while the Developer Editions are going to drop to $349, you can actually buy them now for $379. Both the GSM and Verizon variants are showing as having received a price drop recently, so if you don’t feel like waiting for a promo code that will really only save you another $20, feel free to jump on it now.

Update:  Motorola has now removed the $379 price for the Developer Editions, bringing them back up to $449.

We’ll be sure to let you know when today’s deal goes live.

Deal Links:  Motorola Link | Deal Sign-up (not live yet) | Try this one too | FAQ

Developer Edition Links:  Verizon Model | GSM Model

Cheers Steve!


  • TechVoid
  • Tessa

    Heyyy I’m not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I have a code that I only needed for a screenshot (discover price protection yay!). So here it is and hopefully it still works: VDayX-KB6B-PXAV-TZTE-TN2A

  • anezarati

    Developer edition still says 379 for me

  • Ivo Shandor

    someone had mentioned that you can get a $100 mail in rebate if you own a Droid X2 or several other Moto phones. I have my old X2 sitting in my dresser drawer. Worth a shot? https://www.mototradeup.com/

    • Christian Trevor Clauss

      Use Swappa…

      • Ivo Shandor

        no dice on swappa, the screen failed.


    32GB and Dev edition are down to $349.99 per the email Moto sends with the code. Good news.

  • Dustin

    My company uses an application called Good for Enterprise to push email to our phones. One of the stipulations of the application is the phone cannot be rooted. Does essentially destroy my need for a Developer Edition? Can I retain the X features (Active Display, Touchless Control, etc.) with a Custom ROM that is not rooted? Do developer editions see Android updates sooner than non? Thanks All!

  • Randall Perry

    The device is showing 379.99 again on the Verizon site

  • Guest

    I thought you had to go to the site and buy one within that hour, but it looks like it’s just an hour window to get a $100 off code? Or am I missing something?

    • Ivo Shandor

      Correct, a one hour window to get the $100 off code. In the email once they’ve sent you the code, Moto will tell you how long the code is valid.

  • Jason Kahn

    Sites really slow, getting several overloaded server messages, but eventually got through

  • Got mine at 11:59 AM! 😀

    Edit: And their support site is now down for me. “Experiencing high volumes”
    Edit 2: One minute later, we’re back up

  • Wayne

    Deal is live

  • Nick

    Got one!

  • Ivo Shandor

    it’s live!

  • Cbajd5

    Promotion page is up, just registered. (The Deal Sign-up link.)

  • YankInDaSouth

    Think I am going to have to get the Verizon Developer Edition! That price is just too good to pass up!

  • Sawab King

    can someone tell me the negatives of the dev edition?

    • Matt

      No extra colors/customization. On the plus side, you can unlock the bootloader without worrying about your warranty; it’s really a quid pro quo and you have to decide what matters to you.

      • Sawab King

        That was my understanding as well. thanks! Since it will get covered in a case so colors dont matter all that much anyway. I have the moto g prepaid ($80) for my car as a connected music player and I must say that its a very smooth phone. Im expecing the moto x to be better than the moto g. currently have the s3 which got crazy locked by verizon recently. s3 is just horrible on battery life.

  • therealjohnmark

    Dear Motorola, please drop the price of the Droid Maxx Developer Edition. Thanks!

  • Charles

    Last I checked, the Dev Ed’s were still showing $449?!

    • Ernie

      the DE will be $349 once you apply the $100 coupon.

  • JSGoodBoy

    I need some advice here. I’m coming from a RAZR MAXX HD and I don’t get an upgrade until this coming November. Should I hang tight for the next MAXX iteration, or cave and go for the Moto X now?

    • I would definitely wait. By November we’ll have even hit Nexus time, so you’ll have a lot of options.

  • beav

    Gonna have to order this in my bio lab that starts at 3… and does anyone know what the total comes to with tax and shipping?

  • lye

    Motomaker appears to say 4PM EST: http://grab.by/tRSa

  • tacticalchunder

    I recieved my walnut with orange accents on Saturday. It’s glorious. I’m a big fan of the active display so far. Overall a big fan of the phone in it’s first two days of use, well worth the off contract price to keep my UL with the evil V.

  • Snowbo13

    still cant use moto maker for US Cellular. No real discounts on buying one outright from there websight either. hmm… I think that points to a 3rd tier carrier. No chance of getting my business to change anytime soon. I would like a walnut moto x. I would even consider buying a back and installing it myself on my current moto x. (I also could pass this one onto a coworker with a blackberry (…always makes me chuckle) and get a new phone)

  • chris_johns

    I want a wood moto x now ugh…i love my black and red but damn that ebony with silver was so nice someone posted…im curious how it would look with red accents…oh well

  • Detonation

    Can’t decide between the Dev edition (so I don’t have to worry about waiting on exploits) versus a Moto Maker wood one. I know there isn’t much of a need for custom roms on the Moto X, but root is still useful for things like TiBu and Greenify, and I’m worried it will get harder and harder to root with every update.

  • Daniel Skinner

    Is this a sign that Motorola is close to unveiling a new model, or an attempt to simply distribute more phones?

  • 1/27/2014 @ 12:03 EDT and the Moto website for dev editions show $449

    • Will Frame

      ^This. Not sure what Kellex was smoking when he posted this article.

      • Edimonk

        It did show $379 at around 8am PST. I guess they decided to bump it back up to the full price till the sale goes live?

        • ERIFNOMI

          It was $379 even later than that. Damn :/

  • Ryan

    Thinking about getting the Dev Edition on Verizon – Still shows $449 though not $379

    • Steveo

      Your right, its back to $449, but earlier in the morning it was showing the $379. Guessing Moto accidently published their post-$100 offer sale page, and realized their mistake.

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    I’m still torn between this and the Nexus 5. Part of me thinks I should pick this up with the wife doing the motomaker to see how it works for a month on a prepaid before switching us over. Her contract is still through April though unless I want to purchase hardware from tmo…

  • Ivo Shandor

    And you can use Moto Maker to customize?

    • dreadfall


  • Kyle S.

    Man this is a tough decision. I have an S4 and have an upgrade to use, and am thinking about getting one of those sexy wood backs. But I’m not sure if it’s worth getting rid of the S4, or if I should just wait till the next wave of top phones comes out.

    • ToddAwesome

      I’ve used both, X is my current daily driver and I love it. That said, unless you’re coming into some money or REALLY want to customize your phone, I’d say keep the S4 and wait for what’s “next” on the horizon.

      • Kyle S.

        That the way I’m leaning too. I’m on a family plan with 2 lines that haven’t used their upgrades yet! But I’m thinking it would be better to just use those to get a phone to sell for some extra cash.

        • ToddAwesome

          Ah, if you’re using an upgrade to buy your next phone, then hel1 yes, wait to see what comes out this Spring. The off contract price is what makes the deal so attractive.

  • Walter Partlo

    That Walnut Moto X is damned sexy. I need one.

    • Sawab King

      yes just like grandpa’s oldsmobile interior!

  • That walnut looks so hawt

    I’m going to have to resist a $249 Moto X, I have a $50 code from the “Friends with Moto” program so combining with this offer may be too enticing to drop.

    • onDroid

      Plus $25 for the wood back brings you to $274.

    • Scott

      I don’t think they can be combined into one purchase.

    • Raven65

      Sorry, man…. that discount won’t stack with the $100-off offer today… it replaces it. My friend has that same discount and just tried it. When he put a Developer Edition in his cart and applied the code, it REPLACED the current $70-off discount – so the price only dropped from 449.99 to 399.99. You might be able to call them and make it work though.

  • Higher_Ground

    They are permanently dropping the price $70, correct? If so, this 1hr event is more/less a $30 discount, right? Just wondering because I’m not sure I want to pull the trigger this afternoon.

    • The $70 drop is until Valentine’s Day as it currently stands, but they may as well just leave it like that considering how old the phone will be at that time

  • KnappyRoot

    379 – 349 = 30, not 20. 😛

  • jnt

    Is the GSM Dev edition identical in radio to the unlocked GSM edition? Or is it like the AT&T GSM edition?

    • Michael Quinlan

      Yes. The Developer Edition and the unlocked GSM version are the same, except that the you can unlock the boot loader of the Developer Edition and still have a warranty. Unlocking the boot loader on the unlocked GSM version voids the warranty.

      • Hitagi

        Can I unlock and root T-mobile version (unlocked GSM verison)?

  • Eric Mykleby

    I would love to get one, but since I have a Verizon business account I can’t use Motomaker at all, seems like they should have changed that by now.

    • EC8CH

      I’ve gotten Motomaker to work on a business account, and so have a number of my coworkers for the colored plastic backs. You however can not get a wood back for some stupid reason.

  • Pass

    Knowing that this phone is six or seven months old I just can’t see dropping money on it right now. With new technology just around the corner and new phones going to be here I think I’m just going to pass. Good luck everyone that’s going to be picking this up today.

    • ToddAwesome

      5 months, but who’s counting. ha

    • Half off for a phone half way through it’s cycle, sounds about right.

  • Maxim∑

    Eventually 299$ will probably be the permanent price

  • Cbajd5

    Aw, you can’t use the Friends with Moto discount with this. Dang.

    • Big_EZ

      How do you know?

      • Cbajd5

        I tried it with the VZW Dev Edition when it was at the sales price before. It went back up to $399.99 after discount.

  • Ron_Swanson

    Motorola will start giving these away in about a month at this rate….I really like the Moto X. Just not over a Nexus 5 or rooted LG G2

    • I have a rooted G2 on Verizon, but picking this up with a $30/mo T-Mobile SIM as I know it’s only a matter of time before Verizon pulls my UL data, and I want to see if T-Mobile works for me.

      • WCM3

        There’s no speculation Verizon will pull UL data anytime soon. I’m in the same boat as you also. Only sticking with Verizon because I have unlimited data.

        • Adrynalyne

          Actually that Max plan for unlimited users is an indicator, not as to when, but that they are planning to force them out. Max is only for unlimited users, and with unlimited being gone for years now, it is unlikely they made a plan just for a small percentage of their customers out of the kindness of their heart. No…its the beginning of the end.

          • Big_EZ

            Yep, they are trying to get as many people as possible off so when they do stop it all together there’s only a small percentage of people complaining, and possibly leaving.

          • Jason Kahn

            They will probably wait until the last few people with unlimited data, who are still under contract reach end of term. My contract ends in March.I have the T-Mobile Sim to try out in Manhattan, Honestly though Verizon is absolutely horrible in Manhattan anyway, so T-Mobile can’t be much worse can it?

          • Big_EZ

            I’m still on contract with unlimited data for another 13 months. My wife’s contract is up in a few weeks. We’ll be upgrading her phone, so she’ll be on contract with unlimited data for another 2 years. Being on contract won’t stop them from dropping unlimited data, it’ll just let us get out of contract with no ETF.

          • Higher_Ground

            Yeah I always hated thinking about that scenario, because you either upgrade to the capped data plan or you’re forced to go out and get a new phone (though subsidized) because you can’t carry a verizon phone to anyone else.
            I’ve got mine for another 5 months, but haven’t really used more than 2 gb a month all year anyway.

          • MrOrange645

            Do you have a dummy line to transfer the upgrade to/from? I’m curious how your wife will upgrade, but maintain her unlimited?

          • Big_EZ

            I added a feature phone line for my mother a couple years ago. She doesn’t use her upgrades so I get hers, mine and normally my wife’s. All upgrades go through the feature phone line (but the contract is extended on the line that had the upgrade) so we keep the unlimited data.

          • MrOrange645

            Gotcha. it may be worth doing that just to extend out my unlimited data.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            That is pretty much my outlook. I fully expect subsidies to end by the end of Q2 (corresponding with the GS5 and HTC M8 launches, most likely, as those would be the largest upgrade times for their Android customers, and would settle the initial outrage prior to the 2014 iPhone launch), and for unlimited to end at the same time or shortly thereafter.

            My reasoning is that the last device they allowed unlimited to grandfather upgrade on was the GS3 pre-order, the last day of which was July 8th 2012 (the recent system glitches not withstanding, of course). So, if they end unlimited after July 8th 2014, they have gotten all of the money they could out of those contracts they had planned to get. They will almost certainly provide another Max-like deal for the next round of device releases to cover the removal of subsidies and as a last-ditch effort to hold onto as many current-unlimited subs as possible, then they drop the hammer and take the one-time hit. Such a strategy minimizes their risks, and provides the desired end result: no more unlimited users, and no more device subsidies, while keeping the prices as high as possible (maybe a $5-10 /device decrease for Share Everything if you own your device).

        • I’d rather have a chance to fully test out T-Mobile before being put in a situation where I have to pick someone in a short period of time.

          • Josh Flowers

            was in the same boat—on Vzw unlimited but picked up a t-mo sim for the $30 plan. Service is atrocious in my area but great for my brother 15 miles away. It’s definitely a try-before-you-buy

    • Lucky Armpit

      Lol @ the downvotes. This is a totally valid point. These must not be selling anywhere near as well as Motorola hoped. What else would explain the drastic and frequent price reductions?

      • Adrynalyne

        The phone is 5 months old. It is an expected time for price drops.

        • TTruthruth

          Only for subsidized pricing. Carriers will lower prices to move inventory. The manufacturer is lowering these prices which means they are not selling. There were reports that they only sold 500,000 in Q3. This phone is a pretty big disappointment from a sales perspective.

          • Adrynalyne

            That doesn’t explain why other phones have also dropped their off-contract price.

            Phones always start out more expensive, especially when built here in the US. As production costs less, they pass some of the savings to consumers.

            500,000 in Quarter 3…for a little over a month. Everyone hinges on this figure, and makes it sound like it is the current amount.

            It was a limited release, and Moto doesn’t have the marketing budget (or visibility) that Samsung does. Of course its going to sell less. They were testing the waters to see if they would even find interest.

          • Robert Boluyt

            Be that as it may, Moto did a lot of things right with the X. I don’t see a reason to buy it if you’re already on a SG4, HTC1, G2, etc, but the refreshed Moto X sequel will be high on my list of prospective upgrades. Provided it doesn’t end up launching several months after the N5’s replacement, the GS5, and HTC’s M8.

          • Blue Sun

            We are already hearing rumors about a GS5 launch in April, HTC M8 rumored for May (?), Nexus 5 typically November timeframe. Given the Moto X launch, I wouldn’t expect a refresh until late-July at the earliest. Based on that, I would say that the 2nd Gen Moto X launches after the GS5 & HTC M8 and before the 2014 Nexus phone.

      • All phones get cheaper, the LG G2 went down from $600 to $449 as well.

      • Hothfox

        You usually don’t see devices drop their off-contract pricing, just the subsidized carrier pricing. Which is just stupid. I think Motorola understands that as a phone gets older, the worth drops, so they’re adjusting off-contract price accordingly. About time someone did this. Usually you’ll see an off contract flagship phone still at $600 the whole time it’s on the market, and it never drops in price. For example, the Galaxy S4, which is even older than the Moto X still sells from Verizon for $650 off contract. WHAT?! I’d rather have the newer Moto X for almost half the cost.

    • flosserelli

      But where do you find a new Nexus 5 or LG G2 for $299…

      • Ron_Swanson

        Good point. I m sure you can find one of them close to that price on Craigslist…but not new

        • Edward Montano

          I got a LG G2 traded my moto x for one and going to be trading moto x i get today for another G2.

          • picaso86

            Google Now always listening is hard to pass on… Thanks Moto X.

      • mcdonsco

        The nexus 5 is only $50 more…not a huge leap there.

        I just got the LG G2 the other day and once I got it rooted for mobile hotspot (I have VZW grandfathered unlimited data) and got G2 xposed up and running all is well.

        I did have a problem with the phone not having SPP, but in trying to flash a new rom to the phone it resolved it (even though I didn’t know I needed the boot loader unlocked to flash the rom (new to rom’ing) it somehow managed to install or enable SPP that wasn’t there before).

        Loving it now.

        Those saying battery life is close to/same as the Maxx however are DEAD WRONG. It does have great battery life compared to most phones, but it’s not on the same level (battery wise) as the maxx; not even close. I couldn’t kill my maxx battery before the end of a regular day, usually had 50%+ left…On the G2 I’m usually looking for a charge around 6pm.

        • maxx4life

          Thank you for being honest about the battery life on your phone.

        • Bill Hill


    • MKader17

      Even at the same price point I went Moto X. The notifications and “Okay Google Now” setup is invaluable to me.

  • Can’t wait to buy a Moto X finally! I’ve been building phones on Motomaker every day since this announcement trying to find the combination I like the best 🙂

    • agreed and i still cant lock down a design

    • EdubE24

      Now can people who are not going to use the codes please stay off and not crash the system. I doubt they will, but we can hope!!

      • John Legere

        Shhh, they wanna get them and then give them away to try and look like the good guys.

        • EdubE24

          Mobile Robin Hoods…

    • NexusMan

      And what did you decide on?

      • I’m thinking walnut with black front and silver accents

        • EdubE24

          After seeing Tim’s I think i’m sold on the darker colors.

          • Larry Bublitz

            Totally agree. Till seeing Tim’s, I always configured a brighter (or white) Moto X. After that it’s Walnut and Black. Just don’t know for sure on the accents yet.

          • Jared Tau

            …roach phone

        • shanti_baba

          Already out of walnut