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Moto X $100 Off Codes: Post ‘em if You Got ‘em

moto x yellow

From 3PM – 4PM ET this afternoon, Motorola held another sale for their 2013 flagship, Moto X. During that time, you could cruise over to Motorola’s site and fill out a form that would land you a promo code for $100 off a device. For those who managed to sign-up during that short 1-hour window, you should have already received your code that is good until February 3 at midnight.

With $100 off of a full retail Moto X, you are looking at a starting price of just $299 (MotoMaker included). If you upgrade features, like say the storage to 32GB, you could still get into a brand new custom designed Moto X for as little as $349. Or better yet, the Developer Editions were also down to $349 with this deal. Talk about a steal.

Since the sale happened during the middle of the day, we can imagine that many of you didn’t have a chance to reserve your promo code before the hour was up. For those who missed out, we thought we’d put together another spot for DL community members to share codes that they don’t plan on using. We have done this in the past and always seem to see plenty of love being tossed around.

So if you need a code or have an extra lying around, feel free to share in the comments.

  • MaYnMaN

    VDayX-BSZV-X6C9-VZXR-IVOG I hope someone can use this one!

  • Erik

    Here’s a code for anyone still looking. Only good for the next 59 minutes.

    • Erik


  • Radames Lopez

    Promo code expires tonight VDayX-DV3T-IM3N-9FZA-CUFL

  • Marc

    Enjoy – VDayX-KWRB-RGMW-9VNE-V6QW

  • glee24

    If anyone still needs a code here you go VDayX-GS2C-PKIM-3FHY-HNMO

  • Chad Frew

    Expiring today… hope they help someone!


    • Charles Warren

      Worked for me thanks so much.

  • Koff

    If anyone’s still looking…Here’s two codes that I’ll be unable to use.

    • Davideos


      • Koff

        Glad someone could use em

  • Davideos

    Today is the last day to use the coupon. Anyone have a code they don’t plan to use?

    • koff

      Just posted 2

  • j6nguyen


  • johnastew


    • Thwomp

      Thanks! Just saved me $30.

  • jamez14

    If anyone has an extra code still, they will be handsomely rewarded :)

  • George264

    If you got a code you would like to share sneakyzninja@gmail.com please!

  • jack

    One last code Please?

  • Wolfgang71

    I was pondering getting one of these wood backed phones, but decided against it. Here is my code…VDayX-P6US-NVLU-SBCR-W6CR Expires Monday 2/3 at 1159pm EST. Enjoy

  • oliver

    May we have another, please?

  • Josh

    Late to the party. Any codes left?

    • ferrari187


      couldnt sell my nexus 4 in time, enjoy

      • Josh


  • zsazsa

    Hi there, if anyone has an extra code they are not using could you please email me at zsa444zsa@ymail.com? Thank you so much!

  • Sarah E

    If you have an extra code that you will not be using, can you please email me at selmiligy@gmail.com? Thank you in advance!

  • kirkman81

    Here’s my code..


    Please let me know that you used it and enjoy :)

  • someone

    Anyone have an extra code? Thanks in advance!

  • DJ

    Ended up getting the G2. Here is a code, I hope that it is useful to someone!

  • Anthoni


  • zerrikan

    Anyone have a code still? Thanks

  • dcvanderbush

    anybody have one more code?

    • Donor Code

      Yeah, I decided not to use it after all: VDayX-E6NB-NT3G-TV9G-ESW9


      • dcvanderbush

        Used it, Thanks a bajillion! (or like $30 really…)

  • Joe

    If anyone has a code, I bought a wood back Moto, and regret it. Looking to pick up a DE if I can find a code :-/

    • George264

      return it for a de

  • Zeta

    Anyone not using the promo code, can you mail yours to songofdust@gmail.com? Thanks!

  • Ruchin Shah

    Enjoy : VDayX-BI5V-VLSY-ZRLU-LC4P

    Reply when you use it…thanks.

    • Happy Guy

      It work…. Thanks!!!

  • Rahul

    Do someone still have a code? I need it please email at rahul.jainz@gmail.com. Waiting for codes. Please do email me, if you have unused ones. Thanks

  • sralj

    Had to wait for family to decide, but they don’t want one so here are 2 codes enjoy.



    • Jose M

      -6KMB worked perfectly, thank you!

  • WCM3

    If anyone needs one, feel free to email me at BlownM395 (at) g mail . com. I have one, and not sure i’m going to use it. Thanks!

  • lmm5247

    Not using mine, hope someone can make good of it :)


  • ACode

    One for the procrastinators (Yay Procrastination!)


  • http://igg.me/at/pushpullcardio/x/3911135 PPC

    Here ya go, hope I’m not too late VDayX-DBUF-E7SB-VR7X-YOZE

  • Karthik Kumar

    Can i get a Promo Code

  • Rahul

    Do someone still have a code? I need it please email at rahul.jainz@gmail.com. Waiting for codes. Please do email me, if you have unused ones. Thanks

  • Karthik Kumar

    Can you please send me one promo Code

  • iliaz

    can i have one more active promo code

  • N8

    Maybe a little late to the party, but I was hemming and hawing at possibly getting the Moto X, but decided on the Samsung Note III (I’m hoping that was a good decision).

    So here’s my unused code: VDayX-DBUF-E7SB-VR7X-YIZE

  • justin

    still here.. lol

  • Juice

    I would love to buy one of these if anyone else has a code. Please email chattie67 @ Gmail.com

  • justin

    arge anybody got a code – email maverick8675309 @ yahoo


  • nmaxfield


    • BD

      Thank you!

  • Ramana

    Anyone got one? I am hoping one for my wife :) please mail to rinukon@ncsu.edu

  • makewayhomer

    hoping for one more

  • cloutist4


    Have this, guys. I think I’m gonna go with the Nexus…

    • http://twitter.com/#!/Sick_or_Wuut Chris

      wohooo! thanks!!!!

  • Daniel

    I have a code, I guess first one to copy and paste it wins:

  • Isaac Garrison

    Hoping for a late one too :)

  • Paco

    Anyone have a spare code? My wife wants one (I already have a Moto X). Email pacomcg at gmail.com. Thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Sick_or_Wuut Chris

    looking for a code. Does anyone have another?

  • Mike

    Expires on Feb 3 was going to get one but ill probably stick with my droid maxx until the moto x2 VDayX-GIYB-NS4X-6AIR-HEVS