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LG Announces G Pro 2, Shares No Device Specs or Pictures

LG announced the G Pro 2 this morning, but decided to troll a little bit and not talk about any of the device’s specs or even post a picture. Reports of the device first showed up back on the 23rd of January, and instead of letting the industry continue to speculate, it appears LG wanted to make the device official. But again, LG gave us no specs or pictures. 

LG also neglected to mention when the device would be launched, but according to the report we posted up last week, it should launch around the time of MWC. As for specs, we could be looking at a 6″ 1080p display, Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM, and will come out of the box running Android 4.4. Although, none of this is confirmed yet besides the device’s name.

The G Pro 2, at least from the specs that are rumored, is sounding like a pretty beast device. We are hoping is that LG can put that rumored 3GB of RAM and the 6″ display to good use and deliver a good Android experience for anyone who picks it up.

How is the G Pro 2 sounding to you?

Via: LG Electronics
  • buddyruff777

    More interested in a G2 Mini

  • joejoe5709

    Hey guys just so you know we’ve got this really cool phone coming out soon called the G Pro 2.
    We can’t tell you.
    Okay how about some specs?
    We can’t tell you.
    But it’s for sure not the a G2 successor, but a sequel to the G Pro?
    Yep. You got it.

    Is this their idea of hinting at LG’s Kit Kat is very near while also dismissing all G3 rumors? Seems like it.

  • DJyoSNOW

    I guess we like to go big or go home(nothing confirmed)… http://m.cnet.com/news/lg-to-unveil-g-pro-2-smartphone-in-february/57617837

  • duke69111

    I hope the LG G3 sticks at the 5.0″ – 5.2″ inch range if it wants to compete with the Samsung S5. The rumored 5.5″ on the G3 and 6″ screen on the G Pro are getting two big for everyday use as a phone.

    • John Legere

      Nothing will compete with the S5 because Samsung brainwashes it’s consumers. All sheep. Same as Apple.

    • joejoe5709

      I really can’t imagine anything larger than the G2’s screen. I’ve said it before with the 4.7″ range, but this time I mean it. The original Galaxy Note, the first major phablet, had a 5.3″ screen. I have average sized hands and I often have trouble reaching all four corners of the screen without discomfort. I would personally expect the S5 to match the 5.2″ of the G2 and the next generation G3 to have 5.3″. The difference will be barely noticeable, but the S5 will appear to have a super massive screen due to the hardware keys.

    • Andrew White

      Totally agree, 5.5 – 6″ have very limited market appeal. It doesn’t matter what is under the hood, they are simply more difficult to operate. No matter how well my current G Pro is, I wish I waited a little longer and bought the smaller more powerful G2.

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    A beast, but a big one. Way too big for me…

  • ProZomby

    6″ I think is a little too big for a carry with you phone. 4″-5″ Is probably where I’d draw the invisible line.

    • joejoe5709

      Well… it’s a phablet. If you’re buying a phablet, 6″ is not that big of a deal. After 5.2-5.3″ you’re probably going to need two hands anyway so why not? It looks ridiculous against your head though. Lol.

  • Eric G Canoy

    will it come to verizon?

    • ProZomby

      If it’s a phone you want, then no. I call it The Verizon Principle.

  • Jeremy Alajajian

    Not interested. Any news on when the LG G2 is getting 4.4?

    • Ryan

      Why it just changes icons in the notification bar? there is no UI difference and its plenty fast.

      • It’s stuck on Android 4.2.2 currently; I’m pretty sure that launched in late 2012, which is quite a while back.

        • Ryan

          Hmmmm ok well its “stuck” on a stable snappy version of 4.2.2. Better than a rushed buggy version of 4.4. It will come

      • Adrynalyne

        You really think Kitkat is just some icon changes in the notification bar?

    • Kevin

      Plenty of rumors floating around, but nothing official. If rumors are correct, then by the end of march, but I’ve also heard by the end of January, which I don’t believe.

    • joejoe5709

      I’m excited about the under-the-hood changes but it’s going to be fairly minor for UI changes and day-to-day usage. I have Kit Kat on my Nexus 7. After excitedly updating to Kit Kat, I remember thinking, “Okay well that was fun.” I don’t use my tablet any different than I did before. That said I can’t wait to see what kind of a beast the G2 is with the optimizations.

  • besweeet

    Wow, LG. Just wow.