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Red Nexus 5 Makes Appearance, Coincidentally Arrives at Same Time as Fake Color Leak

Thanks to Vietnamese site Vietnamnet, we are getting a look at what could be the third color variant for Google’s current flagship, Nexus 5. The site posted an image early this morning of a Nexus 5 with a bright red backing, similar to the color of red we have seen in the official N5 Bumper and Nexus 7 Sleeve. It’s very Lumia-esque, and almost a neon red, if you will. According to the outlet, this is only a sample product, but retail availability is expected around February or March. 

In the report, though not pictured, a yellow variant is also brought up. The yellow is said to be a lot like the bright yellow you will get on a Nokia Lumia device, or I’d argue, with the Nexus 5 Bumper or Nexus 7 Sleeve. Google has given us a clue into its current taste for smartphone colors through its accessories, so look there for a potential preview of things to come. Their source did not have a launch time frame for the yellow variant.

red nexus5

Coincidentally, a purported leak showed up on the interwebs this week that claimed to reveal a version of the Nexus 5’s Play store page with up to 8 different color options, 6 of them new. The new colors joining white and black looked to be a wine red, puke yellow, orange, dark green, blue, and purple. A video and set of screenshots accompanied the report, which were almost all certainly fake. You can see evidence of a poor ‘shop job throughout along with missing action items on the page as it loads each time the “tipster” clicks around. But more importantly, Google would never choose such terrible looking colors for its devices. As we previously mentioned, Google likes bright neon colors of red, yellow, and blue, paired with whites, greys, and blacks.

So, who wants a bright red Nexus 5? Or even a bright yellow?

Via:  Vietnamnet | WebTrek
  • jonzey231

    I know Verizon totally screwed their shot with another Nexus so I don’t need people telling me “No way, it’ll never happen” or anything like that. I’m just thinking about something here.

    Back when the N5 was announced and we all found out that it was yet another Nexus that would be available to every major carrier except for Verizon, I think I remember either someone from Google or someone from VZW talking about something along the lines of “We have something special planned for Verizon in the future…” I don’t remember where I read it, it might have been on Droid-Life or Engadget, but I know I remember reading that somewhere. I know they’re also talking about a yellow version, so if that is the case then it kinda kills my thinking here (unless it’s a dedicated Sprint version! /sarcasm) but I’m just getting my thoughts out here for others to build on.

    Plus, since the N5 does support a whole bunch of bands including Verizon’s LTE (I know, it’s missing their CDMA bands), what are the chances LG could throw a couple more bands in there and a CDMA radio, (or this could be Verizon’s first VoLTE device) and make this for Verizon? They are known all over for getting their own version of devices from nearly every manufacturer, and obviously a red one would fit the bill.

    I’m just speculating here because it crossed my mind back when I saw a render of a red N5 a week or so ago.

    I know it probably won’t happen because Verizon screwed the Gnex owners, including me. And on top of that, I don’t really care because I left for T-Mo about 4 months ago and got an N4.

    Well that’s my thought!

  • Aaron Fang

    No Verizon N5? Well, I can wait

  • Corey Foltman

    ill trade mine for a green one…

  • Blue Sun

    “Google likes bright neon colors of red, yellow, and blue, paired with whites, greys, and blacks.” You forgot green. Take a look at the Google HP 11 Chromebook color schema & the Google icon on the main Google page.

  • Terrormaster

    I want orange. No one offers orange not even Moto. And how come no one ever offers anything other than black or white on the front (and in the case of the N5, black only)? I wanted to Halloween theme my Moto X but had to settle for green with orange trim and black front.

  • zurginator

    If red shows, blue, green and yellow are sure to follow – they’re the Google colors.

    • master94

      Just like the leaked video, maybe it wasn’t fake after all.

  • Cesar

    I’m still sad we never got that purple one that was seen in the FCC filing.

  • OligarchyAmbulance


  • Mark

    a big red Nexus 5? they conveniently cropped out the huge-normous Verizon logo at the bottom of the phone (not)

  • jimt

    Where is the wood? /s

    • Cesar

      Moto’s got wood.

      /bad pun

      • Ej McCarty

        I, sadly, have no wood :/

  • MichaelFranz

    I think Nexus has to remain Black/White. Leave the color to the carriers. Nexus is supposed to be the foundation of android and while adding colors to the devices may seem “cool” and “different” i think it should stay generic. No need to fancy it up….my .02

    • Ej McCarty

      yeah because phone color really has a lot to do with the “foundation of android”

      • MichaelFranz

        thats not my point. What im saying is that nexus has been a program where we get pure stock untainted android. I dont think they need to add colors to their top device. Unless they maybe go the apple route and make a cheaper nexus etc…i just dont see a need for the colors thats all

        • Ej McCarty

          I still don’t see the point in anything you’re try to say. Color of hardware has nothing to do with Google’s vision of android SOFTWARE.

          • TylerChappell

            I think he’s just stupid or ignorant. Kinda like all those straight people that think gay marriages will somehow affect their own. Not everybody’s favorite colors on this planet are black and white. FFS Michael, get over it, it’s just color. Sheesh

  • Jon

    Puke yellow?…..Isnt that the color of your Moto X….no thats beautiful yellow because its a Moto X….ugh

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Too Late GOOG. It’s new hardware season for anything not Nexus….

  • John Legere

    MKBHD would love it

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      thought the same when i saw the title.

    • Nexus_FrEak

      He’ll take purple!

      • Blue Sun

        Why not purnurple?

  • jbdan

    Love the idea. From all the reviews (personal experiences) I’ve read the official N5 cases (except for the black) stain very easily and are unclean-able. Just going in and out of a jeans pocket. Would hope that’s not the case with the new N5 colors

  • Eric G Canoy

    for free? sure I need a reason to use my free t-mo SIM card

  • I’d probably still go with the black because I’d end having a case installed regardless, which will cover up the color. It’s a cool option for those who don’t use cases.

    • David Narada Brown

      They have clear cases for the nexus 5

      • True. But by I should have mentioned the feel of the bare phone is nice too.

  • Walter Partlo

    I would love a puke yellow phone.

    • Chris

      Just ask your dog to puke all over your phone

    • clobberedchina

      When I was a boy in Texas we used to wear cowboy boots we described as “baby-shit yellow.” As for having a red phone, even the teenagers in the family liked my red and white Moto X. It’s a rare thing when I get to be cool.

  • I was going to buy one as a second phone to test out T-Mobile, if it’s true I’ll definitely wait and get one of the colored ones!