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Video: Nexus 7 (2013) Official Sleeve Review, an Accessory Google Got Right

As much as I like the look and feel of most Google Play accessories for Nexus devices, many have been disappointments, especially at their price points. The Nexus 5 Bumper was close to being perfect, but the sticky button situation killed any hope it once had. The Nexus 7 Folio was similarly good in theory, yet couldn’t deliver on fit and finish. So with the current 25% off Nexus accessory sale through Google Play running for a limited time, we were trying to decide if any of the cases should really be considered by you. I think we found the one. Maybe. 

We went ahead and picked up the official Nexus 7 sleeve after being critical of its price back at launch, since it now runs $22.49 through this sale instead of the fully bloated $29.99. After holding it for all of 2 minutes and then sliding the Nexus 7 inside, I could tell right away that this was a case worth checking out, assuming you are interested in a sleeve.

It feels incredible in terms of quality, fits as good around the Nexus 7 as any case I’ve ever used, sports “Nexus” logos in numerous places, and comes in four fabulous colors. As you can tell from the pictures, we went with Bright Red, though the grey, neon yellow, and black look spectacular as well. The case seems to be perfect for the traveler or someone that needs ultimate padding and style for their case. The single downfall lies in the fact that it’s a sleeve and forces you to pull your Nexus 7 out all the way should you need to use it, but again, that’s how sleeves roll.

Check out the video below to hear more thoughts. (Plus a tease of a contest.)

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  • Higher_Ground

    I’m tempted to get one for my Nintendo 3DS XL… can’t find a sleeve anywhere that will fit it nicely. It’s too thick and long for a phone sleeve (that’s what she said) and a normal tablet sleeve swallows it whole.

    3DS XL dimensions – 156 mm x 93 x 22

    2013 Nexus 7 dimesions – 114 x 200 x 8.65mm

    So I’m guessing it’ll be a little long, but maybe the added thickness will make it a little snugger?

  • sweenish

    I have the yellow one, and it’s great. It’s padded, the inside is fur lined, and it has a pocket. And it’s bright.

    My 2013 fits snugly inside, and the zipper is asymmetric to make insertion / removal easier.

    I really feel like this is a case of getting what you pay for, even at $30.

    • Rory Green

      Is the yellow more green like in the video?

      • sweenish

        It’s most definitely yellow. Very bright, and very neon.

  • AMGala

    Umm, it seems that they should have made the diagonal lines going the other way, so that it would make a “7”

    • Hothersale

      It forms an “N” for Nexus.

      • AMGala

        Good point, didn’t think of that. If they did alternating rows of diagonal lines forming an N and a 7, that would have been sweet.

  • matt

    I use the case logic sleeve, it’s not as nice as the official but very passed. Before I got a case on my 2013 n7 it was a bit lose but with the moko case with magnetic cover it fits great on there and it’s well protected for trips

  • MacNificent

    I love it! Fits perfect with the Cruzerlite case!

  • Barlog

    Does anyone know if the 2012 N7 would fit in one of these?

    • John

      It is made to fit both the first and the second generation models. It is mentioned on Google Play.

  • Rory Green

    Is this red the same as the nexus 5 bumper case?

  • Tien Pham

    lol sounds kind of counter-intuitive but do you think the nexus 7 can fit in the sleeve with the poetic slimline case still on???

    • Scott H

      I was actually wondering the same. I’ve had a Nexus 7 since before Christmas for my son’s birthday, which finally arrives on Sunday. It’s been hidden for over a month, and hasn’t been out of the box. And the Poetic was delivered last week.

    • Francis

      I have it fits bit it’s tight

      • Tien Pham

        is it too tight?? I would like to get one and use it but not if I’m not able to have a tablet stand. Gotta have that function!

  • Michael

    Can you do a drop test with this? 😛 Semi-serious

    • capecodty

      Will it blend?

  • Jon Hartman

    Repurposed Zune Bags that never got released?

  • John Friend

    Would the official Google red backless (giggles) flip cover fit comfortably in these sleeves?

    Ps I love my moko ultra slim wake sleep magnetic flip case.

  • Tony Byatt

    “An Accessory Google Got Right”

    Bar’s kind of low…

    How hard is it to get a sleeve right…


    • Tony Allen

      Have you had an official Google device accessory? Don’t underestimate them.

  • Maxim∑

    How do you not get a sleeve right anyway?

  • The_Omnix

    I think the biggest issue with the Nexus accessories is the price. I can go on Amazon and buy 4 or 5 high quality cases in different styles for the price of this one sleeve. For both versions of my Nexus 7 that’s exactly what I did. Unless Google makes something really amazing….they won’t have my money in this department.

  • Jesus Puente

    Its a nice shade of blood orange

  • XvierX

    Audio sounds much better on Droid Life’s videos lately

  • jamaall

    I would highly recommend the Asus Versa Sleeve for the Nexus 7. I got it for $20 on amazon, and, though it is a sleeve, it also doubles as a stand and it is quite durable.

  • Ryan Powell

    I’ve had the black version since it first launched and love it. Having the extra pocket to slide a micro-usb cable, headphones or maybe a small notebook into it is great. Also works great as a table coaster for your N7 when you using using the N7 but want to sit it down for a minute.

  • John Legere

    Too bad it’s not Red/Black

  • sc0rch3d

    did you test the fit in the 12 and 13 N7 versions?

    • Helen J. Johnson


      ✇✇✇ୣ✇ ✇✇✇ ✇✇✇✇ ✇ଭ✇✇✇ ✇✇✇I could tell right away that this was a case worth checking out, assuming you are interested in a sleeve.

  • JimBurke57

    Not that Kellen’s word isn’t enough, but I highly recommend this case if you like the naked feel of the N7.

  • Shawn Tillman

    HA! “That’s how sleeves roll.” Nice!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I must say it does look a tad…..feminine. It’s nice though. Even though I don’t have an N7

  • Jeff Monroy

    Should’ve been a better shade of red…

    • It is certainly bright. My wife loves it. 😛

    • Carlos Lopez

      I don’t mind it