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Moto X Griffin Car Dock Apparently Back in Stock After Months of Depleted Inventory

Does anyone remember the Griffin Car Dock for the Moto X that we took a look at way back in September? According to a couple of our readers, that dock is finally back in stock after having been out of stock essentially since then. So if you have been waiting patiently for its glorious return, now is your time. Both Motorola and Griffin stores have it available for $39.95 as of this morning.

When we opened one up, docked a Moto X, and gave you our thoughts, we said that it certainly felt like it could be a lovely little dock. The materials were high quality, the adjustable swivel head was a nice addition, and the grip on your device while docked felt as if it could hold up. It was a little awkward to get the device in and out of the dock at times, but that’s something you could probably work around or get used to.

For those of you who picked up the dock months ago, how has it held up? 

Links:  Motorola Shop | Griffin Store

Cheers Jeralmac, Greg, and BaldyPal!
  • Glen Granger

    Only lasted 2 weeks then the poor desgin caused it to die. Does not charge and rarely triggers dock mode.

  • Gavelwrench

    This dock is awful. It does activate car mode each time the phone is inserted, but it almost never charges the phone, with or without a case. Originally it worked maybe 25% of the time, finally gave up with it when it only charged 10% of the time (it would go into car mode, and keep the display on, but wouldn’t charge and just kept draining the battery).

  • NinjaGeek

    This dock died for me after less than 6 months of light use. Inserting and removing the phone puts too much stress on the USB connector for the phone; it’s a connector mounted on a circuit board half the size of a fingernail and cracked in half.

  • Dan

    I got one back in late August, and used it almost every day up until early Dec. It did what it was supposed to, but I had trouble with it fitting with any sort of case. I started with the Incipio Dual case and the usb port didn’t quite connect so it wouldn’t charge. Took the case off and things worked fine. Right around Thanksgiving the dock stopped charging (probably broken wire inside the dock). I stopped using it and pretty much forgot about it. Last week I decided to look at warranty info and realized that Griffin actually has a decent warranty! I called them and had a warranty claim processed that afternoon. My replacement is supposed to arrive at my house today. So the dock is mediocre, but Griffin’s support is A+. Now they just need to work on a better product…

  • Tyler

    Just bought off griffin for $32 using discount code FACEBOOK20

  • Travis Walls

    I had a “universal” mount prior to getting this (I think it was from Arkon). I liked it because it clipped on my A/C vent and didn’t get in the way. That, and most suction cups tend to fail for me with the lovely Florida heat. Unfortunately, the way it would grip the Moto X resulted in it holding down the volume button until it would mute itself. Couldn’t find a way to work around it like I did with the GNex (a case would raise it just high enough to not make contact with the volume button).

    Got this mount instead, and I am rather happy with it. I don’t use it all the time, but it is nice to have when the need arises. The biggest thing I’ll say so far is that the grip to the windshield is rock solid. We’ve only seen fairly tame weather in Florida since I got it, but let me put it like this: My toll road payment device and radar detector need to be pushed to re-tighten the suction cups every day or so. This mount hasn’t budged since I installed it back in October. Like there isn’t even a little give at all. I’ve had similar ones from TomTom and Escort where I would need to occasionally undo and redo the plunger to clamp things back down. Not yet with this little guy. Consider me impressed.

  • derbo904

    That way was so long, I just got a universal RAM Mount instead.

  • Campbell Rice

    My first dock would no charge my phone so I had to send it back, despite living only a couple of miles of their warehouse. Second one works but they are cheap. Moto always had good rugged car docks but now that Griffin is doing them they are cheap thin plastic.

    • Campbell Rice

      Oh and I am using a Droid Maxx and it has to come out of my thin case to work, NO forcing it or it’s done.

  • Matthew Rebmann

    Griffin burned me. The dock was out of stock for a ridiculously long period of time and they never released a PR statement about how long or why it was going to be out for so long. I decided to go with the Nite Ize Steelie magnet dock… 90% love it.

  • Robert Macri
  • Hothfox

    I really want to want one of these, but I’m really tired of paying $35+ when I get a new phone almost every year and a half if it doesn’t give me any value add over a universal dock. I sprung for the Galaxy Nexus dock because of the charging pins, which also put audio out. I’m good with my X Grip RAM mount from here on out.

  • Pakmann2k

    I use the First Rate Motorola dock from Amazon. Rated at 5 stars, it is only $14.99 and works with the entire Droid lineup and much more. With a case, without one, doesn’t matter, it fits great and isn’t an eyesore. Buy a pack of programmable NFC stickers, get a programming app, and you can have your phone go into a custom mode when you dock it. (Attached the sticker to the back of the dock.) Mine turns Bluetooth on, WiFi off, and opens Waze. Still have to plug it in but with my droid, battery life isn’t a problem anyway.

  • RoadsterHD1

    This car dock bites….. Never bought it just had to look at it in the store, worse dock ever and cheap too. That being said, my brother bought his first smart phone and got a RAZR HD, big mistake, and the sales idiot put him on a edge program so he was on the road to paying full retail for old technology. Anyway I straighten the whole thing out thank God, and we got him a MOTO X. I have a Droid MAXX but I got to say the Moto X feels real nice and looks beautiful. Now we do not go for all customizing and junk cause he did not want a phone that looks like a toy. He got the straight stock black model. But you know what it looks beautiful. Got the Holster case for it and he’s really happy with it. I’m going t be showing him all the basic functions till he’s comfortable and turn him loose. I love the captive button on my DM and the full 5 inch landscape, but the MOTO X is a real nice phone.

  • Nolemiwi Witawemat

    I have this dock for my Maxx and I think it’s the worst piece of crap I have ever had the misfortune of putting in my car. The charging port puts stress on my charging connector, which I’m sure will eventually break as a result. The latch for the suction cup likes to randomly undo itself and drop the entire dock with my device at my feet while I’m trying to drive. This is the first dock I needed two hands to put my phone into, and I never liked how even after pushing my phone into the dock, it felt like it could pop out at any moment.

    I bought each device-specific dock from Motorola for my Droid 2, Droid 3, Droid Bionic, Droid 4 before this and all those docks were of higher quality. I prefer having my device in landscape orientation while navigating, and the old Motorola docks were oriented this way, allowing you to just drop your phone in and let gravity help secure your connection to the charging port (I get that charing ports on the bottoms of devices are the “in thing” now, but it’s not so great for docking….perhaps something like pogo pins could be incorporated to facilitate this). I also liked how Moto put those spacer plates in to allow the dock to accept a wide variety of cases. This Griffin dock just uses rubber to hold your phone up to a size hardly larger than the device itself.

    I love my Droid Maxx, but the accessories for it have been a real let down. I truly believe Moto made a huge mistake with their accessories with the 2013 lineup. I hope they’ll either go back to docks that are tailor made to their phones, or they get a decent generic dock designed to work best with their phones. I’m currently looking for a decent generic dock to replace this griffin dock. If you recommend anything, I’m open to suggestions.

    • Pakmann2k

      See my post above. First Rate Motorola Dock from Amazon. Cheap, looks good, works for a variety of phones with or without cases. $15. Customize an NFC sticker and you have the best of all worlds.

    • traumadog

      I agree. I’ve had prior RAZR/RAZR HD docks that were much better than this one.

    • Jeralmac

      I’ve been using the iOttie one touch mount (search Amazon) and it works great. You can use it in Portrait or Landscape and holds very secure. The only thing it lacks compared to the Griffin device specific mount is power. And it’s not quite as sleek/slim. But as a mount you can likely use for your next phone and for half the price of Griffin’s, you can’t go wrong.

  • Guest

    Does it have aux pass through?

    • Larry Franks

      nope, that is the only thing I don’t like about it

  • Josh Minsley

    Motorola charges $10 for shipping. Griffin is free shipping. You can also get 20% off at Griffin using code: TWITTER20. I ordered my dock this morning.

    • cheezeboy

      on the last page, the ‘Review Order’ page, you can change shipping to standard and then it’s $4. No clue why moto defaults to fast expensive shipping… or why it’s on the very last page.

  • Bryan Burch

    One thing I liked about my Bionic (don’t shoot me) was the real Moto accessories. They were awesome–from the car dock to the lap-dock you could expect top notch quality and fit as if it was actually made for it. With the Griffin, meh. It feels like it’s a universal dock or something and just kind works OK.

  • 2Berad

    I got one for my droid maxx and it has held up very well. I made one modification to mine and removed the usb charging port, it never worked for my maxx and was a pain when adding and removing my phone from the dock. My next change is going to be removing the magnet that puts my phone into car mode, from what I have seen there is no real value in “car mode”. I have used this dock with all cases from the otter box commuter to the Incipio feather case and it works fine.

  • Raven

    I have a cheap no name “dock” that clips onto an A/C vent in my car that works perfectly with my Moto X in a slim case. Sure, I have to plug in the cord from my lighter plug before I drop it in to the slot, but it is very easy to get in and out and I don’t bother to plug it in for short trips. It seems way easier to use than this custom designed over priced thing and I have used it for my last 3 phones.

  • bigfire

    Just on a hunch, I went into their web site yesterday and saw it in stock. Buy it right away.

  • wreidallen

    FACEBOOK20 knocks off 20% on the Griffin Store. Makes it $31.99 so you still get free shipping.


    +Kellex, can you test the car dock with Different slim cases?

  • James Montague

    I got one for my Maxx and it’s basically the same design. Mine quit charging and finally the USB plug came off. The design is kind of poor as you need to put the phone in at an angle to get it to plug in, but that puts pressure on the USB plug. Also, there isn’t enough pressure on the sides to keep the plug in all the time. I have a replacement coming today from Moto, so I’ll see if i just got a lemon on the first one and maybe this one will be just fine.

    • Jeralmac

      My first dock for the Moto X had the exact same problem so I returned it as well. Hopefully this next batch has higher quality standards.

  • Sankyou

    I-Magnet for me. It’s nice because it triggers car mode automatically but I have to use a case without a clear back.

  • Randall Wanamaker

    I use a RAM X-Grip Mount for my phone. Amazingly adjustable, doesn’t get in the way of ports or buttons, and securely holds the phone with a case on. Also, if I change phones I don’t have to change mounts.

    • jimt

      A universal mount is the only way to go. Why buy a new mount with each new phone?

      • ChuckDz3

        I agree. I considered a lot of universal docks before purchasing a phone specific dock. My only reasoning for purchasing a dock specifically made for that phone is I don’t have to physically plug my phone in every time I dock my phone.

        • jimt

          I’m going to buy a nexus wireless charger to use in the universal dock so I don’t have to plug it in.

          • ChuckDz3

            Not a bad idea. Won’t work for the Moto X but I wish more phones came with wireless charging and wireless charging charged at a higher rate, which might be needed for activities performed while driving (navigation, music playback, voice texting)

          • jimt

            I will use a 2.5 amp charger to feed the wireless charger. Will see for navigation and music.

          • ChuckDz3

            Sadly, It’s not what feeds the wireless charger that is the problem. It is trickle charge from the wireless output to the phone. That’s what needs to be ramped up.

  • Matt

    I got the dock back at the end of October from Motorola, It’s been great. Consistently activates car mode, and getting it in and out of the Dock isn’t nearly as awkward as it looks like it would be; there is enough play in the dock that I bet it would work with a case too, but I keep my phone naked and it definitely holds my phone solidly.

    Coming from the GNex with dock, I had to get a bluetooth-aux adapter for my car since this phone/dock doesn’t have the pogo pins/aux output, but I got the Kinivo BTC450 on amazon and I think I like that setup better since it handles phone calls.

  • Jack3D

    Wow, this article just reminded me that I have one of these. I haven’t used it since I got my new car with Nav system. Bluetooth does everything I need it to for the most part and I don’t need anything sitting on my dash or window. I just bought a micro-USB adapter for the Ipod connector in the console of my Jetta and let my MotoX charge out of sight.

    • JBartcaps

      Poor guy, he was designed so beautifully, and now he just sits out of sight 🙁

  • Rick Lopez

    i make a KABILLIONZILLION DOLLARS WORKING FROM HOME EVERYDAY..LOL JK – Does the dock play nice with a Moto X and a case?

    • Jack3D

      Should work fine with a case as long as it’s not too big. All the standard bumper style cases will work fine.

      There’s no hole for the camera, though, so dashcam operation is not possible.

      Oh well.

      • jimt

        You could drill a hole if you wanted to use camera.

        • Jack3D

          In a $40 dollar dock designed for one phone? No thanks…