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Verizon Introduces International Messaging Rates to Add to Your Existing Lines

For some of us, calling and messaging rarely goes past state lines, let alone international lines. For others, close family and friends aren’t really all that close. Verizon is looking to make keeping up with those friends and family a lot easier and cheaper with today’s announcement of its new World Messaging Unlimited plan.

These new international messaging benefits can be added to your existing Verizon line for only $5 extra each month. The extra $5 gets you access to unlimited messaging to “most” countries around the world, while giving you a calling discount to some of the United States’ closer countries. For calls to Canada and Mexico, it will only run you $0.01 per minute and for many countries in Central, South America, and the Caribbean calls will only be $0.05 per minute.

If international calling makes up a lot of your monthly bill, be sure to check this out.

Via: Verizon
  • Nick Knack

    Another DECEPTION by VZW. They pull this all the time. How on earth can they call this World Messaging Unlimited. They just added a very FEW countries at a lower price to their already existing high rates for most of the countries throughout the world. I’m on VZW, but at least T-Mobile don’t blow anywhere the smoke that VZW does.

  • Okki125

    Does not include Europe and beyond that.. Why would you pay $5 when Google hangout is free? Even if you do not like those services, you can usually email to txt. and by the same token, your remote friends can txt to your email address.

  • flosserelli

    Oh thanks, Verizon. Why didn’t you offer this 3 weeks ago? Grrrrrr

  • Rich Zellmer

    Does most countries include Us to Us small messages? I think I pay $5 for 250 messages on my plan cause unlimited was $10.

  • john

    i want calls made in canada or mexico and from to the usa, etc for that rate

  • ScottyByrd

    Verizon will also happily replace your older under warranty phone with a different device when they cant give you the replacement items any more. But they will only send you the device itself no battery no door no pen no cable and tell you to go buy them yourself and they will re inverse you “one day”

    • SmokeNMirrors

      Verizon does provide a battery and back door when you have a warranty replacement to a different device. I’ve gone through this a few times. Just make sure the rep knows and they’ll do it. They will likely be shipped separately and probably won’t be 2-day shipping like the replacement itself ask and you will receive.

      • ScottyByrd

        Oh they sent out the battery and back door but no S pen no Charger and cable that comes with the new device.

        • SmokeNMirrors

          Stop by a store and tell them you need the S-Pen. They’ll most likely give it to you. So just ask. If you don’t get the answer you want, come back another time and ask again. Often the reps don’t know their own powers to give you stuff. If it uses the same charger as your old device does you probably won’t get that but can’t hurt to try. Trust me, VZW isn’t going to lose a customer for a $0.49 stick of plastic but some reps may have one up their a**!

          • ScottyByrd

            LOL too funnny. However, they do not carry the pen nor charger in stock. Samsung hasnt released them yet. I did finally break down and order one myself. The whole thing has been utterly screwed up from a customer service stand point.

  • jmich

    Verizon Corporate: Next month let’s offer an official Verizon “turn on your phone’s wifi” app for $5.00 a month. That way they can make money every time someone wants to connect to wifi.
    Billy: But the phones already do that without needing to pay $5.00 for an official Verizon wifi toggle
    Verizon Corporate: Billy…your fired

  • Jason Stanton

    It’s also free for the first three months per line. Source: http://www.verizonwireless.com/wcms/global/international-long-distance.html

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Quite frankly. . . $5.00 a month is a great deal for unlimted international text messages. BUT! Anyone who communicates internationally uses a messaging app..BBM…Viber…What’s App and the list goes on and on. You can text all you want internationally for 5$ a month….that doesn’t mean the person on the other end will text you back because they damn sure don’t have the same rate. So it doesn’t even matter. Just use messaging apps.

    As for the calling rates of 1c and 5c that’s even better than Google Voice to some countries.

  • Ryan

    Verizon: We have 103% market penetration now lets milk them suckers!
    John: Have you heard of our break up program yet because you make it so easy to switch?

  • Nick Knack

    Keep applying pressure T-Mobile. Now how about International Unlimited Data while traveling abroad, like T-Mobile has done?

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      oh god yes! But verizon and at&t will go thermonuclear on their customers first

  • There’s already free messaging to everyone in the world, It’s called Kik, or Skype, or Viber, even BBM, or Samsung’s ChatON. ooVoo, Voxer, Facebook messenger. The list goes on and on.

    • jack584

      It sucks to have to use one of those other apps for one person who lives in another country in my case, when everything else is over SMS.

      However it is not worth $5 to switch to 100% SMS, as I would only be using it for one person, so I’ll deal with Kik.

      • I forgot to mention in my list, Google’s Hangouts, if you use it as your SMS app, you can IM and text in the same app.

        • jack584

          Oh yeah I forgot about that. I actually already use hangouts for SMS on my Note 3 cause well…I got rid of as much Samsung stuff as I could without rooting and installing a custom ROM, one of those things was using Hangouts instead of the stock Samsung SMS app, which sucks and is ugly. I’ll talk to him and we’ll start using that instead. Thanks!

    • michael arazan

      You can message through gmail too in desktop

      Does this mean Verizon is going to block all those apps in favor of its own service, again, I wonder. Create a security patch that blocks your phone from using the app, then the app devs will have to find a work around like FoxFi did with wifi tether. My other tether app still doesn’t work that was free.

    • True, but what if you want to message relatives out of the country who may not have smartphones?

      • Why wouldn’t they? My dad got a smartphone for free, years ago, because it was free with his plan and contract. They’re cheap enough that they should be accessible to everyone. The of the few times I’ve still seen non-smartphones for sale, they’re only $20-$30 cheaper then a basic smartphone.

        • For one many older folks who aren’t tech-savvy prefer older style phones, plus while phones itself are similar, old grandathered plans are a lot cheaper than smartphone plans.

          • If you get a non-apple smartphone, there’s a lot of options out there to make a phone more friendly to those who are not tech-savvy, such as different launchers. Some Samsung phones are even getting an “easy” mode for use. I understand what you’re talking about, but I think it’s a really unique scenario. I know a number of older people who are perfectly fine with using a smartphone, it’s just many don’t give it a chance because it seems really intimidating.

    • MJ

      Those are great if everyone had data plans and did not need to buy “load” every time they wanted net on their phone. A good signal is another issue.

  • burkett375

    great….more crap that I don’t need, didn’t ask for, and I’m sure Verizon will find a way to make me pay for eventually.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Cut the bs.

      • burkett375

        Really? How is it b.s.?

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Verizon is a pain the the ass but this isn’t a situation where they can “make” you pay for anything.

          • Chris

            of course not. you could leave and not pay your ETF. it will then go straight to collections. Unless you go to T mobile

          • burkett375

            Well, the analogy is that they force things as “features” i.e. shared data, tier data, etc that nobody asked for or wanted. Then, even though i buy a phone outright and don’t use the subsidy, my bill remains the same. What’s next, roll this “feature” into plans from now on?

  • JohnThackr

    Obviously trying to stem the great shift of international calling minutes (landline and cellular) to Skype (http://blogs.wsj.com/corporate-intelligence/2014/01/15/skypes-incredible-rise-in-one-image/ ) but will it be enough?