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Verizon Lets You Upgrade Every 30 Days Now With Edge

Remember Verizon Edge, Big Red’s device monthly payment plan that allows for early upgrades? It’s OK if you forgot about it, since it’s not exactly the best deal in tech. Either way, it’s still around and asking people to essentially pay for a phone twice since Verizon hasn’t removed the subsidy cost from any of their wireless plan prices (like AT&T has already done in response to T-Mobile). Without calling it a blatant “two-timing rip-off,” I’ll let you decide after reading the comparison we put together a few months back. But if you were looking for Edge-related news on this beautiful MLK Day morning, we wanted to point out that Verizon made one tiny change to the plan over the weekend that will allow participants to upgrade earlier than had previously been announced. 

When Edge originally launched, participants could upgrade every 6 months as long as the phone had been 50% paid off. As of today, Edge users can upgrade every 30 days if they’d like, though they still have to pay 50% of the phone off in order to do it that soon. Not much of a change, but in theory, it does allow participants to upgrade more often. I just can’t imagine they will, knowing they would still have to fork out a bunch of cash early, just to get into another phone. Oh, you also have to trade in the phone that you just paid 50% of.

If you want to see a clearer breakdown of some of the other device monthly payment plans, be sure to check out this chart we put together. Try to ignore the Sprint One Up section since they killed that off last week.

Via:  Verizon | CNET
  • ezerpdog

    I don’t get why people are harping on edge so bad. Sure, you have to AT LEAST have 50% paid off in order to trade it in for something else, but if you pay it off FULLY, the phone is yours. So, since I kept my unlimited data when upgrading with the edge program, I can essentially pay it off in chunks instead of paying $600 right away. If I want to pay it off in 30 days or 120 days, I can upgrade anytime to a new device and still sell my old one (that I paid off FULLY). Am I missing something?

    • gunslinger

      how did you keep unlimited data with edge? i was told several times several stores, online chats and calls to verizon that edge will cancel unlimited data.

      • ezerpdog

        honestly, i have no idea. i was just messing around on the vz website one day with my account and started clicking buttons and it allowed me to do it. I never asked anyone, i just tried it on their website and it worked. i’m rocking an s4 with unlimited, about 4 months into my $25 a month payment plan and was going to just pay it all off after 6 months and upgrade. It’s good to know I can pay it off sooner and still upgrade. Still don’t understand why everyone thinks edge is no good. If you completely pay off the phone, you keep it. the 50% trade in thing is ridiculous, but you don’t HAVE to do it that way.

        • ezerpdog

          Best part is, I’m never on contract. My two year contract was up a while ago, so I’m a free bird. The only contract I have is with edge, and that contract is null once the phone is paid off.

          • gunslinger

            man, one lucky SOB.
            but i would be interested to see now what happens if you go to “edge up” but since you are in the program it shouldn’t require you to switch plans.

            i just had to drop some scratch on a new S4 for my wife because her thunderbolt finally died.

  • a) youth.in.asia

    Ahhh yes, not only are you still paying half of the phone off, but you’re giving them the previous device to upgrade to the different one and meanwhile, that phone you just came from with a higher resale value. They turn around and refurbish the unit and it receives the $20 or so online only deal because it’s refurb’d

  • John Legere

    LOL , leave it to Verizon to make their own deal, even worse.

    • michael arazan

      Waiting to see their plan that charges everyone to not use their network next.

  • Dave

    If this was around two years ago, you could have owned every Motorola phone released for the year.

    • jimt

      And be in the poor house.

  • George264

    is that velcro on the back of bamboo?

    • jimt

      It’s silk screen, rather course silk screen.

  • pd240

    Regarding the subsidy cost, wouldn’t buying at full retail on Verizon provide the same issue? You pay full retail for a phone and still pay the subsidy fees built into your monthly plan.

    • mcdonsco

      I pay $120/month and have unlimited everything on Verizon including hotspot (root, foxfi or portable WiFi hotspot)…I average 6-8gb’s mostly hotspot…price for that on T-Mobile is about $10/month less but for that $10 I get Verizon’s network instead of tmobiles. Tmobile says unlimited everything for $70/ but that only includes 500mb of 4g hotspot, aftet that they throttle you…you have to pay more to get more unthrottled hotspot and that’s what causes it to get just as pricey as Verizon.

      So it depends on what and how you use it. For me full retail on Verizon is best.

      And keeping on the latest and greatest doesn’t cost all that much…I just sold my maxx for $490 and I’m picking up the lg g2 tomorrow for $450…cost me nothing (maxx after KitKat update just sucks ass, plus camera was always poor and after update is worse…so, time for a different phone).

      Exception to the rule of course, usually an upgrade I buy for $600+ and sell the last one for $500’ish, so $100-$150’ish when I swap phones.

      • guyhere

        Actually unlimited everything on T-mobile IS for 70 dollars, but you get 2.5 GB of hotspot, not 500 MB. And if you actually have a voiceline with TMo, you get $10 off for each hotspot data plan, so an extra 2.5 is $20 and $4.5 is $30 and 6.5 is $40, etc.

        • ilovetechnology

          Have they changed it recently? Last I checked when you go with unlimited you only keep 500MB of tethering data. You can alternately go with 4.5GB for $70 with all 4.5GB usable for tethering.

          • jimt

            It’s 2.5 gig of tethering with the $70 unlimited everything plan. I suppose you might get unlimited if you use foxfi.

      • jimt

        Since you are using foxfi is there some reason you couldn’t use it on the $70 Tmo plan and thus save $40 a month?

      • jimt

        You say you have unlimited everything. You actually have unlimited everything? I had unlimited on verizon but had to pay for texts and had only 700 minutes of talk. Unlimited on Tmo means unlimited.

        • mcdonsco

          yes, my account on Verizon is unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data

          • picaso86

            Well, I am in a weird place right now with Verizon. I have 900 minutes + 5 numbers for unlimited calling, unlimited text and UNLIMITED data= $85.78 monthly with a 22% discount from my company. I currently have a OG Droid Rzr Maxx and due for an upgrade in March. Now, would you guys switch to T-Mobile and get a new phone with the JUMP or buy a new one full retail and stay with Verizon? I live in NJ and T-Mobile has pretty good coverage. What would you do? I still feel like I pay too much for a single line.

            PS: I have a budget of $300 for a phone.

          • mcdonsco

            $86 for ALL lines? Thats a SCREAMING GOOD DEAL! Wh6 would you even think of ditching that?

            I pay $120/month for unlimited everything on ONE line.

          • picaso86

            $86 on a SINGLE line….My brother has T-Mobile paying the same $80 with insurance/JUMP, a newer phone (the ability to upgrade every 6 months), unlimited data and no contracts.

            Also I just found out my company discount is 15% for T-Mobile monthly.

      • Brandon Golway

        On Verizon I had unlimited data, 1000 texts and about 400 shared minutes and my bill was about $90. On T-Mobile I have unlimited everything for $90 a month, H/H+ or LTE in most places, if I am stuck on edge while driving it’s usually only for about 10 minutes or so, unless I’m out in the Pine Barrens or something.

    • Yes, but once every 2 years one of your phones will be subsidized, so when you turn around and sell it later you will get more money than what you paid for it.

      • mcdonsco

        Not true…if your keeping unlimited data on Verizon you always pay full retail for phones…none are subsidized.

    • Trueblue711

      You don’t get to keep your phone with Verizon Edge. So you are paying for a phone you will have to give up.

  • Adam Truelove

    I can upgrade every year on AT&T with nice and affordable Nexus phones. Dumping Verizon last month was the best decision ever.

    • Pakmann2k

      Wish I could leave VZW. ATT at my home is about one step up from Morse code. No high speed and barely a bar.

      Random tip. Next party you throw at your house. Play with other people’s phones. That’s how I determined which carriers and devices had the best signal at my house. Fortunately, I had the best in both categories. Verizon and Motorola.

      • Big_EZ

        Motorola is always going to be best, HTC is good, Samsung and LG are hit or miss.

        • Brandon Golway

          Agreed, I hope Motorola will release more GSM phones because the only ones available on T-Mobile at the moment are the G and X.

    • Brandon Golway

      I can upgrade on T-Mobile twice a year, whenever I want, with nice and affordable phones in general! Dumping Verizon 6 months ago was an even better choice! 🙂 I’m eligible for my first jump now and I wanted the Note 3 but I think I’m going to see what Motorola will be displaying at MWC, I feel the need to go back to my Android roots since I’ve had 2 HTCs and 2 Samsungs since I had the OG.

  • Chris Bailey

    I don’t understand why you guys are posting close-up pics of the logos on the bamboo back – it looks AWFUL – like it’s made with cut-out medical tape or something. Ugh.

    • Pakmann2k

      Totally agree, looks like it is going to splinter within a couple months. That photo alone convinced me to stay away from bamboo.

      • Brandon Golway

        My girlfriend just got a wooden case for her Note 3 and I told her that it was probably a bad choice since wood isn’t known to be too resilient and will probably break at the first drop. About a week later I looked at the bottom of her phone and almost the entire bottom was broken off, she said she dropped it in her office and the entire bottom broke off!

    • Daniel Russell

      It doesn’t look great, but its always nice to have different pictures and not the same Verizon logo over and over again.

      • Chris Bailey

        I agree, but God… Any other phone but that… I realized that it looks like steri-strips, not medical tape… 🙂

        • WCM3

          Agreed. Almost looks like you could heat it up and remove it totally?

          Well, can ya, Kellen? 🙂

    • Paul Hansen

      You’re right. Choice is bad. Especially something unique and choosing to display the only unique thing out there… When the GS5 comes out they’ll show it in all the pics because then it’ll be new… then the new motox,.. then the nexus, etc. It’s just new. Why are you so up in arms about a picture?

      • Chris Bailey

        I’m not really. If the purpose is just to show”Verizon” I’d choose something a little cleaner is all… Meh. Just surprised at how bad it looks.

        • calculatorwatch

          I’m just hoping it’ll be easy to scratch off when I get mine 😉

    • Stephanie

      I agree, Kellex has pumped this phone bow-legged.

  • PD

    What’s the point, you still have to have half the phone paid off, who is going to do that????

    • Pakmann2k

      I could see someone paying off 1/2 a Moto X for an early upgrade. Like $200 and then jumping to a Maxx or S5.

  • d-rock

    Insult to injury? lol

  • S9779

    one of the worst deals going. Let me pay 250 to 400 bucks to use a phone for a month. If I had that kind of money to burn I would not need edge just pay full retail then sell on eBay in 30 days for 90% of what you paid.

    • hkklife

      Agreed. I had the VZW rep tell me last time I was in-store that Edge was like “Netflix for phones”. When I asked him what the hell kind of analogy that was he said “You can pay a low monthly rate from us and always be guaranteed the newest and best phones.” I told him no thanks but I would stick to my full retail + sale way of doing things to preserve unlimited. He looked quite miffed.

      • Franz

        They get brainwashed into thinking that they truly are giving you a great deal. It’s not their fault.

        • Vitis

          Agreed. I work at Sprint and have to bite my tongue a lot about plans and service, but I gotta pay rent somehow.

          • Kevin

            That is fucked up. Lol

    • Franz

      Seriously. That’s almost 8-12 months of my whole cell phone bill on prepaid.

    • ezerpdog

      or use verizon edge and pay it off 100% in however long you need instead of just paying off 50%. Keep the phone, sell it on ebay for 90% of what you paid and get a new phone from verizon. Repeat and rinse.

  • RedXander

    Farking iceholes…