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Quick Look: Galaxy Note 3 S-View Flip Cover With Wireless Charging

At the end of December, Samsung finally released the S-View Flip Cover with wireless charging for the Galaxy Note 3. The cover is exactly what you’d expect from the S-View series (actionable items through a window without opening the cover), but with the inclusion of wireless charging to the backplate, you get the freedom to never have to plug-in your device to charge it. We seem to continue to see movement towards wireless charging becoming somewhat of a standard in the industry even though with Samsung you’ll almost always have to pay extra for it.

We picked up the S-View Flip Cover with wireless charging at its steep $69.99 price tag to give it a whirl for those interested. All of the details, features, and our thoughts for it can be found in the video below, but I’ll say one thing – this case feels a heck of a lot more premium than that fake, wannabe pleather stitched backing that comes with phone. I’m not sure any case on the planet is worth $70, though, even if it does feel this nice. 

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  • Truffol

    It should retail for $40 tops…


    Calling someone from the Ann Arbor area, Kellen? Go Blue!

    • I think it was a spam call. 😛

  • Thomas Westrick

    The hilarious part is this is actually cheaper than the standard Wireless charging kit if you already have a wireless charger from another phone.

  • jim

    I do like it but, don’t like that it makes my phone twice as thick , love how slim it is , and not going to spend 70 for it then have to buy the charger, not worth it, as far as the back, I have no problem with how the original back feels

    • crazed_z06

      Agreed.. I got the regular wireless charging back but I dont like the extra bulk

  • T4rd

    Kellen, can you see if this charges at USB or AC speeds in the battery/power menu (it specifies at the top in the graph)? If it says USB, then that is going to take forever to charge. I’m doubting this wireless charger keeps up with the OEM 2A charger.

  • Gary Graf

    Hope this comes out for the S4. Rocking the Spigen S-cover clone.

    • Mario
      • Gary Graf

        Oh no way! Thanks! Didn’t know they came out with the S4 one. All the android sites I read just reported the Note 3.

        • Mario

          Yea, I didn’t see it on any android sites either. I saw it on Amazon and checked on Samsung to see if it was real and not a nock-off..

          I was looking to get a S-view Flip Cover or the Wireless Charging back cover then saw this and got both in one..

  • Jeff C

    anyone try out the wireless charging receivers that you just put on the battery? not looking to drop more loot to samsung for an overprices cover

    • Jeff C

      or you could just downvote and not answer my question, either or.

    • Alex

      I have been rocking one since Christmas and it works great

  • Daniel

    For those of you who either felt like the Note had too big of a screen, or wasn’t a big enough phone can now have it both ways…larger phone with the case, and smaller screen when closed….why?!

    • E A butler

      the little window in the cover actually makes it pretty handy to take quick notes and snap a few pics without actually having to open and unlock the phone.

  • litobirdy

    so $70 plus the cost of a wireless charger

    • Eric R.

      You got that right

  • John Legere

    $70 for slower charging, and more faux leather, woooooo