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Monday Poll: Whose 2014 Flagship are You Most Looking Forward to?


Being January of a new year, we have a lot of great things to look forward to; the biggest of all being new device releases from all of the top manufacturers in the game. Each company will more than likely bring its A-game, as Samsung continues to move further ahead of the rest of the Android OEM pack, something that we hope HTC, Motorola, and LG can counter.

For Samsung, we are more than likely going to see the Galaxy S5, a device that already has a ton of rumors and speculation surrounding it. Recent reports state that the phone should be announced in March with availability beginning in April. For specs, you can already guess that they are going to be the top tier of top tier on a smartphone.

As for HTC, the successor of the One device is also rumored for an unveiling in March, and is said to sport a dual-sensor camera. Whatever it does sport, HTC better bring it big time if they intend to remain competitive with Samsung and LG.

As you all know, we love Motorola’s Moto X device, so that might be the phone we are most looking forward to. As of right now, there are no real rumors surrounding the device, but we can hope that Motorola will continue its steps toward optimizing software and hardware, while also allowing customers to customize their devices. We think that’s what made the Moto X such a hit among the hardcore Android lovers.

So, let’s hear your thoughts down below. Which OEM’s next flagship offering are you most looking forward to?

Which OEM's 2014 flagship are you most looking forward to?

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  • over 5K votes for Moto, give me a break…… they’re just going to release another sub-par phone as their flagship, but you all keep holding your breath for something great while Samsung and I laugh about the “competition” – AGAIN

    • dizel123

      And you will post another sub-par comment while the internet laughs at your “stupidity” AGAIN

    • needa

      now it is over 5001

  • htowngtr

    Successor to the Moto X developer

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    Waiting to see what Moto is going to bring in its next flagship phone, Moto Y… I don’t want a 4k display. All I want is Moto X with MAXX battery…

  • James Hill

    Anyone else notice the Galaxy Nexus and the Droid Bionic have those enormous extended batteries?

  • Eric Mykleby

    OK, I seriously want to get a customized Moto X, but the Verizon plan I’m on is a business account and for some reason you can’t use Motomaker if you have a business account. Does anyone know how I can get a customized Moto X with this problem?

  • brkshr

    Nexus! Hopefully a Moto Nexus!

  • Mike

    I know they aren’t an OEM, but I chose Other as I am most excited for Google’s next offerings regardless of who is manufacturing it. I bought a N5 from the play store and am eagerly awaiting what the next Nexus brings to the table.

  • Adam Truelove


  • Even back when Motorola used Blur, I still liked it better than Touchwiz, Sense, or LG’s take (can’t remember right now).

  • shooter50

    I would love to see a poll like this of the general public. I’m guessing the results would be quite different

    • John Davids

      Why? It would be quite boring:

      85% – don’t know / care
      10% – Apple
      5% – What is an OEM?

  • Carlos

    Personally, I’d like to see Sony add a wacom digitizer to their Z Ultra. It’s the only thing missing for such a large screen on a phone.

  • Craig

    I was torn between Motorola and other (Oppo/OnePlus) but Motorola really wowed me with the X. Looking forward to X2.

  • still holding on for that Moto Nexus 😛

  • ahhh yes

    Really hoping HTC blows is away but will probably end up getting the z1 compact

  • Jon Soucy

    MotoX2 with higher capacity BATTERY, wireless charging, same screen size & resolution (for battery life), improved processor, better camera

    • flosserelli

      Agreed, except I want a slightly larger display (5-5.2″). Once you get used to a phablet, it is hard to downsize. But if the Moto X was just a tad larger, I would be on it like white on rice.

  • Orlando

    MOTOROLA all the way.
    Moto x, with better camera, wireless charging, and 5″ screen.

  • Matthew Merrick

    Moto X, Phabletized!

    Failing that the Z Ultra 2, or the One Max 2.

    And if those are disappointing, the Hisense x1

  • VoiceofSky

    Hello Moto ! ..

    I’m looking forward to all of them,but Motorola is a beast when it comes to Hardware and Consumers .. Thanks to el goog ,CAN’T WAIT 🙂

  • Truffol

    To hold its Android crown Samsung really needs a flagship in metal shell! Otherwise HTC will be stealing sales from right under Samsung’s nose for sure.

    • shooter50

      oh yeah, like the HTC One made barely a dent in Samsung sales. HTC makes the greatest phone that no one knows exists. With Samsungs marketing, they could be making phones out of popcorn and still crush HTC

  • Samsung Galazy SIII ….No Doubt

  • wmsco1

    What’s that a bulge in your pocket or a phone or are you just glad to see me? This could be you if you had a Note 3! Lol

  • djdsf

    I love that there are no rumors of the Moto X2 and I think it’s mostly because Motorola’s new approach to phones really leaves no place for rumors to go since they could literally take the phone in any direction. I’m honestly happy that I can finally be surprised by a phone that will more than likely be more than awesome. At least, when the S5 comes out, we will know if they have paid attention to what Moto has been doing (not change much hardware and go for better software) or if they will continue to go the apple way and just go for flashy rather than innovative. Regardless, 2013 was the last year of me owning a Samsung phone.

  • ezpotato

    LG G3 all the way!

  • Bruce

    Motorola, but I picked Samsung because I’m afraid Motorola would not use the top of the line hardware on Moto X2.

    • calculatorwatch

      They won’t, but I bet you it’ll still be a way better phone than the GS5 by the time it comes out.

  • jmsbwmn

    Ready, set, hate! I voted for Apple. I want to see them them innovate and spice things up again. I love Android and plan to continue using it, but Apple changed the game forever when they introduced the iPhone. iOS has been stagnate for years, and the visual redesign in iOS 7 was not enough to sway me back.

    FWIW, my next phone will be a Moto. I just really want Apple to step it up!

    • Chris

      If you don’t think the iPhone made that android is today then you are not a true android fan

      • jmsbwmn

        I don’t understand how anyone could down vote that post. It’s just the truth. Even if you are a die hard Apple hater, competition always benefits the consumer, i.e. us.

        • Chris

          Because some android users are so brain dead its funny.

          • Come on man, I tossed an up-vote your way on the picture, but then removed it when I saw this comment. Why be disparaging? What’s the point? You just as easily could have said “It’s probably Android loyalists showing their disdain for everything Apple, regardless of merit – both sides can be a bit blinded by rivalry at times, I guess” and you would have gotten the same point across in a much more controlled manner.

      • a3uge

        Voted down because it’s a strawman argument about the past that responds to a post about iOS’s lack of significant innovations in the past couple years. It addresses nobody in particular, so it comes off as condescending and trollish.

  • Lacus

    Never thought I’d favour Motorola, but there you got it.
    Next is Nokia.

  • crazed_z06

    Excited to see what Samsung does with the S5 with regards to body construction, software features, etc. They could land a devestating blow to Moto, HTC, and LG if they release a precision piece of machinery like the iphone5. This is the fifth iteration, so they should just about have the formula worked out.

    • Chris

      Hardware can be as fancy as they want. It all comes down to SOFTWARE and how this new “touch wiz” UI does in the REAL world.

  • Kelly

    Really happy to see Motorola on top here.

    I’m about as happy as can be with my Moto X, so I definitely don’t expect to be in the market for a new phone next year. That being said, though, I’m really looking forward to what’s next from Motorola because it will prove whether or not the Moto X was an anomaly. I really hope Motorola stick to their guns with the Moto X successor–keep it cheap, keep it customizable, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep at least a 4.7″ option (and if you’re only going to make one phone, please keep it 4.7″). The current attitude of many Android manufacturers, making flagships 5″ and up and making everything <5" "mini" (with dramatically inferior specs) is really frustrating, because for me, 5" is just too big. 4.7" is that ergonomic sweet spot.

    Beyond phones, too, I'm hoping to see something about a Moto tablet.

  • CasperTFG

    I see some GNexes up there…Holla!

  • Chuck Ehrlich

    Larger Moto X. Current one is just too small for me. I still have a GS3 rooted running 4.4.2. It is sufficient til something better comes out. The G2 is nice, but those back buttons blow.

  • windhoarse00

    Oppo find 7! How can u not mention that!

  • archercc

    LG since they will likely win the N6 and it might be time to replace the N4 by then.

  • JMonkeYJ

    I’m planning to get either the next HTC or Sony at the beginning of the year, then the next Moto or Nexus at the end. This year is looking like a great year for phones, I hope it lives up to my expectations.

  • XvierX

    Moto X with an improved camera. Battery size is sufficient but I’d like wireless charging added. Other than that, keep the off contract price low and I’m game.

  • ninjawarren

    Looks like Motorola really captivated die-hard Android fans this year.

  • Sean Bello

    I think I’m actually a little surprised by this, but kinda not? Either way, looks like Samsung took a HUGE fall with the enthusiasts and spec whores.

  • Stephen D

    Samsung. Though the Note 4, not the S5.

  • Dominick White

    I waiting for a new Lg Phone, i love what they did with the g2

  • Orion

    Looking forward to what moto has in store this year. Hopefully, the rumored moto phablet. Also the next Nexus.

  • Never Hide

    I checked on Sony ,
    Now I changed my mind for Moto.

  • B!

    Definitely hoping the next line of DROIDS have better cameras. Love Motos interface.

  • Corey Smith

    Just got the Droid Maxx, and despite no root, I’m LOVING the device.


    Luckily, I can upgrade twice a year with my new Tmobile 🙂 And we get Nexus devices


    Whatever the Nexus 6 is…

    • dizel123

      I think you mean Nexus 13

  • John charitos

    Motorola x 2 or Moto nexus.

  • Trevor

    Definitely Motorola. I don’t think Google counts as an OEM, but I’m always looking forward to the next Nexus, too.

  • As much as they continue to piss me off, it’s STILL “Hello Moto.” {{-_-}}

  • thunder_jayhawk35

    definitely moto. My wife and i both have samsung devices(S3,Note 2 for myself) and i think it’s time to try a new company out for a change. I do have a question for anyone reading this. i do want to get my wife a moto x from moto maker off contract. i’m on verizon. she’s not due for an upgrade til march 2015, but her phone’s crapped out on her so she can only talk on the phone through speakerphone. My question is I went to Verizon and they told me it would cost 600+ to get an off contract moto x and activate it on her line..but wouldn’t i just have to pay the 399 on moto maker and just go into a store or call and get the phone activated to her line???

    • dizel123

      Rule #1 If you ask Verizon customer service a question…any question…the answer you get will be wrong because 99.99% of them don’t even know what color the sky is. But yes, you can just order it off Motomaker for $399 and activate it on her line.

      • seahawksbandwagon

        I agree

    • pappy53

      An off-contract Moto X on Verizon is $399.99, not $600.

      • seahawksbandwagon

        Is verizon always this shady or are they just honestly that clueless?

  • Samsung, by far.

  • Jonathan

    Sony is below Apple… hahaha. I guess we’ve all agreed that, “wait, Sony makes phones?”

    • paul_cus

      Yeah, unfortunately I get that comment most of the time when I show someone my Sony phone.