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Monday Poll: Whose 2014 Flagship are You Most Looking Forward to?

Being January of a new year, we have a lot of great things to look forward to; the biggest of all being new device releases from all of the top manufacturers in the game. Each company will more than likely bring its A-game, as Samsung continues to move further ahead of the rest of the Android OEM pack, something that we hope HTC, Motorola, and LG can counter.

For Samsung, we are more than likely going to see the Galaxy S5, a device that already has a ton of rumors and speculation surrounding it. Recent reports state that the phone should be announced in March with availability beginning in April. For specs, you can already guess that they are going to be the top tier of top tier on a smartphone.

As for HTC, the successor of the One device is also rumored for an unveiling in March, and is said to sport a dual-sensor camera. Whatever it does sport, HTC better bring it big time if they intend to remain competitive with Samsung and LG.

As you all know, we love Motorola’s Moto X device, so that might be the phone we are most looking forward to. As of right now, there are no real rumors surrounding the device, but we can hope that Motorola will continue its steps toward optimizing software and hardware, while also allowing customers to customize their devices. We think that’s what made the Moto X such a hit among the hardcore Android lovers.

So, let’s hear your thoughts down below. Which OEM’s next flagship offering are you most looking forward to?

Which OEM's 2014 flagship are you most looking forward to?

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  • vanity

    For Samsung, we are more than likely going to see the Galaxy S5, a device that already has a bestbuy
    surrounding it. Recent reports state that the phone should be announced
    in March with availability beginning in April. For specs, you can
    already guess that they are going to be the top tier of top tier on a

  • Dustin

    Fingers crossed for a new Droid 5! Hardware QWERTY keyboards all the way!

  • antonello

    Definitely Moto can’t wait to see moto x successor and new droid line

  • Noel

    Seriously i want to see each of the mentioned OEMs bring their A game to their 2014 flagship. For HTC’s sake they better not cede any inch to Sammy spec-wise on the M8…and we all hope they will do a better job with marketing the device as well. We all know Sammy is trying their very best to one up the HTC flagship, while LG will do their utmost to go shoulder to shoulder with the GS5 and M8. Judging from the superb job they did with the G2, we expect even better with the G3. As for Moto X..i am sure Motorola will do a good job with the optimization of the Moto X2, but they will have to up the specs to 2014 with a 5″ screen on a compact frame. Ok one more Sony..just shrink those bezels and give us a Z2 akin and as compact as the amazing job they did with the ZL’s size.

  • Foo

    No option of Google? Answered Other. I don’t care who makes it.

  • Rondo

    Have to say Motorola, I’ve really liked the way they’ve been moving in the past year and have high hopes for their upcoming products. I’d be happily carrying a Moto X right now if they had just gotten it to market a little bit sooner (is Dennis Woodside still reading DL posts? If so, what the hell took you guys so long?). As it is I’m stuck with my S4 for quite a while.

    Also, and this isn’t meant to be trolling, if Apple releases an iPhone with a decent sized screen I’d possibly be interested.

  • ki11ak3nn

    I would like to see a bigger Moto X. Like a 5-5.2 inch screen. That would be perfect!! Thanks!!

  • TC Infantino

    Holy landslide Batman! Motorola with 55% so far.

  • matt

    I’m pumped for the next nexus, I ordered my wife a n5 the day it released but but kept my nexus 4 since I was trying to save money and it’s still in great shape.

    I’m also really excited to see what the next moto phone will be, heres to hoping for a nexus moto!

  • khsunny5

    For the love of Pete, I sure hope Moto can doing something with their terrible cameras!

  • over 5K votes for Moto, give me a break…… they’re just going to release another sub-par phone as their flagship, but you all keep holding your breath for something great while Samsung and I laugh about the “competition” – AGAIN

    • dizel123

      And you will post another sub-par comment while the internet laughs at your “stupidity” AGAIN

    • needa

      now it is over 5001

  • htowngtr

    Successor to the Moto X developer

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    Waiting to see what Moto is going to bring in its next flagship phone, Moto Y… I don’t want a 4k display. All I want is Moto X with MAXX battery…

  • James Hill

    Anyone else notice the Galaxy Nexus and the Droid Bionic have those enormous extended batteries?

  • Eric Mykleby

    OK, I seriously want to get a customized Moto X, but the Verizon plan I’m on is a business account and for some reason you can’t use Motomaker if you have a business account. Does anyone know how I can get a customized Moto X with this problem?

  • brkshr

    Nexus! Hopefully a Moto Nexus!

  • Mike

    I know they aren’t an OEM, but I chose Other as I am most excited for Google’s next offerings regardless of who is manufacturing it. I bought a N5 from the play store and am eagerly awaiting what the next Nexus brings to the table.

  • Adam Truelove


  • Even back when Motorola used Blur, I still liked it better than Touchwiz, Sense, or LG’s take (can’t remember right now).

  • shooter50

    I would love to see a poll like this of the general public. I’m guessing the results would be quite different

    • John Davids

      Why? It would be quite boring:

      85% – don’t know / care
      10% – Apple
      5% – What is an OEM?

  • Carlos

    Personally, I’d like to see Sony add a wacom digitizer to their Z Ultra. It’s the only thing missing for such a large screen on a phone.

  • Craig

    I was torn between Motorola and other (Oppo/OnePlus) but Motorola really wowed me with the X. Looking forward to X2.

  • still holding on for that Moto Nexus 😛

  • ahhh yes

    Really hoping HTC blows is away but will probably end up getting the z1 compact

  • Jon Soucy

    MotoX2 with higher capacity BATTERY, wireless charging, same screen size & resolution (for battery life), improved processor, better camera

    • flosserelli

      Agreed, except I want a slightly larger display (5-5.2″). Once you get used to a phablet, it is hard to downsize. But if the Moto X was just a tad larger, I would be on it like white on rice.

  • Orlando

    MOTOROLA all the way.
    Moto x, with better camera, wireless charging, and 5″ screen.

  • Matthew Merrick

    Moto X, Phabletized!

    Failing that the Z Ultra 2, or the One Max 2.

    And if those are disappointing, the Hisense x1

  • VoiceofSky

    Hello Moto ! ..

    I’m looking forward to all of them,but Motorola is a beast when it comes to Hardware and Consumers .. Thanks to el goog ,CAN’T WAIT 🙂

  • Truffol

    To hold its Android crown Samsung really needs a flagship in metal shell! Otherwise HTC will be stealing sales from right under Samsung’s nose for sure.

    • shooter50

      oh yeah, like the HTC One made barely a dent in Samsung sales. HTC makes the greatest phone that no one knows exists. With Samsungs marketing, they could be making phones out of popcorn and still crush HTC

  • Samsung Galazy SIII ….No Doubt

  • wmsco1

    What’s that a bulge in your pocket or a phone or are you just glad to see me? This could be you if you had a Note 3! Lol

  • djdsf

    I love that there are no rumors of the Moto X2 and I think it’s mostly because Motorola’s new approach to phones really leaves no place for rumors to go since they could literally take the phone in any direction. I’m honestly happy that I can finally be surprised by a phone that will more than likely be more than awesome. At least, when the S5 comes out, we will know if they have paid attention to what Moto has been doing (not change much hardware and go for better software) or if they will continue to go the apple way and just go for flashy rather than innovative. Regardless, 2013 was the last year of me owning a Samsung phone.

  • ezpotato

    LG G3 all the way!

  • Bruce

    Motorola, but I picked Samsung because I’m afraid Motorola would not use the top of the line hardware on Moto X2.

    • calculatorwatch

      They won’t, but I bet you it’ll still be a way better phone than the GS5 by the time it comes out.

  • jmsbwmn

    Ready, set, hate! I voted for Apple. I want to see them them innovate and spice things up again. I love Android and plan to continue using it, but Apple changed the game forever when they introduced the iPhone. iOS has been stagnate for years, and the visual redesign in iOS 7 was not enough to sway me back.

    FWIW, my next phone will be a Moto. I just really want Apple to step it up!

    • Chris

      If you don’t think the iPhone made that android is today then you are not a true android fan

      • jmsbwmn

        I don’t understand how anyone could down vote that post. It’s just the truth. Even if you are a die hard Apple hater, competition always benefits the consumer, i.e. us.

        • Chris

          Because some android users are so brain dead its funny.

          • Come on man, I tossed an up-vote your way on the picture, but then removed it when I saw this comment. Why be disparaging? What’s the point? You just as easily could have said “It’s probably Android loyalists showing their disdain for everything Apple, regardless of merit – both sides can be a bit blinded by rivalry at times, I guess” and you would have gotten the same point across in a much more controlled manner.

      • a3uge

        Voted down because it’s a strawman argument about the past that responds to a post about iOS’s lack of significant innovations in the past couple years. It addresses nobody in particular, so it comes off as condescending and trollish.

  • Lacus

    Never thought I’d favour Motorola, but there you got it.
    Next is Nokia.

  • crazed_z06

    Excited to see what Samsung does with the S5 with regards to body construction, software features, etc. They could land a devestating blow to Moto, HTC, and LG if they release a precision piece of machinery like the iphone5. This is the fifth iteration, so they should just about have the formula worked out.

    • Chris

      Hardware can be as fancy as they want. It all comes down to SOFTWARE and how this new “touch wiz” UI does in the REAL world.

  • Kelly

    Really happy to see Motorola on top here.

    I’m about as happy as can be with my Moto X, so I definitely don’t expect to be in the market for a new phone next year. That being said, though, I’m really looking forward to what’s next from Motorola because it will prove whether or not the Moto X was an anomaly. I really hope Motorola stick to their guns with the Moto X successor–keep it cheap, keep it customizable, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep at least a 4.7″ option (and if you’re only going to make one phone, please keep it 4.7″). The current attitude of many Android manufacturers, making flagships 5″ and up and making everything <5" "mini" (with dramatically inferior specs) is really frustrating, because for me, 5" is just too big. 4.7" is that ergonomic sweet spot.

    Beyond phones, too, I'm hoping to see something about a Moto tablet.

  • CasperTFG

    I see some GNexes up there…Holla!

  • Chuck Ehrlich

    Larger Moto X. Current one is just too small for me. I still have a GS3 rooted running 4.4.2. It is sufficient til something better comes out. The G2 is nice, but those back buttons blow.

  • windhoarse00

    Oppo find 7! How can u not mention that!

  • archercc

    LG since they will likely win the N6 and it might be time to replace the N4 by then.

  • JMonkeYJ

    I’m planning to get either the next HTC or Sony at the beginning of the year, then the next Moto or Nexus at the end. This year is looking like a great year for phones, I hope it lives up to my expectations.

  • XvierX

    Moto X with an improved camera. Battery size is sufficient but I’d like wireless charging added. Other than that, keep the off contract price low and I’m game.

  • ninjawarren

    Looks like Motorola really captivated die-hard Android fans this year.

  • Sean Bello

    I think I’m actually a little surprised by this, but kinda not? Either way, looks like Samsung took a HUGE fall with the enthusiasts and spec whores.

  • Stephen D

    Samsung. Though the Note 4, not the S5.

  • Dominick White

    I waiting for a new Lg Phone, i love what they did with the g2

  • Orion

    Looking forward to what moto has in store this year. Hopefully, the rumored moto phablet. Also the next Nexus.

  • Never Hide

    I checked on Sony ,
    Now I changed my mind for Moto.

  • B!

    Definitely hoping the next line of DROIDS have better cameras. Love Motos interface.

  • Corey Smith

    Just got the Droid Maxx, and despite no root, I’m LOVING the device.


    Luckily, I can upgrade twice a year with my new Tmobile 🙂 And we get Nexus devices


    Whatever the Nexus 6 is…

    • dizel123

      I think you mean Nexus 13

  • John charitos

    Motorola x 2 or Moto nexus.

  • Trevor

    Definitely Motorola. I don’t think Google counts as an OEM, but I’m always looking forward to the next Nexus, too.

  • As much as they continue to piss me off, it’s STILL “Hello Moto.” {{-_-}}

  • thunder_jayhawk35

    definitely moto. My wife and i both have samsung devices(S3,Note 2 for myself) and i think it’s time to try a new company out for a change. I do have a question for anyone reading this. i do want to get my wife a moto x from moto maker off contract. i’m on verizon. she’s not due for an upgrade til march 2015, but her phone’s crapped out on her so she can only talk on the phone through speakerphone. My question is I went to Verizon and they told me it would cost 600+ to get an off contract moto x and activate it on her line..but wouldn’t i just have to pay the 399 on moto maker and just go into a store or call and get the phone activated to her line???

    • dizel123

      Rule #1 If you ask Verizon customer service a question…any question…the answer you get will be wrong because 99.99% of them don’t even know what color the sky is. But yes, you can just order it off Motomaker for $399 and activate it on her line.

      • seahawksbandwagon

        I agree

    • pappy53

      An off-contract Moto X on Verizon is $399.99, not $600.

      • seahawksbandwagon

        Is verizon always this shady or are they just honestly that clueless?

  • Samsung, by far.

  • Jonathan

    Sony is below Apple… hahaha. I guess we’ve all agreed that, “wait, Sony makes phones?”

    • paul_cus

      Yeah, unfortunately I get that comment most of the time when I show someone my Sony phone.

  • When I hit submit I was SO hoping to see Moto at the top and now my techie heart is content! I’m excited for what’s coming concerning Moto.

    • Chris

      You need to get out more,.,.

      • You’re so brave insulting someone over the internet, especially since you know me and how much I do or don’t get out.

        • Chris

          Given you took that as an insult it must be true.

  • Chris


    you can say they are dead all you want. They are only “dead” when they are no longer in business.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Went with apple. Since they only focus on 1 phone they might push it.

    • dizel123

      HAHAHA!!! The only think Apple will push is litigation.

    • Chris

      I dislike the iphone. I don’t “hate” it. Been an android suer since 2010 and Android is far from perfect.

  • Philip J. Fry

    Whoever makes the next nexus gets my business.

  • EC8CH

    Moto X with a better camera… BOOM, DONE. GAME OVER.

  • Poop

    Who knows why people voted for motorola. Almost as bad as HTC

    • Doan

      My guess is, they voted for Motorola because it’s the 2014 flagship they are most looking forward to.

    • joejoe5709

      Sorry but I agree with you. For the same price there are better overall phones than the Moto X and HTC One. Each have their merits but I’m more interested in a phone with the least amount compromises.

      • Kevin

        Yes but they all lag.

  • JoeTi

    Definitely Motorola. They’ve been crushing it since new management rolled in. Super excited to see what they do next (and loving my Maxx).

  • Liderc

    Honestly, I’m not sure. I love my Nexus 5 and I’ll be curious which manufacturer gets the next one. I’ll probably stick with my N5 unless the next one has a mind blowing camera. I’d be interested in the Galaxy S5 if they removed the physical home button. HTC could surprise us, but I have a feeling I’m not going to like this year’s phones in general, they’re all pushing the screen size a bit too much.

  • Bigger near stock Moto X on VZW.

    That, or option H: I spent so much on phones in 2013, I may skip 2014.

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    Moto X with a bigger screen, better battery life, and a camera to compete with the big companies.

    • anon

      Moto X with a note 3 size screen! and while i am dreaming a removable battery and an sdcard.

  • MikeKorby

    Is that.. is that a Bionic in the picture..?

  • T_Dizzle

    I want to see the Oppo Find 7 on Verizon’s network.

  • troy studnicka

    The S5 obviously!!

  • Moto X + Better camera + 5″ display (my hands are too big!) while still staying ergonomic + another great goodie like Active Display = nearly perfect phone

    • jmsbwmn

      You bring up a valid point. Not everyone’s hands are the same size. It’s ridiculous for a manufacturer to think that one screen size is enough. I would love to see Motorola and other OEMs offer the same phone, just in different sizes: ~4″ and `5″.

      • TC Infantino

        Moto did just that, sort of…and only on VZW. They have the X at 4.7″, the Mini at 4″, and the Ultra and Maxx at 5″. With just a few minor differences they are all the same phone.

  • David graves

    Moto for sure can’t wait

  • NexusMan

    Motorola all the way!

  • “54 votes for Apple”

    I didn’t know Ron had 54 different browsers!


    • Stevedub40

      Haha, it’s up to 109 votes. That just baffles me.

  • Alec

    Motorola because they’ve basically fixed all of their initial mistakes and their next phone will be excellent because of it.

  • paul_cus


  • paticao


    • Kevin


  • Jpx

    I can’t believe how much Motorola has changed my views on cellphones with just one phone. I had been exclusive to HTC phones for 3 generations for its amazing design. Now I have the Moto X, with less than stellar specs but it is blazing fast because of Kit Kat. And its getting instant updates, unlike HTC. That plus it has not only a beautiful but extremely functional design. And the thing that tops it all off is that it adds features that work and are intuitive. They almost function for themselves. Can’t wait to see an Moto X refresh

    • Chris


    • Kevin

      Thanks to Kit Kat? You mean thanks to that Moto X8 architecture.

  • arcanexvi

    Lulz… i was pegging it at 45% Moto as my guess. I was WAY off.

    • Dave

      Well, any other brand you’d comment would get you down votes, so….

  • Phillip Bee

    ASUS !! Cant wait for them to drop the US Padfone. They are also my underdog for the N6 OEM. I believe they are very underrated.

  • Canadaian Dude

    I will support Motorola so long as they don’t make their next device carrier exclusive in Canada -_- I love the Moto X and even though it might have sub-par specs, it’s numerous features are beautiful and outstanding when compared to the features that other OEMs put in. If I could, I would trade my Nexus 5 for a Moto X without hesitation

  • hyperbeatser

    Moto no doubt

  • Rodeojones000

    Voted for Motorola, even though I’m just as excited to see what LG does with the G3 (the G2 is by far my favorite device of 2013).

    Also, not Samsung.

  • I’m really hoping that Motorola evolves MotoMaker this year and adds some deeper customization options! Maybe even steal a couple of ideas from Project Ara 😀

    • Chris

      You can get that pretty cheep by visiting the lego section of the toy department.

  • joejoe5709

    Currently, I’m excited to see if the Galaxy S5 will usher in a new era of Android features and/or hardware. Samsung tends to be ahead of the curve a bit so it’s exciting, plus it’s the biggest name in Android so I’m always excited. So that’s where my vote went.

    Otherwise I’m really excited to see if LG can finally duke it out with Samsung at their own game with a G2 successor and the like. LG has a loooong road ahead of them but I think this year they’ll start pushing hard against Samsung. And now that I have an LG G2, I’m biased in my curiosity.

    But more importantly Motorola has such massive potential that I feel like they could go a million different directions and that is all very exciting. Will they make Motorola into a Nexus-plus brand almost like a test bed for future stock Android features? Will they expand upon the mostly stock Android and add some more innovative features? Will they finally get a halo phone to rival the specs of the others? Will they keep the “specs don’t matter” mentality? Will they get another chance at a stock Android/Nexus device? Will they ever get a tablet to rival those from LG, Samsung, and even Google?? Sooo many questions and possibilities!

    • pappy53

      Yeah, but on the 4 major U.S. carriers, iPhones still outsell all Android phones COMBINED.

  • Daniel

    ::cough:: Droid 5 ::cough:: revive the keyboard phone and show everyone what they’ve been missing out on by making it stock or as a Google Experience Device on Verizon finally…but I think my head is in the clouds

    • Chris

      missing out on thick ass phones with flimsy plastic buttons that are there if you need it or not, no one misses that.

  • Ben Edwards

    I’m actually struggling to look forward to anything at the moment, there’s really nothing out there (rumored or otherwise) that truly wows me anymore. Maybe the follow up to the HTC One (if they trim the bezels and opt for on-screen buttons), assuming HTC have the money to pull it off. I want something with proper battery life, a 1080p screen and a solid build quality. The N5 ticks two of those boxes…if only the battery were better.

  • Amorel79

    Exact same MOTO X but with 1080p, bigger battery, more color options.

    • 4n1m4L

      The point of the moto x was to move past the spec war.

      • Actually his wishes are pretty much in line with what I think Moto thinks. 1080p could be possible considering it is a 2014 flagship and I hope it happens. Bigger battery is only necessary if we get a 1080p or larger display, and more color options are never a bad thing.

  • John Mahoney

    i’m shocked to see Motorola is ahead. impressed to see how Google uses them going forward. always thought they’d keep them for a enteprise-user phone line but wonder if there are plans to use them for Nexus devices. I don’t care as long as that MOTOBLUR crap is in a Google “self-aware” trash bin.

  • Ryan Callihan

    If Moto makes the next Nexus device with the same ergonomics of the X and it has stellar battery life… *swoon*

    • Nikuliai

      that would basically mean sharing the goodies, killing motorola in the process, Moto should stay out of the Nexus brand, they’re already close enough (if you see the prices 2 months after release)

  • Severo Rivera

    The next Nexus device.

  • elemeno

    Only interested in Nexus devices. Don’t care what OEM.

    • Chris

      hows your mothers basement>

      • Philip J. Fry

        Because he likes 1 phone type? You sir are a idiot and a troll.

        • John Legere

          I know i’ve trolled, but Chris is the epitome of the word Troll.

  • Boblank84

    moto, and whoever is making the next nexus.

  • Such

    I know most hate Note 3 type phones BC of their size, but I’m waiting for Moto to release their big screen device. Saw something about the Moto “xplay” that leaked a while back but not much info since. Been waiting for stockish android on a big 5.7′ screen

  • Christopher Moore

    I’m saying Apple because I want to see how they respond to a big phone design and screen resolution wise.

  • clobberedchina

    Apple should do something interesting this year. They have been coasting for a long time.

    • SplashMTN

      I’m guessing that we’ll see nearly the same components as the 5s with a slightly larger (not just longer) screen. That’s obviously not really going out on a limb though.

      • hkklife

        My prediction for iPhone 6: 32GB the baseline storage level to replace the 16GB SKU, 2GB RAM, similar styling to 5/5S and a screen size around 4.5-4.7″

    • Ben Edwards

      The same thing has been said for the last couple of years though, I don’t think anything is about to change.

    • joejoe5709

      At this point they’re dragging the whole market down. Whether we like it or not, most apps are designed for both operating systems including games. Apple needs to step it up because they’re darn close to slowing innovation as a whole. The only thing I’m really happy with is that they’ve forced Samsung and/or Google to fast track 64bit.

    • a3uge

      We said this last time. There’s plenty of room for improvement… the screen size is still incredibly small in comparison to the variety of Android phones available, and there’s still no NFC, IR blaster, or wireless charging.

  • Jack3D

    After what they managed to do with the MotoX, how can you not say Motorola?

    S5 will just be some evolution of the S4. And with TouchWiz, will not wow anyone who knows better.

    HTC might not ever release another phone the way things are going…

    LG’s stuff has been a little to weird for me…

    I just wish I could trust Moto/Google to put a decent camera in whatever they come out with.

    • arcanexvi

      Take a Sony camera and throw it in a Moto shell please.

    • Alisan_C

      they did put a decent camera, it’s just not a DSLR but what do you expect it’s a phone..

      • Jack3D

        I expect a camera that is as good as the cameras in the flagships of their competitors.

        S4, G2 and iPhone all have great cameras. No reason Motorola can’t make it happen.

        • Alisan_C

          Then you will pay a higher price, it’s as simple as that 🙂

          But I think the point Motorola (and Google) is trying to make is: stop with specwars (higher mp) and higher prices..

          • Jack3D

            It’s not about specs, it’s about quality. LG managed to put much better specs (compared to MotoX) in the G2 and sold it for the same price as the MotoX. The MotoX runs perfectly well with the CPU/GPU it has, but the G2 also has a phenomenal camera…again for the same price.

            It doesn’t need to cost more. Nexus 7 and 5 have great specs and are some of the cheapest devices around. MotoX didn’t set the world on fire with it’s rock bottom pricing.

            And that was the main disappointment when the device was announced: the price. For selling at the same price as the other flagships, most felt it should deliver the same specs as the others. Motorola felt that its EXPERIENCE was a premium one and justified it’s price. I think they were mostly right. I love my MotoX, but the camera is usually pretty damn awful. Some random times, it actually impresses me with high-quality pictures, but that could just be because I’m used to it taking bad ones.

            My wife’s iPhone 5C takes way better pictures than my MotoX. For a lesser price than I paid for the MotoX.

            Just good enough is NOT enough. The MotoX raised the bar for their products by leaps and bounds…now they need to keep going.

          • Alisan_C

            I don’t like LG, they are one of the worst if you talk about smartphone quality… That’s the reason they are almost extinct in the european smartphone market. Their televisions aren’t spectacular either.

            imo quality wise LG is one of the worst.

          • Jack3D

            That’s fine if you don’t like them. I don’t like their phones either.

            I was specifically talking about their camera, but it could have just as easily have been Samsung I was talking about.

  • SplashMTN

    I love my G2, but I don’t feel like they’re software is going to get any closer to stock in 2014. I’d like to see what Motorola comes up with this year – hopefully a solid camera experience.

    • joejoe5709

      LG and Samsung are the poster children for over designed skins. it’s not going to change anytime soon. But as long as I can root my G2, I’m a happy guy.

      • John Legere

        At least LG isn’t bloated and slow.

        • Mike H.

          Yeah. Hopefully Samsung fixes that. They eliminated the 16gb Note 3 because of all the junk they add.

    • coh303

      I really don’t mind LG’s skin for the most part. But I still crave that stock experience! I think Moto is going to keep making waves and they’re going to be continue being the company to watch.

      • SplashMTN

        I’m in the same boat. I ran Nova for a while, but I’ve been using LG’s version of stock for over a month now and don’t mind it. Eventually I will probably put Cyanongenmod on mine, but I’m going to wait to see what LG does with 4.4 first.

        • coh303

          Yep I’ve got Nova making it look pretty similar to stock right now. Yea hopefully they get that out sometime soon!

          • SplashMTN

            No transparent nav/notification bar kind of killed it for me. I didn’t think I would mind not having it, but it looks so much better. I wish LG would do away with the grey gradient in the Nav bar and just make it completely black. I know you can do this with root, but I’m hesitant to root right now.

          • dscott1027

            I thought it was very easy to root and the LG Exposed app has made it so I dont feel like I need to rom at all.

        • NorCalGuy

          GEL and gravity box and you will have the stock Google experience with all the bennifits of custom Roms through gravity box. If you are already rooted this process would only take as long as it takes the apps to download, and you wouldn’t loose a thing on your phone.

    • Al-Burrit0

      Yea LG will most likely copy Samsung’s newest ui skin look

  • btod

    I vote for HTC just because I don’t want to see a Samsung android monopoly. Android is starting to become synonymous with samsung with the non-tech audience.

    • Dave

      Yeah that 76% market share is pretty devastating. Imagine if one manufacturer of cars sold 76% of all cars, I don’t see how others could stay in business.

      • Nikuliai

        there are 1billion smartphones and 4 million extra as potential clients, the market is still pretty much open, Samsung sucks, but it’s because of them that Android has the market share it has, we should at least take that into consideration (I’m still a Moto shipper tho, but Samsung transformed the market, I hope the % changes, but considering the game it will be a slow turn)

    • EdubE24

      Although I do get excited to see the new Galaxy release. It’s become like the day they announce the newest iPhone.

  • jak_341

    1) Samsung – Note 4.
    2) Motorola – next Moto X, provided we get better specs and a bigger screen.

    Don’t see anyone else. I don’t think HTC is going to survive and LG updates are not always timely.

    • Sqube

      While Moto will almost certainly bump their specs, their whole point with the Moto X is that they’re just not going to get involved with the spec war. I’m kind of hoping that they’ll be the ones to step back from it and really show how mature Android has become as an OS. You don’t need bleeding edge hardware to run it anymore.

      That said, I got the One. I love it. I’m definitely looking forward to the HTC Two (or whatever they’ll call it). The UltraPixel idea is interesting, but 4mpx was just too low.

      • hkklife

        There is never “enough” when it comes to battery life,camera quality, overall real-world performance or onboard storage.

        I want to see Moto continue to refine their product’s weakest areas—-namely, screen size/resolution, camera quality, onboard storage and battery capacity. We need a Maxx-style battery option for all variants of the Moto X, not just VZW.

        • cfusionpm

          I have a Droid MAXX and never once have I felt hindered by my screen resolution. I guess I’m old fashion, but this phone has the same resolution as the laptop I used in college. I would much rather have the kind of battery life I have now than waste a bunch of resources on pixels my eye can’t even see anyway.

        • Kelly

          “their product’s weakest areas—-namely, screen size”

          The screen size is *not* a weak point on the Moto X. For millions of consumers, it is a strong point. I will not buy a 5+” device unless I am forced to. The marginal benefit I get from having a larger screen with more space is far outweighed by the discomfort in my hand. I’m not saying that 5″ devices shouldn’t exist, but we seriously need to avoid a world where all Android flagships are 5″ and up, because just about everyone who wants to use their phone one-handed comfortably (unless you have giant hands) will be shut out of the Android flagship market.

          • Chris Hannan

            Yeah, I have an iPhone 5S and a Nexus 4. I’ve never felt like my iPhone’s screen was too small to use comfortably, but I do feel like the Nexus 4 is a bit too big to use one-handed sometimes.

            I held a Moto X and it really feels like the perfect size and shape for a phone. It’s amazing Motorola was able to fit a 4.7″ screen in a device that feels so small.

          • Kelly

            Yeah, the design of the Moto X is key, because other 4.7″ screen phones (Nexus 4, HTC One) have felt too big for me as well.

            I have a friend who wanted to switch from iPhone to Android, but feared all of the Android flagships were too big to fit in her pockets/use comfortably. I urged her to check out the Moto X. She bought one and loves it. Android manufacturers can’t build all of their phones exclusively for people with giant hands–she’d still be an iPhone user otherwise, and so would millions of others (especially women).

          • Chris Hannan

            Not too worried about these phones fitting in my pocket. I can slip my Nexus 7 in most of my pockets. It’s not particularly comfortable, but it fits. But yeah, I prefer one-handed use over these giant screens. It could be because I like having a dedicated tablet for my big touchscreen needs, but for whatever reason I’d much rather an iPhone 5/5S size phone than a Galaxy S4/One-sized device.

            The Moto X seems to be the perfect balance between screen size and overall size.

      • Moto could just upgrade the specs to a Snapdragon S600 and that would probably be all the spec-bump you would see. Increased RAM not necessary. Bigger battery and better camera hopefully. 1080p display is a big question though.

  • deadsix

    I’m looking foward to the Moto X (2014). I want to see if Motorola can keep up some momentum. If they come in with a nice off-contract price ~$400. I think they can get some consumers from Samsung and LG products.

    • XboxOne

      then expect a 720p screen again.

      • Justin W

        So, by around that time, the Nexus 5 will probably be much cheaper to make (including the screen), yet, by your logic, we can’t hit $400 with a 1080p screen?

        I guess it doesn’t matter either way, I usually don’t hold my phone an inch from my face to try to stare at the pixels.

        • Chris

          Thats not the point of high res screens

          • Nikuliai

            to be honest, at this point it kinda is… 720p in that size is enough and with 1080p you can’t even see pixels anymore, there is almost no point to escalate past that imo

          • JMonkeYJ

            Text, in particular websites, still does look substantially better at 1080p. I use my phone for browsing a lot, so not 1080p is probably a deal breaker.

          • hkklife

            Agreed. There is a definite benefit to getting off of 720p and on 1080P. THEN we can stop there because its absolutely ludicrous to go beyond that on a mobile device IMO. Let the industry settle on 1080P across the board whenever possible and optimize everything around that. For example, MS is now paying a heavy price for letting the Wintel OEMs keep shipping garbage 1366×768 TN panels for so many years and refusing to address Windows’ scaling for higher-DPI displays.

          • Nikuliai

            hmmm I did also use my old phone to browse a lot and I never had a problem (and it was 800×480), I honestly think that everyone makes pixels more relevant than they actually are, hell the flagship phones have better resolutions than most of the notebooks out there

          • Justin W

            320ppi is high enough, IMO. I noticed zero difference between my HTC One and my Moto X when I compared them (aside from the obvious AMOLED vs. LCD differences).

  • jbreezy

    why can’t i vote?

    • Because you are a woman?

    • Tony Byatt

      Because voter fraud is illegal… 😛

  • Samvelavich

    After the Moto X, I have complete trust over what Motorola is gonna release this year.

  • chris125

    I wanna see what those rumors of Verizon and google working together bring. Would love another nexus on big red

  • interstellarmind

    You left out Google as an option.

    I’m patiently awaiting the Nexus 6 (or Nexus 5 2014, whatever it’ll be called). No longer interested in other phones.

    • btod

      There’s the option “Other”

    • Josh Carroll

      Agreed, unless it’s made by LG.

  • Ben Murphy

    Definitely Moto.

    • Jeff718

      Moto Nexus 6

      • Josh Carroll


      • John Legere

        LG is doing fine. Even though, with Moto, better chance of Verizon, since it’s not Google, directly.

      • I really don’t want this. Hate all you want, but at this point I wouldn’t buy a Moto device without Active Display and Touchless Control

        • JBartcaps

          Very true but none of those would be possible if it wasn’t for Moto’s SoC which I hope more OEM’s start to use.

        • Kelly

          I agree completely, but (call me a heretic) I don’t think a Nexus and Active Display/Touchless Control/other Motorola features are mutually exclusive. Now that Moto is updating all of their OEM experience apps in the Play Store, they can be divorced entirely from the system; they already update independent of the system anyway. Motorola can ship a Nexus device with things like Active Display, Touchless Control, etc. preinstalled as 100% removable (not just disable) user apps. That way, people who buy a Nexus but aren’t into the dev scene/don’t really care about pristine stock Android (a lot of people, given the popularity of the Nexus 4 & 5) get a Motorola phone, and people who want stock Android can just uninstall the apps. The dev community/custom ROMs wouldn’t be hampered at all.

          I know that might not jive with the Nexus philosophy, but really, Google has already given Nexus devices some exclusive features (Google Experience Launcher, the Cloud Print service which is mysteriously missing from Moto X’s 4.4, etc.) in this same app-based way, so it’s not too farfetched.

          • Mr_Bucket

            Nexus devices have been shipping with features that aren’t part of AOSP for a while now so I definitely agree that a Motorola Nexus could ship with Active Display. It doesn’t have to be removable and it doesn’t have to be included in AOSP. Think about Photosphere and the Nexus 5 launcher – you won’t find either on a device that isn’t a Nexus (I realize any OEM can create a version of Photosphere but it’s not part of the AOSP camera app)..

          • brkshr

            I agree, but I don’t see Moto giving away their main features that differentiate them from the rest, to a phone that sells almost at cost. They have been in the red far too long. They need to make a profit and increase their following before they can give away their main features.

          • Blue Sun

            Totally agree Kelly. Not long ago NFC was limited to the Nexus line before it became pretty common on Android devices.

          • maxfrix

            They are mutually exclusive because special hardware is required. Moto is only company with it.

          • Kelly

            Nexus devices have used OEM-specific proprietary chips before–Exynos, etc. There’s no reason a Nexus device couldn’t use an X8.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          Yes yes yes! I’ve been using my X since Thursday and quite frankly, it is the best phone I have ever owned. Coming from an iPhone 5S, it can’t hold a candle to the X. While the specs don’t make any fanboi happy, the overall package is fantastic!

        • brkshr

          I’m sure Moto will continue to make their “Moto X” line if they make a Nexus device as well. Why wouldn’t you want a Nexus device to have Moto’s superior hardware? A Nexus has to be made by some manufacturer. Why not Moto?

      • Eric R.

        It sounds crazy, but I want the DROID 5

        • cmorty72

          Droid 5 with an unlocked bootloader (standard).

        • DreamingOfDroid5


        • Comova

          Please Please Please – A Driod 5.

      • Ralph Bretz

        I only want to see a Motorola Nexus if it’s available on Verizon. Also with Active Display and Touchless Control.

    • Justin W

      No contest, Moto all the way. I think they knew that when they ran the poll though.

      • Dave

        Any other comment, and the community feels the need to down vote. I definitely need to see a 5″ moto device.

        • Cesar

          Droid Maxx

          • mcdonsco

            I have and am selling for lg g2 and I’m a total moto fanboy most of the time…

            The recent kit Kat update really f’d up the maxx and in addition made the already meh camera much worse.

          • mcdonsco

            Seriously, truth gets down voted here? Nice…

          • Nikuliai

            truth gets you down voted even in real life…

          • B!

            There are a lot of nincompoops & trolls that’ll do that. I voiced my opinion on about something on here & got down voted because it was the truth. It happens.

            Did 4.4 really make the camera worse? I was going to get a Maxx in a few days.

          • mcdonsco

            Unfortunately it did…before 4.4 the camera was acceptable, but just barely…4.4 pushed it to unacceptable territory…also, I was getting to the end of my work days with 55+ % battery left and after 4.4 I now hit around 25% battery left so on really busy days it dies before my day is over (used to make it to the nightly charge on super busy days).

            There are a number of other issues now too…I’m in my car most of the day and thus stream Pandora all day, used to NEVER have any “blips” playing…now they are quite regular, have app crashes at least 3-4x more often, and some connectivity strength issues that it didn’t have before.

            Its too bad too because other than a poor camera by comparison of say Samsung devices it was otherwise a fantastic device.

            I’m actually heading to the Verizon store now to get the g2 and have already sold my maxx on eBay, going to USPS to ship it out after I pickup the g2.

          • B!

            Man. I love Motos too, minus the camera. I’m gonna head up to the store later this week & see if their demos have it & go from there. If I’m not satisfied I’ll have to wait until their next phone comes out. I installed a custom ROM (Cyanogen of course) & this thing has been buggy since July. I’m never doing that again.

          • mcdonsco

            I’ve ALWAYS been a die hard moto fan as well, even sticking with them while most of the tech world seemed to hate them (og droid, droid x, then x2, then RAZR, then RAZR maxx, RAZR maxx HD to this maxx).

            But this update really messed it up…plus, its about time I stick with something else for a few months to see how life outside moto is (I’ve had the s4, note 3 etc but ended up returning them).

          • B!

            If the MAXX/Ultra/Mini/Moto X had the S4 camera, they would hands down be the best phone(s) out. TouchWiz is too gimmicky. LG’s interface is cheesy looking. I work at an AT&T authorized retailer so I get to play with a lot of different phones. I used the S4 for web browsing & the camera but I gave that to my wife. I have the Optimus G Pro but I’m gonna use that to trade in to get the MAXX but after what you told me I might have to hold off.

          • pappy53

            Get the Maxx, you will love it! And no, the camera is not worse.

          • B!

            Word paps. I’m going to the store to check it out on 4.4. I’ll most likely get it because my RAZR Maxx is too unstable with CM on it & I’ve been wanting the MAXX since June.

          • TC Infantino

            I have the Maxx, and I am take the occasional photo with it. I have not noticed a difference at all with the quality of the pictures before and after the update. I think they are good enough qualilty, though I would doubt they can compare to true cameras. I think you will be very happy with the Maxx.

          • B!

            Thanks TC. I know I’ll like it. 9 out of the 12 cell phones I’ve had from 2000 – present have been Motos. I’ll just pay the extra $20+ a month & Edge Up then get the next MAXX.

          • TC Infantino

            Welcome. And coming from the Rezound to the Maxx, I am just blown away with how long the battery lasts on the Maxx. I loved the Rezound for it’s screen, and the excellent speaker, and it had a good feel in hand, but Holy hell the battery was just sad. LOL

          • B!

            LOL. I’ve had my Droid RAZR Maxx since April 2012 & am spoiled by the battery. I can’t see myself getting anything else.

          • pappy53

            Speak for yourself, not everyone else. I have 4.4 on my Maxx, and it runs great. Plus, the camera was not downgraded.

          • TC Infantino

            I have the Maxx and I was included in the soak test for the 4.4. I was fortunate in that I didn’t have any problems with the update, and I believe that the phone is running as smooth or even better than before. I am just wondering what Motorola did to help you once you started to experience problems because of the update. Have you tried to return it under warranty or talked with a service rep? I had to have my Rezound replaced twice under warranty within the first 6 months, but after the problem was addressed, I was very happy with the phone.

          • B!

            He also could’ve pimped the system by replacing it twice & then requesting a comparable model. Asurion is offering the Note 3 in place of the G2. I’m sure VZW’s warranty department would do the same.

        • KOBALT

          I’d prefer a screen size slightly bigger than the Nexus5. I came from the Note 3 to this. I’d like to see some middle ground.

          • hkklife

            This. LG totally hit it out of the park with the G2. “Big”, bright, and lovely IPS screen thanks to narrow bezels and onscreen buttons. It will only improve as immersive mode becomes more widespread. The perfect size range, assuming virtual buttons and 1080P, is somewhere between 5.2″ and 5.7″. I really like the feel of the Optimus G Pro at 5.5″. Give it onscreen buttons and a slight reduction in bezel size and you’d have the ideal compromise between usability and screen size.

        • Kelly

          Please, please, please, no. There are plenty of manufacturers playing the screen size game. I’d rather Motorola stay right at 4.7″. If they go 5″, and HTC goes 5″, there will be no Android flagship devices under 5″. I’m a guy with decent-sized hands, but my absolute requirement in a phone screen is the ability to hold it in my right hand and reach the upper-left corner of the screen with my thumb without significantly moving my hand. I can just barely do it with the Moto X. It’d be fine if they had two versions of the phone (with the same specs otherwise), one 4.7″ and the other 5+”, but I think Moto is more likely to stick with one flagship.

          • Anon Yser

            i have a motorola droid mini and its screen is 4.3″ and i think that 4.3 to 4.7″ is the best screen size.

      • Stevedub40

        What blows my mind is the 109 people that voted for apple. WTF,lol ?

        • Chris Bailey


        • Alisan_C

          I’m also curious what it would be like, but it’s not my n1 (motorola).

        • r0l

          It’s called a troll honey pot. Now they have IPs of comment trolls. 😛

    • abqnm

      Agreed. Moto Nexus would be awesome. And if they did it, I hope they make it compatible with Moto’s apps like Active Display and Touches Controls (via Play Store download, of course–it is a Nexus).

    • Mike H.

      Moto with an sd slot and sweet speakers and camera. I want to listen to higher level music and sammy is the only one that offers an sd slot since the giant One is not a real option.

      • Stevedub40

        I tell ya, the speaker on my Moto X sounds incredible to me. Hands down the best speaker I’ve had on a phone. I can actually use my phone for a radio now.

        • anezarati

          yeah i was surprised by the loudness of the speaker. the virbration on the X is insane too, much stronger than other devices i have used

        • g4t34

          The best speakers i have have had came from moto devices. The bionic actually had very impressive speaker on it, camera on the other hand…..

      • brkshr

        You should give up on having an SD card from Moto. Google is highly against it and I’m sure they wouldn’t allow Moto to have one either.

    • LiterofCola

      Yup Moto, but if the evleaks leak is true about the Sony Sirius being released on Verizon, I’m putting my Droid Maxx on early retirement.

  • athensjohn

    I am looking forward to what Motorola does, but you might want to add Google to that list as I am always looking forward to seeing the next nexus device.

    • Sean Walton

      Google does not make the hardware/equipment, they make the OS/software.