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Ready for the LG G3? Report Says It’s Coming in May

After a decent year for LG, but one that still saw Samsung dominate headlines and sales charts with its line of Galaxy phones, the company may be moving towards a May release of its next flagship, potentially called the G3. According to a report from Korean media, the new May release time frame will be done specifically to put it close to Samsung’s April launch of the Galaxy S5. 

As you may recall, the G2 was only released in late September as LG’s newest flagship, a device we are actually quite fond of here at DL. With its solid camera, amazing display, incredible battery life, and unmatched performance, one could argue that it’s as good as any other phone on the market. Be sure to read our G2 review if you haven’t already.

For whatever reason, all of those attributes didn’t help the device fully put LG back on the smartphone map. Maybe a release of the G3 shortly after the Galaxy S5 will help, especially with a massive marketing push.

Today’s new report out of Korea also suggests that the phone will feature a QHD display (2560×1440), the new oft-listed spec of the moment for rumored devices of 2014. Samsung’s new phone is rumored to carry a QHD display as well.

Who wants LG to put out a G3 already? G2 owners, would you jump to the next version already?

Via:  AsiaE | G for Games
  • EYang

    Background: original iPhone (screen had a big deadzone) to HTC Incredible (buggy software) to Samsung Galaxy Nexus (too many problems to list) to LG G2. So far I’m extremely happy with the G2. The size might be a tad on the large size, but the phone is fantastic. Battery life is awesome. Screen is huge and crisp. OS and UI is quick and lag-free. But we’ll see how it does over the next 6 months after heavy use. So far, though, it’s been a dream to own.

  • Marks Foto

    slap a QWERTY keyboard on this thing and I will up the price $500

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    I have a G2 and love it. It won’t hurt my feelings at all if they come out with a G3 in May. I still love my current phone in all it’s Android 4.2.2 glory. I currently don’t care if it gets updated, or anything. It is just a great, solid phone that I am completely happy with even after owning it for months.

  • edwoordd

    can anyone help me?! I have my verizon g2 rooted but I can’t backup due to failed android with a red triangle, am I missing something??? I unrooted and rerooted so i”m stuck -__-

    • staticx57

      Sounds like you still have a stock recovery not TWRP or CWM.

  • namskies

    As an owner of nearly every smartphone and tablet in the last 4 years, my current daily driver is an LG G2 and is hands-down the best Android phone I’ve used out of box (as a daily driver). I would jump up to the G3 in a heartbeat if it doesn’t get more bloated, fixes the G2’s quirks, and improves the camera.

  • CinCityKid80

    It would have to be a huge improvement for me to upgrade from my G2. That phone is amazing and it only cost me $200 off contract. (Thanks Amazon!)

  • Snowbo13

    The G2 is a sweet phone and in my opinion way better the the S4. I think its smart of them to come out before the s5. This way it will be in at least all the comparisons and shoot outs. I can’t stand touch wiz. Lgs ui is OK but could use some improvements.

    If the g2 was on us cellular it would have been a toss up between it and the moto x which I bought

  • Joel Nunez

    I just got the g2, but will buy the g3 as soon as it comes out. Love the g2.

  • James Hill

    No, the G2 is bad-ass. Plus, I’m the only person I know with a G2. I swear, everyone I work with owns either a GS4 of the iPhone; the G2 besets them both. 2014 will be the year of LG mobile.

  • I’m all for more competition and options.

  • GS

    Sold! (If comes with removable battery) if not……………. Doh!!!!!

  • HotwingCindy

    ill get it if its an upgraded g2 with gps that works

    • Droid 1967

      where are you located , I ask because i had seen people with gnex have gps issues also when noone else did. And gps on the g2 for me is fastest ever and right on spot.

  • Nick Mushat

    I’m up for a renewal in may (have a htc one xl) so that timeline is perfect. LG blew me away with the G Pad, picked up the GPE edition and absolutely love it

  • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

    I ended up getting rid of my G2, just for the sheer fact (that for me) it FELT cheap.

    I couldn’t get past that plastic slick back. While performing great, I just couldn’t do it. I think we need something different, event the note 3’s fake leather felt better.

    Have the Droid Maxx and haven’t looked back 🙂

    • joejoe5709

      Agreed. This is the first phone that a case was absolutely necessary. I felt like a disgusting human being judging by all the grease coming from my fingers. Not only was the phone slimy, but also way too slick to hold. Got an Incipio Feather case and it’s muuuuuch better. It doesn’t protect it much but I don’t care. I usually rock naked phones anyway. I barely notice the case is even there which is huge for me because any amount of added bulk is bad. As an added plus now my phone looks and feels like a Nexus!

      But seriously… the disgusting, slick plastic made you get a new phone? To each his own I suppose. 🙂

      • Droid 1967

        funny because the g2 seems like the highest quality phone i have owned. weird how people have such different perspectives 🙂

      • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

        Yeah I know, It’s a sickness. lol, what a shame 2 downvotes on that post simply for putting an opinion.

        In my sickness’ defense, where I used to live was a HUGE trading/selling hub for Android enthusiasts 🙂

        • DaveyF’nJones

          You don’t deserve a Android phone, get a iphone, troll.

          • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

            Are you retarded? A “troll” for having an opinion, not being rude, and commenting? You sir, are a moron, and the very definition of a troll.

  • SplashMTN

    I got my G2 in November and I love it. I think this might be the first phone to be a solid performer for the 2 year contract that came with it.

  • Andrew

    I wonder how thin the bezel will be on it after the G2. It looks really amazing. Anyway, LG did a great job with this phone, I love mine.

    • joejoe5709

      To be honest my fat fingers accidentally touch the screen enough as it is. It’s tough to imagine smaller side bezels.

  • Zach Wagner

    My knock on feature stopped working when the screen isn’t on :/ only works to turn the phone off… Anyone know why?

    • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

      Factory Reset??

      • Zach Wagner

        Did it, still doesn’t work. Only works when the screen is on

        • Droid 1967

          when the phone is off it goes into deep sleep. press and hold on the screen for 2-3 seconds than let up and double tap.

          • Zach Wagner

            That didn’t work either. I’ve tapped the phone on every part of the screen harder and slower, still nothing

          • Andrew

            This happened to me before, download a proximity sensor tester app and make sure the proximity sensor is working correctly, if its not and says something is close when nothing is covering it, it is disabling knock on to prevent it from waking up in your “pocket”. If its not the proximity sensor then I dunno.

          • Zach Wagner

            Sensor works fine according to the test

  • mcdonsco

    So I’m super impatient and I know now the g3 is due out in a few months and so is the s5 but again, super impatient and thinking of selling my maxx (newest maxx, not a RAZR one) and getting a g2…


  • Bigwavedave25

    I loved my G2 since the day I got it. I unlocked it shortly, now I’m back on AOSP/CM 4.4.2 (kitkat!) with all that goodness PLUS I have the LG stock camera [mod] and LGQuickRemote [mod] to bring back everything great about this phone that was not supported by stock android. Absolutely love the screen and battery on this thing! My GNex feels like an antique next to the G2.

    • joejoe5709

      Did they ever get Knock On/Knock Off to work correctly and consistently? How is Kit Kat? Faster than stock?

      • Bigwavedave25

        I am currently running OSE 4.4.2 (the 12/17 nightly) which is a CM based rom.
        – The knock-on feature (kernel based) works just as stock.
        – Knock-off does not work, but you can set long press on one of the softkeys to go to sleep if using the “stock” GPE Launcher or I use Nova Launcher and have the double-tap gesture set to launch “Screen Off” app which then mimics the stock knock-off feature.
        – Kitkat is just kitkat, I was running it on my GNex prior, so I was already used to it. Nice to have transparent notification and nav bar areas to try and prevent the burn-in my GNex had. Plus it make the screen look “bigger” 🙂 Oh, I guess the biggest thing is having the GPE launcher (from the N5) with integrated GoogleNow just a swipe away.
        – As for the speed, I cannot tell any difference. I was stock for only a little while. Both seem to fly for me, no hiccups or studders. This phone is such a beast, switching apps is almost instant. Crazy.

        I really missed not having the QuickSetttings pull down on the stock 4.2 rom. I know there are widgets available, but I’m so glad to have that back now.

  • GJV

    I’ve had a VZW G2 for a few months now. Great phone (came from a GS3) for all the reasons listed. I would like to have an LG version of KitKat and I’m a little concerned about future updates given LG’s less than stellar rep, but really as more and more of Android is broken into apps and becomes updatable via the Play Store, I’m not as anxious for KitKat as I was, for example, for 4.2.2 (ended up being 4.3) when I had the GS3. The fact is that Android has matured and the updates don’t matter as much as they used to.

  • Sankyou

    Please make a G3 mini that can be held in one hand and has the same specs only with a smaller bevel-less screen. Do this and I’ll root it to remove your bloat and happily pay whatever you charge.

  • Luxferro

    Anyone else tired of seeing bigger and bigger phones, and higher and higher res? Gimme the flexible, scatch resistant phone (LG Curve) in a normal size (4-5″) and I’d be interested… even if it’s only 720P… that’s all you need IMO on a damn phone.

    • Jeremy Gross

      meet me half way (sorta) 4.7 with a small form factor, manufacturers should learn from moto x

      • Jon

        Well I’m still waiting for Motorola to make a phablet sized Moto X. 5.3″ screen size or so would be great. It’s just very difficult to go back to a smaller screen once you’ve had the Galaxy Note for a while. I did it for the S4 and have regretted it since day one. I’m jumping back up to a larger size phone in a few weeks.

  • NBM

    If the G3 turns out to be so, really hope the Nexus 6 is made by Motorola this year and does not have a QHD display… I’d rather have the available performance, battery life, [an updated X8 and it’s perks,] and even better ergonomics.

  • Droid Ronin

    I wonder if the G3 will be the base for the Nexus 6.

    • Humberto Hernandez

      Nexus 6? A 6 inch phone?? No thanks.

      • Patmw123

        Nexus 5 refers to it being the 5th generation Nexus phone, not the screen size.

        • joejoe5709

          There’s debate for that and no clear answer. Some say that the Nexus 7 got a successor with the same name and the same screen size so that makes us think it’s just convenient that the Nexus 4 was the fourth Nexus AND it had a 4-ish” screen. The Nexus 5 practically has a 5″ screen but it’s also the 5th Nexus. Some say the tablet naming scheme and the phone naming scheme are independent because obviously the Nexus 7 wasn’t the seventh Nexus. But you’d eventually have some overlap in 2015 when we do get the 7th Nexus so that can’t be right. Personally it has more to do with screen size than generation but I guess we’ll have to see if the 6th Nexus has a 6″ screen or if it’s named something like Nexus 5 2014. Heck maybe we’ll get both. Google doesn’t currently have a phablet offering 🙂 Lol.

          • Patmw123

            I agree with what your saying regarding the Nexus tablets, but I have to respectfully disagree with the phones side of it. While I understand the Galaxy Nexus or Nexus S obviously doesn’t give anything to either side of the argument, I feel that the Nexus One does. It was obviously the first generation nexus and obviously did not have a 1″ screen. The Nexus 4’s screen was much closer to 5″ than it was to 4″. So imo, the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 both represent the nexus generation number rather than the screen size. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see whatever the next Nexus phone is named.

          • Adrynalyne


            The Nexus 4 didn’t have a 4 inch screen.

            I guess we will find out with the next Nexus phone 😉

    • joejoe5709

      As much as I love my G2, let’s hope not. I’m really excited for a new OEM to give it a try. Motorola seems like the obvious choice but I’d like to see HTC work with Google again and Sony could use some street cred just like LG did two years ago.

      • Droid 1967

        why do people say this nexus devices number have nothing to do with the screen size. while it may be a coincidence the numbers were close to screen size recently due to the increase in screen sizes in general the name was not due to screen size and never will be. there really is no debate this is a total false assumption. nexus 1 did not have a 1 inch screen .

  • Philip J. Fry

    Maybe they will base the g3 more off of the nexus 5 design. That is one beautiful cellular communicator.

  • Gs3, 3gs, g3…..too many gs and 3s

  • WCM3

    I can’t say i would jump to the G3. More than happy with my G2 running ParanoidAndroid. Feels like my Nexus 5 but with a better camera and bigger battery. 🙂

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    They have to Keep pace with Samsung. LG’s goal is obviously to take down samsung. They are very reactionary to sammy. S4 in April LG won’t be far behind

  • epps720

    I love my G2, it’s an amazing phone. If I could get another Amazon glitch and buy an off contract G3 at $199. I’d be all over that again!

    • Ben Murphy

      That glitch is how I scored mine 🙂

      • Sankyou

        Same. Sold it and bought an X. I would have kept it if it wasn’t so damned big though. Everything else about this phone was perfection after a debloated ROM.

        • ki11ak3nn

          I would have gotten a Moto X if it wasn’t so small. I like the idea of phones having 3 sizes. Mini, Normal, and Maxx. For all the different sized hands in the world.

  • Tyler James Edward Hills

    This QHD stuff just sounds terrible. We don’t need more resolution. Focus on color accuracy, outdoor visibility, brightness, and impact on the battery. I don’t need a million more essentially useless pixels. Not on a smartphone anyway

    • Nathan Borup

      well if it is mems display then the color accuracy and outdoor visibility will definitely improve

  • Ben Murphy

    I never thought I’d like an LG device again…the G2 proved me wrong. With a strong development community, this phone is the Nexus 5 for Verizon. Leaps and bounds over anything I’ve previously owned.

    • Eric R.

      After having the EnV Touch from LG, I was done, but the G2 and Nexus look great

      • ki11ak3nn

        My wife had an EnV. She hated it also. Now she has a Moto X and so far loves it!!

  • joejoe5709

    Other than snagging some GSIII 2 year contract converts, they’re better off waiting for late summer like they did with the G2. The Galaxy S5 is a major contender and I’m not sure LG has the street cred to compete on a level playing field with Samsung just yet. And who knows what juggernauts Moto and HTC have planned. I think they should wait until a little closer to the holiday season, but that’s just me. Instead of a September release, maybe July or August could work.

  • besweeet

    BREAKING: My exclusive sources are reporting that X by Y is coming by Z of 2014!!!!!!1

  • Jkdem85

    Loved the g2, but I had just bought it to test it out before the note 3 launched. I came so close to keeping it, but the removable battery just pushed me to Samsung.

    • Andrew

      Why is that so important? I never understood that…

      • Jkdem85

        Because I destroy batteries and travel a lot so it’s a plus to be able to replace them or add on a large zero lemon style one. Don’t understand the down votes I love the g2.

        • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

          I’m the same way, but having the Droid Maxx has been a lifesaver. Have an external battery pack and always good 🙂

  • imHOWIE

    Seeing as I just got my G2 in September, I won’t be eligible for an upgrade for a long time so no G3 for me. I’m waiting to see what follows the Moto X in hopes that it gets a bigger, 1080p display. That was one of the main reasons I chose the G2 over the X.

    • HarvesterX

      I got mine around the time that you did, so that also applies to me…wait a damned second…lol, I completely forgot that I purchased my G2 at full retail cost. I guess I am eligible for an upgrade then whenever I want.

      The specifications on the G3 along with whether or not it’s unlockable will both help determine whether or not my G2 ends up for sale online. In the last quarter of 2013, LG released the G2 which easily bested Samsung’s best efforts (the GS4) and even stood toe to toe with Samsung’s giant, the Note 3.

      If they they can do this one more time, then Samsung should start worrying. I’m looking forward to seeing what LG does and if they continue to innovate on display and battery technologies. I do have one major concern though. Last I heard, LG was shifting their focus away from mobile devices and focusing squarely on appliances, while still maintaining their mobile department. Did something change here that I’m unaware of?

  • litobirdy

    G2 very underrated phone once you get used to the back buttons.

    • Big_EZ

      While I’d prefer Motorola, they don’t offer what I want (larger screen, storage) this may just be a way from me to get off of my Note 2, and not get a Note 3. I love the size of this phone, but I hate it more and more each day because of Samsung’s horrible UI.

      • Dave

        I returned by Note 3 and kept my Note 2. Performance was better, but not light years better, battery life is still way better on the 2.

      • PuttsMoBilesiCit

        You should check out the Droid Maxxx then.

        • Big_EZ

          Already have, and it may end up being my next phone. The main issue I have with the Droid Maxx is storage, not enough and no microSD slot. If that phone had a microSD slot I would have it already.

          • jamie

            Everything is moving toward the cloud. I have the Maxx and came from years of the iPhone including the 5s. This phone is super fast and I have zero complaints.

          • Big_EZ

            I’m not moving to the cloud yet, until I don’t drop a data connection. I quit carrying a mp3 player when I got my first Android phone, without decent storage I’d be forced to take a step back and start carrying multiple devices again, that’s not very smart for Smart phones. I went and played with it again yesterday, it’s definitely the smallest I’ll go for a phone, it’s pretty small (currently using Note 2).I love the phone though.

      • Logan McClellan

        What you need then, is a Sony Xperia Z1.

  • Blue Sun

    I’m sure G2 owners are more eager for Kit Kat than they are the G3.

    • Tony Byatt

      Most G2 owners probably don’t even know what Kit Kat is outside of the candy bar…

      • Mike H.

        Oh i do and so do a few on xda. Wouldnt be surprised if the g3 ships with 4.4 and never recieves an update…..unless you live in korea.

        • Tony Byatt

          You are not most…

          We are the minority…

          Those who visit tech sites and forums are greatly out numbered but the average consumer who doesn’t…

          • Mike H.

            Yeah….my friend has an s3 and she doesnt even know what Android is……..

          • T S

            haha. ask them if they have an Android phone and they respond “no, i have a Samsung”. yep, know a few of those.

          • Mark Mann

            Or the even better “I have a droid”

      • NickA

        Most Android phone owners have no clue what version they are on, nor do they care. With the way the phones are skinned, updates are unneeded for the majority of people.

        • Tony Byatt


          I didn’t know the G2 had a cult though…


      • Douchebuster

        You go through life generalizing everyone?

        • Tony Byatt

          Except most isn’t everyone…



          • Adrynalyne

            You go through life generalizing most people?

    • joejoe5709

      Honestly? No not really. I don’t think KitKat is going to bring anything massively new to the G2 except some performance bumps. ART sounds awesome, but some apps don’t like it and that scares me. I don’t use Tap and Pay. I can already achieve wireless printing pretty easily. The Native IR support has me intrigued. I wonder if LG will do anything with that or if custom ROMs can tap into it. Immersive mode sounds pretty cool especially once more apps take advantage of it. So other than performance (which should be awesome) I don’t think it will change how I use my phone much.

      • Mike H.

        Word on the street is that LG took out ART. At least thats what is being said about the Korean update.

        • joejoe5709

          Ah. Well then it’s all good I suppose. Either way, of course I want my update but I’m not itching like I was for Jelly Bean and the GNex. I can wait a couple months. And then I’ll wait for it to be rooted so it’ll be awhile.

          • Mike H.

            All that needs to be done is for me to get a new phone and they will release the update…..everyone i get rid of gets an update a few weeks later.

      • MicroNix

        An update to Kit Kat though, is a measure of LG’s support for their phones. They don’t have a massive line of Android phones. If they are not dedicated to keeping up with the times, then they are not worthy. Taking care of the few customers you have in a segment is the best and cheapest way to advertise your support. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. It can gain you customers if they are happy and lose 10x more if they are not.

    • shooter50

      Nope, not at all. Had kit kat on the Nexus 5 and its no big deal at all. The G2 is an amazing phone and of course I would upgrade to G3. Lots of love now for LG phones after seeing what they did with the G2. On the other hand, the Nexus 5 was a major disappointment.

    • John Legere

      Nope. Their software is good enough where i dont need the latest OS. If it was 4.5 or 5.0, that’s enough story. Bring on the G3!

      • namskies

        I agree! Out of box the G2’s software is near-perfect for my uses. It is lightweight and adds just a handful of useful features (clip tray, hover dialer/calculator, wireless storage, etc.) without being too bloated. I thought I’d hate the back buttons, but after an hour of use, I actually now hate side buttons – go figure.

    • Guy Pierce

      Running KitKat with Paranoid 4.0 beta 2 = BEAST!

    • Just_Some_Nobody

      No. They phone is wonderful just the way it is. I don’t want for anything more. At least not currently.
      I have a Nexus 7 (2012) with Kit Kat. Kit Kat is not the big deal people want to believe it is.

  • MichaelFranz

    You know i was interested in the G2 until the other day when my buddy who has one said his camera sucked. And i literally did a comparson in various shots with my droid maxx. I felt like my pictures came out better….even when a moving object was taken, mine was still blurred but clearer then either his or his wifes….Speed wise the phone is snappy as all hell

    • Justin Duncan

      My camera is beast but i rooted my g2 and theres a mod for it to make it perform better and take better shots

    • joejoe5709

      I compared my camera side-by-side to a Galaxy S4 and the G2 was very slightly better in my opinion. The Galaxy S4 is regarded as one of the best cameras so that’s a pretty major feat. I haven’t heard too many good things about Moto’s cameras, but I’d love to see a comparison test especially with the updates Moto pushed out recently.

      • MichaelFranz

        im by no means a pro, but i know when shooting side by side my droid maxx had bette rpicture quality then the G2, at least by looks on the screen. My buddy slowly waved his hand in front both phones and you would think the IOS would help by it didnt seem to and the maxx didnt have as blurred of an image. idk….

        • joejoe5709

          Sweet. I’ll have to pay a visit to Verizon and play around. That’s awesome. 🙂

        • Droid 1967

          ok good to know i often take pictures of my hand waving in front of the screen 🙂

    • WCM3

      Sorry, I just can’t believe this. The G2 takes really great photos. And I’ve had the moto x (can’t imagine the maxx is any different).

    • shooter50

      something wrong with his phone then

      • MichaelFranz

        It was both his and his wife’s… I even screwed with the settings

    • Droid 1967

      something wrong with his ability to take photos 🙂 its well known the moto x series camera is no where near the quality of the g2. on the other hand i thought the original droid took good pictures so i cant judge 🙂

  • JDHokie

    I’m a GNex user that’s upgrade eligible (no unlimited data). I’ve held out this long despite flirting with the G2 … I suppose at this point I should just wait to see what the S5, G3, etc. offer and jump on one of those.

    • Or wait until they start selling the G2 for next to nothing. It’s a powerhouse of a phone… it will be a lot more future proof than the GNex. My wife has a G2, and it’s stupid fast. Battery is fantastic, too.

      • switchblade_bravado

        I just dropped Verizon and my Galaxy Nexus for T-Mobile and the G2 on Monday of this week and I can say that I’ve never been happier. I loved the GNex (minus the terrible battery life and being on Verizon) but it was time to move on. I had the GNex rooted/ROM’d, and I don’t feel the need to do anything with the G2 right now. I’m fine if they release a G3, but I don’t think LG needs to at this point. The G2 is a great phone. Plus, brand new isn’t necessarily better.

      • joejoe5709

        Ditto. Get the G2 for free if you don’t mind a contract or wait a bit for a killer off-contract deal. I think it’s $499 at Verizon these days and that’s not too bad considering it’s only $100 more than a Nexus 5. If you’re into rooting, the G2 has a lot of options out there that make it an even faster Nexus 5. Otherwise, the Galaxy S5 is almost definitely going to be a better phone overall so that might be worth waiting for. Either way, you’re going to LOVE not having a GNex. 🙂

      • JDHokie

        It’s free w/ new 2 year contract today on Verizon. Money isn’t really a factor (that’s not a humble brag) – I’m happy to pay for a top-tier phone. I just am wondering how much better the next iteration of phone will be compared to the G2.

        • joejoe5709

          Nobody knows for sure but I’m betting the Galaxy S5 will either meet or beat the G2 for performance. The best thing they could throw in there is a Snapdragon 805 and an extra GB of RAM. These things will obviously be better than the G2, but only by a little bit. We hear rumors of an incredible new screen resolution, but until that’s confirmed I’m just going to assume we’ll be seeing one more year of 1080p resolutions on phones. The G3 is even more of a mystery. Pure hypebeast at this point.

    • wh1te_mag1c

      Don’t wait anymore. There are tons of great phones available now.

  • I’m ready for some new WEBOS stuff. Their tv will be great.

    • Jkdem85

      not sure why you are getting down voted, their new tv looks amazing. The verge had a great article on it

      • I don’t know… maybe people in this forum don’t realize that that was Matias Duarte’s baby and that they are STILL slowly incorporating web os stuff into Android.

        Sick OS and it’s a shame what HP did to it.

        • Droid 1967

          just got a 2013 3d smart tv lg. and i may be trying to sell it to get a web os version. ill see what actual buyers say about them but look awesome.