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New Moto X Wood Backs Coming January 21, Will Only Cost $25 Extra Instead of $100

moto x wood

This morning, Motorola shot out emails to purchasers of the Moto X with Bamboo, informing them that they have been able to streamline their processes for natural backs, thus resulting in them offering additional materials at a lower cost. In other words, Ebony, Walnut, and Teak “finishes” are now on the way (no more Rosewood) and will only run an additional $25, rather than the original $100 premium asking price. 

According to a blog post on Motorola’s official site, they are set to sell the new “natural” backs on January 21, which is next Tuesday. If you want Bamboo, the price change to $25-extra is live right now.

Also, if you purchased a Bamboo Moto X, Motorola is emailing you out coupon codes for $75 worth of accessories to make up for the quick price change.

Last, we are getting clarification on what Motorola means by “finish.”

Update:  We heard back on what Motorola means by “finish.” Still wood, but finished to look Ebony, Teak, or Walnut.

moto x wood

Hell, yes. Who’s buying?

Via:  Motorola
  • Mike

    They are now all available on MotoMaker. Get wood.

  • 655321

    It’s Tuesday, January 21 but the woods other than bamboo are still listed as “coming soon” and can’t be ordered. Any word from Moto regarding the holdup?

  • Katie Sunden

    Those look pretty nice

  • Agunimon

    Is it a coincidence that this ad is on while i’m reading this article? LOL!

  • JoeTi

    I love my Maxx but I’ve got mad moto x envy right now…….

  • Peter Tirrell

    So for the wood backs – how does it work as far as water resistance? Not that I dunk my phone in water, but there’s probably been a few times where my phone has been set down in moisture or something. Or, if it’s wet outside or something and I’m pulling it out. I’ve got a case at the moment, but the bamboo back looks slick. Will it last two years?

  • Edward
  • Mike H.

    Add a better camera , removeable backs and an sd slot and they will have the perfect phone.

    • Big_EZ

      They also need an XL, and mini (same specs, but smaller screen and battery) version and they’d have the best line of phones. I want a Note 2/3 competitor from Motorola.

      • NexusMan

        NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That’s Samsung’s thing.

        • Big_EZ

          Not quite, they release 3 different phones, of which only 2 are top tier. I don’t want a small phone but many do, and I think a manufacturer needs to make a top tier mini. The s5 mini has worse specs than the S4. I think it would be great if Motorola would release one phone, but have three different sizes where the specs of the hardware (other than screen and battery size) and software is the same. This would be great because it would cater to almost everyone, and still have fast updates. This could be a Moto Maker option with the XL being a $30 or so upgrade and the Mini being about $30 cheaper than the regular X.

          • NexusMan

            Have you used the Moto X? It is a small phone. The screen is “mid to big” depending on who you talk to, but the phone is small. Everyone who sees mine says that. I don’t think they need to go any smaller.

          • Big_EZ

            Yes I have, and I kinda agree that it’s small, but not everyone does. I hear people complain that no decent Android phone is comparable in size to their IPhone. For me though I really want a 5″ screen minimum, preferably 5.5-5.7″.

    • NexusMan

      I’m not interested in a removable back or sd slot.

  • Jason Pettis

    And keeping the phones made in the USA, I am hopeful for other Motorola phones to make the push to be mace in the USA!!

    • Big_EZ

      Assembled in the USA . That’s still better than nothing.

      • Jason Pettis

        true…it’s a step in the right directions…at least they are American Jobs and not sending the much needed jobs overseas.

  • ostensibly

    FedEx just delivered my dev edition yesterday. This might have changed things… might being the operative word.

  • Higher_Ground

    $75 in accessories is pretty lame. Of course they didn’t have to do anything, but I can’t say I’ve ever bought anywhere near that amount of accessories (total, for all phones I’ve ever owned). And not allowing Chromecast – something they’ve been discounting left and right – just seems cheap.
    OTOH, it’s going to be hard not to buy one of those sexy phones.

    • NexusMan

      I think that’s a great deal. There are SEVERAL things on the Moto site that I could easily spend that $75 on. My top 2, cost $80 and $200 respectively.

  • Jonathan

    Walnut looks beautiful. I’d really like to get one of these! And under $500 with wood AND 32 GB added on. Amazing!