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For a Limited Time, Sprint Lets Customers Upgrade Phones at Any Time With Sprint Easy Pay

This morning, Sprint announced that will allow all eligible customers to upgrade their phones today as long as they sign-up for a program called Easy Pay. Easy Pay sounds like your typical early upgrade plan that the industry has fallen in love with over the last year, in that it requires you to make a downpayment followed by 24 additional monthly payments until the phone is paid off. Should you decide you want to upgrade before 24 months is up, you can pay off the balance of your current phone in one payment, and then upgrade again (with a down payment, and additional monthlies).

Should you decide you want some extra cash at the time of upgrade, you can trade in your phone through Sprint’s “highly acclaimed” Buyback plan. 

After retiring the short-lived One Up early upgrade program following the announcement of new Framily plans (yes, FRamily), we were wondering how long it would take for Sprint to introduce a new upgrade option. I’d imagine it would be even tougher to compete with T-Mobile or AT&T if you don’t give customers a way to upgrade their phones early and often. We certainly live in a time where we all want what’s new and shiny.

Via:  Sprint
  • Victoria L

    Its just an easier way to pay off your phone instead of money up front. Whatever company it is you’re still buying the phone. Each plan is kind of helping phone junkies especially when you can’t afford to pay 1 payment.

  • Megan

    I live in a small town in the middle of WV and sprint is the best service we can get.

  • ddtn

    I went to BestBuy today and they barely knew anything about the FRamily plan. Same for the kiosk at Target.
    I can’t help but think that’s not a great thing considering BestBuy and Target are probably two of the larger resellers of Sprint phones/plans. Seems they want to force everybody to make an appointment at the Sprint stores. What a hassle.

  • siri_us

    what Sprint fail to mention in regards to this “New” role out – was – customers with upcoming renewals to upgrades… is this one in the same. I will be making “that” call!!!

  • b3bluesman

    Nice! This is the first forum I’ve come across that has integrated spelling and grammar auto-correction……and with attitude!! (Trying my absolute best to get this right the first time.)

  • Orion

    LOL Sprint is doing everything in their power to keep customers.

  • AndySamberg

    Sprint isn’t worth it, super slow speeds, horrible reception. No thanks

  • IX

    I don’t see the harm. It is slightly better than paying full off contact price in one shot isn’t it ?

  • Maximus

    Perhaps people are missing it…when you pay of your old phone…you get to keep it. Then, you can sell it if you want or just sell it back with their buyback program and use that cash.

    • John Legere

      You’re still paying $600+$600+600 so on

      • Maximus

        Correction….your BUYING phones. There’s a difference.

  • John Legere

    The Sprint troll has arrived.

    • Philip J. Fry

      Yeah, Chris. As soon as he starts trolling, that’s when the downvotes appear.

      • John Legere

        And Sprint, of all companies. He chose them. Id be embarrassed to support them.

  • Chris

    My upgrade isn’t till next month so I’mm gonna wait till I see the new phones before making my decision

  • dannyWHITE

    Who’s on Sprint?

    • Chris

      a lot of people

      • jimt

        Define : “a lot” Is that like a hand full or a peck or more than 10?

        • Chris

          if they had that many do you really think they would still be in business?

          • jimt

            Are you counting Sprint customers alone or are you including Ting people? Ting is probably the cheapest way to use the sprint network. I don’t know anyone that actually uses Sprint. However, if Sprint buys T-Mobile I guess I’ll be a Sprint user. Then Sprint will grow a bit in size.

        • ddtn
  • BigMixxx

    Is that not what Verizon is doing?

    • John Legere

      Verizon is you pay 50% of the phone, but have to trade it in to upgrade.

      • BigMixxx

        So there is “Framily” (got to be the dumbest name since the sprint version of the galaxy s II i.e. galaxy s II epic 4g touch) and Sprint easy Pay, Verizon Edge, At&t next….who the hell comes up with these names. Really need to ask me what makes sense.

        @disqus_Ov0xXT7Yc4:disqus Just buy the mobile arm of sprint and leave the POTS portion of the company around sending faxes.

        Can’t wait to run away from Verizon…If ONLY I could get better reception via t mobile at home, but they say it’s coming.

  • jimt

    Does Sprint think people are that stupid, well, maybe, it seems.

    • Chris

      They may think you are stupid.

  • CodeToJoy

    This isn’t any better than buying it retail… if I want to upgrade I have to pay off the rest of the phone first? Yeah, I’ll be sticking to my T-Mobile JUMP plan. Give back the phone, don’t have to pay off the remaining balance.

    • Chris

      You can’t get everything in life for free.

      • Omar Amer

        JUMP is a monthly fee, even if you upgrade every 6 months… you still come out ahead since they cover the device cost difference.

        • JoshGroff

          Especially if you upgrade every 6 months, JUMP incentivizes rapid upgrades, the longer you prolong it, the more you lose from it.

        • John Legere

          And it includes device insurance.

  • Philip J. Fry

    Until you upgrade your coverage, I doubt anybody really cares.

    • Chris

      Pays to not live in rual areas.

      • John Legere


      • Philip J. Fry

        Pays not to be with sprint.

  • John Legere

    So pay full price, then pay full price again. …you funny Sprint

    • Jeff McLean

      I think you scared them… They’re running in circles at this point.

    • My thoughts exactly, Mr. Legere. I don’t see how this is a good program for customers at all. Sprint is swindling customers into thinking it’s a great deal by giving them the ability to upgrade at any time, and covering up the cons of it.

      T-Mobile let’s you upgrade any time, as well. And when you do, you’re not paying off that original phone. Seems like the better deal to me.

      • John Legere

        Lol, i’m not John, just a fan of his. But yes, T Mobile is the only one to get it right so far. Like you said, Sprint is just trying to fool it’s current customers.

        • RAY RAY

          That’s funny giving things away t-mobile better be careful your playing with fire you don’t have nothing to fall back on sprint do I hope soft bank buys T-mobile ggoing against AT&T AT&T to fall back on yeah sprint is of right now but this year things are going to turn around for sprint because soft bank is going hard on sprint yeah is about time I wouldn’t mind if they do merge I would like t-mobile to run the hole carrier I think t-mobile have better ideas but don’t have the type of ffinance that soft bank can give both carriers . Don’t just comment on anything go and read all the details of all 4 carriers like spectrum LTE LTE.A VOLTE wish is voice over LTE

          • xpyroxcorex

            just wanted to congratulate you on the worlds longest run on sentence….. anywho, how exactly is att going to fall back on sprint??

          • Carring3452

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          • TC Infantino

            There is this whole thing called punctuation, grammar, and syntax you might want to look into. Otherwise, people may not have a clue what you are actually trying to say.
            “Let’s eat, Grandma.” vs. “Let’s eat Grandma.”
            Two very different meanings.

          • michael arazan

            Must of been hopped on sugar and caffeine, or meth.

          • MrDivaNYC


          • iamwolf

            “Must of” is incorrect. What you’ve heard people say is “must’ve,” which is short for “must have.” Just FYI.

          • Ray Gray

            Your making all the Ray’s look bad and what type of grown man calls himself Ray Ray?

        • Mark G

          your paying full price with t mobile as well, plus you have to pay a monthly fee to be able to upgrade with t mobile

      • Just to clarify, with T-Mobile you pay the down payment, the monthly fee to pay off that device in 24 months, and $10/mo on top of that for the Jump! program.

        • John Legere

          Most down payments are nothing. If you have good credit, and if you don’t, well should have managed your finances better.

        • CodeToJoy

          Having just done this… my down payment was $0 (well, actually, out-of-pocket cost was just the tax on the phone). Retail price of the phone/24 each month, on top of my service (unlimited everything). $10 a month for JUMP, which includes insurance on the phone and Lookout premium (if you want it). After all that, I’m still getting a better deal than my old Verizon plan.

        • Stephen D

          But when you upgrade and trade in your phone, any balance owed is cancelled and you owe on the new phone instead. Assuming you upgrade more often than every 24 months, you don’t ever pay the entire cost of the phone.