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Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VI Hits Google Play, Priced at $15.99

Square Enix pushed another addition of the Final Fantasy series to Google Play today, this time being Final Fantasy VI. FFVI first debuted back in 1994 and has been completely recreated for mobile devices. If you have purchased any of the other Square Enix’s titles, then you will know what you are in store for. A true Final Fantasy experience worthy of your hard-earned cash. 

Players have the ability to control and develop characters any way they would like, thanks to the magicite system for controlling spells and summoning. And for the true fans among us, FFVI was the first title in the series to feature the Ultima weapon, the most powerful sword of all, which appeared in many FF titles that followed this one. Again, if you like Final Fantasy, you can’t go wrong.


  • All graphics have been painstakingly recreated, bringing the world of FINAL FANTASY VI to your mobile device for the very first time! Kazuko Shibuya, one of the graphics designers involved in the FINAL FANTASY series from the very start, personally worked on the main characters and supervised the recreation of the game’s graphics.
  • Square Enix’s vast experience in A-list smartphone RPG titles has been harnessed in implementing intuitive user-friendly controls that make the game easy to play on touch screens. The battle interface has received particular attention, with a complete overhaul for use on your smartphone.
  • This smartphone release includes the new magicites and events that were introduced in the 2006 remake.
  • Some events have been optimized to be played with user-friendly touch controls.

The game is now live, so go grab it.

Play Link ($15.99)

  • VBM

    I’ll wait until AppSales alerts me that it’s on sale for at least $7.99 like the other three FFs I bought. FF Dimensions was on sale for $10 once, that was nice. 🙂

  • lye

    I really really wish that you could back up your game in play so that if your phone died you didn’t have to start over.

  • peanuts

    Hoping Square makes some good new RPGs dor Android. I wasn’t a fan od Chaos Rings and I’ve already played the FF games that are good (to me).

    • JoshGroff

      The combat system was probably the only thing that redeemed chaos rings for me. The story was meh, and didn’t change much with different character play throughs, despite requiring doing so to access the full story.

      • VBM

        The story in Chaos Rings was pretty dull. The combat got kinda boring after awhile too. They could’ve went alot further with that series and it’s characters. I honestly think they’re afraid to bring a Vagrant Story-like game to mobile/tablets. That’s what Chaos Rings would’ve been better as, a nice action RPG. Just sayin’.

  • Russell Bridges

    Does anyone know if the official FF games sideload well on ouya or work well with controllers in general?

    • synplex

      No and Yes.

  • Damien Luna

    Im a bit dissappointed because i was hoping this would be a 3d remake like final fantasy 4 was with the voice acting as well then i would more than willing pay 15 bucks. otherwise im sure i can download an snes emulator and find the rom for this game.

    • synplex

      those were only converted in 3d because of their port to the nintendo ds.

  • The redesigned graphics looks worse than awful. What a travesty. The best FF game deserved better.

  • lye

    1 away!

  • discstu37

    This is the one I’ve been waiting for… Loved it. Best game ever. Just my opinion, I know you guys love your 7…

    • JoshGroff

      I still haven’t played 6, so this is going to be fun! 🙂

      • synplex

        play the GBA version on a Emulator… not this crap.

        • JoshGroff

          That bad, huh?

        • JDub

          I think I’m going to have to agree with you on this one. I’m not a fan of what they are doing with the sprites on these mobile remakes. I think the SNES sprites look more natural to the game. With the GBA version we get SNES sprites with a better translation and bonus material.

    • VBM

      Honestly, I don’t see them porting 7 or 8 or 9… I’m fine with that. But what I wanna know is: WHERE IS THE ENGLISH TRANSLATED VERSION OF FF TACTICS?!

  • BlackMaGiC1o0

    Way Overpriced…..Now if we were talking about FFVII & FFVIII take my money please.

  • Adrynalyne

    Oh damn. I want this so bad, but…must resist. this was one of my favorite FF games.

  • Cesar

    Call me when they release FFIX, then I’ll start to care.

    • Adrynalyne

      VI and VII were some of the best in the series, IMO.

      • Cesar

        I still haven’t tried VI, so I can’t pass judgement, but VII has never held my interest for very long. I’ve tried on several occasions to play through that game and I always get bored with it before I even get to the end of disk 1.

        • Adrynalyne

          I played VI when i was a kid and it was released on the SNES as FFIII in the US. Amazing game, amazing story. It is what really hooked me with the FF series.

          • Cesar

            That’s kind of how I feel about FFIX. A friend let me borrow it when I was in middle school and I ended up playing it practically cover to cover (or whatever the video game equivalent of that would be). I’ve heard good things about VI and VIII, but I’ve never gotten around to playing them.

          • Adrynalyne

            I’ve owned every one that released on the PSOne, but played few. I just ended up collecting them and sold them later, most of them unopened.

            I’ve only played and finished:

            FFIII(FF VI)

          • JoshGroff

            I’d highly recommend 4 for the storyline and 2 for the unique level system.

    • Justin Barrett

      IX was epic.

  • namesib

    It’s so annoying that their games don’t work with Xposed. None of the piracy methods I’ve seen for their software even mention Xposed! WTF?

    • Adrynalyne

      Do they check for root?

      • JDub

        No, my phone is rooted and it plays their games just fine.

  • adam

    Or you could torrent it for free…$16 for a mobile game lmao

    • Adrynalyne

      While I think the price is too high, I think people who rip off software developers just because they can are ftards. Lets make your ass work for free too, eh?

      • JoshGroff

        I wouldn’t say it’s too high, but then again I love me some FF. It’s cheaper than a PSP or ds port would be.

    • zurginator

      This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • Teng Taing

    IMO one of the best if not the best Final Fantasy games. Brings back memories when this and Chrono Trigger was released.

  • John Legere


    Send me those surveys Google. Maybe then I’ll get it.

  • Lee McLaurin

    Too expensive.

  • Travis Walls

    At first, I read that as VII and was like “whaaaaaaaaat?” Then I saw it actually said VI. Oh well.


    If they drop FFVII I’ll buy it fo sho yo

    • Ian Smith

      terribly worded understatement of the year

  • Ben Murphy

    I’m waiting for VII…. one of the best FF ever made.

    • Nw_adventure

      No doubt ! Need VII

    • halkun

      O man, can’t wait! 😀

  • Ian Smith

    only one more to go…..!

  • Menger40

    FFVI Is probably the best of the series, so check it out if you missed these games when they came out.

    • Xiria Seven

      Hands down, VII was the best.

      • BulletTooth_Tony

        Not even close. 3/6 blows it away.

    • Zimek

      Totally the best of the series, and probably the best RPG of all time!

  • Matthew Dickinson

    I’m not saying they are not worth it, but the only Square games I have picked up have been on sale.

  • fd2blk78

    Haha, nerds

  • DuongVu

    Ultima weapon? I’m pretty sure Atma Weapon was the sword. “Ultima” was the spell. #justsayin 😉

    • Adrynalyne
      • DuongVu

        I see! Pesky American name change…

        • Adrynalyne

          We changed the version of this game years ago too :p

          It was FFIII when it first released here.

          • JDub

            Not to mention the rush job they did on the translation.

          • Cesar

            You spoony bard!

            Oops, wrong FF.

          • Supookeed8087

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