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Pandora Adds Personalized Station Recommendations

Is there a place for Pandora in a post-Spotify world? Apparently so, because 76.2 million people last month listed to 1.58 billion hours of music on the service. Still, Pandora isn’t resting on its laurels: the company announced that it’s launching personalized station recommendations on both Android and iOS.

The recommendations – up to 6 artist stations to add or listen to at a time– are determined based on current listening preference, song likes and dislikes, and your station list. As has always been the case with Pandora, the more you engage with the product, the more it will learn your musical preferences and be able to further optimize the station recommendations. They can be found both at the “create a station” screen and at the bottom of your station list. Also, your station recommendation list is refreshed when a new station is created or deleted. 

The feature has already begun rolling out, so you should see it on your smartphone and/or tablet shortly.

pandora personalized recommendations

Via: Pandora
  • sonicyoof

    Nothing compares to Pandora when it comes to finding new music. It seems to understand music genres on a more subtle level than the others. Google Music is particularly horrible with giving me something I will like.

  • Prox

    Love Pandora One, just tried the 30 day trail of Google All Access and the search algorithm in the radio mode was dismal. Cancelled the All Access renewal after 10 days.

    • Chris M

      Pandora is not on the same level as All Access from Google. Google continues to surprise me with the records that they play and have while Pandora plays the same playlist over and over. I’ve tried Pandora, Spotify, and now All Access and Google is really ahead of the competition.

      • Prox

        All Access does give you access to every song, something Pandora does not, however my personal experience with All Access Radio and the algorithm was not a great experience. I was tired of skipping songs that I had previously given a thumbs down.

  • Tim242

    Slacker Radio: $4/month unlimited skips, no ads. That’s the best deal.

    • Kyle Wiggers

      Is Slacker’s catalog extensive?

      • Tim242

        The country catalog is quite extensive. Not sure about the rest haha

        • Kyle Wiggers

          Country is cool. 😉 Guess I’ll have to try Slacker out sometime. Thanks.

  • Ricky Ortiz

    Spotify is great if I want to listen to a specific song or specific album but their radio service is god awful, I’ll hear the same songs repeated 2-3 times per hour

  • Kyle Null

    I just wish AdAway blocked Pandora ads! Adblock Plus works on desktops, but nothing works on Android.

    • nycebo

      You know what works? Paying $3 per month for a damn fine service. Else, you will pay for it by having to listen to ads. Or wait, do you also work for free at your job?

      • joejoe5709

        As if the ads are effective. I refuse to purchase something that annoys the crap out of me every three songs while working out. At least YouTube lets you skip the ads.

        • Kyle Null

          Exactly. I allow ads on sites I visit regularly. I just can’t stand the video/audio ads. Now they’ve started playing two ads each time.

        • nycebo

          You refuse to purchase something that annoys the crap out of your every three songs? You gong to purchase something one way or another. If you purchased a Pandora One subscription, you’d have no more annoying ads. Since you appear to not be a subscriber, you are going to instead have to ‘purchase’ online listening via forced advertisements much like we experience with radio stations on the stereo. Out of curiosity, if you’re not listening to Pandora, what other services are you using that don’t use ads to monetize their business? Ph, and incidentally, YouTube also has many videos nowadays that do NOT allow you to skip ahead. We’re going to have to get used to the concept of more and more of those. Nobody works for free, my man.

  • Diablo81588

    Spotify sucks.

    • Chris

      agreed. I use slacker. Its a nice service. Doesn’t get the love it should

      • Tim242

        I love Slacker. $4/month gives me unlimited skips and no ads.


    Give me the damn option to filter out live music!!!!!!!!

    • Nick

      People that don’t like live music are tools and not close to understanding what it is to be a musician…

      • KOBALT

        You’re an idiot for believing that all bands sound good live.

      • Speedyrulz

        There is a difference between seeing a performance live and hearing a live recording of a song. Just because you don’t want to hear a live recording doesn’t mean you don’t like live music.

  • cgalyon

    Cool, I like Pandora (wish it had a bit broader of a library), and enjoy finding new music to listen to. Sometimes I’m very surprised by bands that I never would have tried on my own.

    • Tim242


  • ddh819

    i know spotify has more tracks, but pandora works better than spotify’s radio feature

    • akhnaten

      hmm… $3 per month or $10 per month… I’ll take Pandora

      • starnovsky

        Both are free when in radio mode.