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Keep the Commentary Coming, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside Reads Droid Life to Get Feedback on Products

When we tell you (wonderful member of the DL community) regularly that you are as important to this site as any writer will ever be, we aren’t kidding. It’s not grandstanding – we actually mean it. Call Droid Life a blog or news outlet or hypebeast machine, we will always think of ourselves as a community filled with the most passionate and brilliant Android minds on the planet. Together, we have done some amazing things over the years, especially when we all use our voices collectively.

To prove to you that your voice is actually being heard, that we’re not just blowing hot air, and your comment isn’t just disappearing into an internet black hole whenever you click “post,” look no further than an interview that Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside did over the weekend with Forbes. When asked what he does to get a good sense of the “consumer appetite,” Woodside said he takes to a certain site you may be familiar with. More specifically, he called out the comment section for both its brutality, and yet often times complimentary nature. Yes, he was talking about your contributions to Droid Life. 

“Droid Life is a good site,” he told Forbes, “The comments there… People can be brutal and they can be complimentary.”

Pretty cool, right? Because of your feisty, no-holding-back approach to Android and general love of technology, you have grabbed the attention of the CEO of a company who gave us the top Android phone of the year. Keep it coming, folks. Keep being you. Keep being entertaining, brutal, complimentary, hilarious, and honest.

Woodside also mentioned that he reads through Amazon reviews to get a feel for what his company could do better and work on.

Via:  Forbes
  • Goodbye Moto

    Does he know when Google will wind down Motorola completely?

    • anezarati

      this guy had inside information!

  • 6stringslinger

    Holy ¬~¥£! Now that we know it’s really Dennis Woodside and prolly a real Legere sometimes, it flatters me, vindicates me (as to the importance of our DL community) but also is a bit intimidating knowing they actually hear what we say. Maybe I’ll be a little more cautious with my comments from now on…………… naaaahhh, what the heck, they can take it!

  • Keith Lam

    If Dennis Woodside (or his team) is still reading this, a quick THANK YOU!!! for bringing Motorola back to Hong Kong Along with the cool Moto “Dragon” logo!

    It’s two months overdue with the MotoG – on sales late January instead of November 2013 – but better late than never! I hope this is just the start and that more Moto products will be available here. Many folks here carry multiple phones and I have several: one for work, one personal, a Blackberry for work email, and then another one for China. My old Moto phones are on the last legs and will need to be replaced soon. The dual-SIM Moto G will be good for me to keep the count at just two phones (Blackberry will probably just go away), but the initial selling price at ~US$245 is not that great as there are many cheaper options to choose here, such as Lenovo, XiaoMi, Asus, Alcatel, etc. On another note, we do hope this Moto-G will be around for at least a couple of years, with the next being an inexpensive variant with 4G LTE. [32GB will be nice, but I reckon 16GB will do just fine with the OTG feature and after market USB drives.]

    Until then, the Moto-X is most eagerly awaited – with 4G LTE just like those recently introduced in EU. If the local languages are not quite right yet for Active Listening, just leave them as-is and we will be more than happen to stick with English!

  • black_sea

    Okay. Bring back user removable/replaceable batteries.

  • engemasa

    Motorola: MAKE A NEXUS DEVICE!!!!!

  • Richard Giordano

    Can’t wait for a moto smart watch to come out plz do it Mr.woodside .

  • tom riddle

    Can’t wait for the moto X tablet Mr. Woodside!

  • Brian Cohen

    Keyboard, Keyboard, Keyboard. Are you listening Moto??? Where’s my Droid 5 at?

    • danlunatic

      They are not listening, or they are and they just won’t give it to us straight.

  • Brian Berry

    Only three software updates in two years (and still running only 4.1.2), keeping the bootloader locked, and newer HD models appearing mere months after its initial release – sorry Motorola, but the RAZR MAXX is going to be my last Motorola phone.

    • Cesar

      The bootloader and software updates are Verizon’s fault, not Motorola’s.

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Dear Mr. Woodside,

    If you’re reading this, how about giving us your honest thoughts on:
    Carrier bloat.
    Carrier stranglehold on how many bits we are allocated in a month.
    Carrier monitoring (CarrierIQ).
    Carrier subsidies.
    Where do you see the industry headed in 3 years? 5?
    Net neutrality (considering it’s basically gone now, what with the recent court ruling).



  • This is awesome… and encouraging. I’ve been a Moto-fanboy since the OG Droid (now my 10yr old uses it as his camera and as a WiFi phone); same story with my Bionic (which the 14yr old uses). My wife has a Razr, and I use a Razr M AND a 10.1 Xyboard that I bought directly from Moto. And while each of these pieces of hardware were good, I’m encouraged that Moto is determined to make future hardware GREAT. The best way to do that is by listening to users, and who better than the man whose vision drives the direction of the company. Thanks Droid-Life for giving us a forum, one that may help shape the future of our tech … especially when smart companies don’t settle for just “good”.

    • Hothfox

      I am impressed (not being sarcastic) that you stuck with Moto past the OG Droid and Xoom. I bailed when I was presented with the Droid X, X2, Droid 2, 3, 4, and the Razr series as upgrades largely due to the abomination that is Blur. I seriously considered the Droid Maxx before getting my Moto X – this is the first time I’ve been interested in Moto in about 4 years.

      • Blur = abomination. You’re absolutely right, but Moto is, little by little, letting Android be Android. And this is why it’s getting exiting. I believe Moto will move toward something close to a Dev or Play device while Google will incorporate some of the new Moto’s software touches. Oh, and only one of my Moto’s ever ran stock (the wife’s; I can’t go near it). Everything else is rooted and/unlocked and running CM or PA.

        I’m considering the Mini, Ultra or X…what’s your thoughts on the X?

        • Hothfox

          I just love it. I do wish the screen were a little bigger, but that’s my only complaint. I’ll admit to being a little bit superficial and preferring the Moto X to the Droid Maxx simply because of the body style and customization options.

  • Matreyu Hermano

    Mr Woodside: it’s simple, let’s get a Moto Nexus device. TIA

  • Sean Walton

    Dennis, We need Kit Kat on the Moto X in Canada. The US got it and we have been left behind. Heck even the G got Kit Kat in Canada.

  • Larry Bublitz

    Motorola– Please include wireless charging in your future Moto X-type devices. After getting used to wireless charging I feel the same way I did after getting used to power windows or locks on cars… yes, it’s possible to use a car without power locks, but every time you’re fussing with manual locks you think of how much better it would be WITH power locks.

    • Larry Bublitz

      I should have started by saying lack of Wireless Charging is the only reason I still haven’t jumped over the Moto X. The docking cradle looks ok, but I’m really hoping the next version will have Wireless Charging.

  • Keith Taylor

    Hello Mr Woodside, First I would like to say that I have a Xoom tablet 4g and even though its dated tech now I am still very happy with it. I am not a tech guy. I am car guy that appreciates tech. One of the major reasons I considered (but ultimately did not chose) Moto X is due to the ability to interact with it without touch. For a person who travels alot (200 miles a day) and loves cars this is a God send. In December it came down to the LG G2, Note3 and MotoX. This has been said before here in the forum but the reason I did not chose the Moto X was due to internal storage limits (I don’t totally trust the cloud due to prior experience) as well as camera performance and overall screen PPI compared to the others. The Note 3 is a great phone but out of my price range even with a two year contract. Got the G2 for a penny and love the screen and size. I like the MotoX a great deal, however, I wonder if in the next one that you could use the chip set that I have been reading about that will be self aware? I cant remember the manufacturer of the chip just that they were working on it. In my mind if you combine your software with the chip set It will be the first time that I don’t have to take my eyes off the road for anything, I don’t know that much about tech like most of the other posters but I do know what works for me. I realize that a bit of the MotoX2 is already baked in (much like cars are at a certain point) so If on the MotoX3 I will be ready to upgrade. My goal is to combine the phone with my Xoom. And speaking of the Xoom, I also read that you dropped the name..I guess its needed for you to start over with tablets. I will just wait til you guys come out with a new tablet since I am not interested in another right now. I prefer larger screens and when I do buy another one I would prefer the 10.1 size or even an 12 inch if available. Since I do spend alot of time looking at the Xoom screen I would need this one to be as high a pixel density as possible. Would also like to see 32 minimum gigs with 64 and 128k options. If the price is reasonable (ie not Apple high) I would consider the 128. I use my Xoom for work and play, however due to its age it does have some hiccups but overall still great tablet. Mr Woodside I realize that Motorola is not a sports team but I am rooting for you guys anyway.

  • EC8CH

    Dennis loves the Pink

  • Adhemir

    Motorola says that consumers want more options, and,
    guess what, they do! So, please, stop doing only one phone that try to
    reach all kind of consumers: Diversify. You have already reached
    the budget consumers (Moto G), the iphone fans (with the moto x,
    as some iphone consumers think moto x is cool, bigger than iphone, but not too big
    for their tastes). Now is the time to try to reach the Specs consumers, which need bigger screens, battery for really heavy use, and outstandig camera.

    • Jeff

      I am not an iPhone fan and think the Moto X is fantastic. I enjoy it more than the Nexus 5 I sold to get it. I do miss being able to easily root the phone, but Kit Kat is good enough as it is that it’s not a big deal.

      • Adhemir

        @Jeff, I’m not an iPhone fan either, but I think Motorola had iPhone fans in mind when did the moto x. I have a moto x, really like it, but I would prefer a bigger screen (5 to 5’2, as I have big hands and read a lot on cell phone) , bigger battery (mine last for 9 to 12 lurs only) and better camera. I think mototola should consider heavy users as well.

        • AbbyZFresh

          iPhone fans are attracted to the magic and marketing that the iPhone gives off by Apple. Motorola definiely did a good job with the design but the phone doesn’t have enough of that brand name and magic the iPhone fans love so much.

          But then again, i seen more iPhone fans liking the Moto X more than from Android fans using high spec Nexus 5s and Galaxy S4s.

    • Hothfox

      I’m not sure about the camera bit, but their Droid Maxx and Droid Ultra were designed to meet your specs requirements – bigger battery, bigger screen, etc.

      • Adhemir

        Kind of, @hothfox:disqus . As far as I know, the droid maxx and ultra are only avaiable in USA, And they are Verizon exclusivity. So, that is a very limited offer. I live in Brazil, so, no droids for me. Besides, although the droids have 5 inches, they keep the same screen resolution, which becomes annoying with bigger phones. After using a fantastic screen on lg g2, it would be kind of frustating to use a big display without full hd. And the droids doesn´t have the more ergonomic form that moto x have, as well as LG G2 with its rounded corners. Finally, no motomaker for them. They are more of the old motorola.

        • Hothfox

          Oh, that is true.

          Sorry, American here who is unfortunately in the habit of assuming all DL readers are also American :X

          • Adhemir

            Hothfox , I´ve had, previously, a Razr HD, and I´m sure the droids are much better (as I have a moto x now, which has the same processor of droids, I can imagine they are just as smooth). I just don´t think they are as good as the competition.

            As far as the pixel density, I think 720p are fine for a 4,7 inches phone. However, if Moto opt to go for a bigger screen (5 or even 5´2´´, like the G2), i think bigger resolutions start to make sense, especially if you read too much texts.

            And the LG G2 proved it is possible to manage a higher resolution and bigger screen with excellent battery (moto x battery is good, but still isn´t enough for power users). As far as Amoled, I understand they are better to improve battery life, especially in a phone with active display, but I wish Motorola engineers could figure out a “magic” way to make Amoled look better under sunlight, just as lg g2.

  • Adhemir

    A bigger screen.
    I had a LG G2 for a week (unfortunately, I had problems with gps, so I decided
    to try moto x, which I really like, but there are lots of space for improvements).
    The LG G2 has a 5,2´´ without being too big or to heavy. The rounded corners
    help with that (I had a razr hd before, which is much more difficult to handle,
    because of the square form). My girlfriend has a sony xperia zq/zl, with 5
    inches. She likes that, and…well, she is a woman with little hands… Both these
    screens sizes I think are better for me than 4,7. Please, Motorola, do a moto x
    phone with at list 5 inches, but no more than 5´2´´. I think the phone could be
    less narrow and could be wider, like the nexus 4. I always type with two hands
    anyway, so a wider phone makes it easier to type. I read a lot of FLIPBOARD,
    and 4,7 inches is still to small for reading…We look to the screen all the
    time. It deserves a bigger screen.

    You started
    selling the moto x whith the same price of Specs phones. If people are willing
    to pay a premium price for moto x, they deserve the best specs as well.

    With a bigger
    screen, I believe you should go for full HD. You probably will say that this
    uses more battery. Yeah, it does. But with bigger screen/bigger phone, you can
    have BIGGER BATTERY…, like the G2, which is pretty good!

    Again, bigger
    battery. I´m a hard user. My battery usually dies after 9 to 12 hours. This is
    not enough yet…I use gps a lot, and listen to streaming music to run (although I don´t play any

    LG G2 screen was
    much better to read under sunlight. I live in Brazil, where Motorola is strong,
    and so is the sunlight… I know IPS displays are better to read under these
    conditions and amoled is important to keep battery, especially considering the
    active display… Try to figure out a way to do a better screen under sunlight,
    without sacrifice the battery.

    Snapdragon 800 or
    even 805 processors. I know moto x is pretty smooth, but at the end of 2014…
    maybe we would need something even more powerful. And the Snapdragon 800 proved
    to be pretty efficient to manage BATTERY… (at least on G2).

    CAMERA. Moto x
    camera is DECENT… Consumer doesn´t want decent cameras anymore. They want OUTSTANDING
    cameras. They want to leave their point to shoot cameras at home, even on
    vacations. LG G2 has a considerable better camera with its OIS technology. Motorola
    has to be AT LEAST on par with the completion in this regard (especially if it
    charges the same premium prices of the competition)

    Keep the nice
    features (touchless control, active notifications, etc), and keep pure android,
    but add some useful extras like LG G2 knock on, ability to see ahead scenes of
    the video without stopping to watch the actual scenes, ability to answer the
    phone without having to touch the screen… I really liked the button on the
    back as well, but it seens I am a minority in this regard.

  • Tomek G

    Q W E R T Y keyboard (either as part of phone or addon)
    — Thank You

    • Foo

      For shit’s sake, yes. We are overdue for OG 2.0.

    • Nikuliai

      may be as an addon, but I would absolutely hate it on the phone

  • JolleyMan

    Dear Mr. Woodside, my wife and I are loving our Moto X’s. A camera improvement would be the top improvement for us. Allowing easy root access would be a close second. This would allow ultimate customization of each of our devices to suit our rather different preferred experiences. Do let me know if you need an Application Engineer in the Charlotte area.

    • Jeff

      Agreed, I would love easier root access on my Moto X.

  • Adhemir

    just one more thing: SD CARD. Cloud is good, but it isn´t the best solution yet. Photos and videos take to much time to download. We need at least 32gb in Brazil, or the SD Card option.

  • alisan

    Mr. Woodside,

    Please bring the rosewood moto x to belgium 🙂
    I’ve been delaying my purchase since the iPhone 5S came out, because i’m sick of iPhones..

    Also you guys will come to europe in februari but seriously that is too late.. it’s like thinking of Europe as a second degree market..
    on top of that the phone is already months old.. that made me doubt to buy a nexus 5.

    Anyway tbh the fact that nokia’s color schemes or apples 5C do not show up a lot here in europe means people don’t care about the colors too much, BUT
    A smartphone with a wood back is something totally different, I think the colors won’t work in europe, but the wood might since I’ve seen a lot of wood cases these last couple of years

  • Nish Junankar

    Battery life + Camera. There are so few phones with a top of the line camera (iPhone 5s, Galaxy S4, LG G2, HTC ONE, Note 3). I do not think there is any phone with both.

    • Rich Robinson

      Seriously. G2 easily has both and won awards for each. Battery life is insane on the G2 and the camera is one of the top 3 available. Excellent hardware.

  • Ryuuie

    Dennis! Hi! I have a question (edit: and some suggestions!):

    I’ve heard that the non-developer Moto Xs don’t work on AIO Wireless because Motorola doesn’t support AIO. This means that I, being on AIO Wireless couldn’t use Moto Maker. Could you do something about supporting AIO Wireless? I mean, I don’t know if that makes ANY sense, but those who have a non dev version of the Moto X and have updated to Kit Kat have had issues with the phone not going back to mobile data or losing signal or something.

    I’d really like a Moto X (actually, I’m wanting the next device you guys have in that line), but I want to make sure this issue is fixed. 🙂

    Also, as far as improvements, I’d like a better camera and much better battery life. I’ve struggled with battery life on every single smartphone I’ve had from the Optimus G on Virgin Mobile to the Sprint Nexus $ 4G and now to the Nexus 4 on AIO Wireless. I’ve heard a lot of awesome things about Motorola’s batteries and I’d love for my next phone to have some awesome battery life. 😀

    Also, if it’s not too much trouble, could you stick a Kit Kat bar in the box since Google apparently missed the mark on this one with the Nexus 5? Please? 😛

    Edit: As for the better camera, since I didn’t really go into detail in the non-edited post, I’m not talking super hi-def 4K shooting camera. I just want something better than the Nexus 5. I’d say better than the Nexus 4 but, from what I’ve noticed, it already is better. I really like the camera software (it’d be great if you could talk Google into using it or something). However, I’ve only played with an X on display in Best Buy, so I’ll leave the changes to that up to those who own the device. =)

    Edit 2: Storage! 64GB of storage would be SWEET! I use cloud-based storage so an SD card doesn’t mean anything to me, but I’ve filled up my 16GB Nexus 4 with about 500 pictures and 10 videos once. I REALLY would love to have the ability to fill my next phone up with even more.

  • NexusMan

    I’ve always been vocal about my love for the Moto X, but if DENNIS WOODSIDE is reading this, what I want from the next Moto X is Moto Maker availability from ALL CARRIERS at launch…no more exclusivity, MULTIPLE WOOD BACKS available at launch, from the start…not a delayed rollout of just one wood back months after release (had that Rosewood been out at launch, I wouldn’t have waited until the Holliday Sale to purchase my Moto), ADDITIONAL COLOR AND MATERIAL OPTIONS (including brighter colors like BABY BLUE), a groundbreaking quality CAMERA, WIRELESS CHARGING, continued development of Touchless Controls and Motorola Assist, including a sort of OFFICE mode in Motorola Assist, allowing, among other things, responding to texts by voice while not driving, even LESS CARRIER BLOATWARE, possibly a slightly larger screen, but without making the size of the device much bigger, an EVEN LONGER BATTERY LIFE, and possibly a 1080p screen, but only if battery life can be maintained at least to the level that it currently is.

  • MOTO NEXUS. {{-_-}}

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    Why GREAT battery life is STILL EXCLUSIVE to BigRed’s Droid phones??? Don’t you think Moto X (all versions) will sell much much more if you have added that 3500mAh battery to it??? Thank you…

  • interstellarmind

    I think this is all a calculated move by Moto to reach out, again, to the hardcore Android enthusiasts who were created by the OG Droid (interview with MKBHD, DLife, now this shout out).

    It’s a total grassroots outreach to the people who give a yea or nay to mobile devices (I can count a number of times where I had no intention of getting a certain device, but DLife’s coverage convinced me otherwise).

    As long as sites like DLife remain honest, i.e. not bought out by these companies, I’m all for the outreach as a means to foster communication to ensure products we the consumer actually want.

  • santhosh ramadev

    Dennis : Sammy has it , LG has it . HTC has it ,Sony has it , Nokia has it , even HP is set to release one . When can we expect Moto Phablet ?

    • Dennis Woodside


  • chjapa

    Heres what I’d like to see. The Moto X developer addition customizable the same as the non-dev edition. Also, a selection of exotic woods for the backs, Sycamore, Birch, African purple heart.
    So by next November (when my contract is up) I would like a Moto X 2 Developer Edition. The X2 will have a 5″ screen, at least a Snapdragon 800 with 3 gigs of Ram, and with a white sycamore back. I would love that!!!!

    • chjapa

      Oh and wireless charging, can they do that with a wood back. Figure it out!

  • Hadi Bakhtiyarvand

    moto need one munster for next year . motorola just need realeased faster for all market , some market like india . brezil and … moto phonesare very popular . please attention more to global market .
    we are winer . we can do it

  • Hadi Bakhtiyarvand

    ni denis . im moto fans from 12 years ago . please visit and like us . we are first an best only motorola fanpage in fb . we need your support . https://www.facebook.com/pages/Motorola-Fans/362432030490274?hc_location=timeline

  • Chris

    If you really want to listen to your custmorers do something like dell does


    • Dennis Woodside

      will look into

  • Rayman

    Dennis ! I’d be very interested in learning when Motorola is going to re-enter the India Market – we can really use the Moto G here !
    Also, an awesome job the currently line of devices. I think you are doing great ( compared to other OEMs and Carriers ) at wooing your enterprise customers. As you would already know, Android has potential to grab a bigger share of the enterprise market, however, enterprises are wary of adopting android due to security concerns. It would be great to see your software development team address security concerns quicker.

  • Steve Douglas

    Moto has nailed everything except 2 things for me. The camera needs to be top tier and the lack of a SD card (or a 64GB device) drove me to my Note 2. Otherwise Moto has everyone else beat on a lot of fronts…. I want my next phone to be a moto!!

    • Dennis Woodside

      We are working on camera. SD has its place in some devices, but not all

      • Steve Douglas

        Thank you for the reply! I’ve recommened the moto x to people and they love it! Another area you might want to consider is the moto g blows the ipod away. I bought one for Christmas for my daughter and never wants to go back to her ipod again! guys are doing the right thing! Keep up the good work Sir!

      • Adhemir

        @ Dennis Wodside A bigger display, 5 to 5’2 would be nice as well, and a bigger battery. LG G2 whith its rounded corners is a good example of that. Fantastic display, perfect to read outdoors and still, better batery life. Maybe Motorola should have one moto x for the masses (like iphone) and one moto x a little bigger, whith more stamina, for hard users. I believe there is a market for that. Features that are really useful (as you just did with moto x) PLUS amazing specs. You could charge a premium price for that bigger moto x and a more reasonable price for the basic moto x.

  • Go ahead and dust your shoulders off.

  • RedBeaVeR

    Mr. Woodside.

    Moto Maker in Canada.


    I have a Moto X already but I’ll gladly buy another one I can customize.

  • Petro Dragoumanos

    Gee now I’m going to really feel pressure when I post here.

  • a) youth.in.asia

    Moto x Maxx with improved camera?

  • AC

    He’s probably wondering who the hell Sarge is.

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      Oh he knows.

  • sdcardssuck


    • lookatmyfunnyusername


      • Guest39225

        Except they do nothing for storing an ENTIRE app, cause issues like file managing which is something Google (aka Motorola) don’t want with Android, and are nothing more than remnants left behind when Android had less storage than iOS.

        They do nothing but fail easily or cause issues with Android that stock doesn’t have.

        If you want more storage, ask for a 64gb phone, not a phone with outdated technology just because you don’t know how to use cloud storage.

        • Sporttster

          Absurd post….if you can’t figure out a SD card, go back to your flip phone….bye bye now….

          • Guest39225

            Better an absurd post than an absurd person. Why don’t you give us some good examples as to why you think modern phones need SD cards, hmm? Or were you taught poorly in your crappy American school system to not know how to back up your statements with actual facts.

            I guess you like old tech. Maybe you should go back to your iPhone.

        • lookatmyfunnyusername

          Oh I agree with everything you said in your last response. That wasn’t what you said initially though.

  • Nikuliai

    I would say that Motorola should:

    -Focus on the camera: this is -sadly- one of the biggest deal breakers about the Moto X, it’s not really a big issue to me cuz I don’t really take many photos, but in this aspect I’m not really the normal case, a lot of people decided to get another phone cuz the Moto X’s camera was kinda “meh” (now it’s average, but it started really bad), so I think it would be more market friendly with a nicer camera.

    -Moto Maker on all carriers AT THE START: This is kind of mandatory, especially now that people got used to the Moto Maker, if they do the AT&T exclusive deal again… well, 99% of the forum would have “brutal comments”.

    -Moto Maker on Brazil and Chile: Considering both of those markets absolutely LOVED the Moto X (even tho here in Chile the price is something like ~900USD off contract, and IT WAS THE FREAKING 16GB VERSION), so I think this is a huge market for Moto Maker cuz people bought the phone at that ridiculous price, so customization would give them an even better market share (I know this is a huge investment, but a man can dream).

    -Bigger Internal Storage: 32 and 64 would be great choices as standard since it’s not really likely that Moto is going to have SD cards again, so the internal storage is a HUGE deal. I know Moto gives some gigs on Google Drive but not all of us have unlimited data so it’s not the same than having storage.

    -Play a litte with phone sizes, and make those options count on battery: we all know the Moto X has really good battery life, but some people want bigger displays, and with bigger displays there is a little extra space for battery, on that same note:

    -Some people would love a smaller Moto X (~4.3”) cuz of the size of their hands, I disagree, but I’ve heard this many times, a Z1 Compact like phone would be ideal (smaller phone, but with decent specs)

    -I love the 4.7” Display, so nothing to say there, please keep it!

    -A 5” Moto X with extra battery would satisfy a lot of people, something like a Moto Maxx

    Obviously all of this considering a worldwide release with a “decent deal” price. I’m not talking Nexus deal, but some love to our wallets would make this a better deal than it already is, especially considering most of the “ignorant” people think that specs are everything and -for that same reason- think that the Moto X is overpriced.

    PS: Not gonna comment on specs like Processor or the 1080p since we all know they are going to make the Moto X specs grow since it’s a new year.

    PS n° 2: Keep Rockin’ it Moto!

    • Dennis Woodside

      Thank you! You should become a product manager 🙂

      • Droid 1967

        except for the fact that people that pay top price for a device expect it to have the same specs as other devices. the original price of the moto x was outrageous. Take the couple original software ideas and sell them for other devices to cover the cost. as the cost of the hardware you produced was not worth the price, my only assumption is you were trying to recoup for the software development. The specs for the moto x were disappointing towards all the hoopla you guys were pushing out prior to announcement. Sorry moto maker does nothing for me at all. And by the time you offered it to anyone but att the phone was even more dated than when released.
        I would love for a american company moto/google to be the top android seller (we wont talk that fruit aphell company) But what you are selling mid tier devices for top tier prices and that wont work. If you haven’t made a financial deal with this website than you should pay them now as noone has pushed this moto x device like they have. I dont pay the same price for a 720 tv as i do for a 1080P , and most people wont pay that for a phone either. This site has become a huge fan boy site for the moto x so i felt you needed to have an opinion form someone that had the original droid (still do) and that was a great phone. and I want an american company to win my business and many others. If you continue along the lines you did with the moto x this wont happen. You cant continue to release year old specs as a top tier priced device. you moto g for a low cost device is a good deal there i believe most that would want that would be happy with 3g so i think that wasn’t a bad idea for the price point. Want to have the biggest selling phone next year? 32 megs, 1080p,latest processor, 5.5 inch screen, removable battery, camera equal to the g2 or apple devices. sd card slot, actually offer what you advertise when phone is released in moto maker not 6 months later, I actually lost a lot of respect for moto with the announcement of moto maker and wood backs that both were not available to the masses for what 5-6 months after release. That does not show a trust worthy company it shows someone trying to make their product look better than it actually delivers. As i stated I really want moto to be top dog so i am giving my actual opinion to someone that has input. i wouldn’t waste the time at this point i already posted my disappointment with the device that was the talk of android for quite awhile only to be disappointed at every step of its release. and you lost my business to LG ( who i had despised after their g2x) so you can definitely win my and many people who trust me for their device choices but if the moto x2 or whatever is anything like the moto x release it just wont happen. Here’s hoping my next phone will be MOTO! p.s. thanks for getting rid of moto blur 🙂

        • Nikuliai

          man that’s most likely not him.. but anyway…

          they had to MAKE the X8 system, they probably worked on that a long time, I do agree that they most likely tried to transfer the investment from the Moto X to their users, but the hardware is actually pretty good (not top tier but pretty good), and the performance is near to top tier anyway, but besides that, the phone gives people an added value, in this phone you don’t need the last Qualcomm (but maybe it would be a good combo now that they are adding the X8 idea to their processors), but I do agree on the fact they overpriced the phone, and they shouldn’t do the same mistake with the X2 (or whatever it’s called)

          About the “most people won’t pay that for a phone [with 720p] either”, dude you’re completely wrong, the 5S has that display and people love to throw money at it, why? CUZ OF ADDED VALUE, not to trash on the other brands but the S4 performs like crap considering their specs and to be honest, Android doesn’t look that much of a multi core system (I may be wrong, but to me it looks like we got to the point the number of cores doesn’t reflect the performance at all) so I differ with this, many people trash on the 720p display but it’s kind of irrelevant unless you compare it side to side with other phone, a RELEVANT issue is the yellow-ish white of their AMOLED, but the 720p… it’s just a 4.7”, you don’t need a 2K and even a 1080 seems like an overkill (but they may add it anyway).

          PS: the SD card slot is not going to happen

          • Droid 1967

            Think you misundestood overall i think were thinking same. Just on 720 im talking they priced the phone as if it was 1080p it was not what the hype prior displyed and was too costly for what they produced. And sdcard wise just want it for music and video. Cant compare what peolke buy with specs on an iphone different animal, nothing seems to matter with iphones other than its a bigger number or has a letter behind its name.

          • Nikuliai

            Apple has a brand tha “is” added value (they do, I think they don’t add value since like 2 years ago but they still have the brand so people buy their phones either way), to me they overpriced it because of the features (X8’s functionalities), the camera and the 720p were sacrifices to make the phone cheaper (I think they screwed up on pricing it that high at the start, but I guess it was about recovering the investment, still not a wise choice, but whatevs)

            I say the SD is not going to happen cuz is most likely not gonna happen, they are a Google company now and AFAIK Google stopped using it because:

            “We got tired of seeing OEMs include many GB of
            internal storage for music, while users were still running out of space
            for apps and data. This approach lets us merge everything on one volume,
            which is way better.
            — Dan Morrill, Android engineer at Google”

            So for that reason is really not likely to have a Moto X¿2? with SD cards, I do think they should improve the size of the internal storage if they are going for that approach but at least for now we know that the Google approach is that the SD’s are evil

          • Droid 1967

            except the 1 volume approach for apps and system doesn’t override the ability to also have a sd card at all. But i agree most likely wont see it. You state they did these things to cut the cost but they still sold the phone at the same top cost of the higher tiered phones. The x8…. its not like they didnt know the s800 would have this capability the specs were out long before the processor was available so to put any amount of expensive work into the x8 architecture which is nothing more than retina display a term to throw you off its low specs. Was a complete waste of time and money. Moto put so much blast and how great the moto x was gonna be and how greatly priced it was gonna be. I think they have lost touch and i believe the next phone will also be a large let down luckily at this point i have the g2 which will be fine until the following cycle But i have no trust in moto anymore after the entire moto x debacle as i stated in my first post. Again i hope they succeed and we have a us company number 1 for android but i wouldn’t bet 1 dollar on it. 1 thing if products from usa companies can not compete in price and specs than they are better off selling the specs at a higher cost and pushing the made in america. selling a lesser product for the same price as lg or samsung they will lose. Ill pay more for a good brand but wont pay more for less features because its a good brand if that makes sense. But most importantly GO BRONCOS!

          • Nikuliai

            I think it’s not a capability thing, they worked with qualcomm to make a modified processor, they could had done it with the s800 but that would involve deliver the processor (before the testing and stuff) a lot later and most expensive, what about the retina display? I didn’t get what you meant there.

            And of course they made a blast… it’s marketing… And again, they most likely overpriced it to pay for the other investment (bad practice but still), I am betting on Motorola, I hope 2014 it’s their year but not sure yet.

            PS: I know the SD thing doesn’t make sense, but that’s their way of saying “we’re not paying Microsoft a dime for their freaking SD Fat licences”, but they can’t say that, ergo the response I posted last post, and since Google owns Motorola now, it’s most likely that Motorola isn’t going to pay for that licence either

            2nd PS: I don’t think the Moto X is a lesser product, just a different one, I’ve seen it outperform the S4 and being on par of the One, I haven’t seen a thing with the G2 so I can’t say a thing (nothing but that LG seems to be doing better, when I used their phone back in 2012 it was decent, just decent, but worse than Samsung), point is, it’s close to top tier phone in regular performance, it may not be the best in games, but who cares, the only real deal here is the camera (the 720p display for me is utterly irrelevant, in fact, it’s even better than a 1080p since it doesn’t need to move unneeded pixels on a little screen, it may be better next year with a better proc and maybe battery, but right now it would be dead weight)

          • Droid 1967

            on the retina just that its not a great resolution but ive talked to people and they think its the highest available anywhere 🙂 marketing done greatly. just as the x8 its a marketing gimmick. Im not saying the moto x is a bad phone although i am tired of hearing about it again top story of the day here wood backs without any knowledge of what the actual wood is for stuff advertised 6 months ago. I think this is where the moto x fits in this custom stuff and it just doesn’t interest me so with the rest of the phone having very little to offer its a total failure to me . 16gig is not enough and wont purchase a phone with only that. the droid version would of fit the bill but they put hardware buttons on it thus ruining it so for me this entire line is a failure. But man i cant say i remember any other phone making daily headlines for 6 months too bad the marketing is not being matched by the sales. If they would of put the moto x out at the rumored cost of 350 off contract when it launched we wouldn’t have this convo as it would be too popular to even talk about negatives. The 1 thing they got right was quick update to new os. Also not that 720 is a klller its just that you dont charge the same for 720 as you do for 1080 which is what they did. They continue to try to lower the price push out more reasons for people to buy the phone. and im betting that the next moto x is the same size so they can interchange the stuff from moto maker it will just have some updated internals , hmm sounds familiar. Well i think we’ve exhausted this well see what happens going forward LG sure came back from hell (kinda-still haven’t seen kitkat for the g2 ,) 🙂
            We did learn 1 thing from the moto x. don’t listen to anything until moto puts out official specs!

      • Adhemir

        Listen to this guy, Dennis! I’m from Brazil and would love to have a moto x with bigger battery, 5 to 5’2″ display and a camera at least on par with the best on competition. I really don’t care too much about the processor, as moto x is pretty snap and responsive and neither moto maker, but all the other specs I believe motorola should take into account.

        • Adhemir

          And, yeah, I would pay a premium price for a phone like that.

    • Adhemir

      Agree with almost everything. Personally, I think 4,7 is too small, as I read a lot on cell phone.

      • Nikuliai

        Agreed, but for a lot of people 5” is a lot in terms of pocket size, that’s why I said it would be awesome to have 3 size options (with similar hardware so it’s not adding to fragmentation)

  • mike carder

    It’s pretty cool that he actually reads Droid Life. Hopefully he takes the comments seriously good and bad. I am curious as to Motorolas plans for this year. I am due for an upgrade soon (from Droid Razr Maxx)and really like either the Moto X or Droid Maxx- but my last 2 phones have been Moto’s and they always start to lag and I am getting frustrated. I try rebooting, factory resets, clearing cashe, but they always lag. My family all have the Note 2 with no problems. Thankfully I have another month to decide. Moto or Note 3. Tough choice…… come on Dennis help me decide!

    • Nikuliai

      the Maxx had the old UI, it may be just me, but every time I use the Moto X it kind of flies (do things almost instantly), I think the UI plays a big role here, since even tho the Maxx is a great phone, it doesn’t have the same love (I haven’t actually tested it so I can’t say for sure, but my guess is that the UI is laggy, as the one from Samsung -> lags even more when you have the phone on a couple of days)

    • Dennis Woodside

      We redid entire software line, lag is gone. Maxx or Moto X

      • mike carder

        Wow! I can’t believe you actually replied- hoping its really THE Dennis Woodside. Iemailed customer support a week ago and they only asked me to send the phone in for repairs. I thought I would just wait until my upgrade instead of spending 150.00 for repairsthen getting a new phone. I have always had Motorola phones and donor want to switch, but only getting a new one every 2 years makes it tough. I promise to give Motorola my utmost attention -especially with the strides you have taken. I’m also able to take bribes or discounts. LOL!

  • Amorel79

    Moto X with a bigger battery AND 1080p screen! Nuff said.

  • Martin Cohen

    If the Droid 5 (or the equivalent with a slider keyboard) comes out, I will buy it.

  • jbdan

    Pretty freaking cool he reads comments here. My only input towards someone like DW would be to keep doing what you’re doing….it’s only going to get better!

  • Droid


  • Greg

    Please make the next nexus. That is all.

  • Leonardo Rojas

    My thoughts about what Motorola is doing is: Congratulations for the Moto X’s success!
    Although, I didn’t buy it because of the 16GB storage only, in my country (Peru) and that little flaw made it look like it was over priced.

    Please at least give [the] two variants if microSD cards are forbidden by the big G!!

    I convinced my brother to buy the G2 just because of this. And that way you’ve lost many customers, you see?

    Second: I think the Moto G is very good, too good for its price, actually. But I’d say Motorola is giving this good, capable smartphone for a very low price to the masses and sooner than later there won’t be buyers replacing their smartphones for longer periods. Well, that might be ok with Google.

    Third: Please build a Razr i 2!!!!!! With the latest SoC from Intel! That device was superb!

    I hope Dennis have read. Thanks.

    Thanks Droid Life team! Now this is the place to leave messages to Dennis Woodside. Ha

    – L

  • Godzilla

    Hi Dennis. See ya tomorrow.

  • danlunatic

    i think you should let those of us who are hoping against hope that a droid 5 is coming, if it is or not. If you say no droid 5 I will go ahead and order my moto x. As of right now I feel like we are getting the run around and I wanna try a different brand my last 3 phones were motos and I feel like a little customer appreciation is in order. Give it to me straight.

  • Kailua

    Job well done Moto….really like to touchless control and active display…great to have a company with a great innovation history back in the forefront of its product line. One thing I didn’t like about Android spectrum of phones is the number of variations which end up being too many for the average consumer to decide on. If you look at the success of the Apple products, making one really terrific product that does everything very good/excellent is the best way to go. Don’t dilute your product line.

  • Orion

    Keep up the good work moto. Mr. Woodside, I would love a phone that competes with the Note series. A 5.5-6.0 inch phone would be awesome! You still can have the 4.7 inch moto x successor to make people happy. So therefore you have the budget friendly moto g, the moto x and a moto ”phablet”. That way you’ll have phones that appeal to all masses. Do that and I’ll be a customer for life. Thank you.

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      I personally wouldn’t want one but it looks like there’s demand out there for it. Moto x and g form factors are perfect. They now need to add a phablet and two tablets.

  • Kareem Ayman

    please consider bringing the moto g to global markets, were it to have been selling in Egypt, I’m 100% sure it would sell like hotcakes, the 150-200$ range is just lacking here.

    • Dennis Woodside


  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Truley some of the best content out there, I’m sure that’s why he stops by. Keep up the great work

  • Brando21

    All I want to hear about are the bootloaders being unlocked across the board for Motorola

  • Trevor

    This is awesome! Is it awkward to say congratulations? I feel like this is a big deal for DL! Not to mention it’s extra super awesome that Mr. Woodside takes the time to really try to find out what his customers want, despite the fact that the readers of Droid-Life tend to be the phone/technology-obsessed type customers.

  • Ted

    If he reads droid life then how about this.

    Treat your people better that represent your company on the road. Being a moto agent used to be fun and exciting but has now turned into a stressful job. People were lured into this job told it was nothing like retail , having weekends off and not have to worry about sales or commission by getting a steady salary. Boy how things have changed… Lower our salaries by 15% and move us to commission base to battle it out in retail stores that are hard enough for the carriers sales reps to sell and hit their goals yet alone concern themselves with making sure we get our pitch in so we can attempt to make money.

    Love the products through and through, but whoever is in control with the moto agent program has no grasp on the challenges in stores. We have been providing feedback since august and not a single thing has come from it.

    And if you read comments so much you would know how much consumers want a bigger moto x and a tablet. Hell, bigger moto x was being asked for before the actual x was released.

    Sorry to blast on here in the droid life community but hey, need to vent anonymously.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Hey, gotta pay the french hipsters that are OBSESSED with fighting the engineers to make everything as thin as possible!

  • chris125

    That is smart. Why waste money on focus groups when you can visit the host of android sites and see what people really want. Yeah you will get the trolls and some of the same unreasonable comments, but I am sure there is a recurring item that even if they only added one of those into their next model would make people somewhat happier.

  • MikeSaver

    Dear Dennis Woodside,

    Because this posts means you’re definitely reading this, one thing you could do that no one’s talking about is make Android easily beautiful by default!
    What I mean, is have stock launcher come with a lot of great widgets, so its easy for the average user to make their android phone as great looking as the ones you find on sites like mycolorscreen.com

    • Hothfox

      No. That is what the Play Store is for – so you can put these customization apps on yourself, and so that the phone does not come bloated with junk.

  • djdsf

    Slightly bigger screen please!

  • dizel123

    Dennis, please stick with 16GB. I want the phone to stay affordable and I don’t want to pay extra for storage I will never need. Also, please keep the display at 720p.. There’s no need to sacrifice battery life for extra pixels that the human eye can’t detect. Nobody can tell the difference unless they put a 1080p display right next to it.The X8 system was brilliant. I doubted it when it was first announced, I thought it was just a gimmick, but after using it for a few months I really appreciate it. No need for MOAR SPECS on your phone. Just keep on optimizing software and bringing me more features.I saw Google just bought Nest. I’d love to be able to tell my X(using touchless controls of course) to turn up the heat and have it happen.
    Keep up the good work.

    • joejoe5709

      16GB is only appropriate if the phone is very cheap or if there’s an SD card slot. Otherwise, 32GB is the minimum for a flagship launched at $199.00. And for $199.00 I’d also expect a 1080p screen. 720p in 2013 is only appropriate at 4.3″ or below. Otherwise, I can easily tell the difference even without a 1080p phone nearby. So for 2014 I will expect a better battery with better software optimization (KitKat is a good step) to support some better specs all around and for the same price. They can do it. We know they can.

      • dizel123

        My phone has 16GB, with over 7GB free. 32GB is overkill for anyone with a clue about how to use technology. SD slots are so 2012, no need at all for them any more.720p is fine for anyone without bionic eyes. If no one told you a phone was 720p you would never know, so quit acting like you have special eyes that can tell the difference. You may be able to see a difference based ob type of screen(ie AMOLED vs LCD) but not based on resolution. And no one who understand what the future of phones is cares about MOAR SPECS. If you want to ride the spec train, stick with Samsung and get left behind by those of us riding with Moto.

        • lookatmyfunnyusername

          You’re stupid phones only come with 2 gb since I barely use any space no one should need anymore than that./s

  • Ralph Bretz

    I got to say that I think Motorola has made a complete 180 and is going in the right direction. The Moto X was a major step in the right direction. It’s the best phone that I ever owned. While other OEM’s load up and bloat down their flagship devices with heavy skins and gimmicky features Motorola developed two extremely unique and useful features, Active Display and Touchless Control. Plus Motorola is running almost Vanilla Android. Also the fact that Motorola completely optimized every aspect of the Moto X and the X8 chipset.

    Now for the next flagship device. Increase the battery size and if possible the screen size.

    • needa

      screen is perfect. battery is even pretty good. but could always improve. they need to work on what sucks the most. and that is the camera.

  • cmorty72

    Bootloaders. Unlock them and keep them unlocked.

    • MicroNix

      Maybe DL readers can lobby congress to get them to start turning the screws on the carriers so they are more of a “dumb” pipe. Give me the data I pay for and I’ll use whatever device I want with it and that device will be mine to do with just a like a PC. If I want to flash it with something different, all the more power to me. Just give me my data.

  • Tyler

    Dennis, please resist the urge to make your phones larger…or at least maintain a 4.7″ screen option. However, please add a bigger battery. As much as I would like to move to the Moto X, I’m not leaving my HD RAZR MAXX and it’s 2 days of battery life.

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      I’ve owned both phones. You wouldn’t be as disappointed with the x as you think you will. Battery life is pretty pronominal for the size of the battery. My HD maxx would only last maybe a couple of hours more on average. X gets me through 24 hours if I ever need it to.

  • geeq


    • needa

      i sure would hate for them to spend time on a qwerty when they could be spending time on something else.

    • Nikuliai

      hell no! too much of a waste of space, if you want phisical keys buy a mini bluetooth keyboard :B

  • AndroidUser00110001

    Dear Motorola,
    Please make a device like the Moto X but with latest hardware, larger screen and bigger battery. While you are at it please add a physical keyboard. I love your build quality and the feel of quality from your former products and waiting for the Motorola phone I really want.

    My last Moto product was the Droid 2 and have been wanting to go back to Moto. The X almost got me but I need a bigger screen.

    Thank you!

    • Ian

      Lol, “please make a phone like the moto x, but have it include all of these things that would make it nothing like the moto x. sincerely, Confused”

  • Tim242

    I want to own a Moto phone, I really do. But…they need to give me a choice of a bigger screen size, and work on the camera. If they do this, I will stop buying Samsung phones twice per year.

    • Dennis Woodside


      • Nikuliai

        dude stop… nobody is buying it

  • Cowboydroid

    Read this Dennis:


    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      He’s JK’ing Dennis. Please Ignore.

      • geeq

        Keyboard haters, suck on our spacebars.

      • bigdav1178

        Pinocchio, your nose is growing! 😉

  • Lee Winkler

    Mr. Woodside. Great interview with Marques 🙂 How about bringing some stock android love to legacy phones? Like the original Maxx?

  • Fermin

    I just tried my droid maxx with a T-Mobile micro Sim and it works I even get 4g LTE although it is a bit spotty but it jumps between that and HSPA+ (4g on tmo isn’t that good yet)

  • trainplane3

    Awesome! And a couple of those emails to him were mine! He really cares about his customers enough to have a one on one conversation with them (I would know), which is alot to say since you don’t see anything about Samsung or HTC being as friendly and open as he is…

    • needa

      i sent him an email. it got forwarded to punit soni. one of my points of interest was not voiding the warranty on those of us who root and then break the screen. especially when i have paid for the extended warranty. the response from punit was… “Patrick,
      My name is Punit Soni and I am the VP of SW Product here at Motorola. Just wanted to respond to your email to Dennis.
      We have fixed the warranty situation a few weeks ago. We no longer void your warranty if you unlock your bootloader.”

      i have to assume he meant the gpe. but i am keeping the email for when i decide to root.

      • trainplane3

        I’ve spoken to Dennis, Punit, and a few other Moto Execs. You can tell how much they care about their customers. Also, you may have missed it, but Moto no longer voids warranties for unlocking you phone.Check it out here :http://motorola-blog.blogspot.com/2013/11/you-asked-we-listened-announcing.html

        • needa

          i said gpe… should have said de. i dont have a dev edition phone, i have a motomaker att from back when it was full price. so the new rules do not apply to me.

          i specified root and bootloader in my email:

          “your warranty policies concerning root: i think they are old and antiquated. right now i want nothing more than getting my bootloader unlocked, rooting my phone, and slapping on the 4.2.2 firmware. but i cannot do that without voiding my warranty. and also the motocare warranty i spent $85 bucks on. i ask that ya’ll figure out a way to still provide warranty for those that have rooted. if i root and my screen cracks… it is not the fault of the rooting. if i root and brick my phone… then its on me. but it should not be ‘on me’ for physical damage. at least… not when i specifically paid for physical damage insurance.

          at the end of the day the question is… will i buy another phone from moto? i gotta say… i do miss feeling as if i ‘own’ my device. rather than renting the thing from motorola/at&t for $800 plus.”

          pretty much. my email was skimmed and ignored.

  • Philip J. Fry

    A moto nexus would be a dream come true. 🙂

  • WOW. he just exposed himself as Bionic/Sarge!

    • Tim242

      Nah…Bionic said he bought an S4.

    • joejoe5709

      Lol. Mind. Blown.

  • joejoe5709

    Nice! I bet that just made your year, Kellen! I know Moto is probably your favorite OEM right now so it’s all the more special. Congrats on the recognition!

    Motorola – I love you to death and the Moto X is awesome, but I am a specs guy and no amount of “specs don’t matter” is going to sway me unless your phone is half the price of other flagships. Sorry but it’s the brutal truth. For the Moto X sequel I’d like to see a 1080p screen and a Snapgragon 800 or 805 (which still supports touchless control and such). Keep everything else the same and profit.

    • What specifically is your motox having trouble doing?

      • joejoe5709

        Oh no I’ve got a G2. Sorry forgot to mention that. And I’m sure the Moto X performs just fine. But buyers like myself see the Moto X, compare it to the G2 and purchase the G2 due to the higher specs. I know that’s not everyone, but I wish Moto offered a spec beast for those type of consumers.

        • Gotcha. Well, spec wars killed the PC industry. Moto is wise not to follow that path.

          • joejoe5709

            Then they need to reclass all flagship phones according to screen size and relative specs. That way the Moto X isn’t a part of the same class as the G2 and the Nexus 5. Not that it’s a bad thing – some people want an ergonomic phone that fits easily in one hand but still has a relatively larger screen. Same goes for the Note 3 vs the G2. Similar specs and performance, but the screen size is what determines the class and generally what type of consumer it attracts and so therefore it’s not really relevant to compare the two.

            HTC One Max, Galaxy Note 3 = Phablets (5.4+” Screens with a variety of niche features. The Note 3 dominates due to its specs.)
            LG G2, Galaxy S4, Nexus 5, and Droid Maxx = Full-Size Flagships (4.9″-5.3″ Screens+top-of-the-line Specs)
            HTC One & Moto X = Mid-Size Flagships (4.5″-4.8″ Screens with very good, but not necessarily bleeding edge specs)
            Droid Mini, S4 Mini, iPhone5C/S, etc. = Comfort/Small Flagships (4.0″-4.4″ Screens with a variety of niche features. Specs are still important or these are then classed into “budget phones”.)

  • Sciaid

    I love my Moto X. Just want to know when we will see Photosphere. A great stock Android feature that is missing from the X. I have to take my Nexus 7 with me to take photosphere photos and would like my Moto X as the only thing that I should have to carry around.

    • It really doesn’t have photosphere? Didn’t know that (Note3 user here)… strange ommission.

      • needa

        is there a phone that isnt a nexus that has photosphere? cept for those that sideload?

        • True dat. But the Moto X is pretty close to a Nexus with almost stock Android. Just never heard of the lack of sphere before.

          Maybe when Google updates and releases the camera app to the play store, we’ll all have it.

  • I’ve come to this place almost everyday for years (literally since its inception). It has been great to see it rise from a humble blog to the site that it is today.

    • cns2007

      ^^^Very much this!!! Came here with the OG Droid.

  • Brandon Golway

    If I can get a removable battery and/or a huge batter (3,500+ mAH), large internal storage, available on T-Mobile and Moto’s legendary build quality my next device will definitely be a Moto phone. Haven’t had one since the OG droid back in 09.

  • anon

    I will snap buy the next Motorola with a removable battery and and SD card!

  • Brandon Golway

    You guys must be pretty damn proud that the CEO of Motorola reads your blog!

  • Green

    Cool. Smart man.
    I love Moto. I love Droid. I love Google. Work together to produce the best ever.

  • Brandon Golway

    You guys must feel pretty damn good that the CEO of Motorola reads your blog to get a feel for how his products are being received! Great job guys.

  • Rob

    No wonder their updates are pushed out so fast, but then again it might have to do with a little company called Google… glad they’re reading our comments. Moto, we love you more now than we did a couple years ago, please don’t backtrack.

  • Jared Tau

    Dennis, since you are reading this, would you happen to have a spare Moto X you’d like to send my way?

  • Dear Mr. Woodside, destroy apple

    • Scott

      I approve of this plan.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Naw. Apple is good at what they do and i respect them for that. The only issue is their premium prices.

      The real problem here is Samsung.

  • Dre

    That’s great that motorola actually cares about consumers’ opinions. Now only if they put sd card slots in their phones…

  • dannyWHITE

    Proud to be a part of the DL community and a Moto X owner!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Pretty cool, right? Uhh..yes! That’s freakin’ fantastic! Wow.

  • Brian Rosman

    OK, Mr. Woodside, I’ll take you up on this opportunity.

    My Droid Ultra just got it’s Kit Kat today. Can you do something about the blue in the now-transparent notification pane? It looks horrible. I can’t imagine any reason why you and Verizon would want to keep it blue, against the design wishes of Google and customer.

    (otherwise, I really like the phone, a lot.)

    Also, next time a micro-SD card slot would be very, very nice.


    • DJ SPY

      The Droid is a Verizon brand. Verizon wanted the blue on THEIR phones.

  • SeanPlunk

    Motorola, great job in 2013. Almost every step you guys took was in the right direction; almost stock Android with useful enhancement, quick updates and MotoMaker are all great.

    With that said I’d love to see the Moto X2 look something like this:

    -4.9″ AMOLED 1080p screen
    -Krait 400 based Snapdragon Dual-Core CPU/X8
    -Adreno 330 GPU
    -32GB standard memory
    -2GB RAM
    -13MP OIS Camera
    -2500mah battery
    -Launch for $99 on contract and $399 off contract

    Keep the form factor similar to the X and you would have a homerun I think. I would say the biggest weakness of the Moto X is the camera and that’s something that’s very important to “iPhone” demographic you’re trying to win over. Do yourself a favor and copy the G2 camera 🙂

    • Cesar

      I agree that the camera could do with some improvement. Especially the burst shot mode.

    • zurginator

      I too would like all the specs without the cost… But it’s not even remotely realistic (unless they want to sell at a loss, and I’m fine with that)

    • scastro87

      All those specs and $399 off contract seems very unlikely.

      • SeanPlunk

        If the Moto X2 launches in the same time frame that the Moto X did, I think it’s possible. With the exception of the camera none of those parts are brand new or anything. It seems like a fair guess at the evolution of the X line. I guess time will tell.

    • joejoe5709

      You know what? Props to you, sir. This is a reasonable request for 2014. Personally I think keeping the screen at 4.7″ is fine unless they want to have a Moto X2 Plus with a larger 5″ screen similar to the Droids. 4.7″ is really a great size and the bezels are already pretty small. 2500-2600 mAh is probably perfect even with a slightly larger and higher resolution screen. They’d at least match 2013’s Galaxy S4 and that’s a good thing.

      If I were Moto, I’d ditch the X8 stuff and just stick with one of the newer Snapdragons (800 or 805). They have the ability for low power cores and can do touchless controls out of the box. The Nexus 5 takes advantage of this (somewhat) and I’m hoping LG will figure it out with the KitKat update to the G2.

      • needa

        i think if the 800/805 could do the always on thing without sucking the life out of the battery… all of the oems with that chip in it would happily do so. i could be completely wrong…. but it does make sense.

      • SeanPlunk

        I admit to not knowing much about supply chain costs, and you very well may be right about the price.

        My rational for the components:
        1) 1080p screens should come down in price now that 2k screens are coming. If they stay at 4.7″ it’s not a huge deal and even 720p would be fine. If they stay at 720p it’d be nice to have a brighter screen with more neutral calibration

        2) A dual-core Krait 400 is the logical upgrade from the dual-core Krait 300 of the current Moto X. It’ll provide more than enough horsepower for 99% of users.

        3) Ditto for the Adreno 330. An upgrade from the 320, not as expensive as the 420 and more than enough power for most people.

        4) 2GB RAM is enough, especially with almost stock Android

        5) 32GB of memory is basically the de facto standard now for Android phones

        The 13MP camera is probably the biggest stretch. The MP count isn’t so important, but I think OIS is a must this time around. If I were actually a betting man I think what we’ll get is an upgraded version of the current 10MP clearpixel unit with OIS.

        Regardless, I’m excited to see what they come out with. Motorola is doing it right.

      • nhizzat

        Ditch the X8? There’s more to it than touchless controls.


        • onDroid

          The X8 is also needed for Assist. The background processing core is needed to determine if you are driving without input from the user. X8 also helps with battery life since it shifts some of the background processing to a low power core. Fetching emails and notifications does not need a powerful high power draw processor.

          • Nikuliai

            yeah but some people (lots of whom would ‘like the moto x to have better specs’) doesn’t get it, they think it’s just a little costless addition which doesn’t reflect on the phone performance at all :/

    • kixofmyg0t

      That’s doable.

      BTW LG wants too much for the camera module. They wanted $30 per unit. Not even the 13MP one…the 8MP one on the N5.

    • Al-Burrit0

      Think a quad core x8 custom chip can be possible?

      • Abgar Musayelyan

        Motomaker featured add on just like 32gb was for the current x?

  • ferrari187

    keep the quality stuff coming dennis! the moto g blew me away i cant beleive that a budget phone can have such a good screen and be so fast. my nexus 4 looks like a piece of crap compared to it.

  • droidrazredge

    Dennis If you’re reading this. I’ve been saying this for a while on this site. You guys deserve the award for best OEM of the year for 2013. All the things you guys said you would do to shake up the mobile industry have come to fruition. From low priced phones to innovative features, keep up the good work. I know your envisions and goals for the mobile and tech industry are just starting to show. Motorola Innovation of the past is back and better than ever. I love the direction Motorola is moving in!

    • Dennis Woodside

      Thanks! More ahead….

  • mcdonsco

    Dennis, assuming you are contractually obligated for some time still to produce Droid’s for Verizon, my suggestion is stick with two phones, there’s no need for 4 models at the same time:

    Verizon Droid (whatever – maybe the below suggestion just Droid branded for Verizon?)

    Something along the lines of the moto x and available on all 4 major carriers:
    -Vanilla android with fast “nexi” style updates to latest version; only add things that are useful regardless of your friends / families phones (droid “zap” is
    stupid)…Active notifications, touch less controls etc
    -Doesn’t have to be the fastest CPU, but close, most users would prefer better battery life than 1-3 frames faster in a game
    -4GB’s ram (stay 1GB ahead of others, even on today’s laptops it amazes me manufacturers still skimp on this, 4gb for Win8 or OS X – Seriously not enough)
    -32gb minimum storage (64gb is what I wish; but…)
    -5″ 1080p (max!) screen…no need to go 4k, on a 5″ screen no human eye can tell the difference; though yes, I realize its a nice marketing gimmick, but really thats
    all it is (along with battery hog)
    -3000 mah battery MINIMUM
    -Wireless charging
    -On screen buttons

    -Last but not least, for shlt’s sake get the camera right for once! Hint: If any camera on a phone that you can currently buy from best buy takes better pictures
    than your prototype –> FAIL; try again!
    -Another suggestion that I think you’re sort of already working on (???); removable FRONT and rear (screen/bezel and all) – so we can go caseless and if we happen to drop it and ding the crap out of it, we can just buy a replacement front/back for $20 (and add’s to moto maker customizations). Know your going to be doing activities that could result in dropped/dinged/scratched phone?Just put the front/back on that you already dinged for that trip, then back to new afterward.

  • EC8CH

    Please add more functionality to the active notifications. Best feature and it could be made better if the user had more control instead of just having access to the most recent message somehow.

    • mcdonsco

      Do you mean being able to select what notifications/apps can use it? If so, you already can do that in it’s options.

      • EC8CH

        No, some way of managing multiple notifications from the active notification screen instead of merely the most recent.

        • mcdonsco

          Ahh…I could swear mine already does this? though I think the most I’ve ever seen is three (gmail, text and battery).

          • EC8CH

            you can see that you have multiple notifications but you can only directly access the most recent.

          • needa

            yeppers. i would much rather go straight into hangouts rather than email on those times.

  • Seth Merritt

    Kudos to you Kellen and Co. Keep up the great work.

  • Daniel

    If he’s reading this, why doesn’t Motorola release the Droid 5 please? 😉

    • geeq

      Yes please. Some of us have a desire for physical keyboard, others have a real need. It’s time to put mini-laptops back in pockets!

    • onDroid

      Sorry, but the physical keyboard crowd is too much of a niche market. Moto would lose money developing the device manufacturing it and then marketing it. The sales would be too low to offset the cost. There’s a reason no one is making physical keyboard phones. Then again, no one has made one with decent specs since the OG Droid so maybe the market is ready for the one keyboard phone to rule them all.

  • Freddy Franco

    Motorola should try to reduce the cost of its handsets here in Mexico. I would like to buy the Moto X but unfortunately I can’t.

    1. – There is only the 16 Gb version available.
    2. – The cost of the handset is almost $700 USD (8999.99 MXP)
    3. – There’s no customization, only white and black models.

    To wrap up, paying $700 USD for the 16Gb (white or black) model is not a good deal.

    Hope someone at Motorola reads this and reduce the cost of this great phone so it is affordable.

  • Nayners

    Dennis, one Motorola Nexus, please? Same prices.. Just try it… I bet it sells like hotcakes. Hell, I’ll buy two.

    • dazz1996

      I just got my Moto X but if a Moto Nexus came out on Verizon I guess I’ll be upgrading hell I might buy two.

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      What’s the point? You would lose all the awesome features that they have developed.
      X is just as good as a nexus if you ask me.

  • Blair Ginley

    John Legere, you rock! Please don’t ever leave T-Mobile, and don’t let Sprint buy you guys, please!

  • bigdav1178

    Dennis, bring back the sliding keyboard, PLEASE! My Droid 4 is showing its age =/

    • EC8CH

      so are you with that physical keyboard fetish… I keed!

      • bigdav1178

        I’ve been ready to upgrade for at least a year now, and passed by many better phones, simply because they haven’t had physical keyboards. I refuse to give it up… at least for now.

        • mcdonsco

          Me thinks the market will force you to 🙂

          • AndroidUser00110001

            The market forced me to…

          • breadable

            and me, but I’m still holding out hope that Moto will give me a reason to buy another phone at full retail

          • bigdav1178

            Oh, that will probably be the case eventually, but until then, they’re losing sales. I was one of those people that upgraded every year, but I’m nearing 2 years now since my last purchase because I have not found anything I am willing to give up the keyboard for. Perhaps I’m just stubborn, but it has been one of the most important features of a phone for me. Perhaps I’m not the majority, but I know I’m far from alone.

          • Leonardo Rojas

            You might be well served with the Xperia Pro. It has everything you can desire 😛 What do you think?
            I’ve used it for more than a year and it was very capable. I replaced it with the Xperia ZL.
            Very complete device. You might like it.

  • Dear Dennis: 8.9 inch tablet please!

    • sagisarius

      Yeah, I would love a 9 inch (or there abouts) tablet that I knew was going to get regular updates… especially if it had an LTE option. Make a good one, and I’d be willing to pay many hundreds of dollars for it.

  • GreeKNastY

    moto nexus or dont care.

  • J. Gilbertson

    Kellen, what is that A for on your hat in your picture? It’s driving me nuts. Could be any number of sports teams or collegiate teams. Very curious!

    • anezarati

      atlanta braves

      • J. Gilbertson

        Ah thanks, I think that was the only team I didn’t look up. I had looked up Oakland A’s, Alabama, Arkansas and a few others that use the lone A sometimes on apparel but I guess I missed the braves

  • J. Gilbertson

    If you’re going to ditch SD cards use 32 GB as the standard. It’s nearly impossible to fit everything I want/need on my 16 GB internal memory. Also, lose the high gloss look. It looks cheap especially with fingerprints

    • Brandon Golway

      Exactly. I hate that most manufacturers stick with 16 GB, it really sucks because it drops you down to about 9-12 GB for your own actual storage. My S4 has 9 GB internal even on AOSP ROMs, luckily I have a 64 GB MicroSD but it’s still a pain in the ass. Just give me 32 or 64 GB internal and I’d be happy.

  • Francois-Xavier Launois

    My mother had an old Android 2.1 Sony phone. For Christmas, I got her a Moto G. She is truly amazed by the phone. And so was I when she unpacked it. For info, I have a Nexus 5. I thought my Nexus had the most value for money out there but the G packs quite a punch at an unbeatable price. I know it sounds a lot like the crappy spam ads we get out there, but I like what Motorola have been doing in the past few years since Google got involved.

  • siphyn

    Please bring back the removable battery as an option on future phones. It’s so much more convenient to swap in a freshly charged battery than it is to be tethered to a wall or plugged into one of those awkward portable batteries. Backpackers everywhere will thank you. Other than that, keep up the great work motorola.

    • mcdonsco

      Personally, I just prefer a battery that can last all day (droid maxx; well, before the kitkat update anyway and hopefully back once they do 4.4.2)

  • droidrazredge

    Moto X is my third Motorola phone, first being Droid X, and second being Droid Razr Maxx. It’s differently the best phone I have even owned. I even got one for my gf for her birthday. The direction you’re going with this device is perfect and I encourage you to keep up the great work. Two things as Motorola goes onward from here. I hope that the Moto X is kept updated as long as possible past the 18 months that OEM’s normally support their phone. If your company plans to truely end the spec wars show other OEMS how to keep their phones supported so they can’t use the phone specs don’t support new OS upgrade scapegoat. Also I would like to see when you guys produce the successor to the Moto X that features that will come to that phone could be added to the Moto X as long as the phone could handle it with the senors it has.

  • Steven02

    Got my wife a Moto X, she loves it. A couple of things I would include…
    Better facebook integration with syncing photos between contacts, linking contacts etc.
    A good time/weather widget.

    Can’t wait for the 2nd gen of the Moto X, likely to be my next phone.

    • Shane Redman

      1. Leave FB for G+
      2. Dash Clock or find her one for UCCW

      • Cesar

        Or Chronus.

    • Edward

      Yes I think you either need to get that Facebook Phone or ask facebooks techs to do that. I don’t think Motorola is in charge of maintaining good Facebook integration with their phones.

      • Higher_Ground

        Actually, that was one of the best features (that and a smart dialer) back when they used motoblur. It was nice to have FB contacts synced with gmail contacts. You could limit it to only contacts with a phone number and tack on the FB contact info. It was great.
        But if I have to give that up to never see motoblur again, I’ll be just fine.

  • Jeoff

    Stock is where it’s at, Mr. Woodside! Also, a great camera would be appreciated, thanks.

  • traumadog

    THE biggest issue I have lately is the way 4.4 seems to play poorly with some Corporate Exchange server security settings. What worked on my Droid under 4.2 won’t work now due to encryption requirement issues.

    If you’re going to work in a corporate environment, you want to be able to handle the needed encryption policies set in place by the companies involved.

    The only.other issue I have is outsourcing major accessories (read: car dock), which was very poorly done.

  • SmokeNMirrors

    My last phone upgrade I passed on the Moto-X and the new Droids and went with a used RAZR HD MAXX with an unlocked bootloader. I have 96G of storage (64G on SD) and a HDMI port. It has the features I care about and the build and radios of a Moto. I wish it had 2G RAM but since I have full control I can make it work. I don’t miss the latest processor or other bells and whistles. I’d like to see 2014 Droids as capable as 2012 ones!

    • Sporttster

      Before I purchased a Note 3 on the ‘keep your unlimited’ weekend frenzy awhile back, I was seriously considering doing the same. I avoided Moto due to no SD slot and I also am of the opinion that the HDMI out needs to return as the other options to do this are not nearly as useful or workeable as the Micro HDMI out was. I will not purchase a new Moto unless it at least has that sd slot.

  • Jerry

    here’s a good idea: give us REAL hd screens.

    • Geoffrey Gunter

      How is 720p not real HD? Just because 1080p+ has started becoming standard lately doesn’t mean 720p is some kind of gimmick.

      • Jerry


  • thelolotov

    Hi! Please remove the bootloaders, they bum me out. And make my phone a pain to work with.

    • Cesar

      Remove the bootloader? You realize that would make the phone a paperweight, right?

      • thelolotov

        I’m tired of my phone continuing to boot all the time! Just once, I want my phone to turn on and do nothing! (I wrote that comment sloppily.)

  • grumpyfuzz

    I have a suggestion, I guess. make the next nexus.

    • Cesar

      I think that’s more Google’s prerogative than Motorola’s.

      • grumpyfuzz

        You’re probably right, but I’m sure he has some say in it.

  • Andy Taylor

    Dennis Woodside if you are reading… please fast track Moto X Car/Navigation Dock!! Thanks for your consideration!

    • Scott

      I second this… I’m receiving my Moto X on saturday and I’m bummed I won’t have a dedicated vehicle dock for the phone. Coming from a Razr HD Maxx.

      • breadable

        Yeah, what’s with this? Motorola has always been good with accessories, and here with their biggest phone since the flip phone days no one can find a Moto X car dock

    • EC8CH

      How about a desk dock that charges and pass the audio through usb and has a jack for headphones (not a line out…. HEADPHONES… maybe have a separate line out if anything).

  • So Moto Money wasn’t entirely wrong, eh? 🙂

  • Walter Partlo

    Motorola’s CEO endorsing DL to get the best return on investment from that Moto Money. 😛

  • Edward

    Great! I love the direction this is going in… Customer appreciation, great devotion towards your products and its users….. Just mainly, CHANGE. Something we don’t see quite often from CEO’s . (if not at all) now I would like to note that although I love my Moto X and all its well added features, I need better camera software. I was playing around with my friends GalaxySIII and while messing with it I noticed it was so slow and buggy but apart from that, the camera was great compared to the Moto x’s camera. I hope that as a reinvented Motorola you guys can improve on the already awesome products that you guys make. (Eh… Eh… Good right ? *brutal AND *complimentary…. (; )

  • EC8CH

    I would like to see wireless charging added to the Moto X. It would fit in well with all the other great convenience features Moto put into the X.

  • Mike Hilal


    Please stop cow-towing to verizon. You dont need them anymore. Continue the trend that apple started and get VZW’s bloatware and update service off our phones. If you do it, everyone else will follow suit, and we’ll all be better off.



    • shelderman

      Apple doesnt have bloatware b/c they aren’t open source. Verizon can’t touch their OS.

      • Mike Hilal

        Actually, that’s why AT&T got the iphone and verizon did not. Apple would not let them touch the OS…not because it isnt open source. In fact, open source has nothing to do with it.

        • John Legere

          And when Verizon did get the iPhone. No branding or bloatware.

          • Mike Hilal

            They had to agree to that to get the iphone. That’s the part you keep missing. All mfgs need to do the same.

          • zurginator

            Apple held all the cards though – they sell like 30 million devices a quarter… Motorola sells like 3. Verizon would just laugh and tell then to go elsewhere (as would att or Sprint), and that would cripple Motorola.

          • Mike Hilal

            A little exaggeration, and those are worldwide #’s. I’d say Moto has enough power (now), as they make their droid lines. Verizon asks them to make the phone, not the other way around. Verizon can get their bloated Droid line and we can have unfettered phones with direct updates from the MFG. Samsung has enough power with it’s galaxy phones now. AT&T isnt much better with regard to bloat either. TMO seems to have the right idea, but no network to back it up.

          • zurginator

            Motorola likely signed a Verizon-favoring 5-year contract back with the original Droid. Motorola was largely irrelevant before that point, and the Droid line revived them. Assuming the contract was only for 5 years (10 wouldn’t surprise me considering what Verizon paid for the ‘Droid’ name), Motorola still won’t have any leverage until next year.

          • Stone Cold

            It was more than likely re-upped as Droid is a VZW exclusive now.

          • zurginator

            Droid has always been a Verizon exclusive – Motorola just uses the same hardware in other devices as well. (Moto X = Droid Ultra, Photon = Atrix = Droid X, Milestone = Droid).


    Moto X is my first Motorola phone. It’s differently the best phone I have even owned. The direction your’re going with this device is perfect and I encourage you to keep up the great work. Batteries fade with time but my Moto X will keep sipping when other phones are guzzling or paying for batter replacements. If I could change one thing what would it be, I rather not root my phone in order to have the customization that CM11 has.

  • Gunther

    You’re welcome Droid-LIfe. I knew all my input was well worth it and appreciated it. I think I can honestly claim to have single-handedly invented the Moto X. How many times have I argued on this site that we needed a phone that was completely customizable. Tons. Moto, keep listening. I will make you great.

    * P.S. The above is not guaranteed to be an accurate version of history.

    • 6stringslinger

      Al Gore, dat U boy? Hey dude, thanks for inventing the Internet and then all the cool devices to cruise it! 😉

  • EC8CH

    Me and Denny are tight on the DL….. I call him AL!

    Paul Simon FTW.

  • Cael


  • aBabyPenguin

    I’m famous!

  • Jonathan Guerrero

    Dennis, I need a job at Motorola!

  • Cory_S

    Am I the only one a little terrified someone in a place of power takes these comments seriously?

    • Chris

      When you hide behind a computer screen anything can happen. Just look at the comments on CNN articles.

      • T_Dizzle

        Why would anyone read anything put out by CNN?

    • Harvey

      I think you’re underestimating his judgement ability. I’m sure he incorporates what he see here with a grain of salt and uses it to try and piece together an overall picture. I wouldn’t be so terrified over it

    • Tyler

      I would assume he could make a judgement about what is serious and what isn’t. There are plenty of fanboys/trolls on any site like this one whether that be nexus, samsung, etc. Being able to tell what the general consensus of an idea is and what’s popular and such is easy, upvotes help a lot. Idiots get downvotes and people with something funny or insightful get upvotes. Viewing comments on this site is a really good idea imo and gives you a really good idea of what the informed buyer is thinking.

      • Cory_S

        Well, you took my comment seriously… So I wouldn’t be so sure.

  • akhnaten

    If he actually read these comments, Motorola would have stopped locking their bootloaders years ago. Also, if he reads these comments and expects honest feedback, he just polluted his source.

    • michael bourgoin

      umm….was he in charge of moto a few years ago?

      • Keith

        He was not… he was installed after the Google acquisition.

      • akhnaten

        Did he come into Moto from outside or within? If he was internal, then he would have been in a position to do something about it for the last few years. Moto locks bootloaders on all carriers, not just Verizon, so saying it is the carriers decision alone is BS.

    • Jeff McLean

      You seem to be under the impression he has a whole lot of say in the whole bootloader fiasco?!?! CARRIERS, DUDE. CARRIERS!!!

  • JRomeo


    • Defenestratus

      Pretty sure the MAXX series of phones do that.

      • Mike Hilal

        Define a day. 16 hours might be a waking day…but not a full 24 hours.

        • Chris

          16 hours is still pretty impressive.

          • Mike Hilal

            No doubt, but I can get 18 out of my note 3 LTE only, and with moderate-heavy use. More pixels and a bigger screen. The Maxx should do better.

      • JRomeo

        True, but it would be nice if the same thing could happen in a Google Experience Phone

    • Cesar

      They did! It’s called the Droid Maxx.

      • JRomeo

        I was referring to google experience phones, sorry for not specifying.

    • Chris

      Do that and you wont need a silly removable battery. No need for it unless you are too stupid to charge your phone overnight.

      speaking of witch. fast charge that wont hurt the battery.

  • jeeves

    Good! I hope he read my comment about how crappy the Droid Razr is.

    • clobberedchina

      I think that was before Dennis took over as CEO. I feel like I have to stick up for him a little bit. I said a few things about Motorola on Cyber Monday that were not very nice. 😉

      • grumpyfuzz

        The 3,000 comment article? I doubt he read all of those comments 😛

  • Larry Wei

    could…could dennis woodside be sarge?!?

    • Sarge


    • John Legere

      Don’t fuel the fire.

      • Justin W

        No one asked you, Bionic.

        • Al-Burrit0

          Haha ol bionic…those were the moto x hypebeast days

        • John Legere

          You mean Godzilla, which isnt me? Okay got it.

    • monkey082506

      Took the words right out of my mouth!

  • YourFriend

    I’ve known this for sometime since he follows you guys on Twitter.

    Hey Dennis, please return the SD card slots in your future phones. Please. I’ll pay extra money if I have to.

    • Cesar

      This! So much!

      I love my Moto X to death (best phone I’ve ever owned, by far), but I have to curate my music library in order to have enough room for other things like pictures and apps. 🙁

    • TC Infantino

      I second that, or it’s possibly third that now. But yes, Moto, please bring back the SD cards. They are perfect for transfering my music from phone to my car, to my computer, and back again. Pretty much the only things about the Droid Maxx that I am disapointed about are the lack of removable SD card, and lack of onscreen buttons.

    • Sporttster

      Amen to that! I’ll go back to buying Moto if that happens. Bought a Sammy Note 3 instead of the Maxx when I found out it didn’t have that sd slot and I was pretty ticked at Moto for excluding it as I was really looking forward to it. Also, a better way to get video on our TV’s would be nice. It is MUCH easier to just have a micro HDMI out and use that than it is the wireless or that ridiculous MCL setup. Half the time the wireless doesn’t work right and the MCL is the same. Please put that back in there!

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      You’ll never see SD cards on moto again. Don’t forget who they’re owned by.

  • BigTimmay

    That’s fitting you post something like this and a majority of these comments suck.

  • Steve B

    Dennis, if you’re reading this, what we want in the MotoX 2014:

    – Same look and feel of the MotoX 2013
    – Snapdragon 805 X10
    – 32 gb storage
    – 4g of RAM
    – 5 inch 1080 screen
    – Inductive charging
    – 3000+ mah battery
    – Legitimately good 8+ MP camera
    – Sub $400 carrier free price tag

    • BigTimmay

      You do realize they won’t make the perfect phone. Why would you ever want to upgrade in a year or two if you were so happy with a current one? It sucks man but that’s $$$ and business.

      • Steve B

        People will always want to upgrade. That’s the nature of the beast. The best phone in the world will only be so good six months down the road. If Moto makes the perfect phone they’ll simply push innovation that much faster.

        • Daeshaun Griffiths

          Thank John for Jump.

    • droidify

      or you could just buy the G2 since it has nearly everything on that list…..bring on the down votes 😛

      • Shane Redman

        How much is the G2 off contract?

        • droidify

          the same price the moto x was until they found out no one was buying them

        • BSweetness

          $449.99 directly from Verizon.

      • Steve B

        Yeah, but that thing is fugly and expensive.

    • Defenestratus

      I’d like a 24 karat golden toilet seat too.

      • zurginator

        But it has to be under $400!

    • TJWaterskier

      Only improvement I need is a beast of a camera. Like literally shove a Sony Cyber-shot TX30 camera in there. Optical zoom and all.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Almost everything there but the price, I will shell out if it’s right. But the camera being better is a must. The burst mode is really slow, should be a side goal for them to match the s800s or iPhone.

      • Steve B

        Yes, the camera is a giant turd. Pretty much the only thing that’s still bad about this phone.

    • Cesar

      – Same look and feel of the MotoX 2013
      – 3000+ mah battery

      You’ve got some conflicting points here…

      • Steve B

        You can achieve this without adding much size. Make room for the larger battery and screen while maintaining a similar feel would be easy to do.

        • zurginator

          Physics would like to have a word with you.

    • SeanPlunk

      You may be missing the point of the Moto X. You’ve described a great halo device, but the Moto X is going for a different demographic.

      • Steve B

        No, they made their phone for the masses, now make one for the nerds.

        • SeanPlunk

          Then it makes no sense to call it the Moto X2. The device you describe is totally counter to what Motorola is trying to accomplish with the Moto X.

          • Geoffrey Gunter

            Exactly. I got downvoted for saying this.

        • Geoffrey Gunter

          If it wasn’t made “for the nerds” then I doubt so many former Gnex owners would have upgraded to it. I understand the desire for high end specs, but they aren’t everything. You can still be a nerd and appreciate everything the Moto X has to offer.

        • Nikuliai

          I’m a nerd and I got it, cuz real nerds know that specs means nothing if they doesn’t reflect on performance, and the Moto X has REALLY good performance, if you expect the next Moto X to be a tank with a nexus price you’re gonna have a bad time 😉

          • Steve B

            I couldn’t care less honestly, I skipped the X for the Nexus 5.

          • Nikuliai

            then your demographic is on the nexus brand, you want specs on a low price, moto is not going to do that, anyway, none of those 2 devices will have top tier specs… ever

            Moto is more about new tech and custom stuff, but you gotta pay for it since -unlike the nexus- is not gonna be sponsored by Google, but if you’re not really into new tech you’re not really a nerd

    • Geoffrey Gunter

      This defeats the point of the Moto X. Sure, some spec improvements would be nice, but your expectations/wishful thinking are contrary to the new vision Motorola has been discussing over the past few months.

    • Raven

      I could agree with some of that, but not a single mm bigger. In fact, why not actually make a version 2 phone with updated specs that can actually use the same cases as the the original Moto X. It is already the perfect size. Then there will be no retooling of the MotoMaker plant.

    • Riz Virani

      ..Good luck with that price tag with those specs. Learn to compromise. Especially at the physical size of the Moto X..

      • wmsco1

        It’s called CHOICE! GOOD LUCK in understanding the concept.

        • Nikuliai

          yeah, the choice to be bankrupt if you release that phone for under $400

  • Sanjay Who?

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      Hey. You should be thanking Sanjay. If it wasn’t for him driving moto into the ground, Google would have never bought them out.

  • Ayyy

    One more thing. Dennis I feel like I know you so well now. Will you carry mah babies?

    • Cesar

      I think we might need some input from scientists before that can happen.


  • Keith

    Hey Mr. Woodside, I hear Moto likes innovation. How about this one: make the 2nd gen Moto X completely firmware-based to be installed on the 1st gen. BAM

  • Ayyy

    Moto. Keep the Moto X up to date for 2 years please 🙂 Oh and battery life is good and all but not quite good enough after coming from other phones! Good stuff tho =)

  • Cesar


    Or, at least make 32Gb the standard size. 😛

    • random guy pissed by cesar

      what the hell? just buy the 32gb… not everyone needs as much storage as you..

      Why would others pay the extra price for the storage if they don’t need it…

  • Nader

    I know some of the Nest Android devs read Droid-life too.

  • shelderman

    Dennis, make a 5.2 inch version of the Moto X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cesar

      But the Moto X’s current form factor is perfect…

      • Shane Redman

        Jobs, is that you? Have you been re-incarnated?!?! Amazing! 🙂

      • Steve B

        Nope. Too small.

        • Cesar

          But you said in your own post that you want the next one to have the same look and feel.

          • Steve B

            I should have specified that the screen is too small. Shrink that bezel down a bit and try to pack a 5 incher into the same body or something very similar. Also fatten up the back slightly to fit a 3000mah battery and inductive charging.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Soooo not the same look and feel then.

  • Scott Smith

    Dennis — If you’re reading this, keep up the good work. I love the direction Motorola is moving in!

    • palomosan

      Also Congrats to Droid Life for the achievement, thank you guys for all of your work.

    • Dennis Woodside


    • itznfb

      Agreed. Finally got a chance to upgrade my Galaxy Nexus to a Moto X during the “Black Friday” sale and couldn’t be happier. One of the best phones available and at that price it’s unbelievable.

  • droidify

    Nice plug for the site. The moto x is proof that moto is trying to build a phone that tech lovers want, minimal skinning, quick updates, etc. Unfortunately I’m not sure that translates to what the average consumer wants though.

  • pcdroidski

    Battery. Life.

    • Shane Redman

      Droid. Maxx. With. On. Screen. Buttons.

      • PuttsMoBilesiCit

        that removes screen space. no.

        • Shane Redman

          You realize on screen buttons are nearly transparent in kitkat and go away when not needed right? Google: Immersive Mode

          • PuttsMoBilesiCit

            I have the Nexus 4 and 5. Well aware of this. I also previously had the Droid MAXX and it was perfect the way it was. It would have been perfect if it had a Snapdragon 800.

          • Shane Redman

            Curiously, what’s a time when you would want them to go away when they don’t?

          • jamdev12
          • leffer

            Immersive is definitely one of the more underrated new additions to KitKat. I love it for games.

          • xgshortbus25

            Really I noticed the buttons go black I havent actually seen them make full use of the screen other than using Netflix or a video service? All the games I have tried still lose space to the dark bar! Am I wrong?

      • Menger40

        The Droid Maxx would be nearly perfect if it wasn’t exclusive to Verizon. And ugly. Though I could get over the ugly part pretty fast.

        • Shane Redman

          I got over the ugly party really fast. Love this thing. I really just wanted a device that was an Android I’d love that’d last and last. The look of a phone isn’t more important that functionality to me

        • InyRules

          Gimme an unlocked phone with that battery at the price point the Moto X is currently in and I’m all over it.

          • Abgar Musayelyan

            Don’t you think that would have already happen if it were finaiancialy feasible?

        • jamaall

          If they lost the chin, I think it would look good. That’s definitely the ugliest part of the phone. Not sure why they’ve decided to include it for multiple generations of droids.

      • kixofmyg0t

        Believe it or not, Moto got a lot of complaints for the on screen buttons on the RAZR M and HD.

        I’ve gotten used to it on my Ultra, but on screen buttons are still better.

      • Mike

        Pretty much shoving the Droid Maxx into the Moto X chassis would win it for me.

        It would be pretty neat if the next iteration on the X also included battery selection also, even if the back case is just a bit bigger. I’d happily pay more for a 3000+mA battery. I had two MotoMaker codes and made one for my wife, but switched at the last moment and went with the G2 because I *need* the battery. Wife loves her X to death, but works in a building with almost no reception and it is at 10% by 3pm. I’d sell my G2 and sell my wife’s X at whatever I could get for them tomorrow if Moto released an update with a bigger battery (and a much better camera wouldn’t hurt either!).

        Wireless charging would be great also. I had an N5 for two weeks before selling it because battery life couldn’t hold up, and even in that short period of time I was totally spoiled by the wireless charging and now hate plugging in my phone every day.

        That said, keep up the good work. You got one, almost two buys from me this year, and I plan on getting a G as a backup phone next month. If the next Moto X has a compelling battery life, you might have two more purchases from me this year also 🙂

        • random guy

          you do realise wireless charging kills your battery sooner..

          Plugging is a little more “work” but at the end your battery will not die as easily..

          • Mike

            Don’t care.

            I do realize that wireless charging does generate a bit more heat and this theoretically degrades the battery more, but I am not totally convinced.

            Either way, my last two phones USB ports were their life limiting factor (I tend to plug/unplug 5-6 times a day due to very low signal with heavy usage ). So, wireless charging would actually extend the life of my phone.

      • chris125

        And a better camera

      • Mojor Izin

        so glad it doesn’t have those space wasting on screen buttons. just please add a much better camera.

      • VerizonMadeThemKeepBlueIcons

        Moto. X. With. Droid. Maxx. Battery.

    • Jason Brown

      don’t forget a quality camera.

      • MicroNix

        That is the barrier keeping me from buying another Moto phone at this point. Families take pics. Speedy software and quality hardware make great pictures without missing “the moment”. Last experience with Moto was so awful in that department that I swore I’d never go back unless it got to the level of Samsung. If it does, with what Motorola has been doing lately for the rest of the phone, I’d seriously consider coming back.

        PS. I’m due up in July 🙂

        • Nikuliai

          and the Moto X was released on August :O rofl

        • Seriously, for like $400

          you can get a good last gen DSLR from Canon or Nikon for cheap. Stop using your phone to take blurry low res pictures of your food.

          • Nikuliai

            yeah you could, but the ideal case (note that I say ideal, cuz it’s REALLY hard to get there) is to get to a similar level of a DSLR on a compact camera sensor, it’s not something easy to do, but having to wear a phone AND a camera everywhere is just not for me, I’d rather have just the phone, and it doesn’t stop me from buying a Moto X but for it does a little for people who cares about photography but doesn’t wanna carry a brick camera everywhere

          • MicroNix

            Hmm, don’t take pictures of my food. My current phone camera takes outstanding pictures. I want Moto phones to take those same kind of outstanding pictures. Too much to ask?

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I think we knew this.

  • Justin Barrett

    No wonder the Moto X is amazing. Bravo Moto!

  • Thomas

    Now if we could only get the carriers to read Droid Life

    • Pretty sure a couple in particular do as well. 😛

    • Jeremy Sheehan

      I’m sure any carrier that isn’t T-Mobile won’t like what what they read.

      • T4rd

        That’s their own fault, but they don’t care as long as they’re making money, so Sprint should care a lot, lol.

        • Supookeed8087

          мʏ ƈʟαѕѕмαтɛ’ѕ ɛх-աιғɛ мαĸɛѕ $74 αɴ нօυʀ օɴ тнɛ ƈօмքυтɛʀ. ѕнɛ нαѕ вɛɛɴ ʟαιɖ օғғ ғօʀ тɛɴ мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн нɛʀ քαʏƈнɛƈĸ աαѕ $17049 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тнɛ ƈօмքυтɛʀ ғօʀ α ғɛա нօυʀѕ. ғιɴɖ мօʀɛ ιɴғօʀмαтιօɴ http://makesupto60dollarsperhour&#46qr&#46net/nHBl

      • Nah, I give Verizon props. Very happy with my service.

        • TC Infantino

          I agree and disagree with you. VZW has probably the best coverage out of all the carriers, and I haven’t experienced any problems with calls or data speeds (with the rare exception of outages). I have also had nothing but good experiences with customer service, both in the stores and over the phone. But, that being said, I do not like their dictatorial ways of having to control everything and everyone on their network. They have done everything they can to control how their customers use their phones, requiring locked bootloaders, charging extra for tethering, and making it so difficult for OEMs to push updates that Google seems to pretty much have abandoned the idea of a Nexus phone on VZW. Just look at how they have treated the Nexus 7 tablet, which I believe is Still not ‘certified’ to use on their network. Also look at their delays on the updates for the Galaxy Nexus. If I wasn’t grandfathered in on the Unlimited data plan, and if I found that AT&T provided just as good coverage in my area and at my home, then I would be gone from VZW in a heartbeat.

          • Higher_Ground

            Not to mention, they ain’t cheap either.

          • Bill Morrow

            I think VZW would respond and say that by having that control they are able to ensure a level of quality and service. By removing that control, (for the masses), they lose the ability to maintain an QOS, and at the very least they don’t have to spend money ‘helping’ users who bricked, messed up or otherwise need help.

            Just a thought.

        • joejoe5709

          As cheap as T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint are, I haven’t found a good enough reason to leave yet. I’ve got two stellar LG G2’s that I got for FREE with coverage that I never have to worry about and more data than I’ll ever use in one month. Everyone I know is on Verizon and my minutes used are nearly zero. If I’ve got a problem, I call customer service and they bend over backward to make me happy. If I’ve got a defective phone, the store replaces it for me every time. All that and I’m probably only paying $15 more a month than the other guys. But be careful Verizon… if you piss me off the next two years, T-Mobile is looking awfully tasty these days. You’re lucky I love my G2 so much or I’d be very angry about not having a Nexus.

          • dlegendary0ne

            I’m sorry, but you used AT&T and cheap in the same sentence. This does not compute.

          • prettyboy85712

            Those free phones you got from Verizon aren’t really free.

      • Tim242

        Nor would tmo. Their network is trash in 90% of the US, and people here say as much

      • Higher_Ground

        LOL, Verizon probably gets some sort of sadistic pleasure everytime they read “I would love to switch to T-mobile/AT&T if they had good coverage in my area”

        • Jeremy Sheehan

          I’m sure they could care less. They just added 1.7 million subscribers this past quarter.

    • T4rd

      Maybe Dennis can be our way to the carriers; Dennis, no more carrier exclusives! =p

    • John Legere

      I’m right here. I here ya loud and clear.

      Waiting for the cynical basement dwellers.

      • hoodieNation

        Good, now that you’re here. Get some better coverage up in the Longview/Kelso WA area and then I’ll make the switch. Lol

      • cjohn4043

        Might want to take off your Twitter link if you want to fool anyone. Just a thought…

        • John Legere

          I’m not trying to fool anyone. That’s a thought.

          • Eric R.

            Then change your name, no one thinks it’s funny.

          • John Legere

            That’s just you. Maybe xanax will help you.

          • Eric R.

            Cool you got 3 Disqus accounts

          • John Legere

            LOL,you’re rather pathetic if you think that. Move along bro

          • Eric R.

            Yeah, I know I’m talking like an idiot. I have to, otherwise you wouldn’t understand me.

          • John Legere
          • random guy

            he’s turned privacy on now lol, pathetic guy.

            but seriously get a life..

      • Aaron

        How about buying US Cellular? I would love to switch if I had T-Mobile service anywhere near where I live.

    • I’m sure they read. They just don’t give a @#$% what we think. {{-_-}}

  • Ryan Gullett

    Dennis I need a job. Was that brutal enough?

    • Chad Oliver

      Just graduated. I can has one too? Please?

      • Shane Redman

        Not with that grammar, you can’t.

        **Brutal comment

        • John Legere
          • Justin W

            You have an unhealthy obsession with Steve Carell.

          • John Legere

            You have mistaken me with somebody who gives a shyt.

          • Nikuliai

            Clearly you answer everything cuz you don’t 😉

          • onDroid

            Stop posting reaction Gifs everywhere. This is not reddit. It is annoying and adds no value to the conversation

    • MikeKorby

      Dennis, how about just a simple invite to be a hardware tester.