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Chrome for Android Gains Long-time Beta Features “Add to Homescreen” and Bandwidth Management

chrome update

Chrome for Android (the stable version) is receiving an update over the coming days that finally includes the “Add to homescreen” option that the beta build of Chrome has had for some time. For those not familiar, “Add to homescreen” allows you to create shortcuts to your favorite web pages that show up almost like apps on your home screens. If the developer behind the website has coded it properly, you may even see the shortcut appear in the app switcher  and give you a full-screen experience when loaded. 

The Chrome also announced that Bandwidth Management will be included in the latest stable build, though we thought it had been there for some time. If not and we’re somehow imagining things, you can access Bandwidth Management by entering Settings>Bandwidth Management>Reduce data usage and toggling it to “on.” With this setting enabled, Google claims you could see reduced data consumption by up to 50%.

The update should be available over the coming days as usual.

Via:  Chrome Blog
  • Tim

    I’ve been using the full screen (app-like) feature with Google News for a while now, but I don’t know of other sites where this works. Ideas?

    • Tim

      Update: Also works with Instagram and twitter.

  • a) youth.in.asia

    And yet no setting to turn back on the edge swipe to switch between tabs. Thanks

  • Tim242

    Stable Chrome has had add to home for quite a while now


    Hope it will fix the issue im having where I click “share” and it only brings up “hangouts” to share. Yes I’ve cleared the defaults. Been like this for a while. Even beta does it

  • Intellectua1

    That’s how I access Droid Life with a homescreen shortcut, then I edited the icon so it looks just like an app sitting there on my homescreen..

  • bozzykid

    “The Chrome also announced that Bandwidth Management will be included in the latest stable build, though we thought it had been there for some time. ”
    No. It was a beta feature that Google would randomly enable for some users (and they were given a full screen prompt when it was available). Now, they will make the option available to everyone.

    • JMonkeYJ

      I’m not a beta user, and I have the option. But you could well be correct that only some people got access to it.

      • bozzykid

        No, the feature was beta. It didn’t require you to use the Chrome beta. They enabled it remotely for the last several months for many users.

  • Shawn

    will this fix the black screen upon opening / switching tabs?

    • XvierX

      I sure hope so. This happens on my S4 all the time and it drives me nuts. I have to touch the screen to fix the problem. I thought I was the only one with this issue.

    • Averix

      Doubt it. Even the beta is still suffering from that problem. I wish they’d prioritize that issue. I’m actually switching over to Firefox on my Motorola Droid Maxx because of it.

      • shawn

        just got the update and still black screens. ridiculous

  • NyReynolds

    Quick controls?

  • Menger40

    Non-beta Chrome already allowed you to put bookmarked sites on your homescreen.

    • Simon Belmont

      It did. I think this is slightly different in that if a website is coded as a web-app, Chrome will treat it like its own app when launched from a home screen icon, now.

      So, basically, you would actually see the website in it’s own window in the app switching UI, separate from Chrome. Pretty cool.

      • Tim242

        Nope, it already does just that

    • Tony

      I’m running the previous stable version of Chrome on my N5 and don’t see this option.

      • Menger40

        Long press one of your bookmarks on the new tab page and the option will pop up

        • Tony

          Hm, I see it now. Does the updated Chrome just add it to the overflow menu? What was the change?

          • Menger40

            Yep, they just made it more obvious by adding it to the menu.

  • http://twitter.com/savagejeep SavageJeep

    I can state that the new data usage was NOT there. The only option under Bandwidth Management is to Preload Webpages.

  • Philip J. Fry

    I hate staged roll outs.

  • JDD

    We need immersive mode!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    “For those not familiar, “Add to homescreen” allows you to create shortcuts to your favorite web pages that show up almost like apps on your home screens.”

    Hasn’t that been a feature on 3rd party browsers forever? Felt like I was doing that with Dolphin Browser since Gingerbread.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I’m going to need to reduce the data I consume with this huge note 3 screen. Oh wait, I JUMPed.

  • Lucky Armpit

    Not sure why Chrome doesn’t allow you to set a homepage, or at least an option of what it does when a new Tab is opened. This seems like very basic functionality but has been missing since Day 1.

    • Grayson Carr

      I just wish the new tab / bookmarks page was native. It’s like a freaking web page. Takes a couple seconds to load each time you open it.

  • uzo ufondu

    I hope this solves all (or at least many) of the performance issues. I really like Chrome and I would like to go back to it instead of sticking with Dolphin

  • Ryan

    As a form of F You to Verizon I did not turn this on to hog as much of my unlimited data as possible. My middle finger is in the air to you.

    • Evan Wickes

      good work Ryan!!

    • Seth Merritt

      Doing the lords work right there.

    • http://BGR.COM/ riggs

      Turned my unlimited 4G LTE phone line into a unlimited 4G LTE Jetpack…. both middle fingers in the air.

    • picaso86

      That’s why per month I use 17GB of data – F** YOU Verizon!!!!

      • Tim242

        Look at this : )

        • Kane Stapler

          I got you beat on that one…

          • Tim242

            Daaamn! I will probably only be around 50-60 by the time my cycle ends. I don’t know how you got that high, but nice job!

          • Simon Belmont

            Holy crap. And I thought I was sticking it to my carrier by using 3-4GB a month because they keep saying the average user only uses under 1GB of data a month.

            Excessive, maybe. Screw you, Verizon, definitely.