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Feedly Reader App Updated – Brings Speed Reading Feature, Galaxy Gear Support, and New Nexus 7 Design

Feedly, a popular news reader application that also has a fantastic desktop client, received an update this week. Inside, the developers have added speed reading, a new tap gesture which allows power readers to quickly jump from one inlined article to the next. In addition, version 18 also brings a new Nexus 7 design, Google+ login and sharing dialog, and a “mark all as read” card with reading stats. 

Probably the biggest piece of the update (insert sarcasm) is that Feedly has been updated with compatibility for the Galaxy Gear. While the idea of having yet another use for Gear is fantastic, you won’t see me sitting in the local coffee shop reading news stories on my Gear anytime soon. Maybe it has something to do with the screen being only 1.63″.

Curious enough to check out the full changelog? Here it is.

What’s New

  • Speed reading
  • New nexus 7 design
  • Google+ login and sharing dialog
  • Mark all as read card with reading stats
  • Back button issue
  • Android 4.1 crashes and rendering issues
  • Login expiration bug
  • Improved the speed of image processing

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Via: Feedly
  • suddendeath

    this app is useless to me if i cant read offline like currents does. can this do offline??

  • Ive had issues with Feedly were it uninstalls every day for no reason. Contacting Feedly support does nothing.

  • How do you enable Gear support?

    • ddpacino

      Pick up Gear. Throw Gear away.

  • George Davis

    Recently switched from Feedly to Reader+ and the experience is a whole lot better. It synchs to the Feedly cloud so I kept all my feeds, but the app is way more polished and stable, with more features, better widgets, etc. Highly recommended.

    • Kevin

      Couldn’t agree more. It looks beautiful on my Nexus 10.

    • I have the pro version of GReader and I dont think there widgets are good. I like Feedlys and wish Greader (News+) and Newsstand would get a widget like Feedlys.

      • George Davis

        Have you tried Reader+? It has three different widgets — card stack, scrolling list, and ticker. All are very functional. The card stack widget is very similar to Feedly’s.

    • ddpacino

      Damn you man. I want to try it by just looking at these screenshots. Giving it a whirl, and need to check on the development of Flyne. I also have Press, but only touch it every so often. Waste of app space and pennies, but glad to support those great devs out there!

  • Billyt

    Just let me read articles with my browser of choice rather than your crashtastic POS.

    • Miles Prower

      My feeling exactly. That’s why I prefer gReader over Feedly. In gReader, you can set double-tapping anywhere onscreen as the action to open the article in an external browser (e.g. Chrome). Feedly requires clicking on a menu, then clicking on the Chrome button — awkward and annoying!!!!

      Also, in Feedly, when you click the “mark category as read” button, even articles that have been posted online *after* Feedly has been last refreshed are marked as read. So if you spend say 10 minutes scanning/reading through a category, if you hit that button, you’ll miss any articles that were posted in that 10 minute timespan.

      And lastly, Feedly is buggy as crap. The back button in particular works haphazardly in Feedly.

    • dlegendary0ne

      Right. I tried it and deleted it when I saw I couldn’t do that. I prefer Pulse.

    • ddpacino

      I can open articles in my browser of Choice, Chrome, from inside of the app.

  • And yet this still exists… Can’t seem to say bye to Gingerbread, I guess.

    • Justin W

      It even highlights them in that old orange. I like the mini-redesign of the rest of the app, but this page needs to go.

      • ddpacino

        Start with Google. Their settings apps is still almost the same.

  • Korey Page

    Has anyone have their app deleted from their phone (Galaxy Note 3 in this case) out of nowhere after a day or two of it being installed? It didn’t do this before but over the past two weeks I’ve seen this happen multiple times where I would have to go back and download the app again from the Play Store. I find it odd that it is just this app that does it.

    • Justin W

      No, but on my Moto X, any shortcut I place on the bottom, one from the right, above the dock disappears (this is on a completely stock Moto X). Minor annoyance, completely unrelated to this article, and I worked around it by throwing one of my Widgets on that side of the screen.

    • It has happened to me as well. Note 3 and other devices. Contacted Feedly and no response. Been going on for months. I left bad review and they got back to me saying it was a old version and they updated the app to fix it. That was 3 updates ago and its still happening. Im waiting for NEWSSTAND to get a widget and NEWS+ as well then going there.