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Motorola Offering a Free Chromecast with a Non-Contract Moto X For a Limited Time

It was not too long ago that Motorola started selling Google’s Chromecast directly from their website. However, starting today and running through next Tuesday, you can grab yourself a Chromecast for the low price of free if you are in the mood to pick up a Moto X off-contract. 

Motorola wants to make us all movie buffs, giving us the Moto X and Chromecast to catch up on this year’s award nominees. Using the promo code: “STREAM” you can get the Chromecast’s price to drop to nothing when it is in the same cart as the Moto X at checkout. To make it even better, the Moto X’s off-contract price recently dropped to only $399.99 for the 16GB and $449.99 for the 32GB.

Motorola really leaving you no choice not to pick up a Moto X if you were on the fence. Anyone taking advantage of this deal?


Cheers Z!
  • Nick Saulino

    I ordered a Moto X 2 days befor this promotion. I chatted with someone last night and they offered me a $25 Google Play Card, then he came back and said they were out of cards and only offered me a code for 25% off of Motorola Accessories. Then I tried again this morning with a new person and they offered me nothing.

  • Eric Mykleby

    I would have already had a bamboo backed Moto X if you could order from Motomaker with a Verizon business account, I’m still pissed about that. Anyone know of a way to get around this or if they will be changing that policy anytime soon?

  • Scott

    Still trying to figure out the best phone for prepaid… either the nexus 5 or the moto x.

  • Scott

    I just chatted with Moto off their website and they said they couldn’t do it – yeah right. We just ordered a Moto X last week and got it yesterday. The CS rep bumped it up to support and hopefully I’ll hear something tomorrow. They wanted me to order a new one and then send the one I have now back. Really?

  • Besnik Rrustemi

    damn it,should i switch to moto X from nexus 4 ?,is his camera better than nexus 4 or not ?,i dont mean by software but quality,i know everything else about it except camera.not much talking for camera on moto X

    • Justin W

      Camera is better than a Nexus 4, but that’s not a hard camera to beat. I’d say the camera is subpar compared to the HTC One and Galaxy Note 3, but it’s much better than the Nexus 4, IMO.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    i’ve been thinking, if i JUMP ship, do i get a wood moto x, nexus 5, or note 3?

  • jefbystereo

    That is my exact Motomaker setup. Black front, red back, silver buttons

  • jim

    guess Motos are harder to get rid of than a wood back

  • jim

    wow they are really trying to unload all those Motos

    • NexusMan

      It’s called Marketing…that is the point of all retailers…to “unload” their product.

  • aBabyPenguin

    Has there ever been a better time to jump ship to T-Mobile?

  • Disqus_n00b

    Why did Moto wait so long to price this at $399? Might’ve bought it back in August when the N5 was but a rumor

    • MistaButters

      Keep thinking the same thing. If the Moto X was $400/$450 when the Nexus 5 came out, I still would have paid the extra $50 to get the Moto X.

      • Mike Reid

        As NexusMan indicated, this is normal for prices to drop.

        I watch some phone prices on Ebay, and barring undersupply or massive oversupply, prices tend to drift lower every week, for ALL devices, new or used. (With new being easier to compare as exact same.)

        Retail stores are MUCH slower to drop “regular” prices; the continuous demand/supply dynamic on marketplaces such as EBay better shows the true nature of the fast depreciation of electronics.

    • NexusMan

      Because for everyone like you who didn’t want to wait, there is someone like me who did. The phone is worth every cent as much as I’ve paid for other high end devices, as my experience with it has been far greater than those others. Why should they start out “underpricing” their product? They’ve always had a long term plan for this device, and we’ll continue to see regular promotions for it well into the year.

  • John Legere

    Id buy multiple chromecasts if i didn’t already have a smartTV. Maybe when screen mirroring comes along?

    • aBabyPenguin

      My biggest gripe with my smartTV is that it doesn’t have Pandora and I can’t watch my rented/owned movies from YouTube. The ChromeCast is a great solution for me.

  • Mojor Izin

    i can tell this isn’t a deal site. free with purchase isn’t free, lol, it’s a small (ofter only $25 for chromecast) discount.

    • Justin W

      So, were you to purchase the Moto X for $399 yesterday, you wouldn’t have gotten a Chromecast. If you went to purchase it today, you’d get a Moto X and a Chromecast for the price of $399. While you still have to buy something to get the “free” thing, it’s still in addition to what you were going to get had you decided to order the Moto X anyway.

  • aBabyPenguin

    Oh man, I am planning on buying a Moto X very soon. This might make me get it earlier than expected!

  • T4rd

    Meh.. if they offered the Chromecast for $400 with a free Moto X, then I might bite.

    • a) youth.in.asia

      With a $0.01 mail-in-rebate that takes 6-8 weeks to process?

  • James

    Son of a…. I just ordered an off contract Moto X last night. Is there a way I can still get this deal?

    • Reginald Jefferson

      You could cancel then re-order it, or maybe call their customer service see about getting it added on with the new special offer if it hasn’t shipped yet. Though you should hurry…

      • James

        Good call. Talked with their customer service and they are sending me a code for the Chromecast. Not a bad deal since I was buying the phone anyway!

        • Justin Tierney

          Lucky you! They’re only sending me a $25 code, so $10 for the chromecast for me. I just got the phone yesterday

          • mpledzeppelin2

            My $25 code works for everything but the chromecast.

          • justinisloco

            Exact thing here, I JUST got the code and it saying everything BUT the chromecast. What a bummer. Thankfully I have one already, but I wouldve liked one for the living room too

        • Ryan H

          Ordered my Moto X at 2:45 yesterday before the offer. Talked with customer service and they are sending me a $25 code as well. They mentioned an alternative would be to cancel my order and return the Moto X and all accessories and reorder the Moto X with the Chromecast bundle to take full advantage of the offer, but I declined since I wont receive the Moto X until the 14th anyways. Also, don’t use the support chat, they told me that there was nothing they could do. I guess they are just not on the same page as the Toll Free Support.

    • ZeeX1

      Yes give them a call. They have a price protection policy that worked for me when they had the cyber Monday deal… They gave me a coupon for $150 off accessories because I bought my Moto X off contract 1 week before they announced the deal. No reason not to do the same with this one.

      • Justin W

        wwwhhaaat? I bought mine just under two weeks prior and they said I had to return it and re-order 🙁

        Oh well, I still bought one for a family member under that special anyway, so it doesn’t really bother me.

  • ken147

    Even if you miss this Chromecast is worth the $35.

    • Reginald Jefferson

      That’s good to know since I already have an X. I’ve been heavily considering dropping down some money for the Chromecast.

      • Justin W

        If you use Netflix, HBO Go, or Play Music, it’s easily worth the money.

    • jimt

      Chromecast still needs to cast HD video from my phone for me to love it.

      • gokusimpson

        True. I still can’t believe it doesn’t cast local content from my phone. DLNA is slow as hell. Chromecast works so well otherwise.

        • jimt

          Avia works but not for HD video. It will do SD video and any pictures from your camera. It is the best at the moment. Have to pay $3.00 in app for it to work with chromecast. Ok for now, I guess.

          • gokusimpson

            I didn’t know about Avia. I’ll give it a shot with the money I got from Google Rewards Survey! Thanks!

          • aBabyPenguin

            I love those Survey Rewards! I use it to rent movies from the Play Store :p

          • Justin W

            I bought Game of Thrones S1 and 2 with the $5 and some change I racked up plus some Play credits I had built up..

          • NexusMan

            How did that go? Did you go to Google HQ or do from home?

          • Justin W
          • gokusimpson

            It’s an app. Google Opinion Rewards

          • jimt

            i used google rewards also for this. Allcast will someday also work with the Chromecast but it doesn’t at the moment. I have Allcast as well.

          • tu3218

            How do use the reward money to buy in-app purchases? Buying a regular app is easy but I’m not sure about in-app purchases.

          • jimt

            When I bought it, it asked if I wanted to use my google rewards for it and just said yes.

          • tu3218

            Oh okay thanks. I will give that a shot.

      • Tim242

        Avia, Plex.

        • ddh819

          also realplayer cloud – it can stream from your PC along with their cloud storage

        • NexusMan

          Was extremely disapointed in Plex. I finally jumped on the Plex bandwagon and despite my settings, it makes my entire iTunes and iPhoto libraries available. I don’t want them to be and never gave permission for that! Turns out it’s been a known issue for YEARS! I immediately uninstalled.

          • Bill Hill

            Drop the iCrap then

          • NexusMan

            Yea….that’s the perfect solution. Delete core Mac OS software because some 3rd party app is invasive and doesn’t function as it claims.

          • lel

            I think the real issue here is the fact that you’re using iTunes.

          • NexusMan

            Actually, that is not the problem since I don’t use iTunes. I use Google Play Music as my primary player. That’s the point… Plex just automatically gives itself access to programs that I do not use, and that I implicitly deny access to.

      • morgan boyle

        i disagree. that would just cook through your battery. one of the best things going is that you can Set It & Forget It. for the occasional cast, grab AllCast from the app store but i will not broadcast a movie to my TV. but i would use Plex to control my home media…

        • jimt

          I have allcast but it doesn’t work for chromecast yet. I hope it does soon, then allcast would be all you need.

    • JoshGroff

      I might get one with the $50 I saved with that cyber Monday coupon.

    • TheD

      When the chromecast can fully mirror my phone and tablet while offering all the other services, then ok.

      But for now its probably better to pay $40-80 on amazaon for a samsung all cast or Miracast that will allow you to mirror your entire phone to the TV, for those without smart TV’s like myself