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T-Mobile: Customer Data Proves We Have the Fastest 4G LTE Network in the U.S.

During T-Mobile’s UnCarrier 4.0 event that wrapped earlier this afternoon, T-Mobile made a bold new claim:  they now have the fastest 4G LTE network in the land. Don’t worry (or maybe you should) though, they didn’t use an outside firm or “highly paid industry consultants” to collect their data. No sir, they used data straight from consumers and testing through the ever-popular Ookla Speedtest app

According to their “independent analysis of the NetMetrics Reports provided by Speedtest.net,” T-Mobile speeds averaged out to 17.8Mbps, which was ahead of Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. Their tests also show AT&T averaging 14.7Mbps and Verizon at 14.3Mbps. Sprint dropped in at around 7Mpbs, well below the others.

Call it official or their own take on it, T-Mobile is standing by this idea. CEO John Legere joked (at least I think it was a joke) on stage during their announcement that he was going to send AT&T a Cease & Desist letter to make them take down all of their advertisements that suggest they are the faster network. Should be fun to see that playout.

t-mobile tmobile john legere LTE

In related news, T-Mobile mentioned that their LTE network now covers more than 209 million people and is in 43 of the top 50 markets. Well, that would be there 10+10 LTE network. What they really wanted to talk about was upgrading their network 20+20 LTE. They currently have North Dallas launched as their first 20+20 LTE market, with plans for expansion.

The 20+20 LTE network is capable of measured download speeds of 147Mbps and uplink speeds of up to 40Mbps, according to T-Mobile’s test. In even better news, all of their current devices will have access to this network once it reaches them. That’s not the case for Verizon who is currently upgrading their LTE network by utilizing AWS spectrum on band 4. Only some of Verizon’s new phones are AWS-ready.

tmobile t-mobile wideband lte

And there you have it, T-Mobile’s big news from today.

Care to challenge their speedtests?

Customer Data Proves T-Mobile Network Now Fastest 4G LTE in the U.S.

Millions of customer speed tests using the popular Ookla Speedtest app prove T-Mobile LTE is fastest nationwide

LAS VEGAS – Jan. 8, 2014 – Carriers love to make claims about whose network is fastest or most reliable. The claims often sound the same because they’re typically produced in much the same way – using highly paid industry consultants and drive test data.

T-Mobile US, Inc. (NYSE: TMUS) decided to take a more transparent path than the competition and use mobile data speed tests collected from real consumers[i] using the popular Ookla Speedtest app. T-Mobile’s analysis of the results are clear, and the Un-carrier announced today that its nationwide 4G LTE network is the fastest in the country, according to millions of real-time speed tests involving more than 1 million consumers.

The company also revealed the continued rapid expansion of its nationwide LTE network to reach 209 million people, with 43 of the top 50 markets now served by 10+10 MHz LTE.

“Finally we agree with AT&T on something: Faster is better,” said John Legere, president and chief executive officer of T-Mobile. “I warned the competition this day would come, and millions of speed tests from real people using their own phones prove it: T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G LTE network is the fastest network in the nation – bar none.”

According to actual test results performed by consumers on Speedtest, T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G LTE network delivers not only the highest average network speeds of all U.S. wireless providers, with 17.8 Mbps, but also delivers more consistently fast 4G LTE speeds than any other carrier.

More customers than ever before can take advantage of these speeds because T-Mobile’s continually expanding nationwide 4G LTE network now extends to 273 metro areas, including 95 of the top 100. T-Mobile’s fastest nationwide 4G LTE network already outperforms the competition, and in areas with 10+10 MHz, T-Mobile has measured download speeds of up to 72 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 27 Mbps, including New York, Chicago, Miami and San Francisco. At those speeds, customers could download a 90-minute high-definition (HD) movie in five and a half minutes or a whole music album in 13 seconds.

“T-Mobile is laser-focused on giving customers the best network experience possible,” said Neville Ray, chief technology officer for T-Mobile. “First we deployed nationwide LTE at breakneck speed, covering more than 200 million people in just six months. Now, we’re adding more and more spectrum to this footprint and have commenced the launch of our Wideband LTE service, doubling already best-in-class speeds.”

With the launch of T-Mobile Wideband LTE in North Dallas last November, T-Mobile beat another company milestone, delivering 20+20 MHz LTE ahead of 2014, which is capable of peak download speeds of 150 Mbps. T-Mobile has measured download speeds of 147 Mbps and uplink speeds of up to 40 Mbps in North Dallas, meaning customers could download a 90-minute HD movie in under three minutes or a whole music album in 7 seconds.

As the company continues to expand T-Mobile Wideband LTE, every T-Mobile customer with an LTE device will be able to experience a speed boost. In addition, customers with the latest LTE-capable devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Nexus 5 and LG G2 can take advantage of the maximum speeds available from T-Mobile Wideband LTE powered by 20+20 MHz LTE.

T-Mobile also announced several additions to its portfolio of devices that can take advantage of T-Mobile Wideband LTE at low upfront costs, including:

LG G Flex – T-Mobile will launch the world’s first curved, flexible smartphone[ii] from LG Electronics – the LG G Flex – which offers a more reassuring grip and fit as well as an outstanding voice and sound experience because the distinctively curved design follows the contour of the face. Pricing and availability will be shared soon.
Samsung Galaxy Tab® 3 (7.0) – The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is the latest Android(TM) tablet in T-Mobile’s 4G LTE device portfolio. T-Mobile customers receive 200 MB of free data each month with the Galaxy Tab 3 for as long as they own the tablet. The Galaxy Tab 3, which will cost $0 down with 24 equal monthly device payments of $13[iii], will be available online via www.T-Mobile.com beginning Jan. 9 and at participating stores on Jan. 15.
Sony Xperia® Z1S – T-Mobile is again exclusively partnering with Sony to bring its latest flagship smartphone – the Xperia Z1S – to customers. The slim and durable smartphone features an outstanding 20.7 megapixel camera in a waterproof[iv] design with a 5-inch full-HD TRILUMINOS display. The Xperia Z1S will be available for $0 down with 24 equal monthly device payments of $22iii with a Simple Choice Plan. Pre-register to order the device today, with an online pre-sale kicking off Jan. 13 at www.T-Mobile.com and nationwide availability in participating T-Mobile stores and online starting Jan. 22.
For more information, visit the T-Mobile newsroom.

About T-Mobile US, Inc.:
As America’s Un-carrier, T-Mobile US, Inc. (NYSE: “TMUS”) is redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading product and service innovation. The company’s advanced nationwide 4G LTE network delivers outstanding wireless experiences for customers who are unwilling to compromise on quality and value. Based in Bellevue, Wash., T-Mobile US provides services through its subsidiaries and operates its flagship brands, T-Mobile and MetroPCS. For more information, please visit http://www.t-mobile.com.

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  • solcotto

    I’m getting 33.5 dl and 11.5 upload in Rochester NY with Verizon 4G lte.
    T-Mobile isn’t faster here. Sorry folks, but that’s pretty close to twice as fast as T-Mobile and ATT.

  • Brian Perez


  • Skittlez

    Remember people. These are averages. And i have used both Verizon and T-Mobile LTE services recently in South Florida, and the only reason i’m still with Verizon is only cause of my discount. The second i can’t get it anymore, or they ax unlimited, i’m going to t-mobile. The upload speeds weren’t that great down here, but still were fine when sending pics and snapchats.

  • Ronald Bernard

    Thinking of offloading my Customized MotoX 32GB, and moving all my lines to TMob. Anyone still on Verizon interested in buying it I have it posted for sale on Ebay. Check it out. Comes with case, and 1 extra screen protector.


  • Bessie Arino

    Anyone have T-Mobile in the Seattle area? I’m really considering leaving Verizon for T-Mobile and would like some feedback.

  • John

    T-mobile is like the Burger King in the fast food world. Who on earth would go with a company that even the CEO tries sleezy tactics because he is so envious of the big 2?

    • lookatmyfunnyusername

      I would say more like Jack in the Box. mixes humor with things people actually want, such as breakfast anytime and great deals on products that people would really eat.

    • ronald bernard

      Yeah because nobody wants to save money and get more for it at the same time.

  • chris_johns

    just like how fios says their faster then cable…bc cable has 100000000 people on their network and verizon only gives you 15mbps when cable gives you like 150 or something…yes depending where you are cable is faster or slower…where i live i had cable verizon came said they faster we switched to fios my internet blows now when it was great with cable…so yeah these are all arbitrary

  • Ronald Bernard

    Uncarrier #5 should be- “We’ll prove it” 30-day trial period with T-mobile device with no commitment. I go pick the phone I want to try. Rent it for a certain price for 30 days kind of like with car rental. Opt for insurance incase an damage occurs. Have a set amount of rental devices per store to minmize loss. If you like what your getting you commit to a contract and buy a new device. As tempting as this is I would definetly want a test run for network availability and such. I can ask friends and family all day what T-mob service is like but they don’t use their phones like I do, nor do they follow me around. So how can I know if the service will really work for me?

    • ronald bernard

      So this is what I got at work. I am in Brockton, Mass. Both phones had three bars of 4G LTE. Mine is the Verizon MotoX on the left and coworkers T-Mob S4 on the right. It wasn’t even a contest. T-mobs network blew VZW out of the water. Correct me if I am wrong bit the phone specs do not influence these tests much or at all right?

      • Ronald Bernard

        BTW…these were pinging the same tower as well.

      • Mike Hilal

        Network saturation is what affects speed. Just like when AT&T debuted their network…there werent many people using it, so it was lightning fast. Verizons 4G LTE was like that back in the Rezound and Bionic days.

        • Ronald Bernard

          You on Verizon. My biggest thing is the amount I pay. I have three lines on one plan and I am paying like $230 on VZW.

          • Mike Hilal

            I am. I am still on the grandfathered unlimited plan. I’m gonna ride that gravy train until it derails.

          • ronald bernard

            I only have one line unlimited bit the cost difference alone is worth switching and unlimited calling too. IDK….still debating on what to do.

  • hoosiercub88

    I’ll take a solid 14Mbps average that happens to be pretty much anywhere and everywhere I go on a regular basis *and when I’ve travelled too* than 17Mbps that I can’t get at my house, at work, on road trips, or small out of town trips.

  • nomar

    When no one is using bandwidth, it’s easy to reach these #’s, come talk to me when your network is as large as VZW and trust me I would love to switch to TM but I need service with my phone or it trully is worthless.

    • chris_johns


  • beez1717

    Not for long. Once Verizon kids their higher speed bandwidth into high gear….

  • The_Omnix

    John Legere makes me want to join T-Mobile. I have to respect CEOs that are a bit out there, but in a good way and the way he’s challenging the big players in the industry is awesome! My money is sadly going to Verizon for the time being. But at least I managed to squeeze an almost free Moto X out of them, so I have no complaints about my device or service, just the company my money is going to.

  • Elliot Kotis

    That’s slow. Here in aus I get 85mbps

  • Richard Giordano

    Lies cause every time I do a speed test wit Verizon I average from about 10-25 MBS

    • BrianRoskamp

      That doesn’t mean it’s a lie. Speed varied greatly depending on location and usage.

      The numbers they gave were averages. Notice that you range between 10-25 Mbps, so the 14.3 Mbps average they stated is very much plausible

    • ronald bernard

      Not me. That’s my motox on the left and coworkers tmob s4.

  • zurginator

    I’m amazed Sprint even managed 7….

  • TC Infantino

    I love the shakeup that T-Mobile is doing to the industry, and I certainly hope it causes enough of a dent in the wallets of the Big 2 that they take notice and make some customer friendly changes. But, that being said, T-Mobile’s coverage over the entire U.S. looks like a skeleton compared to the Big 2’s coverage that actually fills in most of everywhere. Once T-Mobile spreads out past the major metro areas and can provide more comprehensive coverage, they might be an option for me, and most others who live in rural areas. Sadly, the only carrier who gives me any signal at all at my house and in many of the areas I visit is VZW.

  • joejoe5709

    Sheesh. TMobile is really leading the way! They’re shaking things up and making everyone pay attention!

    And I’m still not interested in moving. I’ll wait for their coverage and customer base to grow. Everyone I know is on Verizon and I use verrrrry few minutes as result. TMobile’s prices are only 10% or less better than what I’m paying at Verizon and I have much more reliable service. Besides, Verizon’s customer service has seen me through some tough times and have always been helpful. I am far from pissed at Verizon and I see no reason to move unless TMobile is more comparable to Verizon or at least significantly cheaper. But… the moral of this story? Screw AT&T and Sprint. If not Verizon, TMobile seems to be the way to go these days! You go guys!! 🙂

  • Rodeojones000

    All this stuff T-Mobile is doing is great, but I sure wish they’d put a bit more effort into expanding their network into the more rural areas. As it is they are not an option for me.

  • Zack Kolev

    I tend to agree. When I switch from Verizon to Tmobile, my LTE speeds were much much faster. Like from ~5Mbps to ~18Mbps average. And about the same LTE coverage in the Bay Area. Hope they can keep pace with the congestion resulting from their growth. At least they don’t lock you in so you could switch if some one less gets significantly better speeds. But I really can’t see myself going by to VZ. Their phone selection is crap and always last to release phones and updates. The phone are full of crapware and they hate net neutrality.

  • tu3218

    How come there is such hostility lately between T-Mobile and AT&T? Did I miss something that happened between the two companies? Or is it just because T-Mobile can compete better with AT&T and both of them being GSM. Whereas we know Verizon is the top dog, and CDMA. Just curious.

    My family will be possibly switching to T-Mobile, so hopefully they get even more serious about their network before we switch.

  • Allen Byrd

    AT&T LTE in the Orlando area is faster than my home network.

  • nkd

    I like what T-mobile is doing. But I have tested their prepaid sim in my area and I am suppose to have Very good 4g lte services but at my house or in my area I get may be one bar of 4g lte when it shows up and it quickly goes to H+, in the city I do get LTE but its sort of what makes and brakes it for some customers. Improve service and once thats done then we are talking.

    • Ian Jackson

      Their H+ network isn’t too shabby in Houston, and the LTE is pretty fast. They aren’t the fastest, but still workable and YouTube videos only need to buffer once which is nice. Considering I’m only paying 30 bucks for my plan it’s amazing.

  • Jeremy Gross

    Verizon by my house in north jersey its meh but T-Mobile LTE is so much faster here (like 20+)

  • joseph barrientos

    easy to have speeds with nobody using the lte

  • Matthew Marshall

    How is T-mobile in NYC, mainly midtown/times square area? I’m lucky if I can get any bars of 3g let alone 4G with Verizon over here. It’s not until I go through the Lincoln tunnel that I’ll regain service.

    • Relaxasaurus

      My above post is from a speedtest in Soho. I imagine Midtown would be similar

      • NexusMan

        Not true. Depends on location and device. I’m in midtown Manhattan and while I had horrendous Verizon LTE speeds on Galaxy Nexus, I now have Excellent Verizon LTE speeds on Moto X (speeds that are consistently better than my friend is getting in the same area on a Nexus 5 on T Mobile’s network).

    • master94

      Better than VZW lately. Makes sense since VZW has more Manhattan users than Tmobile. That being said both are installing new micro sites so I expect that to change. Either way Tmobile is half the price and on better than or on par with VZW until they turn on the new sites. I would dump VZW if my boss wasn’t paying for it.

    • NexusMan

      I’m getting 40down/18up – 24down/35up on Verizon LTE in midtown.

  • yesterdays

    Not every LTE device can utilize the 20×20, all can utilize the 10×10,,,,

    “As the company continues to expand T-Mobile Wideband LTE, every T-Mobile customer with an LTE device will be able to experience a speed boost. In addition, customers with the latest LTE-capable devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Nexus 5 and LG G2 can take advantage of the maximum speeds available from T-Mobile Wideband LTE powered by 20+20 MHz LTE.”

  • jamaall

    I live in a small town, but by the highway I got over 50mb/s down and 20mb/s up on Verizon. At home I get about 10 down, 2 up on my droid maxx.

  • Spider210

    Verizon 4G LTE here in a small town in NY, when launched used to get 30-35mb download and about 10-12 upload. Now we get about 5mb download and 4mb upload.

    Verizon was in such a hurry to launch 4g they forgot to upgrade the back haul…

  • duke69111

    Uncarrier part 5 needs to be…Expanding coverage beyond the top 50 markets into rural areas. Then all this show will really get me excited.

    • d-rock

      This is where the real investments are, of which AT&T and Verizon have done. If you’re not in the city or near a major highway, good luck getting anything more than 2G service from them…I don’t even want LTE from TMO. I’d be happy with 3G rurally.

      • duke69111

        No kidding. A large portion of my time is spent in LTE areas. But I do travel around the state a lot and sometimes I can have two – three bars of 2G and the browser will not work. I could settle for 3G in the rural areas as well, but if they are going to upgrade a tower, they might as well stick an LTE radio on the tower instead.

        Side note: We got a Moto X with the $30.00 plan over Christmas and during our travels we had one spot where we got great service out in the sticks, however we were connected to Verizon’s tower and was able to make a call. This surprised me. We didn’t have any data though. I didn’t figure T-Mobile would roam on Verizon’s voice network.

        • d-rock

          That is strange, I wonder if it was TDMA or if Verizon just owns/leases towers on the GPRS/EDGE spectrum/service.

  • jmich

    I had my lg g2 from Verizon and my sons nexus 5 with t mobile and did a speed test with ookla, t mobile won on back to back tests by around 5 Meg on each test upload and download. Their coverage is not Verizon, but their speed is smoking them.

  • Evan

    It’s true for me. Been on T-Mobile for a few months. Ditched Verizon with unlimited.

  • Jared B.

    Their claims are pretty solid. On verizon LTE I only ever got about 8, but running a test on my T-Mo S4 is showing over double that.

    • skinja

      Right. But you get VZW coverage in far more places. And VZW coverage works indoors far better than Tmob.

      • Jared B.

        definitely a bigger network yes, but in buildings/stores/at home between my old Verizon phone and my current T-Mo, I get WAY more signal now than I ever did. It also depends on your market, and I live in northern california where T-Mobile is really booming right now. I am happy I switched in price, performance, and coverage.

        • duke69111

          Just curious what your old verizon phone was and what your new one is? My G2 will get me 2 bars of service on Verizon in spots where my Galaxy nexus was no service. I think the phones play a big part as well.

          • Jared B.

            I had the Inc, Inc2, GNex, and GS3.

      • Tom

        Not in my experience. And I had 2 deadzones in my area with Verizon (not even 3G) which is nonexistent with T-Mo. So technically, right now, I have better coverage with T-Mo than I had with VZW. I haven’t dipped below HSPA+ since I got it a month and a half ago.

        • jack584

          Most likely due to T-Mobile having a tower closer to your area. If Verizon and T-Mobile were on the same tower (which happens often, carriers share towers), then Verizon would have a better signal due to their lower frequency spectrum – 700Mhz, and 850Mhz, compared to T-Mobile’s 1700/2100Mhz AWS and 1900Mhz PCS. When T-Mobile deploys their 700Mhz spectrum, that will change though.

    • Adrynalyne

      I get 33 at home on Verizon, so its pretty subjective.

      • jack584

        Yeah I get great speeds on Verizon in my area, and I’m about 20 miles away from Los Angeles so I’m not in the boonies.

        • Relaxasaurus

          Haha nice! Guessing you’re right next to a big tower?

          • jack584

            Actually, the opposite, Verizon has a lot of microcells (towers that only cover a small area, not really towers, more like antennas mounted to light posts in parks, etc…) spread around my area, which makes it possible to spread the load across more towers. If they had no microcells, and only one huge tower to cover the area, my speeds would be junk even if I stood right next to the tower, because that one macrocell (macro means big) would be completely overloaded with traffic. Verizon is easily the best carrier in my area, lots of people have them and they are still able to maintain those speeds because they spread the load to other towers.

            Verizon also has an application in for an antenna to be mounted on top of a streetlight pole a couple blocks away from me, hopefully it gets approved.

          • jack584

            Here’s what the microcells look like in my area, that thing mounted on the top of the pole is an antenna, as well as the panels mounted on the sides.

          • duke69111

            They need to install some of them near my house.

          • Adrynalyne

            You can see he is not by the signal bar.

          • jack584

            Yeah and it also explains why the upload is not so hot. Fast downloads are easier to get with a low signal because the tower can transmit the signal to your phone stronger then your phone can send a signal to the tower, because the tower is not relying on a battery for power.

            The tower has to try harder to listen for the weaker signal from your phone compared to the signal that your phone picks up form the tower.

          • Brian Perez

            PROBALY IS HAHAA

    • Relaxasaurus

      Another happy convert from VZW to Tmo right here. In NYC T-mobile trounces all over Verizon, in speed and time to connect. Coverage is about dead equal, at least from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

      So glad I switched. Now that I’m at $30/mo I feel that Verizon was seriously ripping me off.

      • jack584

        In the speed aspect, you left Verizon at exactly the wrong time. Verizon has completed their band 4 overlay in New York City resulting in speeds of 100 Mbps. You do need a device capable of band 4 though, which would be a Moto X, Galaxy S4, Note 3 or one of the more recent Droids, and I believe some others.

        The old band 13 network will also start to speed up for devices not capable of band 4 as more traffic is offloaded to band 4.

        However, T-Mobile’s speeds are great compared to the old Verizon speeds, and you are getting a great deal on price and you don’t have to deal with Verizon’s policies anymore. I’m not trying to put T-Mobile down in any way.


        • capecodcarl

          I honestly don’t know why people need much more than 5 Mbps on their phones unless they’re tethering, but that’s just me. I can do everything I need to do, including watching videos, with under 5 Mbps on my mobile. 100 Mbps just seems silly unless you’re feeding your whole house off that and an unlimited data plan.

          • ImmaDroid

            Who cares.. why would you want 5mbps if you can have 100mbps? thats like getting a Geo Metro when someone offered you a corvette for a lil bit more. Also to watch good HD video you should be streaming at 10mbps or higher. So 5mbps is like barely more than 3G

          • NexusMan

            Because downloading video, music, apps and loading graphic intensive web pages is painful on slow networks.

          • Chris Hannan

            I tether as my main source of Internet, so yeah I need faster speeds than just 5Mbps. I get about 15Mbps at my apartment, which is good enough for me.

        • duke69111

          Any one know if the G2 on Verizon has access yet to the aws/band 4?

          • jack584

            Yes it does.

      • NexusMan

        Not true in my experience. My friend and I did a speed test in Manhattan at the same time, me on Verizon, he on T Mobile and I got 40down/18up, while he got 24down/10up. Not exactly “trouncing” over anything.

        • Relaxasaurus

          Ah good to know. I switched in November and saw a huge change in speeds. Glad to see Verizon stepping up their game. Thanks for the info

      • AndroidUser00110001

        Do you get coverage in the subways with T-Mobile? I get coverage with AT&T and was wondering T-Mobile covers subways now.

        • Relaxasaurus

          Some not all, just like the rest of the carriers. Any in particular you’re curious about?

    • ImmaDroid

      Screw that. Verizon is crazy fast anywhere around me. I get like 3-4 times the speed of those T-mo claims. These are the speeds I average around my house.

      • NexusMan

        Nice. Where are you?

        • ImmaDroid

          In the Myrtle beach, SC area

    • J2886M

      EriePa lunch hr , no regret leaving big red after 15years

  • skinja99

    Their claim about being the fastest doesn’t take into account that you can only get an LTE speed test in locations with LTE. My point being, TMob has much less and much lousier coverage than VZW.

    Have you ever tried a Tmob LTE device even 2 minutes away from a population center? The signal drops right off.

    And do’t get me started on the fact that their LTE is higher frequency than other carriers. Which means it penetrates buildings less.


    • Cowboydroid

      “you can only get an LTE speed test in locations with LTE”

      This is true for every carrier. Derp.

      • JMac726

        Obviously. His point was TMo doesn’t have a lot of 4g LTE coverage areas, so in most areas you wont get those speeds; therefore, overall, the other networks are usually faster

        • Cowboydroid

          Neither do the others. Just because the status bar on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus said “4G” doesn’t mean I was getting LTE speeds. I was frequently getting 2-3 Mb/s…in the middle of Dallas! Meanwhile, I’m now getting ACTUAL LTE speeds on my Nexus 5 on T-Mobile.

    • jack584

      They will soon be deploying LTE on 700Mhz spectrum that they bought from Verizon. Although the spectrum is not nationwide and is only enough for a 5×5 LTE network, versus Verizon’s 10×10 nationwide 700Mhz spectrum which they kept for themselves.

      • Tojen1981

        Does t-mo have any phones out that support 700mhz?

        • abqnm

          Not for the 700MHz lower A block (Band 12) spectrum that they got from Verizon.

          • Tojen1981

            So basically the spectrum is useless for the next 18+ months.

          • abqnm

            May not be that long but for the immediate future, it won’t benefit anyone. Some devices may technically have support in the LTE modem, but it would likely require FCC certification on that band and a software update to enable it.

        • jack584

          In addition to what the other person said, there are very very few phones out there that support band 12, the band needed to access T-Mobile’s new 700Mhz spectrum.

          The only ones with support are a couple US Cellular phones, not even all of theirs support it.

          Basically if you have any phone on any of the big 4 carriers, your phone does not support band 12. In addition the Nexus 5 does NOT support band 12, for people that were wondering.

    • Adrynalyne

      Think maybe we can get distance instead of a rather immeasurable length of 2 minutes?

    • jmich

      Didnt Tmobile just buy a bunch of lower frequency from Big Red?

      • jack584

        Yes, but it is not nearly nationwide, I attached a piture of hte areas that T-Mobile’s new 700Mhz spectrum will cover. If you aren’t in one of the pink areas, you’re out of luck unfortunately.

        Also the block of spectrum that T-Mobile bought from Verizon is a total of 12Mhz, usable for 5×5 LTE.

        For comparison, Verizon owns a nationwide 22Mhz block, usable for 10×10 LTE everywhere in the country.

        Max speeds for a 10×10 network are about 75 down.

        Max speeds for a 5×5 network are about 37.5 down.

        • master94

          lol they used bing

  • Mojor Izin

    so a new carrier opens up shop. they’re called ACME Wireless. ACME offers 4g LTE in only 1 sq mile area somewhere in the deep woods of S. Dakota. They have 3 subscribers in that area, who average 17.9 Mbps speed. everywhere else, they offer 2g. They now have a 4g network that they can claim is faster than T-Mobile et al.? Is that how they want this to work….

    • skinja

      Exactly my thoughts

    • Justin W

      You had to use South Dakota for the example? Lol. Montana is more desolate.

      • Mojor Izin

        Montana didn’t have a young boy name Rocky Raccoon (as popularized by the Beatles 🙂

    • Cory_S

      Hahaha, thank you for putting into words what I have been trying to explain.

  • RedXander

    “*Where applicable…” Wish it wasn’t the case but their coverage still needs to catch up.

    • Mojor Izin

      exactly, they should average all of their speeds, across all areas, and see who has the fastest data network, not just the fastest 4g network (where applicable). Also, some speed tests are done inside buildings. T-mobiles network doesn’t get inside buildings very well.

  • jim

    could it be because no one in on their network ? lol

  • Jerry Huster

    Sure is a lot of pink, er magenta (excuse me), on this here site lately… 😉

  • Such

    I love what T-Mobile is doing. God bless their Magenta little hearts lol.

    • Justin W

      Every time they have an Uncarrier announcement, I fall even further in love with what they are doing.

      • abqnm

        And any time John Legere speaks it is worth listening. It is always entertaining.

        I nominate John Legere as CEO of the year.

        • Justin W

          Can I nominate him as President?

          • abqnm

            That would be one hell of a State of the Union address.

          • Brian Perez


    • F mobile

      When you only have 3 customers on your network, there is plenty of bandwidth to go around.

      • AvgJoe

        Their 4G sucks in the midwest, KS, MO, IL, AK, IA, all are ridiculous, not to mention if I leave the highway while traveling their service dropd off completely a half mile away like finding gas. Even when I do get 4G in major cities, it is an abysmal 8Mb down (which is 1 MB)

        • Lucky Armpit

          What are you downloading on your phone that you consider 8Mbps to be “abysmal”? It’s funny how just a few years ago, we would have been jumping up and down for 8Mbps and now it’s considered terrible.

          • Cory_S

            I really don’t care as long as I get over 5. Unless you are downloading a huge file you will never be able to tell. Ping matters more than throughput after you get over that range, for browsing and the like.

        • sweenish

          My KS experience is very different. Guaranteed 25+ Mbps every single time in Wichita. Faster than Verizon and Sprint for sure, haven’t checked in with my ATT friends in a while.

          • duke69111

            We just got a line over Christmas and we have been getting about 8mb’s to 17mb’s in Wichita using the Moto X.

          • sweenish

            I haven’t been able to test the service around town. I should have stated that earlier. I’m still on Verizon, so I rely on workmate’s readings at work. Our company is cozy with T-Mobile. Your numbers still beat my Verizon experience on the high end.

          • duke69111

            Yea, Verizon varies across the city as well. I get about 8mb’s on average at my house, but I regularly get 20-25mbs where I work downtown. I haven’t tried our t-mobile line downtown yet.

        • Nick Murphy

          I don’t know what part of Missouri or Illinois you were in, but I’ve traveled both states extensively and had a completely opposite experience. The 4G speeds I get compared to Verizon’s are incredible and coverage isn’t really as horrible as people make it out to be. Going between St. Louis and Chicago there were very few places when coverage just dropped off and it usually did the same when I was on Verizon.

      • akshan

        Don’t you think it is good to be with a carrier having only 3 customers? More attention and less traffic?

  • Ryan

    I believe its because there is no congestion. T-Mobile is still pretty small when compared to Verizon and AT&T that have been offering LTE devices for much longer. I think in the long run all the carriers eventually will have the same data speed. 15mb/s down for me on Verizon is plenty fast enough I tether for my PS3 and other stuff. However I am glad T-Mobile is posting up this info

    • middlehead

      It’s definitely congestion; I’m lucky to get 5 to 7 on LTE around my area, but I go to my brother’s for the weekend and easily get 50. My brother still lives in our home town with 8% the population of where I live now.

      • john

        Yeah I live in a small town in Iowa and when lte first hit it was around 15mbps all over town. Now two years later its a solid 3-5 mbps, if I’m lucky I will get around 8mbps at like 2 in the morning.

    • MistaButters

      I will 3rd congestion. Do you remember when Verizon first launched LTE? Holy crap it was insane. Now they have the slowest (not counting Sprint POS network). AT&T was also blazing when it launched. 20-30 Mbps was standard. Then the SGS3 came out. Then the iPhone 5. And it slowed right down.

      • Jacob

        When VZW started LTE here in St.Louis with my brand new GNex with lte I got 15-20 mb down on average for the first 6 months. A year later I was getting 12 down 6 up, 2 years later and its 8 and 2 at my home and worse along the highways in the city. But once out of the cities, its still only 3G to every other state and in-between major populous’

        • Cory_S

          I would get 40s on average in Houston and got as high as 70 a few times. It was nuts.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Verizon has gone downhill regardless.

      • Jacob

        I get 8 down 3 up in non peak hours in St.Louis, and 4/ 0.5 during rush hour, 4G speeds is almost equivalent to 3G. My home’s wifi is faster down with 12 down, but only 1 up with uverse. But if all the TV boxes are off I get up to 20 mb down on wifi astonishingly.

      • Andy

        Yeah it’s Overloaded !