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Video: Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 Hands-on [CES 2014]

A couple of weeks before CES, Samsung announced the next rendition of the Galaxy Camera, the Galaxy Camera 2. The device features the same 16.3 megapixel sensor with OIS as the original did, except Samsung was able to slim up the body, and also speed up the camera’s performance. The Galaxy Camera 2 runs Android 4.3, as well as a revamped version of Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, which was designed specifically for this device. 

As one would expect from Samsung, they built a ton of software to incorporate into the device. While inside the camera app, there are plenty of Smart Settings, which will let the user select the best settings for the shooting conditions. That includes low lighting, sunsets, action shots, macro, and plenty others.

As for availability, the reps could only say “Spring time.” As of right now, there is only a WiFi model, but are almost certain Samsung will partner with a couple of carriers in the US like AT&T or Verizon, to bring models to the market that feature 4G LTE radios inside. There is no word on pricing yet either.

In the video below, we go over the features and specifications of the Galaxy Camera 2 at Samsung’a booth during CES. Be sure to check it out.


Galaxy Camera 2 Galaxy Camera 2 Galaxy Camera 2 Galaxy Camera 2 Galaxy Camera 2

Hands-on Video

  • vitriolix

    That sensor really needed to be upgraded. It just wasn’t high quality enough considering the price.


    If this gets a 3G or 4G connection I will buy it. You don’t need a normal cell connection anymore, instead just use VoIP. Change your smartphone plan to a standalone data plan or a prepaid plan with minimal minutes and however much data you neef, set up a Google Voice number or my favorite WiCall app and cut your mobile bill in half.

  • Guest

    will this come in a WiFi only version? or will it only come with a LTE antenna and must be bought through a carrier?

  • Between LTE version this and Galaxy S4 camera… Samsung is really confusing their customers……

  • T4rd

    Not interested whatsoever. I love Android, but on a camera it just doesn’t make much sense, IMO. Plus I have a D600 that will blow this away in every category other than size.

    • Well they did originally intended Android for Camera software 😛

      • T4rd

        That doesn’t have much to do with Android today though. =p
        Camera software needs to be as fast and stable as possible with a no-frills UI so there’s no confusion or clunky controls. Hardware buttons and dials are the best and fastest way to control a camera, not a touch screen.

  • shooter50

    I purchased the original and sold it right away. Love the concept, hated the execution. Battery life was pitiful. Photo quality was horrible for a point and shoot in this price range. Even at low ISO the photos were full of noise. Images did not process well. If the processor is the same as the original, I would stay away unless they worked some miracle with the software.

  • If the price is right, I’d love to pick one of these up

  • Guest


    • samosa queen

      … to die