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T-Mobile LG G2 Receiving Update D80110g, Start Checking Your Phones Now

If you are the owner of an LG G2 on T-Mobile, you should start checking your device for an update. T-Mobile is rolling out a tiny OTA update to these devices on their network starting today and running through the next few weeks. The build number will be updated to D80110g, but other than that not too much will change. 

In fact, the only hint of change that we are receiving from T-Mobile is that this OTA will be “improvements to software stability.” No new features or anything more specific than that, but T-Mobile and LG figured that this 147MB update was important enough to rollout on its own. As long as the phone is better off after the update we are happy.

To check for the update, head into Settings>About device>Software update >Update Now. If you do not see it already or after checking, keep looking over the next week.

Via: T-Mobile
  • Bernie

    I see the up date but cant install it restarts then looks like it updates then crashes and starts up will come back in a day or two im rooted

  • disqus_LN3aauIwQm

    I have pretty noticeable battery drain since the update …

  • P A

    This update screw up knock on feature, now I have to knock on very gently to get it work, before I can just normal 2 tap

  • Sleepums

    My phone has frozen twice since update! Once on FB, and once going to text someone! Can we roll them back?!

  • HarvesterX

    Hey! I just downloaded an update for the VS980. I haven’t accepted it or looked at it yet…anyone know what’s up with that? I’m gonna check /cache but since I haven’t rooted my replacement yet, i don’t remember if it will show /cache or not…I’ll find out in a second.

    • HarvesterX

      No…damn I thought I could at least READ /cache if not rooted. Oh I can run to McDonald’s and hook the old one up to the WiFi there and see what’s up..I haven’t sent the old one back yet. If I find out any details on it I’ll report back.


    this update will have you stuck in boot loop if rooted with twrp flashed, just finished reflashing the stock rom will update once i redownload update

  • Kailas

    This screwed up the auto brightness, now I can’t even see anything in a dark room; and you can’t adjust it if you select the auto brightness.
    I know I can just not use the option, but it was working fine before; why did they have to mess that up?

  • chris

    well it mess with my battery life?

  • Sergio

    This update will break ROOT I presume?

    • Guest123

      The update will break your phone is you have a custom bootloader like Clockwork or TWRP

  • jmich

    This will probably fix their touch screen issue much like Verizon’s update did.

    • jmich

      What is the thumbs down for? Oh yeah, forgot about the trolls

  • OreoMan

    Would be great if it fixed the TMo G2 to work with Google Wallet!

    • Guy Pierce

      It does if your rooted!

      • OreoMan

        There is that….

    • jralphroman

      is it really that important to buy cheese burgers at McDonalds using your phone?

    • Nicole Marie

      They pushing that ISIS thing. Shrugs

      • Bernie

        Isis only works with case bank

        • I used ISIS today and i dont have Chase, I just used the American Express card it allocated to me when I signed up. Plus they gave gave me $20 for trying it. #Win in my book.

    • Bernie

      It works on my G2

  • Voyageur

    Pretty sure it’s not KitKat but can’t wait until it is here.

    • Guy Pierce

      Just root and put CMD ROM Kit-Kat on it. Makes it an even bigger beast! This phone now kicks it’s own ass.

      • Voyageur

        Can’t as it’s a work phone.

        • Guy Pierce

          Well that stinks!

      • Jason

        I would Kit-Kat if I didn’t need wifi calling. 🙁

      • @tttech21

        What r the benefits of rooting ?

        • Guy Pierce

          Get rid of bloatware, custom recoveries/ROM’s, subscription free tethering and of course not having to wait for the latest Android OTA updates from the manufacturer. Those are my reasons and I’m sure other people my have some others.

          • some dude

            i second that, main issue is BLOATWARE for me, tmobile device check and random background processes running in the shades… i say root it, flash a really nice custom rom and enjoy the customization. you can always flash back to stock (YES it resets back to stock and resets ROOT checker) using Tots (for tmobile of course) and the flash tool can be found at XDA!

    • whyarepeopleS

      you will have to wait for 3 more months