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Reported Screenshots of Redesigned TouchWiz UI Surface on the Web


Early this morning, @evleaks took to his Twitter account to show off a few different screenshots, apparently detailing an upcoming look for Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. While we can’t confirm if this is the move Samsung plans to make for their smartphone UI, we can’t say it looks bad. It actually looks somewhat pretty. 

The first thing you might think is that this is Samsung’s look for Kit Kat. Last night, Kellen and I had hands-on time with the new Galaxy NotePro and TabPro tablets from Samsung, each of which runs a revamped version of TouchWiz on top of Kit Kat. That UI didn’t look anything liked these leaked screenshots, as the notification bar actually sported white icons and text, just like stock Android 4.4.

As we can see in these screenshots, Samsung is apparently sticking to the green battery icon for now, as this could be a revamped version of TouchWiz just for smartphones. It would be interesting if the company decided to have two separate versions of their skin for phones and tablets, so we wouldn’t put our money on that idea.

In the pictures, we can see that Samsung has found a new love for flat icons as well, which reminds us of HTC and the release of Sense 5. Either way, these new shots don’t give us much detail, but if this version does come to fruition, we would be sort of happy about it. It’s definitely an improvement over the current look of TouchWiz.

What do you think? Does it look better or worse in your opinion than the current TouchWiz?

Via: @evleaks
  • ♜Donzzy™

    IMO, I don’t think this is another TW version. As you can see on the 3rd image, the status bar looks rather off. It’s transparency isn’t equally as pleasing as compared to current flagship phones (S4 and Note 3 for ex.). I think, it’s sort of a theme or a modded TW launcher.

  • Rehan Yusuf

    Still looks like crap

  • viewthis66

    This is long overdue. Believe me this is a welcome change and cannot come soon enough.

  • beav

    It looks a helluva lot better than touchwiz does at the moment.

  • Jason B

    My eyes are burning. It’s sad. TouchWiz is just like herpes – you can take meds to minimize its presence, but at the end of the day, there’s no freakin’ cure for it. It’s spreading to millions too.

    Worse yet is that people think this is what Android is.

    And it still seems to be poorly optimized. So much so that Samsung disables clock gating/power saving SoC features in certain Samsung apps (same BenchBoost code that cheats in benchmarks). Now you tell me, why would a Snapdragon 800 (like in the GN3) need that?

  • sonicemerald


  • xzero425x

    Does anyone know what LG’s 4.4 looks like with “their” version?

  • They should hire kovdev to do their icons.

  • dpopchopra

    Is that a flipboard activity tracker app? Nice.

  • Mystery Dead Kid


  • a3uge

    Multi-colored gradient icons? Really, Samsung? Really?

    But this probably isn’t the new TouchWiz anyways.

  • Daniel Walsh

    This looks way better.

  • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

    Wow, I dislike Apple products for the most part just as much as the next root-happy nerd. But WOW. That’s iOS. Any dispute is just denial or stupidity.

    HAVING SAID THAT. It’s definitely an upgrade over their previous Touchwiz.