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Sony Announces Z1s Coming Exclusively to T-Mobile, Z1 Compact Its Own Little Beast

Sony announced three new mobile products this evening during its CES 2014 press event, the Xperia Z1s, Z1 Compact, and the Smartband. One is a flagship device headed exclusively to T-Mobile, one is a smaller device that packs top tier specs, and the last is a fitness tracker. 

The Xperia Z1s is Sony’s new flagship that is headed exclusively to T-Mobile on January 22. The device is essentially the previously announced Xperia Z1, except that it has a bigger battery (3,000mAh) and 32GB of internal storage. But the camera is still a 20.7 MP “Exmor RS for mobile” CMOS image sensor, the display is still 5-inch 1080p, and the body is all Sony. This phone is fully waterproof, though, with an IP58 rating.

The Xperia Z1 Compact, on the other hand, is probably the more noteworthy of the two. Sony created a compact smartphone that packs all of the punch of a top tier device. We’re talking a Snapdragon 800, 2,300mAh battery, and a 20.7 MP camera. Sure, the display is only 4.3-inches and 720p, but this phone easily gives the Moto X or Moto G a run.

Last, Sony has officially entered the fitness tracker arena with the SmartBand. It tracks activity, notifies you when calls or texts come in, lets you control media, and syncs with an Android app to log all of your work.

And there you have it, Sony’s announcements from CES. We’ll have more over the coming days, including some time with each device.

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Xperia Z1 Compact


  • 216monster

    I would buy the Z1 Compact the day of release, if they would show some AT&T love..

  • TC Infantino

    Sony makes some very nice hardware. I wish the Z1s was available on VZW because I would be very interested, depending on price.

  • poop

    If the Z1 Compact could just come to Verizon, that’d be great…

  • guest

    omg that weird button placement.. seriously?????

  • chris_johns

    I like these sony phones…verizon will never see them though…if they could cut the bezel just a tad be pretty perfect

    • Paul Hansen

      We might see the GSM primary manufacturers join VZW/US Cell/Sprint when CDMA gets phased out. Sony has all but flat out said they want nothing to do with CDMA anymore.

  • coh303

    The SmartBand is probably one of the better fitness style wear-ables I’ve seen so far. Being waterproof is crucial, and I think it handles most other tasks very well from what I see.

  • Spider210

    I ride my motorcycle rain or shine! You know how much I’d love to see this on Verizon. My #1 reason I keep them is I can stream pandora just about anywhere I ride, my buddies with att, tmobile, can’t say so much, plus unlimited data 🙂

  • JMonkeYJ

    I really love what Sony is doing with their phones with two major exceptions: display quality and bezels. I’m still very tempted, but I don’t think they offer enough yet. Also I hear the speaker quality is not good. Form factor, camera, and water proof are all bug pluses for me.

    • shooter50

      the volume from both the speakers and headphones on the Z1 was weak. Thats the main reason I sold mine.

      • JMonkeYJ

        I wonder if Z1s addresses that at all. I saw one article that made it sound like they had improved the display from the Z1, but it might have just been regurgitating PR-speak.

  • YouSeeLA11

    Well, we know the Xperia Z1s is coming to T-Mobile, but is the Z1 Compact going to make it to the US at all??

  • Joey Sandoval

    Brick alert!

  • Tim Aries

    Seems like not much people here care about Sony…

    • Paul Hansen

      The greater percentage of DL users tends to be very VZW/ATT heavy. This is starting to shift a bit, especially towards TMO, which I like to see. Breeds better competition 🙂 TMO is really the only carrier of Sony devices.

  • akramjunaid

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  • master94

    Exclusive to one carrier only. What is this 2007? Come one Sony, the only way to make it now is all carriers or nothing. Nice looking phone though.

    • Paul Hansen

      Sony doesn’t want anything to do with CDMA carriers. Best bet is TMO/ATT

      • yankeesusa

        Only problem is the original sony xperia wasn’t compatible with the LTE bands of att and that is why a lot of people didn’t even get it. I had it on tmobile and I really liked the phone. I love being able to take the phone to the pool and not have to worry about it getting wet. My wife still has her xperia z and she loves it. If bootloader is unlocked this will be a hard phone to stay away from.

        • Paul Hansen

          The original Xperia device was before LTE was available… It was a slider that came out in 2008 (Xperia X1). AT&T lit their first LTE towers at the tail end of 2011… Keep in mind that most Sony devices weren’t designed for US networks. They’re basically imports from Europe and Asia where LTE didn’t exist at the time. So if you’re referring to the X10 that came around later that’s why it wasn’t carrying that radio.

          • yankeesusa

            Sorry. I meant the xperia z currently on tmobile

      • yankeesusa

        I think it is because outside of us gsm is the king and that is who they cater to. I think they choose tmobile because supposedly a lot of those customers have a bigger chance of traveling abroad. But so do att. If they released this on att also they would actually start having an impact in the usa. Maybe the compact will come to att and tmobile.

        • orPickAName

          Except that Samsung, LG, Nokia, and HTC are all from outside the US… No excuse for not putting it on VZ’s archaic CDMA network.

          • Adrynalyne

            Except that CDMA is newer than GSM 😉

            Crappy, non-standard to the world, but not archaic.

          • yankeesusa

            Very true. Cdma is also clearer and more efficient. But with everyone switching to LTE soon that won’t matter. For now as much as I like cdma I can’t stand the speed so I chose to go with tmobile. At least now I can use my data while on a call. Something that sprint and Verizon can only do with certain cdma phones or while on 4g.

          • Adrynalyne

            Oh I agree. I am just surprised on how many people think CDMA is older than GSM. Heck, Verizon started out as GSM, if memory serves.

          • yankeesusa

            Very true. I’m just a fan of cdma since Verizon sent me to training when I worked for them and showed us the advantages and disadvantages of both networks. I’m just looking forward to LTE roaming agreements

    • yankeesusa

      Agreed. I don’t understand this exclusive thing. It just makes people not want to buy from that manufacturer.

  • StuckOnVerizonForever

    Too bad they dont use the triluminos display

  • Me

    Very interested in the Z1 Compact.

    • yankeesusa

      The compact does look nice. With LTE it would be even nicer. My brother in law would love this phone on verizon but I just don’t think it will come to verizon. sony for some reason likes gsm, maybe it’s because their phone sell more overseas and it is easier to just design one.

    • sagisarius

      Finally a smaller flagship that isn’t stripped down.

    • Prime7

      I like how 4.3″ is considered “compact” these days.

      • Stone Cold

        Compared to the phablets that is compact.

  • Alex Boro

    Nothing really exciting here.

  • sagisarius

    Wow, Google should make a new Nexus 4 out of that “compact” version.

    • JBartcaps

      Wow I’d love to see the New Nexus 4 outsell the Nexus 5

  • Razball

    The original z1 has a 3000 may battery am I wrong?

    • yankeesusa

      I think it was 3200