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AT&T 4G LTE Coverage Expands to 26 New Markets, Now Reaches 270 Million People

The precocity of AT&T’s 4G LTE network is impressive. Once paling in comparison to Verizon’s coverage, Ma Bell’s strategy of rapid deployment has helped its high-speed network blanket the US at a breakneck pace. Case in point: the carrier announced today that, with an expansion of LTE into 26 additional markets, its 4G now reaches more than 270 million people. That’s good news for AT&T, which intends to spend more than $14 billion in an effort to expand 4G LTE to 300 million (T-Mobile?) customers by the end of 2014. I’d say the company is well on its way.

Here’s a list of the new markets launched today:

  • Hope, AR
  • Greeley, CO
  • Okeechobee, FL
  • Lewiston, ID
  • Crawfordsville, IN
  • Ames, IA
  • Iowa City, IA
  • Cambridge, MD
  • Battle Creek, MI
  • Jackson, MI
  • Red Wing, MN
  • Branson, MO
  • Hannibal, MO
  • Mexico, MO
  • Missoula, MT
  • Keene, NH
  • Poughkeepsie, NY
  • Ashtabula, OH
  • Tahlequah, OK
  • Lebanon, PA
  • Utuado, PR
  • Stephenville, TX
  • St. John, USVI
  • St. George, UT
  • Blacksburg-Christiansburg-Radford, VA
  • Walla Walla, WA
Via: AT&T Press Wire
  • TheBigOldDog

    I just wish AT&T would increase their signal quality in the markets they already serve. I am in Metro Boston and have used AT&T in all its manifestations since 1995 or so and in all that time the signal quality/ availability has hardly changed just 10 Mi South of Downtown Boston.

    • Jay1169

      Do you have an Att LTE enabled phone? Att LTE is pretty much stretched all the way down to providence, RI and up to Machester, NH. Either your phone is screwed up or it’s time to upgrade to a 4G LTE phone.

      • TheBigOldDog

        Sure do, 2 HTC One X+ and one HTC One and the issue is the same – signal quality on AT&T is generally poor for data and voice due mainly to low cell density. It’s been that way on the South Shore of Boston stretching from Boston to Cape Cod for 15+ years. I’ve had everything from Nokias to Moto Razors to HTC ANdroids and still the signal strength hasn’t changed a bit in all that time.

  • Bob Carlson

    Heard that AT&T is paying Verizon 2.3+Billion to let their users use Verizon’s 4G LTE service? Anyone else hear about that? Would explain the sudden build out

    • Ryan B

      I have also heard in some areas that Verizon and AT&T go 50-50 on the construction and usage of cel towers. Would be cool to know if that is true or not also…

  • Jonathan Williams

    Hey… There’s Hope…. sorry, couldn’t help myself…

  • Reza A.

    They can reach Timbucktu but as long as they dont have effective (no drop in data or voice) service and good customer service.they are worth their investment and will fail.

    • Reza A.

      Not worth

    • Carlton Crasher

      In my experience at&t customer service fails compared to Verizon..but said goodbye to Verizon for nexus 5

  • Kevin MacArthur

    No one is impressed with your weird a$$ diction in every single article your post dude. Stop kidding yourself and just be normal.

    • Kyle Wiggers

      Read a book.

      • Mike

        I’ve read books, including ones using the words that he is using. At the very least, I would say that he used “precocity” incorrectly. I don’t think that AT&T’s LTE network is unusually advanced or mature for it’s age. It seems pretty standard actually, and I would bet that others have done it even faster in other countries and that subsequent efforts in the US (T-Mobile, Sprint or other) will be able to stand up even faster.

        So, yea, not really impressed with his advanced choice of words. He could use normal words that would be more technically correct and not laced with nuance.

      • Kevin MacArthur

        To all you “intellectuals”, terms like precocity don’t even flow with the rest of the article. It’s not about not knowing the definition, it’s about having the article flow, which none of his articles seem to do. It’s simply bad word choice.

        • Ahab

          Think he is just using the thesaurus function in his word editing to try and look smart, must of fooled his comp 101 teacher so he’s doing it here

        • Kyle Wiggers

          It’s probably pointless arguing with you, but I think you’re wrong. AT&T’s network may not be precocious as commonly understood (unusual sexual or mental maturity in a child, for example), but a more nuanced definition works: advanced for its age. Simple as that.

          • Kevin MacArthur

            I find it funny that you would be so bothered by my comment that you would feel the need to even call this an argument. As a journalist, (if you can even call yourself that), article pieces are supposed to flow throughout the entire piece. Most of yours I have noticed do not, aside from the last 2 or so that you’ve posted. People can take my comment as me being ignorant regarding not knowing the definitions of words all they want, but at the end of the day I knew what the term meant and was just pointing out the desperate attempt by you to write “intellectually”. I have noticed it in several articles since you have started writing for the site. And while most sheep won’t ever – god forbid – disagree with anything that Droid-Life posts, I feel that your desperate attempts to use these unfitting terms seems to reflect your ability as a “journalist” – nothing else. Writer’s pieces are supposed to flow if you were unaware. Simple as that.

            I’m obviously not the only person that feels this way. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Kellen’s, Tim’s, Eric’s, and Ron’s articles over the past years and I certainly hope that Droid-Life continues to hold the same high standards of writing that all of them have consistently put out for years. It has greatly led to their success as being the top Android news site on the internet. In my opinion, your writing thus far (until the past 2 or 3 articles you’ve posted) has failed to live up to that standard. You seem like a very talented writer and I feel that your really doing yourself a disservice by continuing with these desperate attempts at “intellect”.

          • Kyle Wiggers

            Thanks for the input.

          • Kevin MacArthur

            Anything for you, Kyle!

    • Adrynalyne

      Is he using words too big for you understanding?

    • inklenotrump

      Thanks Mr. Nobody

    • jadeveon da destroyer

      find joy in your life broooo, you negative nancy

    • Ryan B

      But if I wanted a lame normal and boring article I would go somewhere else. Ohh woah, maybe thats what you should do. I’m sure the verge can sum this article up in one sentence for you.

    • Michael


    • Higher_Ground

      on the contrary, I specifically came to the article to leave a comment saying how impressed I was by his word choice.

      If you’re bothered by it odds are you didn’t know what it meant.