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Official: Moto G for Verizon Arrives January 9

Last week, the Moto G with Verizon branding showed up at Best Buy stores at a price of $99 and a tad earlier than I think any of us expected. Sources of ours confirmed to us at the time that the device would officially go on sale January 9, a date Verizon has now made extra official this morning. 

As expected, the phone is 3G-only since it works with Verizon’s prepaid plans that do not include 4G LTE. For $60 per month, a customer could get unlimited talk and text, plus 2GB of data. For an additional $10, you could double the data to 4GB. That’s not exactly the best deal in wireless, if we’re being honest here. Almost every other wireless carrier has prepaid plans that utilize LTE and offer equal or more data for less money. In fact, we wrote up our favorite prepaid plans when the Nexus 5 dropped and Big Red’s plans came no where near it. Should they some day include 4G LTE connectivity, that could change.

The phone is indeed $99 though, which is a substantial drop from the GSM version which runs $179.

The Moto G will arrive through Verizon’s online shop on January 9, with store availability shortly thereafter.

Via:  Verizon
  • Rodrigo_Girao

    In most regards, the Moto G is a very solid device at a fair price, but… the lack of a microSD card slot is a deal killer for me. 8 GB is way too little, and as I wanted to use it as a music player, I’d fill the damn thing real quick, even with mp3 files at basic quality.

  • Roy

    can i play 1080p hd videos in moto g

  • Tony Pettinato

    Will it only work on prepaid? This is a steal if you can just pay $100 and activate it on one of your current lines.

  • Jon

    FYI I picked one of these up at my local Best Buy in Chicago on Tuesday. I did not have to activate it in store, and did not have to activate it after I turned it on (it immediately failed activation and went to the “setup” process).

    It’s a solid midrange spec’d development phone for $99.

  • Shut up Donny
  • steve0617

    I just concluded a chat with VZW and was told you *can* purchase the Moto G and activate it on a Post Paid plan.But until someone actually does it, it’s all speculation.

    • Collin Chapin

      As soon as I saw him say “no” instead of “know” he lost all credibility.

    • chris125

      I wouldn’t put much faith in what they say. You know how many times they have been wrong in the past. Hopefully @kellex can reach out to his sources and get some confirmation for us

  • turdbogls

    I keep asking this but still haven’t gotten an answer.

    If i go into bestbuy, can i just plop down $100 (and tax) and walk out the store with the phone, or do i have to activate the phone on Pre-paid for a certain amount of time? basically, can i get a pretty awesome android media player for nothing more than $100 and tax?

    my brain tells me no, but i haven’t see anything from anyone.

    • tuname1t

      I know you can’t activate any VZW pre-paid phone on post-paid until it has been active for 6 months, but I would assume you could just buy it and use it as a PMP since you wouldn’t actually be trying to activate it.

    • Dr_Buttballs

      I think you can just buy it without activation.

      • turdbogls

        I haven’t seen this confirmed or denied by anyone. just seems silly to think Verizon would sell something below retail without guaranteeing themselves SOMETHING on the back end….lol.

        • Daniel Maginnis

          There must be a local best buy for you to contact. And if you don’t trust them then why even have the idea in your head? To answer your question with another unconfirmed answer. You can buy it without activating it. Or go to the horses mouth

          • turdbogls

            I do, and i have….the rep i talked to didn’t know the answer to my question since the phone isn’t even available yet.

          • tomn1ce

            just wait one more week and ask them again. Hopefully by then they will have an answer -_-

          • Jon

            I picked one up on Tuesday at a local Best Buy in Chicago and did not have to activate it in store or at home (I’m using it for development).

          • turdbogls

            Awesome man…Thanks for the Info.

  • jack584

    I would stay far away from a 3G only device on Verizon.

    Verizon will begin to refarm the spectrum used for 3G next year so that they can have even more LTE capacity.

    Starting next year, for the few people that are still on 3G only phones on Verizon will suffer more.

    But their LTE network will continue to get better and better, which is great news for Verizon customers with LTE phones.

  • Jeremy Gross

    Maybe some one could buy this as an MP3 player or ” iPod” since it is way cheaper than a regular iPod

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      I believe its the 16gb version which is good

  • JabbaMac

    I thought Motorola was only making two versions of this phone (in different storage capacities): one for the international market, and for the U.S. Does this phone have GSM radios in it? I am wondering if this phone can be used on TMo or AT&T…not that you’d want all that VZ crapware, but hey it’s a lot cheaper.

    • MKader17

      They make 3 versions GSM US, GSM Global, and now CDMA

  • troy studnicka

    No 4G no thanks. Not worth it, 3G is worthless now I’ve had 4G!! Thought about this for my dad but even I wouldn’t want it for him.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Maybe you should buy him an iphone

  • Tyler Rynberg

    This phone is a great deal as a GSM phone with AT&T’s and Tmobile’s HSPA speeds…but Verizon 3G is worthless.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    $60 a month without lte and it’s still capped at 2gbs. Why do we still support this? This needs to change in 2014.

    • r0l

      It’s simply a timing issue. The next G will be LTE as the cheap chipsets will support it. So while not ideal now, it’s a great sign of what’s coming next.

      • chris125

        Still doesn’t help when their prepaid doesn’t support LTE and they cap you at 2gbs.

        • r0l

          Verizon can drag their feet for only so long. with every other prepaid carrier doing it now, losing out on those customers will force them in line.

      • testmang

        Verizon dont support LTE on prepaid… even if it Moto G has LTE it wont work on verizon

        • Justin W

          I’m willing to bet with all the other prepaid carriers starting to support 4G LTE, Verizon’s will soon (probably end of 2014, maybe early 2015?

    • Pedro

      Can VZW 3G even deliver 2GBs in a month?

      • r0l

        Only to a candy crush addict who streams music while playing….

    • MistaButters

      Do you know how long it would take to hit that 2GB cap on Verizon 3G?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Anyone that frequents this blog gonna bite? I don’t really see this crowd going for a non LTE phone at this point but just wondering.

    • I would love to, but I would prefer to pay the $179 for a backup phone for my wife… but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

    • r0l

      I won’t, but I’m going to tell my mom to get one to replace her feature phone.

      • ToddAwesome

        meh, I dunno, now that I’ve seen the monthly price it’s far less tempting to push people towards this phone. I think I’d rather drop $50 on an actual top tier phone on contract for nearly half the monthly cost.

        • r0l

          Well what I really want her to do is get the GSM G and go to Straight Talk or TMo, but they seem to be adverse to change in this department.

          • LionStone


  • yankeesusa

    I would love to see speedtests on this phone while on verizon. It should be interesting.

    • Dr_Buttballs

      If by interesting you mean terrible, then yes, it will be very interesting.

      • yankeesusa

        Maybe with sprint, is 3g with Verizon that bad? I thought they were doing good. I know it’s no haya but still decent. If the Moto x went down to $300 then that’s something that would be interesting. I myself prefer a different phone but the Moto x has proven to be a contender among many Android users.

        • Michael Persico

          Verizon “real world” 3G speeds are somewhere between 750 kbps-1.5 Mbps. Certainly passable but nothing spectacular.

          • yankeesusa

            Sprint is more like 3 times less then that. More like dial up. They used to be on par with Verizon and most times faster. But after the iphone was introduced it took a nose dive

        • Dr_Buttballs

          If Verizon had HSPA+ it would be a wonderful deal, as someone else stated Verizon’s 3G is passable but by no means great. The phone itself I think is great, I actually just bought a US GSM 16GB to replace my recently failed S2 because I’m still under contract.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          I know Verizon 3G in my area is generally about .1-.5 megs down and up with 3-4 bars service. It’s slightly better than dial up, but since I’ve tasted 4G, I wouldn’t call their 3G service passable anymore.

  • BrionBrown

    I was telling my dad about this deal. He has Verizon. Can he use it on his plan or is it prepaid only? $100 for a backup phone is crazy.

    • jbegs

      I think prepaid only.

      • MK17

        If that’s true, my dad might be dropping his plan.

      • a csr once told me that prepaid phones can be used on a post paid account but only after that prepaid device has been active for 6 months making it difficult to use as a backup phone

    • anezarati

      I think if you get a prepaid phone from verizon you have to use the prepaid service for a minimum of 6 months before moving the phone to a different line. which defeats the purpose of a “no contract” plan but it is verizon after all.

  • connor

    I wonder if this phone ships with LTE radios that are disabled? If so, one could convert it to a 4g phone and use it on a post-pay plan instead.

    • Dr_Buttballs

      LTE radios is one of the things Moto cut from this phone to keep costs down so no.

    • Colton

      No variant of the Moto G has LTE. They didn’t put in a radio for it. This was an effort to cut cost.

  • ssjnimma

    So someone could get this phone, and activate it on a current plan they already have on Verizon for $99 and avoid a 2yr contract renewal?

    • Dr_Buttballs

      I do believe it’s pre-pay only.

    • tuname1t

      No, Verizon prepaid phones can only be activated on a post-paid plan after they have been active on a pre-paid plan for minimum of 6 months.

      • inklenotrump

        Version, we can’t help but screw you!!

    • yankeesusa

      That is correct. My cousin has done this several times when he needed a phone and couldn’t afford a full priced phone at the time. He buys it at walmart and goes into verizon and activates it. Sometimes I think he did it using the *228 option.

  • hexodat64

    While I’m not getting this phone, this move by Motorola could be the turning point in the cost of phones going forward. At least I really hope so.

    • Lawrence_Hart

      We all hope so.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Yep, would love a powerful backup/ burner phone. Lets get LTE and 64bit for the heck of it in version 2