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Deals: LG G2, HTC One, and DROID ULTRA All $449 at Verizon

Our first story to kick off 2014 dropped yesterday morning, thanks to an announcement from Motorola that the Moto X would be priced at $399 off-contract going forward. As you can imagine for a phone that is on our list as the top Android phone of 2013, a permanent price cut to Nexus levels is pretty major news. But so you are aware, the Moto X at $399 isn’t the only good deal in town. Verizon, for example, has three other top tier phones listed at $449 off-contract. 

Should the Moto X still not have won you over since its launch in August, the LG G2, HTC One, and DROID ULTRA are fine choices as well. We have seen all three of these phones’ prices fluctuate over the last couple of months, but to see them all land at $449 as we cruise into the new year is something to note. The G2 and One both made our list of top 5 Android phones, with the ULTRA just barely missing the cut. Those first two also carry 1080p displays and 32GB of internal storage, along with additional sets of specs we like to see in top tier phones.

As a reminder, when buying off-contract (full retail) phones at Verizon, think about checking their iconic portal. If the phone is available through the iconic portal, it’ll save you Verizon’s sneaky contract-signing tricks, which you obviously want to avoid if buying at full retail.

Verizon Links:  LG G2 | HTC One | DROID ULTRA

Cheers Danny!
  • LionStone

    Yep. good deals to be had. I got the HTC One for my niece… online deal is $50 but chat rep gave a promo code to get it free!! She ditched her iPhone 🙂

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Thank you Googlerola!

  • Maxim∑

    Is it true that the Verizon LG G2 would work with Tmobile? thanks

  • Chippah

    Or, Add a line, Than pay the ETF
    This = keep unlimited data and a new LG G2 for $400.

    • Plus fees associated with a partial month of service and activation

      • michael arazan

        Tried to buy one on sale a month ago and I couldn’t on the site because it kept switching my Unlimited data to a tiered plan Even Though I Was Paying Full Price.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I smell the M8 around the corner… I mean I really like my N5 . . . but I miss my HTC ONE.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      You mean the. Late to the game M8?

  • joejoe5709

    Okay now we’re talking!! An LG G2 for $50 more than the Moto X? Daaang… That’s a no-brainer. Yesterday I said if you’re on Verizon, $399 is a great deal for the Moto X because every other carrier has the Nexus 5 for the same or less. Now with this deal there isn’t much of a reason to get the Moto X off contract at all. Heck even if the Nexus 5 were on Verizon, an extra $100 for the G2 sounds about right when comparing specs.

    • Jared Denman

      Had the LG g2. Sent it back and got the X. Best decision I made. G2 was too big, awkward, buttons on the back (Verizon model) sucked, and the phone felt like it would shatter if I dropped it while it was naked. Moto x runs as smooth or better than the G2 or my previous HTC One all while feeling comfortable in the hand and feels solid. Battery life on my X running ART is something to brag about also!

      • I had them both side by side in store, and I could never use such a horrible screen. The much smaller screen, lower res, and yellow-tint AMOLED don’t even compare to the 1080p 5.2″ IPS LCD of the G2, and with the razor thin bezels it’s really not that large.

        • James Friedman

          Yes I held the Note 3 and the G2 and thought the Note was too big. The G2 is just right…It’s PERFECT!

      • joejoe5709

        To each his own and I definitely do appreciate the compact size and build quality of the Moto X. 🙂

    • King Lo

      That specs horse is dead, please stop beating him.

      • joejoe5709

        The moto x is a fantastic phone in its own right, but specs matter when you’re talking price. And it’s less about specs per se and more about future proofing.

    • James Friedman

      G2 is an amazing phone! Beats the X all day

  • Inspector Butters

    I just retired my GNex for the G2 for 149. Lost my unlimited data, but its 6GB now and I’m still on my previous plan, no EDGE nonsense.

    • David Benson

      Did you do the MAX program?

      • Inspector Butters

        Eventually yes. As soon as I upgraded the phone, I got a message saying I was over my prorated data limit. I was at 1.8 for the month, but it said was 1.7 over the limit. I called since the online chat was worthless, and she said I can have the max program. It was explained to me that everything will stay the same, but my unlimited will be 6GB instead. Basically no change for me since I dont think I’ve ever been near 6GB before, but its much better than 2. Glad I called.

        • David Benson

          Yup, that is how I would do it. I just have a problem with my dang bill being more than I would like to spend. I am month to month now and might take both our numbers over to StraightTalk for $90 a month.

          • Inspector Butters

            Also I had to pay $149 because I was using an early upgrade. If you are already at your upgrade date, you can get the G2 for $99.

    • yankeesusa

      So, how often are they letting people get on this 6gb plan? Can you just call when your up for renewal and get this plan? My brother in law is going to pay around $300 for a phone on swappa but he never goes over 4gb so the 6gb is great if you can get the discounted rate.

      • Inspector Butters

        I’m not sure how long its running for. Verizon is basically doing it to try and convince people with unlimited to renew. The sales rep who fixed my account said if the promotion/plan stopped being offered, and I chose to upgrade in 2 years, I would still keep the 6GB.

    • James Friedman

      Going from the GNex to the G2 was life changing…

  • Thanks for posting this! Seems like all the Android blogs are focused on the Moto X @ $399 that people forget there are other great deals out there. The LG G2 is a heck of a phone for $449

    • KleenDroid

      The G2 is a wonderful device!

      • Ej McCarty

        I think the maxx is a better deal for 450

        • Maxim∑

          good one!

        • StuckOnVerizonForever

          Its not April 1st yet

        • I agree that the MAXX is also a great phone, especially at $450, but I wouldn’t say it’s a better deal. The only thing the MAXX has going for it over the G2 is a 3500 vs 3000mAh battery and some software features.

          • Ryan

            Online reviews with side by side tests show the G2 actually lasts longer than the maxx

          • James Friedman

            Yup this thing lasts 2 days consistently which was what the MAXX is supposed to get. Plus it has a better camera, screen etc.

    • NorthbyNorthWest

      To save $50 on $450 Moto X DE [32 gig], use Coupon Code 150X-LWDD-F6FV-SZTB-KB3A

  • Abgar Musayelyan

    droid ultra is a great device even tho every review said it was pointless to own. I had one for a short period untill i broke the screen and got a moto x. I have to say, besides not having a great in-hand feel. its an all around rock star.

    • King Lo

      yeah but the Moto X is cheaper, customizable and has better support. It is pointless to buy it. The mini is great if you like tiny phones. The Maxx has battery life, but the ultra brings appreciable to the table.

  • Ben Murphy

    If you have the G2, flash the latest CM11 nightly. Buttery smooth, no issues. =) If you miss the stock camera, there’s an APK on XDA.

    • Except for SOD’s, random reboots, bluetooth issues, etc. 😛

      I lived with these issues since I loved CM11, but I decided to go back to Malladus as it’s far more stable

      • Ben Murphy

        Which is why I said the latest. No SoD or random reboots. I can’t speak for BT issues because I don’t use it much. You should give it a go again. =)

        • I was running the “unofficial” 12/28 build before I switched over, so it was pretty recent that I switched.

      • Caleb Shahamat

        I’m running the unofficial CM11, and with the latest nightlies, the SOD’s or random reboots don’t occur. It runs perfect! I can’t say anything for bluetooth however.

        • Most of those seem to occur when using bluetooth unfortunately

    • pd240

      I have had an occasional random reboot but other than that cm11 is solid for the G2. Stock android on this phone makes it so much better. CM developers also retained one of the best LG features. Knock On/off

    • joejoe5709

      If you don’t need stock(ish) Android, Xposed Framework is a far more stable option and you keep all the stock LG apps.

    • Cm11 has no issues? I’m on stable 10.2 hesitant to update. I can’t find the camera apk either. Care to share!!?