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DayZ Central SA Offers Tons of Handy, Mobile Information for the Popular Zombie Survival Game

One of the most controversial and popular video games out at the moment is DayZ. Originally a modification of the hyper-realistic military game ARMA II, the game has just recently been released as a standalone project in early alpha on Steam. The game drops you off in the deserted countryside of fictional Chernarus, pitting you against zombies and other players around the world fighting for equipment and food to survive. 

To say that DayZ is a brutal game would be an understatement. Contact with just one zombie without a proper weapon is enough to kill you, let alone running into other players equipped with guns that want your stuff. That’s where DayZ Central SA comes in. This handy and well-built application gives you all the information that you need to survive in Chernarus, whether it be locations of water spouts to get a drink or where to find a gun to protect yourself.

The app even goes into some of the deeper aspects of DayZ that can be hard to figure out on your own like the injury, blood and food system. Knowing which blood type your character is and how to cure disinfectant spray poisoning could mean the difference between life and death for your character and his loot. DayZ Central SA gives all of this information and more, which will surely keep you alive out in the wilderness. The developer even did a fantastic job of adhering to the Android Design Guidelines and offers side menus for easy navigation.

The application is free, offering vast amounts of information, but the Pro unlocker only costs $0.99 and gives you even better intel on which buildings you should be checking when you head into town. There is also a DayZ Central app built for the ARMA II Mod version of the game as well if you are still rocking that. Either way, if you are playing DayZ you should seriously give this app a look.

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  • Maxim∑

    I might be the only person on earth who hasn’t played DayZ

    • ragnarok180


    • FknTwizted

      nope, but wanna play it

    • Anthony_Armando

      Play DayZ Epoch, it is a fork of DayZ Mod and is infinitely better. Thus the reason why there are more than double the amount of DayZ Epoch servers compared to DayZ Mod servers. DayZ Stand Alone is too early in development, even though it is a year behind, to play for any length of time….but I digress. To get going you just need to get ArmA2: Combined Operations (Steam often has it for sale for $10 to $15, currently $25) and then use DayZ Commander to get the various mods installed.

      • Maxim∑

        I have ARMA 2 I will try DayZ mod out though didn’t know it existed, thanks. I never got DayZ because it was in alpha thought it would be out of it by now