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Boost Mobile Announces Moto G Available On Its Pre-Paid Networks in Coming Weeks


If you were less than impressed with Verizon’s announcement of the Moto G this morning, maybe Boost Mobile’s will be more for you. One of the largest pre-paid carriers in the country that runs off of Sprint’s network, announced today that Motorola’s low-cost phone will be coming to its network for $129.99 with no annual contract.¬†

Boost is hoping to entice consumers over to its network by offering the Moto G on its $55 Monthly Unlimited plan which has no contract attached. This plan also rewards people who make their payments on time, your monthly costs drop $5 per month each time you make six payments on time. You can end up with a Moto G and a monthly payment as low as $40 if you keep up on your payments.

The Moto G will be available through Boost’s online website starting¬†Tuesday, Jan. 14 and in select stores around the country starting Jan. 20. Any readers looking at taking up Boost Mobile to carry their Moto G?

Via: Sprint
  • crashbandit

    I’ll stick with my htc desire 601 that I paid $180 for on cyber monday. $35 a month on virgin mobile with 4glte, removable battery, and micro sd slot. The only plus to the moto g over the desire is a quad core 1.2 ghz processor compared to the htc’s 1.4 ghz dual core. Also the price on the moto g is better. The moto g is not available on virgin mobile. I would try one if it were but I know it would be slow being only 3g on sprint’s network. Sprint’s 4glte is popping up more and more in my area of central nj.

  • Mike

    Why not just buy the Verizon prepaid version of the phone? Not only is the Verizon version of the phone $100 which is $30 less than what boost is selling it for, but with Verizon you also get a way better network in terms of coverage, and Verizon’s 3G is about 2-3 times faster than Sprints 3G. Sure Verizon prepaid might be $15 dollars more than Boost or only $5 dollars more if you choose the lowest plan but the coverage and reliability Verizon has to offer sure makes up for that higher cell phone bill.

  • Al-Burrit0

    This is pretty nice because boost mobile is pretty popular here in my area. I bet it would sell for the sake of the colors and the price. Making Motorola relevant. Meaning people in the future will find moto and the x apealing. Thus, competition :) If this actually works out, I would of never guessed Motorola to be back in the game for a mid range phone :p

  • Asimoalex

    Any word if it’s able to get on sprints 4G

  • DanielMena9

    FML !!! I bought the $200 for my gf and made her switch from Boost Mobile to Straight Talk.

    She was one payment away from $40 per month plan too!!! FML FML! now I am making her pay $45 per month with a shady MVNO and I could have paid only $129. GRRR

    At least AT&T is faster and more reliable than Sprint. That’s good, I guess.

    • bibbyboi

      I been hearing straight talk is shady but no one has ever explained it to me. Any examples of them being shady? I just got off of verizon and my wife is on straight talk and I’m on T-Mo pre-paid. I was thinking about switching over to ST because they have LTE over here and Tmo doesn’t. But if they are that bad I’ll probably just stay with T-Mo.

  • cgalyon

    Would say that Republic needs to get this on their network, but they already have a heavily discounted Moto X, so it’s kind of hard to make that argument. Still, if they could line this up with a price of $100, I bet they’d really get some converts.

  • Eddie J Camacho

    Thing that sucks about this is theres no Sd card slot nor able to remove the batteryto put an extended one, now the moto X is on sale off contract for $399 but the lack of sd card slot keeps me away :( and I hate sticking Verizon overpriced plans, with no benefit to the customer

    • Buckoman

      This phone is meant for a budget. I’m pretty sure that someone who needs a phone that won’t break their bank won’t care that they can’t remove their battery or add a mSD.

    • Sankyou

      So,,,,it’s like every other phone on the market except a few Samsungs? It’s time to move on from external storage. I didn’t want to let go either but the little OTG cables help.

  • Kahsay Cooley

    Welcome back to the top moto we missed you since the OG droid. :) P.S. don’t make us deal with Samsung anymore please.

  • Jose

    I am going to buy one and not activate it with a SIM. Perfect “IPod” for my 6 year old.

  • Tony Byatt

    Moto Takeover…

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Moto really is going to run things.

  • PuttsMoBilesiCit

    Nice to see carriers picking up a more quality of a phone for prepaid at a more reasonable price than these other garbage brand phones that they currently have.

  • Alec

    I wonder what percentage of people are going to buy a Moto G even though they don’t need one lol. I would just buy one and not use it with a sim so it’s basically an Android iPod Touch sort of thing.

    • silver_arrow

      I’m thinking of doing that for my dad and if i’m not going to use the radios mind as well get one of the cheaper CDMA ones.

    • Jose

      That’s me, not going to activate it with a SIM. It’s going to be the perfect “IPod” for my 6 year old.