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Galaxy Note Pro Likely Headed For AT&T, Expected Sometime Early in 2014

The latest device up for a spin through the rumor mill is the Galaxy Note Pro, which the reliable tipster @evleaks has pointed us towards. The Note Pro, which we believe to be the same device as the 12.2″ Note we saw passing through the FCC, should be slated to head AT&T sometime this next year. 

Unfortunately for us, the leak did not contain much other information other than the model number of the expected device should be SM-P907A. The increased screen size of the device is most likely what will lead to this being the “Pro” version of the Note, since Samsung is launching the Note 10.1 2014 edition as well. Both tablets are rumored to sport a 2560 x 1600 resolution screen.

In the past, tablets tied to a specific carrier have not fared too well. Do you think Samsung’s 12.2″ tablet will change that?

Via: @evleaks
  • 213ninja

    carrier tied tablets are stupid. that is all.

  • Intellectua1

    Amazing I was looking at an article on this and am finally in the market for a tablet to read magazines and control entertainment.. I’ve been thinking sometime in the next couple years to have about 4 tablets at my front door where people can come in and pick one up, they’ll use them to control the lights, curtains, temperature, and entertainment (TV, radio, etc.) wherever they are in the house.. Hopefully this has an IR Blaster. I’m sure it will though..

  • DennisHeffernan

    I would love a 12” tablet, especially one with Note technology. However, aside from my not being able to afford one, I would still likely pass on this because I’ve had it with bloatware and slow updates and all the rest of the totalitarian nonsense forced on us by carriers and manufacturers. My next device, when I can afford one, will be a Nexus or GPE device.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    why not just kill off the NOTE 10? You have the 5.5incher you have an 8incher… why do you need bouth 10 and 12?

    • 918273645ams

      Why does it matter? Samsung has always been a brand of many options.. Some people like 5.5, some like 8, some like 10, and some like 12. More options for the consumer.. Who really cares.

      • Matthew Cobb

        It matters because I have a note 10.1 that I have just about given up hope of getting another update for unless I buy the 2014 edition. Choice is great until all of the choices suck.after the way they have handled my tab it will be unlikely I will ever get a Samsung tab again.

      • Matthew Cobb

        It matters because I have a note 10.1 that I have just about given up on receiving another update. Choices are great until they are so diluted that all of them suck. So far the only way I see to receive updates with samsung is to buy a new tab every 8 months to a year. After how this tab has been treated I will most likely not be buying another Samsung tab.

  • Mr E

    I like the idea of a 12″ tablet, especially with an active stylus/digitizer, but at this point I’m leaning towards a Windows 8 tablet. A dual-boot option would be nice though… like that ATIV Q they teased a while back.

    • mustbepbs

      Agreed. If you’re gonna go THAT big, stick with Windows 8. It makes the desktop environment easier to handle and the split screen view on Windows 8 works much better than Samsung’s Multi-Window.

      • Chris

        or open your mind a little and maybe they can IMPROVE the m,ulti window….

        • mustbepbs

          Unless it inherently supports EVERY application like Windows 8 does (without root), it can’t come close. The thing is, it’s up to developers to include the code in their apps, not Samsung. That’s the problem.

          • jt O’Brien

            Why does every comment in this chain have ONE word that’s in all caps.

          • mustbepbs

            Emphasis, because Disqus doesn’t allow non-moderators to use italics or bold or underlines.

      • accolade

        If you’re that pressed for a multi-window Windows experience, might as well get a ultrabook laptop loaded with Windows 7 and avoid tablets all together.

        Windows Tablet PC turned Surface Pro is a joke.

        • mustbepbs

          Yeah because Ultrabooks are as portable as tablets. You at least have the option to go sans-keyboard with a Surface/Pro. And the Surface line isn’t the only player in the game, especially with the new Haswell Atom line.

          • 213ninja

            not wanting/needing a keyboard is one thing, but if you think a 10″ tablet is that much “more portable” than an 11″ ultrabook, you’re buck wild.

          • Agreed. This was one of the biggest reasons I went with the Surface Pro 2 initially, until I realized that it’s not much different than carrying around an ultrabook folded up. Except with an ultrabook you actually have something usable, and can much more easily multitask than a W8 tablet.

    • Eric R.

      Get the Lumia 2520 if you want LTE, if not then get the surface

    • accolade

      Please lean away, Windows 8 Pro tablets are not the way to go in this Post-PC era. Windows 8 Surface Pros are Microsoft’s mangled Windows Tablet PC line that’s been a waste of money since it’s inception in 2002.
      If you’re a diehard Microsoft loyalist you could try their latest Windows RT product, the Surface 2 RT is suppose to be the Microsoft equivalent to iOS/Android, but at the moment the Windows tablet experience is more like HP Touchpad and Blackberry Playbook. If you want to have a longer valuable experience you should stick to iOS or Android tablets.

      • Scott Snider

        ‘Accolade’…the idea of a WIndows 8 Pro tablet might not be suited for YOU but it is definitely suited for those in my industry – for years, designers like myself have used desktop PCs for heavy duty CAD work and flip screen laptops for mobile / field work (research, sketching, etc). Each has its drawbacks but you might be surprised to know that a Surface Pro can do almost everything we need to accomplish on both the desktop PCs and the laptops – so we are excited about larger tablets running WIn 8.1, with faster processors, larger / faster SSDs, actual GPUs, active digitzers (again, we sketch, maybe you don’t!), longer battery life and thinner/lighter frames. Samsung’s hopeful re-announcement of an ATIV Q would be music to our ears (and the Sony Flip 15 and ACER R7 almost had it perfect if they had stuck with Wacom instead of buying into a vastly lesser active digitizing supplier). By the way, iOS and Android don’t run some of the software we use on a daily basis, so your assumption there might be way off.

        • accolade

          What software would that be?
          Autodesk has CAD software for Android.
          But if you consider a bifurcated version of Windows a great tablet experience then more power to you, to me it looks like a complete tech mess.

          • Scott Snider

            Sadly, the CAD software offered on Android (and iOS for that matter) is still ‘not there yet’ – for running actual CAD software used to develop manufacturable products and tooling (ProE, SolidWorks, etc) there is no substitute for a full Windows OS. The good news is that the highest spec’d Windows tablets already offered can do the job (Surface Pro, Samsung ATIV 7, Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga, etc) so the better they get spec’d the faster they’ll do the jobs we need them for. Also, I don’t know why you consider Windows 8.1 a problem, it runs our legacy software but offers a introductory layer of information via the Metro interface (and if I’m not mistaken, you can now choose to skip the Metro screen altogether if you wish). I think Windows RT was a bad move only because it didn’t satisfy expectations of traditional windows PC users, but the Pro tablets (full Windows) are spot-on.

    • I had a Surface Pro 2 and hated it.

      • LionStone


        • The main reason for me getting it was because I wanted a small laptop/ultrabook that ran a full OS rather than getting an Android tablet which couldn’t do nearly what I wanted it to. I liked the idea of the Surface Pro in that I could use it as a touchscreen tablet or with the keyboard, but I found that it was more like a tablet than an ultrabook. Trying to multitask was a huge PITA, difficult to type on the keyboard, etc.

          I ended up returning it for a 13″ MBP Retina and it’s worlds better for my uses.

          • LionStone

            Thanks for the reply.

  • Ej McCarty

    I’m sick of AT&T getting these exclusives. I know Verizon pulls stupid crap all the time but don’t you think oems should realize by now that products that they want to make exclusive would fare the best if used by Verizon.

    • wolfedude88

      Exclusives are dumb regardless of who they are with. I’m with Verizon and I understand your frustration but I’m not necessarily sure things would sell better as an exclusive on Verizon. They would probably still throw the Droid line in your face.

      I say death to exclusives!!!

      • Chris

        we just need american CEOS for american companies and none of this will happen.

    • Chris

      64GB HTC one….