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Computer Glitch Automatically Enrolls Verizon Customers In Paperless Billing Option

Paper, that stack of compressed pulp, must hold some strange attraction, because it’s hard to fathom that, in a world of portable electronics and wireless connectivity, it remains the medium of choice for companies everywhere. Perhaps it’s the indelibleness of the printed word, or the ease of use; it’s arguably easier to delete or miss an e-mail than it is to overlook a sheet, and luddites need not learn a technology to access it. 

Unfortunately for Verizon customers who upgraded their phone(s) over the holidays, they won’t have the pleasure of opening a physical letter this cycle: a computer glitch automatically enrolled many in the wireless carrier’s paperless billing option. The bug was confirmed by Verizon tech support, who says the company is working to resolve the issue.

Affected customers should receive a notification by mail. For those unable to change billing preferences through Verizon’s online portal, a trip to the local carrier store should do the trick.

Via: Computer World
  • Stereo_Blasta

    The people responsible turned out to be their new interns…

  • master94

    Great way of VZW over charging and not being caught.

  • Major_Pita

    Yeah, and Verizon accidentally saves thousands on paper and postage…imagine that.
    Funny how mistakes made by companies are usually in their favor.

  • Mike Hilal

    FYI, they did this even if you bought your phone at retail.

  • coolsilver

    From day one when I signed up on Verizon in 2004 I have been paperless. Doesn’t bother me.

  • Higher_Ground

    I pay my bill through the MyVerizon app on the phone, but I still request a paper copy so I can look it over later on if there’s anything wrong or if they change something on me. Also, I like to support the postal service and make Verizon pay a little extra for billing if they’re going to charge a me a premium to begin with.

  • I enrolled in paperless billing when Verizon was offering a $25 pre-paid credit card as an incentive.

  • denlem

    Paperless billing is just a case of “out of sight, out of mind”. Verizon, credit card companies, etc., just want you off paper in hopes that you forget to pay your bill so they can charge you late fees and/or raise your interest rate.

    • I think it’s more so they can save all that money in paper, postage, labor, etc.

      • RavnosCC

        I don’t know, I was “switched” without my knowledge, and then got stuck w/a late fee because not only did they NOT send me a paper bill, but they never even EMAILED me to say the bill was due…

        • kthnx

          Pretty sure you know your bill is due every month, just because you didn’t check it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.

  • Breezer23

    I wonder if this has the potential for regulatory fines.

  • Dave

    I get 4% off my bill for paperless billing. I guess we both win. I wonder if they applied discounts to the plans as well.

    • Ryan B

      I get 70% off for switching to Straight Talk.

  • jim

    Can’t understand why anyone would want a paper bill

    • Lots of people, myself included, keep copies of their bills for record keeping. There have been numerous times I’ve had to show proof of ownership/residence using my electric bill, credit card bill, etc.

      • Doan

        As far as record keeping; your bills are always available from Verizon’s site, where they can be printed, as well.

      • jim

        You can see your bills online anytime

        • Verizon, yes. But generally speaking utility bills can not, at least where I am. Besides, I don’t have a printer at home so it’s easier to just grab a bill from the folder in my closet.

      • jim

        It’s like all these idiots that still want a paper check instead of automatic deposits

        • Ryan B

          Idiots? Its an option. For me its a reminder to pay my bill. And before I pay my bill I can conveniently look over the bill while its in my hand reminding me.

          • jim

            You can put reminders like this on your smart phone, hence the term ‘smart phone ‘ duh !

  • Billyt

    How about a glitch that will stop them from sending me expensive glossy brochures when I am already a customer…

    • michael arazan

      Sounds like Verizon needs to put their own system through rigorous testing.

      • laheelahee

        no, don’t!! i need them to have another one of their “unlimited data can upgrade” glitches 😉

    • Higher_Ground

      Every time I get one of those I open it expecting to see “upgrade early for free” or “$50 off a new device” but it’s always just an advertisement for Verizon Edge or an 18 mo old phone they’re trying to get rid of 🙁

  • Jeremy Gross

    verizon needs some new I T guys

  • Interesting point; I enrolled in paperless billing with Verizon twice now. Still get a paper bill.

  • T4rd

    If only it automatically enrolled you in unlimited data! That’d be hilarious. #StillRapingVerizonsUnlimitedData

    • DC_Guy

      I went into the Verizon store over the weekend to buy a new phone and the rep repeatedly asked me why I insisted on paying full price for the phone. She hen pulled up my account history…her eyes got really big…she smiled and said “ok sir, I understand now. We don’t even have a new plan to accommodate you”. And I said “EXACTLY”! That’s why I’ll be keeping my unlimited data until they kick me off. Although I only used about 32GB of data last month though.

      • T4rd

        Pretty much same here. I’m not going to give them money for a new phone either though. I’ll stick to buying off of Swappa or transferring my upgrades to my other tiered data line so I can keep unlimited data on mine. I’m surprised that they haven’t closed that loophole yet or just kicked us off of unlimited data. I’m locked in for another 2 years with unlimited though since I just did it. B-)

  • tyguy829

    Why wouldn’t people use paperless billing?

    • Kyle Wiggers

      It’s easier to keep track of for some people, I guess.

      • Eric Harper

        I accidently clicked “send me a paper copy of my bill” last month. All 32 pages came. Every call, every text. Waste of natural resources. :/

        • ERIFNOMI

          You don’t have to get such a detailed bill. Ours is 2 to 4 pages.

    • Cael

      To make Verizon pay for paper and mailing it.

      • Doan

        Spite isn’t a good enough reason for me to produce more unneeded waste and pollution.

        • Ryan B

          I like to have the bill in hand when I pay bills. Then when the bill is paid I toss it. No paper bills = no bills.

    • sk3litor

      Personal records and tangible proof. Things of this sort. Can’t really blame them though since Verizon is sooo reliable with their digital service. Hence this article

    • LiterofCola

      My thoughts exactly

  • burkett375

    really? this is an issue? What year is it? log in and print it out if you want a copy!

    • mjmedstarved

      For people who have busy lives… I’d say this is an issue; out of sight, out of mind type of thing.

      • burkett375

        eh…i’m not buying it. sounds like people are bitching just to complain. You can look it up right there on your phone you’re already paying for. and if you need to print, use google’s cloud printing. if anything, it’s faster!

        • Ryan B


      • Doan

        People with busy lives use auto-pay, in which case wasteful paper bills are still unneeded.

  • jim

    This happened to me when I purchased my Note 3 in November. Just call a Verizon rep and they will switch you back. No big deal.

  • gemmax

    This happened to me last week when I upgraded to the Droid Maxx. The sales rep copped an attitude with me because I paid full price for the phone (instead of agreeing to Verizon edge) so that I could keep my unlimited data and then got downright belligerent when told her what a ripoff it was. Apparently according to her the subsidized price of the phone isn’t built into the plan and that Verizon eats the true cost of the device. This is just one of the many whoppers she told. I thought she enrolled me in paperless billing just out of spite. Guess I was wrong …

    • Kevin

      I guess she was mad she didn’t make a sale for Verizon.

    • sk3litor

      Ha ha every time I go to Verizon to pay my bill in the machine I end up saving some poor shmoe from making a misinformed decision (no doubt propagated by some employee) like steering them towards a hot spot device or an iphone. They get so pissed when knowledgeable people come in.

      • idiotdotcom

        Wait so you really think you know more than any one just because you read this blog? LOL You are probably the idiot who calls asking actually demanding to get the 30% off a phone 3 days later hahahahhahahahahahhahahaha

        • sk3litor

          Ha ha yeah you got me looks like i struck a nerve ,you and your redshirted cohorts should go think of more ways to rip off unassuming house moms and prepare yourself s for a lifelong career in car sales.

      • Ben Tapia

        I just want to say that, as a Verizon employee, I get so sick of selling iPhones. And no, we’re not asked to push those over anything else. Also, I truly appreciate it when someone that knows what they’re talking about comes in. It’s a refreshing alternative to the droves of moronic iSheep i deal with all day long.

        • sk3litor

          Yeah’I Know not all of you guys are jerks and people can buy whatever phones they want but I have seen some pretty horrific incidents cvz then they Know they can sell them a bunch of accecories they never even wanted. tt really gets under mySkin. I just think people should be informed.


      Verizon reps will never admit that there’s a subsidy built into the plans, and they’d probably be fired if they did, but you can be dam sure Verizon doesn’t eat the cost. The cost of a phone is built into the place and when you stop subsidizing your phone, thee profit on you goes higher than they planned for rather than returning to something reasonable.
      I hate Verizon, but they have the best network.

    • Same experience when I “upgraded” (paid full price) in the first week of December. In every way.

    • creed

      I haven’t been into a Verizon store in since the Droid X came out. The sales people are rude and arrogant with no knowledge about what they are talking about. My phones are bought on either craigslist or ebay, and I do everything else online.

  • DanSan

    they’re batting a thousand with these “glitches”

  • mjmedstarved

    Yes… a ‘glitch’.

    • BigTimmay
      • TC Infantino

        “So…What do you actually Do here?”
        I loved the Bobs in that movie. And of course the movie itself.

        • h_f_m

          Good that someone posted it .. I was about to post this pic with the “We… fixed the glitch…”

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