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Carbon for Twitter V2 Arrives Tomorrow With New Look, New Timeline Design

Carbon, the oft-delayed Twitter app for Android that finally arrived earlier this year, will see an update to version 2.0 tomorrow, according to developer M.Saleh Esmaeili. In the new version of the app, we will apparently see “a whole new look, a brand new Timeline design,” and the return of an older feature called Quick Timeline (I’m guessing was made popular on versions of Carbon from other platforms). That’s all we know so far. 

Assuming the app still carries its buttery smoothness, that I personally have grown to enjoy, this should be a release to look forward to. In fact, I’ve used Carbon as my daily Twitter app since the Falcon Pro debacle unfolded, causing what was once the best Twitter app available to be killed off completely (or at least shunned from Google Play). Carbon to this day is still one of the smoothest and fastest apps you will use. I’m not sure what kind of magical potion has been poured all over it, but all apps need some.

Anyone else using Carbon or am I a lone wolf in this pack?

Via:  +M.Saleh Esmaeili
Cheers Scott!
  • rahuldsouza

    I love Carbon. My only problem is that my notifications for replies and messages keep getting switched off, even in V2. It can get annoying.

  • jpfrasier

    Sounds like it’s time for a “which Twitter app do you use” poll.

  • Meh, the official app is good enough now anyway, and thanks to its Beta program it’s the only way to get Twitter’s latest features and experiments. Besides, last time I checked Carbon lacked real-time timeline updates.

  • Jason

    I’m right here with ya. Great app

  • H Class

    Falcon Pro all day but I’m always interested in something new so I’ll see what this new Carbon is about.

  • parkler

    FALCON (Pro) PUNCH!!!

  • Jeffrey Laird

    Falcon widget is all i need

  • Brian Rosman

    Falcon Pro here, too. I like the widget a lot, and in-app browser for links. Always scrolls smooth, no hiccups for me. What would be most helpful is a good comparison post, once the new Carbon version comes out.

  • After being a Falcon Pro loyalist for quite some time, I went back to the native/stock Twitter app a few weeks back and I’m surprised to admit that I’m thinking about staying on the native app. It has improved a lot since back in the day.

  • reed-sternberg

    Any app without a well-designed scrollable widget is just wasting android capabilities

  • Jay W.

    I was using Carbon, but I could not help but feel it was abandoned by the Dev. I’m fairly shocked to see an update, but I doubt that will be enough to get me to check it out again.

  • Jordy McKever

    I use Robird right now, but will check out this new version of Carbon.

  • Hothfox

    I actually REALLY want something that will get semi-frequent updates to take the place of Falcon Pro since it freezes randomly and crashes on me, but everything I’ve tried is missing at least one feature that I’ve come to rely on. Let’s see if this Carbon refresh is it.

    • Brandon Miller

      I’m right there with you. The freezes and crashes are rather annoying but I’ve yet to find another app that can adequately take Falcon Pro’s place.

      • Hothfox

        I wouldn’t mind so much that it hasn’t been updated if it had continued to perform well. So far I’ve switched to Carbon v2. I miss refreshing the timeline in the background and streaming notifications on WiFi.

  • Jake

    I use Carbon for Android. I really like the feel of the application but the notifications are absolutely dreadful.

  • Bradley Albert Nemitz

    I jump between Twitter apps a lot. Most recently I switched to Tweedle.


  • Rodeojones000

    I still use Falcon Pro. Carbon may be a fantastic option, and it’s good to have multiple apps to choose from. But I’m a creature of habit and Falcon Pro works for me.

  • Bombela_Inc©

    Falcon pro has been my go to Twitter app since it’s release although I do like carbons features

  • Jeff

    I tried Carbon, but since I couldn’t get Timeline notifications I went back to Falcon Pro and used the workaround to sign in.

  • Ricky Blanco

    Still using official Twitter, though I have not updated to latest version since I hate the way it looks and the changes they made. Once I get used to the new version on my tablet, maybe ill finally update it on my N5

  • Trevor Vass

    When Carbon first came out with all the hype.. I found it to be the most overrated app and think it is of the year

  • Santiago Hinojosa

    I use Carbon, and I love it

  • vs8

    I jumped to Carbon when Falcon was removed from the Play Store. Plus Falcon grew stale fast.

  • BoozeRob

    Switched to Carbon recently from Falcon Pro. Falcon started to lock up on me after a while. I wish it was still being updated.

  • Joe Fischer

    Carbon user here. Almost went away from it since it hadn’t been updated in forever. Can’t wait to see what is new.

  • MichaelFranz

    You are not alone……although my tweeting has been heavily reduced now

  • Dave

    Well I use Falcon on my N4, but Carbon on my N7 but the abandoning of Falcon has made the app very slow so we’ll see. I’ll probably use it as my twitter app though if the interface looks more well designed than the current version of the app, as I’m not too fond of the design of the current UI of the app.

  • Montrale Hammonds

    Im still an avid user of Carbon and I can’t wait for the update its been a long time coming.

  • MettaWorldTroll

    Plume here

    • Matthew Rebmann

      I used to use that when it was called tuituer or however it was spelled lol. It was gorgeous back then

    • I use Plume as well. When I had an iPhone I loved Tweetbot and Plume seems to be the closest to that experience. Falcon Pro never really caught on with me for some reason.

  • The official Twitter app all the way. It has gotten much better in the past few months.

    • FRGuzman

      Yes indeed. Was using Falcon Pro but the official just got pretty good…

    • mustbepbs

      Really? I’ll have to give it a shot.

    • vs8

      It got better in some areas, worse on others. I don’t get the discover and activities tabs. Notifications and messages should be there instead of those. At least some elements hide when you scroll so you get to see more tweets. What I hate the most is that the notifications are treated like Facebook or G+ notifications. Notifications in Twitter shouldn’t be handled like that because Twitter flows like a conversation, you should have access to mentions in a more efficient and faster way. Most third-party Twitter clients get this right.

      It’s like Twitter doesn’t know how the users use the app or they want to force us to use it the way they want.

  • Was using Falcon Pro until the dev abandoned it, I have a token on carbon but I rarely use it, I’ll give it a go nevertheless.

  • Mike C.

    Carbon user.

  • Greg Abbate

    falcon pro baby… every single day

  • mustbepbs

    I still use Falcon Pro every day.

    • Tejstar

      Me too, it remains one of the best twitter apps on the market. Nothing else comes close in terms of speed and design.

    • JBartcaps

      How does the app update? Do you have to download it manually every time?

      • mustbepbs

        Mine downloads automatically when I flash a new ROM from the Play Store, and it’s in my download list so I have access to it. It hasn’t updated since November. Things work just fine so it doesn’t need to be updated.

        I think I answered your question. Not sure 😛

      • there are manual updates through the website for free as well

    • Hothfox

      It’s the best I’ve found so far. I put up with the random freeze-ups and bugs because of all the good features.