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Best Buy Offering the Nexus 7 2013 for $199, Plus $25 Play Store Credit and Free Shipping

You know what’s better than a new Nexus 7 2013? A new Nexus 7 2013 on sale. Best Buy has such a deal, and it’s a great one.

First of all, the big box retailer is knocking $30 off the asking price for a 16GB model. Second, all Nexus 7 2013 orders include a $25 Play Store credit. And third, shipping is free. That’s a helluva deal. And for those interested in picking up a Nexus 7 32GB model in White, they also have that for sale now online (full retail), as well.

To quote The Sugarhill Gang: jump on it!

Best Buy Link

Cheers everyone who sent this in!
  • Charles Francis

    Anyone receive their $25 Google Play credit from Best Buy or Google?? I purchased this on BB’s website on the 31st of Dec and have yet to recieve my promo credit via email… I contact BB and they claim I would be receiving and email from Google and Google doesn’t have a phone number… Can anyone please point me in the right direction… I almost feel like this is false advertising…

  • Durshe

    I added the device to my cart but am not seeing the $25 google play item. Does anyone know whether it’s still available? Is that something that Best Buy will provide when I pick the device up? Or will google give the credit once I register the device or something? Thanks!!!

  • ignaciopxm321

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  • kellynj

    I’d be happy with the 32GB at $30 off – it’d match the spirit of the sale price. But not even the $199 is enough to get me to go with only a 16GB HD. I’m not a big fan of cloud storage, especially for things like books & music, where most of the use will be offline. I need that extra storage!

  • Scott H

    I grabbed one before Christmas when the BB $199 sale was posted here. Then the next day Office Depot had it for $179.99. So I stopped at BB to have them price match, which they did no questions asked. Then when I checked the receipt the next day, they had accidentally “matched” at $174.99. 🙂 Unfortunately, it’s hidden until we give it to our son for his birthday next month.

  • shkrmkr79

    Not bad, but I snagged a 32GB for $50 off thru Staples’ sale last month

    • laheelahee

      ahhh.. i didnt read “off” so i was like for $50 ?!?! holy sh*t, where? lol

  • TheScientists

    Wal-Mart had it down to $179 (plus $25 Play credit) before Xmas, but they’ve since jacked it back up.

  • JY20

    Just bought one! $217 after taxes for me with a $3.00 CA recycling fee. Had a $30 best buy gift card, so came out to $190.99 total!

  • Very tempting. I’d love for Staples to carry the 32GB white version and then have another $50 off deal!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    $216.94 after tax for me (just checking haven’t bought yet) pretty good buy. Though I’m still considering the GPad version.

    • teleclimber

      Ditto. I’d like to compare the N7 and GPad in person to help me decide but the employees at the best buy near me don’t know what an LG GPad 8.3 is (even though the website says they have it there).

      • Daniel Richardson

        I have both the G pad and the Nexus.. i like them both… it really is personal preference they both are smooth.. i like how easy the nexus is to root. Flash and recover if i mess something up… but the bigger screen on the G pad is nice.. i think if i wasnt into rooting/flashing i would get the G pad.. but then again the price difference would probably come into play there too

  • blarz

    In for one. Thanks for the heads up!

    Was trying to hold off for the new Nexus 10, but really missing having a tablet for traveling since my TouchPad died. I’ll probably end up giving this one to the girlfriend once the new Nexus 10 comes out.

  • Pedro

    Argh! So tempted.
    But nothing but a LTE edition at a hot price would pass the wife test (or forgiveness being easier than permission).

    She does actually LOVE the Asus c720 she got for Christmas. Of course, I got an email from HP Christmas day saying the HP 11 was finally available.

    • C-Law

      No tethering available?

      • Pedro

        I’ve got tethering. But sometimes, just bringing up data is easier.
        And I’ve got an N10. So, 0 need for a tablet that can’t get it’s data strictly by WiFi.

    • Blake

      You did her a favor by skipping the HP Chromebook 11. The processor just doesn’t cut it anymore. Better display and build quality but notably worse performance wise.

    • Kyle Wiggers


      • Heh wasn’t much an issue 🙂

  • C-Law

    I jumped on it when I noticed it earlier! I had been checking all morning to see if stores would be getting the white one in stock since it’s now on the website too. Sent this in as a tip while I was ordering!

  • DJVin

    Wish the 32gb was on sale! This is still a great deal though!

  • J Davis

    Whoa!! The SugerHill reference threw me for a second. You don’t look old enough to even know who the SugarHill Gang is.. LOL

    • Kyle Wiggers


  • this is mighty tempting