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Archos Unveils New Line of Products for Home and Health

Archos, the French company famous (or infamous) for its line of budget Android devices and accessories, intends to bring a number of “smart” electronics to market for the budget-conscious. The company plans to elaborate at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, but says to expect two new product lines of “connected objects”: “connected home”, and “connected self”.

The company’s connected home category of devices is in clear response to popular automation products like Nest. It will include motion detectors, smart plugs for interior lights, and cameras, all of which can be controlled either with an Archos Smart Home Tablet or any iOS/Android device running the Archos Smart Home app. In addition, the connected objects are programmable and work in tandem – for instance, a light could turn on when motion is detected.

The connected self products are budget answers to the smartwatch problem. The Archos Smartwatch starts at $50, and is compatible with iOS and Android. The other wristbands are focused squarely on fitness: the Archos is a digital pedometer, the Archos Connected Scale measures weight, and the Archos Blood Pressure Monitor monitors pulse.

Then there are the odder devices. For weather enthusiasts, the Archos Weather Station reports the temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels inside your home. Too boring? What about a pet monitor? The Archos Smart Tracker keeps tabs on Fido while you’re out and about. Fascinating.

We’ll certainly hear more about these products at CES, so stay tuned.

ARCHOS Unveils Complete Selection of Connected Objects during CES 2014

Industry’s most comprehensive ecosystem of connected devices for home and self on display at Central Hall Booth 9844 

Denver – December 30, 2013 – ARCHOS, a pioneer in Android™ devices, invites you to stay connected anywhere and everywhere with the industry’s most comprehensive selection of connected objects for home and self, including a weather station, home camera, activity tracker, blood pressure monitor, smartwatches and more.

Capitalizing on the company’s extensive experience on mobile devices and Android, ARCHOS’ selection of well-designed connected objects offers an affordable solution aimed at enhancing connectivity at home and improving personal health and well-being.

ARCHOS connected objects are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, provide real time information monitoring from anywhere and utilize Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to ensure extended use without the need of recharging. Completely wireless and easy to pair, ARCHOS connected objects are miniaturized and styled to blend into your home environment.

“Mobile devices have become the center of our life and our demand for instant access to information creates the need for even more interconnectivity,” says Loic Poirier, CEO of ARCHOS.  “ARCHOS’ new lineup of connected objects exemplifies the ability to share and access information and represents our vision of creating a universe where all devices complement and work together.”

ARCHOS Connected Home 



Accessing the ecosystem from anywhere in the world and from any iOS or Android platform, users can retrieve data or command actions using the ARCHOS Smart Home App or the custom-designed Smart Home Tablet – a unique gateway that combines Android with multiple connected objects.  ARCHOS’ proprietary app and 7” home gateway give users the ability to customize actions based on different scenarios or triggers such as turning on the light and recording video as soon as a motion sensor is activated.

Archos approach to this new solution is based on key principles such as sleek design and small accessories (the cam is the size of a pin pong ball), use of Bluetooth Low Energy for long lasting battery life, easy set-up of each connected objects and easy pairing with the Home Gateway and user’s phones or tablets.

ARCHOS’ ecosystem of Connected Home Objects, including a mini cam, motion ball, movement tag, weather tag and smart plug, adhere to the tenet that innovative solutions should be easy to use, unobtrusive and efficient.


ARCHOS will also unveil a Weather Station during CES 2014.  The ARCHOS Weather Station provides both indoor and outdoor information including CO2 levels, humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure and environmental noise levels.  Similar to the Smart Home App, a proprietary Weather Station app will showcase home and national weather information while recording, tracking and graphing all data for historic comparison and analysis.

ARCHOS Connected Self

The ARCHOS Connected Self App will serve as the backbone application for all connected self devices and will provide key metrics for quick health assessment, display graphs to track activity over time and enable up to 8 different users to set goals to increase motivation.  ARCHOS’ selection of Connected Self products on display during CES 2014 include:


ARCHOS Connected Scale – this elegant scale recognizes 4 difference users, measures body shape based on mass and height, tracks body fat mass to help users lose weight intelligently and is equipped with onboard memory to prevent data loss between synchronizations.

ARCHOS Activity Tracker –  this stylish activity tracker monitors daily footsteps, calories burned and automatically displays time when synchronized with a smartphone.  Recharges using USB connector and is equipped with a battery life of up to 7 days.

ARCHOS Blood Pressure Monitor – Easy and quick to use blood pressure monitor equipped with memory for over 40 different measurements also displays heart beat information.  Comes with irregular heart beat detector and can filter data by time period (morning, day, night).

ARCHOS’ entire selection of connected objects will be on display during CES 2014 at Central Hall Booth 9844.  ARCHOS will also be unveiling a selection of smartwatches starting at under $50.  ARCHOS smartwatches embrace simplicity and function, feature a pebble-like design and will be compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

For more information about ARCHOS and its entire selection of Connected Devices, visit us during CES 2014 at Central Hall Booth 9844 or at www.ARCHOS.com

ARCHOS, a pioneer in the portable audio and video player market, and now specializing in Android Tablets and Smartphones, has repeatedly revolutionized the market for consumer electronics since 1988. Today, ARCHOS offers its own line of Android Tablets and Smartphones, as well as a full line of OEM devices. In 2000, ARCHOS launched the Jukebox 6000, the first MP3 player combined with a hard disk. In 2008, ARCHOS launched the first generation Internet Tablets, and then the first ever Android powered tablets in 2009. In 2013, ARCHOS launched its first generation of Smartphones with the ARCHOS Platinum series. ARCHOS has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. ARCHOS is quoted on Compartment C of Eurolist, Euronext Paris, ISIN CodeFR0000182479. Website: www.archos.com.

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    How is it that from the comments and the entire article, I see not a single mention of resemblance to the Nexus Q?

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  • John Jacobs

    If Archos can do what it claims it will with this smartwatch, it could be a pretty big breakthrough. A watch with the functionality of the Pebble and compatibility with iOS and Android phones for only $83 would be a pretty sweet deal

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  • Ben Myton

    I’m at a bit of a loss as to why these things cost so much. For this sort of thing to be useful (for me) it needs to be able to control all of my primary light switches, door locks, garage doors, a collection of plugged in devices, the thermostats, and then a couple extras (smoke/CO/webcam) for under $25 per automation point.

    Just to get a thermostat, door locks, and a dozen lights online with current prices would set me back over $1,000 which is simply too much.

    An economical power-line networking plug costs ~$20 each and it has more than enough processing and data transmission horsepower to operate a light switch or receive instructions for a thermostat.

  • Kevin

    What ever happened to [email protected]? It was mentioned at Google IO 2011 then haven’t heard of it since. Last thing I remember they were partnered up with these light bulb manufacturers that were making bulbs that you can control from your phone.

    • Kyle Wiggers

      It’s kind of dead in the water. Google hasn’t completely given up on home automation, though (see EnergySense), so hopefully we’ll see it in some form next year.

    • Chris

      like HUE? I’d like to see philips do an android app for HUE then maybe I’ll buy the thing.

      still interested in nest though. Not so kneen on a tablet like device to be on my wall to control the air when something a simple as the nest can do it just fine. I just want to control the temp. not fumble around with nonsense or uneeded UIs google.

  • b00sted

    I hope the devices are open and use z-wave so dont need their crap software.

    • Jamen Tyler Lang

      I backed the kickstarter for the Securifi Almond+, really hoping more manufacturers hop on the z-wave train. it’s such a nice protocol.

      • b00sted

        I have a micasa verde vera lite and am pretty happy with it.

  • tech247

    Hope they hired better coders. My personal experience with their stuff is that they may be cheap initially but after months of frustration with crappy software bugs, you start to wonder why you just did not shell out for the expensive relatively bug free name brand……

    • FreeDaMarketz

      They can’t, who would work in and support France in such an awful period of “You worked hard for what you have, give me 75% of it!”

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      With this article and its contents lacking gender, how would you have any idea if any of it is homosexual? And more importantly, why are you concerned with their sexual preference in the first place?

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