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This Holiday Week in the Life of DROID: End of 2013

Not that I’m about to complain about the slowing of news through our inbox over these last couple of weeks because I think we all need a break after one heck of a year, but man, 2014 and CES can’t get here fast enough. I’m ready for the new year – I’m ready to see if Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, and Google can try to top one of the most amazing years in tech that I can remember. I may reflect on that more next week as we officially close out 2013. For now, let’s talk this week.

It was certainly slow around these parts with X-mas taking over the mid-portion of everything, but there were still news items worth talking about. We unboxed our Moto X with Bamboo, listed out my top 5 Android phones of 2013, and even put together the on-going list of phones receiving Android 4.4. We also put out a new Icons and UCCW episode, watched Google attack the Rockstar patent troll, and saw HTC give us an incredible infographic on the OEM update process.

Enjoy your last weekend of 2013. Do something, frothy.

  • Fahad Beg

    You guys should do Top 10 posts of the year

  • Bigsike

    Always had a question about using a wireless charger, can you still have the phone plugged in? will it make a difference as far as how fast it charges?. The reason I ask this is I use my phone connected via mhl/micro usb to my car radio for navigation and other apps. The radio only trickle charges the phone when it’s connected in this manner. Could I use an additional wireless charger while plugged in to my radio? does anyone know how or if this is works and if it’s a reasonable idea?

  • Thomas

    Great year for Android & great year for Droid Life. Thanks again for all that you boys do. Much appreciated !!!

    • darioqqo948

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      • Ej McCarty

        That’s because your uncle Charlie sucks on fatties all day long.